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Our friends at Stoeger have sent us one of the more droolworthy guns we saw in Las Vegas at SHOT for a full review treatment. In fact, the over/under version of the Double Defense impressed RF enough that he went out and bought one himself to defend the Farago manse. The review gun, however, is on the other side of the continent in the able hands of Joe Grine. As you can see from the phone pic Joe just texted, he just can’t seem to let rail space go unoccupied. A double barreled configuration calls for twin blades for a clean, close shave. Just for fun, of course. We can’t wait to see what other accoutrements he sticks on that thing during the evaluation process. Full frontal review to follow soon – same bat time, same bat channel.

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  1. $500? I can get an Armscor M5 pump for $199 brand new, and that’s in California. Why spend more on a gun that’s going to live under your bed 99.9% of the time?

  2. Really? A tacticool over under? Where is the AR15 stock adapter? And no bottom rail for a VFG?!? They actually recommend this 20″ barreled monstrosity for home defense on their website. Why not just get a pump gun? The only use I can see for this is intimidating whatever boys your daughter brings home.

    Jesus RF you have weird tastes, I dunno what is stranger, this or that tacticool lever gun you were talking about getting. Do you have a Single Action Army with a bottom rail and a MRDS?

    • Well, a break action gun is going to be both mechanically simpler than a pump, as well as shorter. You don’t need the space for the bolt, or for the bolt carrier to retract into, before the shoulder stock. It’s not an intrinsically stupid idea. Just don’t bet on being able to reload the barrels.

  3. AR15 stock adapter… now there’s an idea! I’m just pissed there is no bottom rail for a Harris Bipod. At least there is room for my 3 x 12 x 56 Zeiss scope. 🙂

  4. They also have a side-by-side variant.

    I’d pay good money to see what happens when somebody takes one to a SASS match.

  5. File a patent on the design and show it to the armorers in Hollyweird. Make a lot of money.

    Why does every firearm have to be practical? Why not have fun if you got the cash.

      • You sure do, I didn’t see it at first.

        You know Stoeger missed out on just attaching one directly to the gun either in front of or behind the break, or perhaps putting a mounting point or rail section.

        Surely there are rail mounted shell holders.

  6. Warning: before I bought the Stoeger SxS double-trigger Coach Gun, I did lots of research. In the past, at least, (and I’m not sure about now) the Stoeger O/U with the single trigger has been reported to having lots of problems firing the second shot. Essentially, the single trigger version O/U is not reliable in asking it to perform in a semi-auto role.

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