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In Rules for Radicals, Saul Alinsky wrote that ridicule is man’s most potent weapon.  Well, John Lott of the Crime Prevention Resource Center follows Alinsky’s rule in a great video titled Hollywood’s Bias Against Guns.

In five minutes, he rips Hollywood’s hypocrisy when it comes firearms in America. And he delivers his ridicule with great impact while providing both amusement and entertainment for viewers.


At the CPRC site, Lott supplements the video with a description of some of the Hollywood-perpetuated myths versus real-world reality.

MYTH: Guns are more likely to do harm than good.
REALITY: Guns are used at least hundreds of thousands of times a year for self-defense, far more often than they do harm.
MYTH: Police want citizens to avoid guns.
REALITY: Police know that armed citizens deter criminals and reduce crime.
MYTH: Criminals often use machine guns to outgun cops
REALITY: Machine guns have been banned for decades, and there have been just two cases of machine guns being used for murder since the 1930s.

Read the whole thing.

And don’t forget how these same Hollywood types just love to hire their own armed good guys for protection while demanding gun control for us little people. Because in the minds of Hollywood elites, the lives of their families are far more valuable than those of the little people who pay their salaries buying $11.75 to $15 movie tickets.

Great job, Professor Lott. Great job calling out the Hollywood hypocrites on their bigotry against guns and America’s law-abiding gun owners.

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  1. How about a definition of which parts of Hollywood are anti-gun, and which are pro-2A?

    On the Pro side are actors such as:

    Bruce Willis
    Tom Selleck
    Jon Voight
    Steven Segal
    Lou Ferrigno
    Gary Sinise
    etc. etc.

      • I would, Jon. Such a list would help to me to better discern where to spend my entertainment dollars. Hollywood is all about the Benjamins, so as with any industry, money talks. POTG are more likely, for example, to see a John Wick movie than a Michael Moore documentary.

        • So wait, do you have actual documented evidence of anyone actually watching anything Michael Moore ever did? I always thought the lefties always just bought his DVDs and then donated them to charity, for them to toss out.

      • If you only made the list of those in holywood who’re pro 2A, you’d be lucky to get one page of names. Then at the bottom you’d only need the line: “Anti the Bill Of Rights, and anti liberty: Everybody else”.
        One could do it all on a tri-fold pamphlet, but it probably wouldn’t help our cause. It would leave the impression in a neutral’s(not many of these anymore…) mind that if those who like liberty are so few, the majority must be in the right. Not so, but that’s the impression it would leave in the mind of one who refuses to think.
        This is kind of like when the Roman Senate wanted to force all of the slaves to wear a mark, so they could be more easily identified. The proposal was defeated in debate when it was pointed out that in Rome at that time, slaves made up the vast majority of the population, and if they could see how many of them there were, they wouldn’t remain slaves for long.

      • Spoken like a true regressive leftist who sees a reduction in the bottom line. I spend money on forms of entertainment and in states/cities that support my political views. Show me the list please.

    • The Greatest days of Hollywood are Violence! Guns are our Culture and always will be.The Good guy bad guy Cowboy Indian and war stories.But hey looka here In 2005 Supernatural came out ,gunplay every week and the Winchester bros have come a long way in gun handling and Killing.Good guys with guns works.and it is still # 1 on the CW and Anti America -NETFLIX has the rights!? In many Opinions tho rarely mentioned going back to 2008 they thought they destroyed “Our Spiritual Morality under Obuma.” It is all about Supporting The LGBTQP Jerk Offs in America and To Rule over us and Kick God out of the equation.But The Embarrassment Trump has brought to the LGBTQP Demon Elite Has brought fury from hell in the form of human flesh ( AKA BLM now ANTIFA).The Only Thing the demoncratic commies have left before they are completely disbanded is is to destroy our Civil rights.I say Good Luck to that B.S.

    • Yes. And John Lott has the data to back up everything he says.

      Unlike Socialist Democrats who only have ‘feelings’.

      It is de-facto AND written policy of The Screen Actors Guild, DGA, SWGA, and other organizational ‘guilds’ to place ANY firearms ownership or use except by the ‘proper authority’ in a negative context.

    • True. But can an article/video like this reach a larger audiance than say Moms Demand Action? We would want this info to be shared with the moderates, folks slightly left leaning, Dem voters who actually think rather than blindly follow. So it’s up to us POTG to leverage Social media to share this type of info. The truth is out there and we need to share it. I sound like I’m advertising for the X-Files.

  2. MYTH: Guns are more likely to do harm than good.
    quote——————–REALITY: Guns are used at least hundreds of thousands of times a year for self-defense, far more often than they do harm.————quote

    From the Desk of Robert Reich. Thirty studies show that when the amount of guns increases crime and violence go up not down so the so called Utopian gun saturation point is a NRA propagandized myth. When you look at the difference in European Gun Homicides it shows again that less guns on their streets has meant less deaths.
    Quote—————————-MYTH: Police want citizens to avoid guns.
    REALITY: Police know that armed citizens deter criminals and reduce crime.—————–quote

    Every time I have informed the Cops that I had a concealed carry license there came a look of shock and fear over their faces. In one case I had plenty of time to take off my gun and put it under the seat of the car and when I told the Cop I had a CCW and where my gun was he suddenly had a look of relief on his face and said “That is good”,

    quote———————MYTH: Criminals often use machine guns to outgun cops
    REALITY: Machine guns have been banned for decades, and there have been just two cases of machine guns being used for murder since the 1930s.—————-quote

    Another myth that has been bandied about for decades. Here in Ohio we had a nut case try and kill his Son with a machine gun and he was not supposed to have any of his formerly legal machine guns anymore because he had been put in a mental institution. He had this one buried and dug it up. Luckily his son blew him away with a shotgun when he broke down the door to try and kill his son. I make this point because obviously there have been more killings and attacks with legal machine guns then is often published by the Far Right.

    The general populous often is not technically savvy enough to know the difference between full auto and semi-auto but that is irrelevant as the semi-auto can and has been used against cops and when you are dead it does not matter if the weapon spit out 600 rounds a minute or 300 rounds a minute. Dead is dead not deader because you got hit with a couple of more rounds. Lott’s statement here makes no logical sense at all.

    • Right on time, Vladsky.

      So, from which state did you obtain your CCW, if you really have one? I noted that you didn’t call it a CHL…

      • If you read and also comprehended some of my other posts today and in the past which obviously you did not you would not have had to ask such a question. Besides what in the hell would make the difference what State I held a license in?????? It had zero to do with the example I gave. Besides that I have shocking news for you if you looked up Vlad Tepes you would not find that name on my permit anyway. Really is this getting to complicated for you.

        • It has to do with the fact that you’re a useless troll who clearly has no first hand knowledge of the things he’s talking about. Go collect your $0.50 commie. Hope the CCP is paying you enough to justify spending the rest of your life in a dark hole at GITMO.

        • Vlad with the avatar (the tiny picture…):
          I’ll bet you a large amount of currency that you STILL don’t know a six letter word for a firearm’s dangerous end.
          Care to prove me wrong?

        • Shhhh, Hank. Don’t say the old name. You risk your comment being deleted. Happened to me twice already since he was ban-blocked a couple of weeks ago. And then TTAG will be going after the new username.

          Besides, his new username is kinda ironic, considering his old one turned out to be verboten He-Who-Shall-Not-Be-Named.

        • That is exactly what was in my mind. I’ve never made any secret of being banned and had to download and set up Tor(Thx Haz!) in order to return. But I’m not here much now, The whole TTAG Unethical/lying/scum factor soured the milk here. At least for me.
          I still have to use a different user name and email too. Even Tor won’t cover it if I try to spell Kha-noot properly. I’m not even sure this will fly here in censoredland, but it’s worth a try.

        • Vlad’s Mom says the boy is off his meds again. Just ignore his rants about his hallucinated history.

      • Ok so the one about the son killing his daddy with a shotgun when his daddy tried to kill him with a machinegun is a recurring nightmare I have had for the past 20 years. I told you I have daddy issues. That is why I have to hide behind a fake name like a scared little girl. If my daddy ever finds out it is me posting this trash I am finished.

        -The Real True Original Vlad Teppes

      • He’s a European basement dweller. He has never carried a firearm in his life. His mom would spank him if he was caught with a pocket knife.

        • HIs daddy is Mikey Bloomberg carpetbagger who sticks his Nose in other States Civil Rights who bribes DemoCrats to run For Office who hate American Civil Rights LIke
          Sleazy scat in Nevada.

    • Vlad the Impotent. First everything you said is incorrect. Every L.E.O. you’ve told you have a CCW had a look of horror on his face? That’s laughable. You don’t even have a CCW permit. Second, if you were to take a handgun off your waist and stash it under your seat that’s what we call “furtive movement.” It will get you a close up view of a muzzle. Maybe even a semi-jacketed hollowpoint crashing into your skull. Last, I remember a traffic stop not long before I retired. When I asked the driver for his DL he also handed me his CCW permit. I said, “I didn’t ask you for this.” and handed his CCW permit back. He said, “I just thought you would want to know I had a gun.” Me, “I stopped you for running a stop sign and making me stand on my brakes. It’s none of my business if you have a firearm. Consider this a verbal warning. If I stop you again I will issue you a citation. Have a good day.” Oh, armed citizens prevent crimes more often cops every day. No doubt.

      • Like most Cops you jump to conclusions and without knowing the whole story. So I will spell it out in plain English. The incident I was involved in had no police present. The Police were called and long before they arrived on the scene I had put the gun under the seat because I was intelligent enough to know how the average Cop panics when he finds out you have a gun on you. And that is from personal experience. So therefore what I did was not illegal genius boy as the incident had nothing to do with concealed firearms or violence or use of firearms.

        • Not only were no police involved in the incident there was no incident. I made it all up. Get a clue.

          – The Real True Original Vlad Tepes

      • Well excuse me for trying to make some money by making up stupid stories. Look I know I lie about everything You know I lie about everything Everybody knows I lie about everything. What is your point?

        – The Real True Vlad Tepes

    • YAWN!!!!
      Oh, you’re still here?
      I think I hear your mom calling you up from the basement for your sponge bath vlad.

    • I find it impossible to believe that you have a Concealed Weapons Permit.

      Whatyou need is steak, I mean Stake, control.

    • “Thirty studies show that when the amount of guns increases crime and violence go up not down…”

      In real life — numbers tracked by the FBI — violent crime of all types has declined by more than 40% since 1996. And the number of guns in this country has gone way, way, way up in that time.

      No studies needed. That’s plain old reality, staring you in the face. But you really do live in a different world, don’t you.

      • If someone is trying to convince me of something, they had better not use any of the creep Robert Reich’s statements. This guy is so crooked, he walks in circles.

      • Yes, vlads mom say he almost NEVER leaves her basement. He even stayed down there when the home was tent fumigated for bugs. Could be where he gets his wacky views on reality from.

    • you CK skn liar I own 3 MG and a LWS SBR short burst and Semi auto controlled MG.! ARMALITE pre 1986 M16,AK 47 MG and pre 1986 A Colt M4 Automatic Rifle Short Bursts all under a NFA tax stamp and not Registered in NV.

      You’re Myth Busting facts are lies Get on down the road Now Show us real FBI and County Sheriff facts that you are correct and Lott Is not!

    • The sale of newly manufactured machine guns were banned under Republican President Reagan who hated guns in the hands of civilians. He said “No one needs an AK 47 or AR15 Assault Rifle”, Only the second hand guns that were in civilian hands at that time are allowed to be sold.

      • I know all about Republican President Ronald Reagan. He also said ‘”I did not have sex with that woman” and “it depends on what the meaning of is is” and ” I did not have classified email on my server” and “we have to spend 90 trillion dollars on the green new deal or we will all be dead in 11 years”. Why dont you learn a little US history like me?

        – The Real True Original Vlad Tepes

        • I believe he also said:

          “It really wasn’t drug abuse because I didn’t inhale.”

          “It really wasn’t adultery because Monica didn’t swallow.”

        • I really like his definition of “is”. He stated that, under oath, in a deposition. He answered the question: “Are you having sexual relations with Monica Lewinski?”, with a simple “no”.
          Later, once the dress proved he was lying, he beat the rap by pointing out that “are” is the present tense, plural form, of the verb “is”. Thus when they asked him the question under oath, he said he answered truthfully, but meant: “No, I am not having sexual relations with “that woman”, or anyone else, at least not right now.”. That is what he testified that he thought they were asking him.
          Crooked as a dog’s hind leg, but not stupid. They didn’t call him, “Slick Willy” for nothing.

        • Ronald Reagan was one of the worst things to happen to America:

          -degenerate personal life (divorce, fornication)
          -bad father (Patty Davis, Ron)
          -legalized abortion in CA
          -legalized no-fault divorce in CA
          -banned open carry in CA
          -ended machine guns as president
          -amnesty for illegal aliens
          -gutted American manufacturing
          -consulted astrologer

          – – – do I need to keep going?

          There is a great FashTheNation podcast if anyone is interested.

  3. There are certain law enforcement departments that have no problem with you having a CHL and carrying, don’t want to even know what you’re carrying. But it seems there are more departments that will kind of freak out and disarm you in a traffic stop even though you have a CHL. That’s that I’m a clean cut guy wearing casual polo shirt and jeans.

    • I’ve been pulled over 3 times since I got my carry permit. I was let go 2 out of the 3 times without a ticket. None of them asked about my permit or if I was armed. They can see the permit as soon as they look up your driver license.

      On the other hand, I got pulled over a long time ago for a headlight being out. He patted me down and put me in the back of the cruiser while he looked up my info. I didn’t look suspicious. My girlfriend was in the car wearing her scrubs since she had just gotten off work. We had our Subway cups with us since we just ate dinner. I’ve been pulled over plenty in my life, and no one has ever done that. The cop was a black guy that was maybe 5′-6″ tall. I don’t know if that has anything to do with it, but I can’t think of any other reason.

      • quote———————The cop was a black guy that was maybe 5′-6″ tall. I don’t know if that has anything to do with it, but I can’t think of any other reason.—————-quote

        Comments like that only reinforce non gun owners paranoia and bad attitudes towards all gun owners. Tell me do you burn crosses on Black Peoples yards at night????

        • No Vlad, only short people. When trying to come up with a reason why this cop would do that, I always thought it was because he was so short more than anything else. It was completely unnecessary to pat me down and throw me in the cruiser for a headlight being out. A reasonable person would agree, but everyone here knows you aren’t even remotely reasonable. Since you’re so obsessed with race, naturally you focus on that. Maybe it did have to do with race, but he wasn’t the one being treated unfairly. That would have been me.

          You’re the biggest fool I’ve ever come across in my life. I’m sorry life didn’t turn out the way you wanted it to, and you grew up to be an old bitter man. Misery loves company, no doubt. I just hope you never had kids, and you aren’t someone’s role model. You offer nothing other than constant insults.

        • *This was before I had a carry permit. Again, there was no reason to be treated as a threat unless the cop is a complete coward or he has an attitude.

        • Kids? Me have kids? Why dont you parade your ignorance for everybody? Ever time I have met a woman she went straight for her can of mace and then she got a restraining order. How am I supposed to have kids?

          – The Real True Vlad Tepes

        • quote——————-BTW Vlad, the story was about the cop being a possible racist, not me. You’re a fucking retard.—————-quote

          Nice try at deflection, next you will be telling us we should believe Trump when he says he is the most non-racist person in the U.S. Sorry we do not believe Trump either.

        • Go away. I realize that you’re so pathetic, that you’d rather have people hate you than not feel anything toward you at all. I’ve tried multiple times engaging you in civilized debate and all you do is insult. Go find someone else to pester on the internet. I’d love to see you talk that way to my face p__sy.

        • Dude

          If we ever do meet in person I will just lay down on the ground and scream and cry like a little girl. Then what will you do tough guy?

        • Hey vlad, do you burn your fingers on the crack pipe with black people in the yard at night. Inquiring minds want to know, so does your mom.

      • Strictly speaking some Vlad Tepes do not believe Donald Trump but other Vlad Tepes are more likely to give him the benefit of the doubt. One thing for sure is all of us Vlad Tepes believe the Hairy Kameltow is a Racist so that is who we are going to vote for.

        -The Real True Original Vlad Tepes

    • to S R

      By the way in Ohio the cops are so freaked out over CCW’s that if you do not immediately inform them you have a gun on you you get your license pulled forever. There was a recent bill presented that only passed the house and as far as I know never did pass the senate and would never be signed by the gun hating Republican governor DeWine that somewhat lowered the forever confiscation and imprisonment. The argument was since the assholes already know you have a ccw the minute they stop you they should not be allowed to arrest, harass or pull your license. The Ohio State Patrol were real bastards on this and even bragged about it. With another now anti-gun Republican Governor (DeWine) I do not see this new bill passing the Senate and never being singed by the anti-gun Governor as he hates guns just like the last Republican Governor did (Kasich).

      Now if t hie is not enough proof that the cops in Ohio do not hate and fear civilians with guns than I do not know what would be.

      • What cop would not be freaked out by the idea of me carrying a gun? I know I get freaked out by the idea of me carrying a gun and you should to. I hate and fear myself and so should you and the cops.

        – The Real Vlad Tepes

    • Even in Australia, the supposed gun-free utopia, the police generally don’t care or at least the rank and file cops don’t. The political level appointees from Ye Olde Blighty do.

      When employers have required police checks I’ve included my firearm license details, because it would come out in the check anyway, and the officers I’ve handed the paperwork to have said because of the license the check will be easy as most of the work has been already done.

  4. How about we give the gun controllers some land to build a city with a total absence of civilian firearms just to see how it works. And we could call it “Free Fire City”. I no longer refer to Gun-Free Zones, I call them Free Fire Zones. Oh, and if you voluntarily move there as part of the experiment you have to stay at least 2 years.

  5. I’m not buying it, John. TV wouldn’t lie to us…

    What’s the next video about… Sofia Vergara’s tits not being real?

      • Yes someone has to keep reminding of the truth and or other side of the story and that all Americans deserve equal Constitutional Rights not just the Whites and their privileges. It has been only recently in U.S. History non -whites were allowed to marry Whites and vice versa. Yep it was really a land of the free (sarcasm)

  6. I could be wrong because I’m not an expert on the subject but I seem to remember that there were 3 incidences not 2 of an legal machine gun being used in a killing. One was I believe back in the 1950’s when a legal machine gun owner fluffing out and killed a close relative, a mother in law I believe. The second was a big city police officer who had a rather interesting 2nd job. He was a contract killer for the mob using the department’s own weapons to do the job. And the third was a home owner who used on his subgun to kill a burglar who had broken into his home. Roughly 160,000 legal machine guns used in homicides over a period of 85 years seems to me a rather damn good batting average.

    • Its really not as good as it looks on paper as machine gun owners have never been anywhere near as numerous as the bulk of gun owners especially the huge numbers that own semi-auto assault rifles. In the 60’s the Assault rifle craze had not even begun yet. Believe me if we had the same number of machine gun owners as semi-auto assault rifle owners we would already have had many mass murders by machine guns. For years $200 bucks was a lot of money for a permit and the machine guns for the most part were never cheap either (yes there were some junk machine guns like Stens that were relatively affordable). Even the AR15 that sold for only $260 bucks back in the 60’s were easily double that price for full auto AR’s and I know people back then that had to spend $600 to get one in full auto so the average guy back then did not want to go through the expense and the paperwork and there was no guarantee you would get a permit if your local police chief was anti-machine gun as many, many of them were. I know one guy who had to move across the street so he could get into another district with a police chief that would sign for him to get a machine gun it was that hard some times to get a permit.

      • My daddy always thought I never paid attention when him and his buddies were talking but I picked up enough to remember some of there stories and pretend like they are my stories. Like the time me and my squad were pinned down in a fox hole on Normandy beach and all the guys in my squad gave me there grenades and I climbed up the cliff and threw all the grenades in the Nazi bunker and killed about 300 of them.

        See admit it you fools totally believed me didnt you!

        – The Real True Vlad Tepes

        • vlads mom told me she won’t let her little Vladdy boy join the military, she knows he would fall victim to friendly fire the first day his group is basic training got ammo for their firearms.

      • Let’s do the math okay? Let’s say that each machine gun owner owns 4 machine guns. That’s 40 thousand owners. I’m feeling generous so let’s include all 3 of my examples even though the cop was not really a normal “civilian” and using a police departments weapons and the poor guy who shot the burglar would have probably gotten by with it if he had only shot the guy 2 or 3 times instead of 30. 3 divided by 40,000 divided by 85 years = .0000003823529412 % in any one year. Proving once again you don’t know anything about anything.

  7. Prejudice – not bias. The libs have removed prejudice from the dictionary. Everything now is “bias against”.

  8. You commenters – the “imitation Vlads” – are just slaying me! Keep up the good work. Oh, and you make Vlad look like more of a fool when he does have something anti-gun to say.

    • No- that’s T man troll. He is now homeless, used to be a tech worker and Army officer. He has mental health / substance issues.

      We all know Hollywood isn’t controlled by Jews. That’s just an anti-Semitic trope. I wish I had data to back that up.

      • Do we really need to keep re-doxxing him? Yeah- there’s only one USAFA grad that cross-commissioned into the Army and worked at Cloudflare on LinkedIn. Just post his name already. I doubt he is homeless.

        And wow. Yes, Jews do control Hollywood.

  9. JJJJohdelaray, your post provides WAY more info toward dozing. “T about t” only said tech worker and Army officer. Providing the cross from AF to Army, and Cloudflair is specific to ONE person. Think before you criticize, then post dox narrowing details.

    • Remember when these mall cops harassed him for saying he didn’t go to Airborne school before going to Ranger school? That was cringe, because everyone who actually went to Ranger school knew about those lucky leg rangers who got to SLEEP! on the bus. RTLW! If that guy is really homeless, we should help him.

      Do Jews control Hollywood? I didn’t pay any attention to these trolls, but I started doing research on Wikipedia. It seems that the people who run Hollywood are disproportionately Jewish. I thought these people were crazy trolls. Maybe they are on to something? I don’t know.

  10. The bottom line CONCLUSIONS:


    What “INVITES” SHOOTERS TO ENTER THESE businesses and CREATE “SHOOT-TO-KILL SHOOTING GALLERIES” COMPRISED OF UNARMED SHOPPERS and PRECIPITATES a shooting scenario is businesses ADAMANTLY RESTRICTING CHL-LICENSED GUN OWNERS FROM ENTERING that place of business. Doing that means that customers in the store CANNOT be effectively protected from ACTIVE SHOOTERS (who are READY TO KILL anyone who moves), once the typically small, almost useless cadre of security guards is “WIPED OUT” BY the (one or more “shooters'” GUNFIRE)!

    The ones which will criticize this strategy are THOSE WANTING TO INHIBIT OR DESTROY OUR SECOND AMENDMENT RIGHTS, FALSELY CLAIMING things like “THESE AGGRESSIVE-LOOKING AR-15 guns ARE ‘ASSAULT RIFLES’.” BUT SUCH TYPICALLY IS NOT TRUE…these “up-to-now-were-available-at-WalMart guns” are STILL RIGHTFULLY legal to use, NEVER HAVE BEEN MILITARY WEAPONS, and can STILL be LEGALLY purchased, (AND SHOULD ALWAYS CONTINUE TO BE AVAILABLE)! IN FACT. the shooter in El Paso DID NOT USE AN “AR-15” BUT A RUSSIAN DESIGNED AK-47 STYLE “SEMI”-AUTOMATIC RIFLE…and Walmart STILL sells that kind of ammo, while “outlawing” other “should-be-any-time-available LEGAL-TO-USE” ammunition THAT THEY SHOULD CONTINUE TO SELL! Has SOMEONE STILL “GOTTEN TO” WALMART’S “BRAINS and CONSCIENCE”?


    The underlying cause of there having been so very many deaths in El Paso (that could have been quickly minimized according to Dr. Lott’s research and analysis) was that the El Paso Walmart store management had not recognizing the “protective and preventive effect” that the presence of “CHL gun owners” typically “creates” and which effectively “prevents” the magnitude of such shooting incidents from occurring at such high “kill rates.” THE EL PASO WALMART STORE WAS NOT ALLOWING ANYONE (EVEN IF “LEGALLY”) “CARRYING A GUN” INTO THAT PARTICULAR WALMART LOCATION!…They seem to have WISELY “corrected” that!

    SINCE THAT TRAGIC EVENT THERE HAVE BEEN (at least) TWO WALMART “INCIDENTS’ IN WHICH CHL “GUN HOLDERS” have STOPPED shooters from fully undertaking their murderous RAMPAGES!

    Restriction of the CHL gun carriers from entering the El Paso Walmart store likely precipitated MORE DEATHS (if not most) UNNECESSARILY! Had Dr. Lott’s scientifically-concluded analyses been implimented ALREADY, many fewer deaths (if any…would have occured! Some such scenarios have resulted in the “active shooter” CEASING his “attack” because of the presence of licensed-to-carry gun owners being there or their confronting him correctly [as TRAINED CHL-licensed gun owners are typically taught to do]).


    In reality the presence of several, (or sometimes only a FEW) CHL-licensed GUN OWNERs could spell difference between a “slaughter,” and a “subdued incident” in WHICH NO SHOTS WERE FIRED! THE PRESENCE of CHL-AUTHORIZED (and armed) citizens could be MORE than simply “a useful idea,” but even an (already demonstrated “effective”) ULTIMATELY potent “deterrent” to “active shooter situations” IF NOT the ONLY BEST CHOICE OPTION TO “DE-ESCALATE” A SITUATION IN WHICH (WITHOUT IMMEDIATE INTERVENTION) SOME (or MULTIPLE people) are DESTINED TO DIE!


    So you see a good guy with a gun and a bad guy with a knife.

    It’s bad acting people that are the problem not the knife or gun.



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