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Jonathan Vankin (courtesy

“Another day, another guns-in-schools incident. Or so it seems.” And there you have it: the anti-gunner’s perspective on firearms. Facts don’t matter. It’s all about “optics.” More specifically, personal perspective. How they feel about guns. In this case, the writer spreading the civilian disarmament love for Opposing Views is no less than Jonathan Vankin, Brandeis grad, conspiracy theorist and comic book writer [above]. “The deadly combination of firearms and educational institutions isn’t going away anytime soon and with the federal government paralyzed on gun control and states doing no better, one school district figures it’s better to turn itself into a miniature police state.” The sarcasm is dripping. But the irony is tripping . . .

So the gun control laws that create a police state—as opposed to “allowing” Americans to defend themselves and their children by exercising their natural, civil and Constitutionally protected right to keep and bear arms—are OK. But the actual police state . . .

Can a writer be so blind to the way of the world that he thinks gun control is the way to stop “the deadly combination of firearms and educational institutions”?

Does Vankin really believe that gun control would have stopped Adam Lanza from slaughtering 20 children in Newtown, Connecticut, given the fact that Lanza shot his mother in the head to take control of her legally purchased and owned firearms? Or prevent another spree killer? Or stop kids from doing stupid things with guns?

The rest of his blog details the spate of gun-related incidents in Georgia schools without comment. Why bother? For Vankin and his ilk this is boilerplate stuff, not worthy of even cursory analysis. Except for the condescending derision that passes for analysis amongst America’s left-leaning chattering classes.

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  1. Turning schools into a police state. You can always tell the young mutts when they make statements like this. We had corporal punishment when i went to school. We had dress codes, and this was public school. Nobody worried about kids rights, they searched lockers and people if they felt it was needed.

    When i lived in town we had a motorcycle cop as our crossing gaurd at my school.

    In high school we had pickups in the student lot with rifles and shotguns in the window racks. No school shootings that I remember.

  2. If his wikipedia writeup is correct, he’s one sick and twisted guy. If he had a gun I’d want him in front of me. Just sayin’…

  3. Just another loser who thinks his status will get his opinion across. Problem is unless your a comic book nerd (I mean that respectfuly) this guy isnt even a celebrity. No one is paying attention to the anti gun celebrities so who the hell cares about an anti gun psuedo celebrity?

  4. Schools are already a police state, where free thinking students and teachers with contrarian positions are dealt with as harshly as the school boards, administrators and unions can crush them.

    I rather be armed and have to face a school shooter than be unarmed and have to face the school Nazis.

  5. I used to love DMZ and a host of non-mainstream comics. Then I grew up and realized that superheroes, and non-superhero stories, as portrayed by modern comic books, are nothing more that a metaphor for hyper-liberal utopian government fantasies.

    • Yeah, there is something kind of gross about super powerful but somehow constantly benevolent beings watching after us little old humans.

      • Hence why Batman has a secret contingency plan to neuturalize any member of the Justice League should one of them become less than benevolent.

        • Which, in turn, is why Batman’s so awesome. He’s a puny mortal human but can take down damn near anybody else in the DCU just with hard work, careful planning, and judicious use of appropriate gadgets. If he’d just renege on the “no guns” thing…

          That said, what does this twerp want us to do? It’s already illegal to take a gun into a school and shoot people. The only other thing the government can do is to take guns away from people who actually respect the law, and that would- Oh, I get it.

          Hey, stick to drawing guys in their underwear, dude, and keep your nose and your pencil out of gun politics.

    • I remember buying up the first few issues of DMZ and noticing that very quickly. Sort of ruined what I thought was a very cool concept for a gfx novel.

  6. I appologize for my profession (comic book writers). If its any consolation, I just launched a comic this month that will be squarely on the anti-civilian disarmament side.

  7. In fact, we’ve never been shown any evidence that Adam Lanza actually slaughtered 20 children in Newtown, Connecticut. I understand that he was found guilty in the court of public opinion due to the official government narrative, but he is innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.

    And with the government suppressing the record, that’s not gonna happen anytime soon. For this reason, AL remains the the “alleged” killer.

    • I refuse to believe that there has ever been as much as a single child killed by gunfire at any school in the United States of America.

      I will not believe in any news story that the enemy uses in their propaganda machine. I’m not going to say it didn’t happen, I’m just going to say that since I don’t personally know anyone, that I have determined to be trustworthy, who has been effected by these events, there’s no reason for me to accept that these events ever occured.

        • Taken a few trips to the moon then, Hannibal? SpaceX and Virgin Galactic would probably like to hear your take on things.

      • I don’t know if I’m reliable, but ’til ’01 I lived in the Denver area — although ‘twain ’95 and ’99 I was on the Ice most of the time.

        Guess which part of the Denver area…?

    • AL remains the the “alleged” killer

      The allegedly dead children, the allegedly dead teachers and the allegedly dead mother would disagree. Allegedly.

  8. Why couldn’t the maniacs among us go after SPAMers?

    Many office complexes are gun-free target-rich zones…

  9. “Can a writer be so blind to the way of the world that he thinks gun control is the way to stop “the deadly combination of firearms and educational institutions”?”

    The answer comes before the question; and it says ‘YES!’

    BRANDEIS?? Dipshit, that’s a GIRLS’ SCHOOL.

    • I’ll confess that my step-father was a member of the first class at Brandeis. According to him recruiters there tried to get him to go and gun-up at a “welcome to the IDF” summer camp in Israel. Times sure have changed.

      Connecticut Senator Richard Blumenthal said this week, “we need to restart the conversation.” I immediately thought “oh, you mean the one about your pretending you were a Vietnam Vet?” Silly me. He meant the gun confiscation. conversation. He should go have coffee with Vankin. Maybe Vankin was a hero of the Six Day War.

  10. Schools have been a police state for years and just keep getting worse. You have schools and police swat teams doing drills where they don’t tell students its a drill and then point guns in their faces.

    I had an actual “truancy officer” with his own cruiser stop me one day as I left high school across the back fields in the mid 90s. He tried to tell me I had to stay on campus the whole day. Uh, no. It was an open campus, and my classes ended early 2-3 days a week. I’m still surprised he let me go without hauling me into the school office. I dared him to go check with them.

    • The elementary school in Taos, where I lived for a while, had chain-link fencing (standard, I agree) and razor-wire – pointing INWARDS. Just like a prison. Which it was.

      In the current state of our schools, it seems very much like they are designed to train kids for prison or the military. Or both. They certainly have no employment future. In what jobs? Food service? Janitorial?

      Well, of course, it’s the Today’s Modern Army! Be far less than you can be.

      • There is no cooler event on earth than the Taos Pueblo parading of the Virgin in commemoration of the yankees blowing a cannon ball through the church wall, on New Years as I vaguely recall. The huge bonfires in the usual-very-cold night. The squat guys in serapes. And above all, the rifle fire after the masked demons have passed, whipping the bearers of the icon, No wonder the art galleries want the local kids fenced in. Laugh.

    • Are you counting the military as “police”? Because I can certainly see that viewpoint.

  11. I’ve never heard of him or the comics he’s worked on. And given the fact that I’m a fairly serious comic book nerd, that’s a rather sad statement on his career.

    But then again, anyone vaguely memorable who believes in gun control gets to be a celebrity.

    • You mean when the other side gets to decide who will be a “celebrity” in the first place? The game is rigged.

  12. I visit the Guns section of the Opposing View website frequently, because I think it is good to see how our enemy thinks.

    They are left-biased in every way possible. Their news stories usually contain some leftist slant, whether they use open statements or innuendo or leave out the facts that would disagree with their bias. They also choose to report on stories that support their leftist view more often than the others.

    • While I support your right to keep reading that, how many visits does it take to understand how they think?

      To keep going there makes it seem you’re a glutton for punishment. Their thinking and methods have been crystal clear for decades.

  13. At least he’s starting to realize the deadliness of educational institutions… He’s just focusing on the wrong half of the equation.

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