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In this version, Skittles and iced tea will be replaced by a slice of red velvet cake and a stick of butter. [h/t Jeremy S.] TTAG reader JAS also sent us this heads-up on the Liberator’s fictional debut: “Episode 9 of King & Maxwell aired on TNT 8.6.13, and the featured murder weapon was, wait for it…. The Liberator! They showed the gun disassembled in a metal case after it was recovered. In the show it was printed inside the DC FBI building and used to murder a witness who was sitting in an interrogation room. Just hoping they did not film that part in DC where the show takes place because, well, you know…”

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  1. I don’t expect any good to come of this. There was already one SVU episode in which one of the cops said this: “It’s like that Trayvon Martin kid getting shot in Florida. It’s what happens when people try to take the law in their own hands.” Those cops on that show love to confiscate guns carried by rape victims too.

    • “…. It’s what happens when people try to take the law in their own hands.”

      I thought all these tv shows always have one of the main “Heros” take the law into their own hands….. Because they always know better, it’s just the unwashed masses that don’t understand.

    • The problem is, cops take the law into their own hands much of the times when they are not the judge and jury.

    • Yep.. I believe I’ve seen more than one episode of SVU where some ravaged woman is re-visited by her victimizer, and shoots him in return. Next thing you know, she is being put in cuffs, and it’s the end of the episode – lesson being, before she was the victim, now she is the criminal, thanks to the state.

    • CSI:NY also did an episode a while back where the murder weapon was a 3D printed pistol, of all things a complete .38 snubby revolver! They only caught the guy because the weapon self destructed on the second attempt to fire it.

  2. Red Velvet is my favorite.

    Quit using Red Velvet in your propaganda machine Liberal Media!!!

    Is nothing sacred?

  3. That sounds just like Trayvon! According to his girlfriend Rachel Jeantel, she convinced Martin that “the Cracker” following him was probably a queer coming to rape him so Trayvon circled back to show the faggot who was in charge by beating his head against the sidewalk. Art unintentionally mimics life.

    Note: no offense is intended towards anybody. I was just simulating the thoughts of Mr. Martin and his girlfriend.

    • Thats why I dont have cable or sattelite. I dont even have one of thoes converter boxes to get the basic channels. Ya know, after the government made laws saying that everyone has to have HD now if they have cable. Some brainless garbage like that.

      • Actually it was the media and most media consumers that collectively wanted to switch to a digital signal (to get much more bandwidth out for the same spectrum), and the government made them delay it for over a decade, then charged the tax payers to hand out digital converter boxes so that people living in the stone age could still get their stories and know what address to send the TV evangelist checks to.

        But hey, if it feels good to say it, go right ahead.

      • Well at some point you will probably buy a newer TV, and they all have digital tuners. The quality of the over-the-air digital transmission is far better than the old analog broadcast. We have a pretty nice TV, but don’t have cable service – we stream everything. However we still have a digital antenna to get the local news broadcasts. The picture quality is outstanding.

  4. I’ve never liked crime shows. At best they portray gun owners as misguided fools and at worst murderers.

    • Thoes tricked out Tahoes are a lot of fun to drive emergency status. Ive worked for a few companies that have them.

      Germantown PD runs these and they are all marked and have visible lights. Shelby County Sherriffs and TN Highway Patrol run unmarked ones with hidden lights. But the big roof mounted cameras, spotlight and government license plates are a dead give away.

      • My neighbor is a state trooper and drives one. They apparently have some pretty nice stereos, cause he blasts his tunes when he leaves in the morning.

    • The Russian version of Law & Order has been a big hit, a money-maker. The scripts can be more imaginative because there aren’t actually any rights to violate, just other government agencies not to cross. And do they have criminals or what! Закон и порядок. Преступный умысел.

  5. Why all the angst? If the show follows real life, the racist chef will be found not guilty by a jury of her “Piers”!!!!

  6. One of the myths about Travon that seemingly has been successfully planted by the likes of Sharpton is that Travon was caring only “ice tea and skittles”. What he was actually caring was “water melon fruit juice cocktail” and skittles. zero percent (0%) ice-tea, as often repeated by Sharpton. What’s the big deal? It is 2/3 of the ingredients for a ghetto cocktail called ‘lean’ or ‘purple drank’. The missing 1/3 ingredient is cough syrup. Symptoms? Liver damage (which his autopsy was positive for) and, get ready… paranoia and aggression….

  7. It was not ice tea…it was arizona watermelon favored drink. Seriously, I thought you guys knew your stuff. Skittles, watermelon drink, & a bottle of robotussein = lean. Trayvon was trying to get a cheao high. His tweets even ask how to make it.

    • kids these days are just lazy. back when I was a young wayward teen, we just downed entire bottles of robitussin. I only did that once, and the results were not that fun, so frankly I don’t know why Trayvon seemed to enjoy it that much.

      • The original recipe for lean/purple drank/sizzurp actually uses prescription promethazine codeine cough syrup. Robitussin is used to make a hybrid version of it, when the preferred sizzurp is unavailable. However, according to an article posted on the conservative treehouse, comsuming large quantities of DXM, the active ingredient in Robitussin, can cause dissasociative mental states, paranoia, agitation, psychotic breaks, aggression…the articles on the conservative treehouse (all vigorously documented) go into great detail about it.

        • God I’m sick of this topic.

          I realize the Conservative Treehouse did heavy work on this case, but I don’t think I’ve ever made it through a whole post over there. With all the back links, callbacks to previous posts, drawing lines (some quite tenuous) between multiple characters, and just general overexcited crazy talk, it’s like trying to get a straight story out of a schizophrenic with ADD at the end of a three day bender, who’s just done about four lines of blow.

        • it’s true.

          the reason why I stated that episode was “not fun,” was that I lost control of my legs and could only walk like a robot, and didn’t want to go to sleep, as I was convinced that my heart might stop beating if I did.

          DXM is definitely different from codeine, in a terrible way.

  8. Law and Order went down the swirly after Michael Moriarty left in the 90s. “Ripped from the Headlines” translates from the Liberalese for “Out of Ideas.”

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