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“Two men walked into an east side restaurant with guns drawn late Tuesday night,” reports. “The men were wearing hoodies and had their faces obscured. The video shows the men enter the store with their guns already out. They quickly jump the counter and head out of view. Off-camera, police say there was a robbery, and then the fatal shooting of two restaurant employees.”

Jordan’s is a typical local small-chain fast food restaurant, serving fried food for under $10. The amount of cash in store? A couple thousand bucks? Regardless, Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Chief Captain Richard Riddle rightly reckons the homicides were a senseless loss of life.

“These individuals were hell bent on robbery. There’s no question. They came in with guns up and guns pointed. There was no need to kill these individuals. We understand that they probably went in to do a robbery and innocent men lost their lives.”

We don’t know how or why the victims were shot. But we can surmise that the two fast food employees were unarmed. Which is not how it should be.

People who work in cash businesses should understand that they’re a target for armed robbers, and that armed robbers are inherently unstable, fully capable of cold-blooded murder.

FYI a friend of mine runs a late night pizza joint in RI. When I asked him if his employees are armed he shrugged his shoulders. He pulled out a shotgun from behind the counter that he keeps “just in case.” ‘Nuff said?

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  1. “jes lettem have the money; nobody gets hurt.”

    yeah, that really saves yer life.

    ah say ifn ya’ do a crime with a gun, that is attempted murder, period. an’ tuh git aroun’ them creeps who figger might as well kill thuh victim anyways, make thuh punishment worser then ifn thuh only crime had been murder.

    why is it people who kill others are allowed tuh keep on breathin’? this whole silliness ’bout rehabilitation is plain nonsense. killers should be killed routinely, unless they can prove tuh be so special they should git a secon chance lack they didn give thuh people they killed.

  2. Those two punks deserve an all-expenses paid lethal injection in the Indiana State Prison at Michigan City.

    • A single round of. 22 LR a piece would be much more cost effective. I always thought the perfect legal action for this type of cold blooded crime would be trial, conviction and immediate punishment where the offenders are taken out to a prison cemetery and executed and immediately buried in shipping crates. Why should they be able to live out their lives on tax payers money? Plus word would get out and it would serve as a deterrent which is the whole point of punishment anyways.

      • Some people say the government shouldn’t be in the case of killing people, but it already is, so we might as well make it easier to get the death penalty for murder. No more waiting around for 10-20 years of appeals. Just get it over with.
        We also need to legalize marijuana. The prisons are overflowing and the private prison business is booming, and it should not be that way. The revolving door system mainly lets people out who should not be out, and keeps people in who should not be in.

        • Piss on marijuana, legalize all drugs. The 40-year “war on drugs” has been lost for a long time, you can buy any drug you want on any streetcorner of any town in America. Spent trillions without any constitutional authority, accomplished nothing. Have money in your pocket for treatment, or else show up at ER for overdose, and find you’re left to die in the street.

        • People who need to steal to keep their drug habit fed, will still do so no matter who is selling the drugs. Legalization will have little to no bearing on things like this. Drug dealer killings? Yes, those might drop. Drug USER robberies/killings? Hell, those might INCREASE after legalization; who really knows?

          And no, I don’t trust the media/gov in states that have already legalized to tell the truth about this type of problem; to do so would be to admit failure, and that they simply will not do.

  3. The leftists like to say all you need to do is comply and give them what they want. As you can see here, this doesn’t always work. Sometimes they want more than what you would like to give.

  4. Problem is, management (either at the store level or at the corporate level) often has little or no grasp of reality and imposes a “no armed employees” (or even a complete “gun-free zone”) policy. And I have seen more than one story in the news where an employee refused to be a victim and was fired as a result. 7-11 stores even have a “non interference policy” that says that employees are not even allowed to go outside and snap a photo of any suspects or their getaway vehicle, on the premise that the suspects might come back and attack the (unarmed, by corporate policy) employee.

    • I’ve got no problems with a ‘no pursue’ policy. You don’t want me to take pictures of the guys running off with your money? OK by me.

      If the policy is ‘be a good victim, don’t protect yourself’, then to Hell with them. It’s why I’ll never spend a penny at Pizza Hut or Domino’s. Domino’s lost a wrongful termination suit when a black belt refused to hand the money over to an unarmed robber in the 1980s, but it didn’t make them change their policy.

  5. Sad but it happens. AND there is the possibility it was a hit too. Yeah good luck on arming the minimum wage crew…

  6. “These individuals were hell bent on robbery. There’s no question. They came in with guns up and guns pointed. There was no need to kill these individuals…”

    Not to get all grammar nazi here but pronouns refer to the last noun used which in this case was “individuals” who were “hell bent on robbery”. Ergo, in a literal reading of this statement there was quite a significant need to kill “these individuals” because the second use of this term “individuals” refers back to the first and therefore refers to the armed men committing multiple violent felonies….


    • strych9,
      You do make the top five list of grammar / spelling nazis on TTAG, as well as Michael in Ga. holding the number one spot for finger / object in the trigger guard nazi! Congrats!
      Carry on. ?

      • Language matters. Words have meaning; most have have specific meaning.

        American English is the most undisciplined of languages. For instance, American English allows one to love a car, love a job, love a book, love a dress, love an idea, love doing or being something. This facile and lazy use of a word is all but impossible in other languages.

        You should thank strych9.

  7. You can say whatever you want, but the Neal DeGrass Tysons are .0001% of black people, where as the dindus in this video represent 90% of them.

    Unsubstantiated assertion based on complete garbage speculation.

    When I graduated with a degree in electrical and computer engineering I graduated standing next to a black dude that helped me in many subjects. Two others whom I graduated with were from Africa, studied hard and succeeded in the subjects we studied. My math tutor was a black guy from the math resource center. He was the most senior one there who the other tutors consulted when they could not readily solve a problem. He was a double major in history and math. My computer programming instructor was black. When I was an engineer at my first company my office was right across another engineer, who was black. He was retired USMC and a senior engineer in our group (16 years) who provided us with great advice with our projects.

    Currently, A good friend and coworker of my wife is black. He sought to have me teach him about firearms so he can protect himself from the very thugs you condemn. 100% of the black folks I know are kind, awesome, down to earth people. You should pack your shit and go with Pepe back to the slime pond. You live a sheltered life of misery based on echo chamber enforced perceptions of a faux reality. Sure there are plenty of thugs in Chicago, Detroit, and many others. But there are trailer trash and pond scum Pepe’s too. You should focus on individuals as people with differing characters and make those of great character your friends regardless of their race and not stereotype everyone of a specific physical trait in your perceived basket of deplorables.

    • Exceptions prove exceptions, they do not disprove the average.

      There is a measurable genetic difference related to crime rates between blacks and other races, even after controlling for population size, population density, percent black, percentage aged between 15 and 29, percent divorced, percent of kids without two parents, median family income, the poverty rate, income inequality, the unemployment rate, and whether or not the city/SMSA (standard metropolitan statistical areas) /State was in the South. This analysis ( ) thus produced 9 total models explaining crime variation in cities, SMSAs, and states, across 3 decades. In all but one model, the proportion of an area that was Black continued to have a strong relationship with crime even after the other 10 variables in the study were held constant.

      The info isn’t pretty, it’s just data. Sometimes the truth is offensive.

  8. Corporate policies that disarm employees aren’t worth the paper they’re printed on. You can get a new job, not a new life. Always ignore them.

  9. Just a guess but I think at least one dead guy knew the perps. Irrelevant in the grand scheme as a box drill was the appropriate response.

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