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A while ago I decided to get out of the .45 game. Why, you ask? The short answer is it was getting too expensive to shoot. The long answer lies in modern ammunition technology, but that’s a different article. One morning my lovely wife got tired of my bitching and said, “Why don’t you get that 9mm you’ve been talking about?” The gun in question was the CZ 75 P-07 Duty, a polymer version of the ergonomically delicious CZ-75. With the .45s on the chopping block and the 9mm stepping up to the plate, I was hoping for czechmate.

First thing anyone notices about the P-07 is it has a rather unique look. You either hate it or love it. I’m decidedly in the latter camp. I like its futuristic, aggressive looks. Its uniqueness sets it apart from the droves of Glocks, XDs and M&Ps I encounter every day.

Ergonomically, CZs have always clicked for me. Something about the grip angle and perfect amount of hump make them feel really comfortable in my hands. The P-07 is no exception. Coupled with the aggressive all around stippling, this gun is in no danger of slipping out due to sweat, rain or any other types of slippery substances your average shooter may encounter.

CZ incorporated their new Omega trigger system in the P-07 which leads to fewer parts and in turn they claim a better trigger pull. I didn’t have any older CZs on hand to test the difference, but in dry firing I did find the trigger to be quite smooth in double action. Single action was nice and crisp, but the reset was a little longer than I’d like. Despite the longer reset, the trigger on this CZ was easily better than the HKs or SIGs I’ve been shooting lately.

The other benefit of the Omega trigger is the ability to switch the P-07 from the standard issue decocker to a safety for those who like to carry condition 1. I prefer the decocker, so I didn’t attempt the old safety switcheroo, but according to this video, it’s no big deal.

Concealing this gun is easier than outsmarting Larry the Cableguy. It’s almost the exact same size as a Glock 19, which means it’s the perfect compromise between duty pistol and subcompact. Despite the rising heat here, I had no problem hiding the CZ underneath a variety of clothing while utilizing both IWB and OWB holsters.

So how does it shoot? Thanks to CZ’s unique design, beautifully. Because the slide rides inside of the frame instead of on top like most designs, it results in very little slide mass and a low bore axis. As you can see in the video, recoil is minimal at best.

The Glock style sights lend themselves to pretty good combat accuracy, but I would prefer night sights that weren’t made of plastic. Unfortunately, due to the lack of aftermarket support, replacement sights are few and far between for this gun. Despite my qualms about the sights, accuracy out of the box was great. Right away I ran 10 rounds slow fire and was able to achieve good groupings without much effort. I then loaded up 8 and ran committed pairs as fast as I could, again with great results. Picking up this gun and shooting it was easy and intuitive, like any gun you use for self defense should be.

Over the course of a little over a month I ran a thousand rounds of Hornady, Federal, Winchester, Blazer, Speer and TulAmmo through this gun. I didn’t clean it, I took it on an ATV trip where it took a tumble in the dirt and generally treated it with a level of respect I usually reserve for the cast of the Jersey Shore. Much like the Honey Badger, the CZ didn’t care. The only malfunctions were two hard primers from the 115 gr TulAmmo and these were easily rectified by stroking the trigger and hitting the primer again.

I went into this test really liking CZs, but came out the other end in love with the P-07 duty. Its ergos, size, capacity, reliability and accuracy have granted this Czech import a permanent place on my hip, much to the chagrin of the German and Austrian guns in my house. Like the Caracal, this oft overlooked firearm is definitely a diamond in the rough.


Caliber: 9×19
Barrel Length: 3.8”
Overall Length: 7.28”
Weight: 27.2 oz
Capacity: 16+1
Price: $483 MSRP

RATINGS (out of five)

Style * * * * *
Futuristic styling make this one sexy pistol

Ergonomics * * * * *
Grip angle, weight, balance and stippling come together in a symphony of comfort for my hand

Reliability * * * * *
Blew through a thousand rounds with no cleaning

Customizable *
The P07 is, sadly, lacking in this category. I found a whopping two different sight options for it and that’s it.

Carry * * * * *

Unless you tuck your t-shirt into your Wranglers, you shouldn’t have any problem concealing this gun

Overall Rating * * * *

The only thing holding this gun back from a five star rating is the lack of aftermarket parts. Despite that, this gun is well worth it.


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  1. Good to hear. I’m very pleased with my CZ-75, but I may give their polymer model a try at some point as well.

    • Be aware that despite being named a CZ-75, it doesn’t take CZ-75 magazines. And while you can get inexpensive Mec-Gar magazines for the rest of the CZ line (which are also the OEM magazines), magazines for the P07 are about twice as expensive. If the P07 will be your only handgun, this may not be a big issue, but if you already own a CZ, this eliminates one of the major advantages of having two of the same type of gun.

      If you want a genuine polymer CZ-75, the SP-01 Phantom is it.

      • Yeah I see that, thanks for mentioning it. Maybe down the road Mec-Gar will make some as well, so it won’t be as much of an issue. Expensive magazines aren’t a deal breaker for me, but it’s annoying.

        • That is incorrect. The cz-75 mags DO NOT LOCK in the p07. They fit the magwell with wobble, but will fall out with any kind of shake. I own them all and this is fact.

        • That is incorrect. The cz-75 mags DO NOT LOCK in the p07. They fit the mag well with wobble, but will fall out with any kind of shake. I own them all and this is fact.

        • Thats correct, I use both MEC-GAR CZ75 mags in mine as well as the P07 mags, both lock up tight and function just fine. Even CZ has said they will funtion fine, they just dont fit flush. Anyone that says otherwise needs to actually buy the gun before responding.

      • I bought a cz 75 po7 about a year ago. It is the smoothest most accurate 9mm I have shot. I also own Smith and Baretta.

  2. Great review. Ryan, if you know the details I’d be interested to hear what design changes were made to the P-01’s ‘Omega’ trigger system as my biggest complaint on the basic CZ-75B remains the trigger pull. Off the shelf, the all-steel gun’s pull is uneven and creeps in double-action and has a rough break even in SA. CZ must have done well to improve design of the trigger linkage without increasing cost – since cost always seemed to be the sole factor in the 75B’s imperfect factory trigger, likely a result of rough, down-to-budget machining. (Does the test P-01 also have burrs and tool marks on the inside of the slide, like a lot of CZ-75s?) The trigger mechanism itself is fine – the two-decade old Italian-made doppelganger Tanfoglio TA-90 (Excam import marked) sitting in my safe is a near-exact mechanical copy of the CZ-75 but has a trigger that’s much smoother and lighter.

    • Out of the box, the Omega trigger is slightly crisper, but it’s also cheaper. It uses only a single-sided trigger bar, for example. And it can’t be upgraded. Putting a competition hammer & springs from CZ Custom into your original CZ 75 will give you a trigger pull rivaled only by the SIG X5. Particularly if you have a pre-B model, a Combat model, or a Shadow model, all of which lack the firing pin block. (If there’s no pin through the slide at the rear serrations, it’s one of these models.)

      • My basically stock CZ-75 outshoots most x-5’s. It is great to see the look on the face of people when I tell them I paid $300 for it.

        • I have a 64 year old vz50 that has a SA trigger nearly as crisp and clean as my P229. And absolutely no work, other than general maintenance has ever been performed.

    • All the info I could find said that they reduced the amount of parts and thereby simplified the trigger system found on the CZ-75. I can only assume that less parts = less resistance and grittiness. As to the burrs and machining, while it did look more rough than say a SIG, I didn’t notice any glaring issues and as you can see, internal finishing had no effect on performance.

  3. CZ is one of those companies that just does not get enough respect here in Amercia. Its a shame, because they make great guns. I own three CZs and I think they are great.

    • I barely heard anything about CZs prior to me actively seeking out information on them, seems like it’s mostly polymer guns like Glocks/MP/XD that you hear about. Not that I don’t like my Glock anymore, but I wish I had gotten a CZ sooner, they’re such nice shooters.

  4. I see a lot of flack for the looks of this gun online, but I also fall in the “love it” camp. I have a Crossbreed Supertuck IWB holster and can conceal it with no issues under a t-shirt (I’m a thin guy and printing is often an issue). It has gone “bang” every time I pull the trigger.

    Plus I like having something a little different. Not just another Glock or XD.

    • I wasn’t too happy about the cost of mags either initially. Then it occurred to me that with the 100 dollars that is saved buy buying this pistol over the Glock, you can still add 2 more magazines and have the CZ with 4 mags for the cost of the Gen 4 Glock with it’s included 3 mags.

    • I got 4 extra mags for the P07 at Gunbroker for $117 shipped. Since CZ doesn’t have the marketing of Glock, Sig, Colt, S&W, Springfield, etc. and the demand for CZ’s is high, there aren’t that many to go around hence, it’s more expensive to buy parts and accessories for it. You have to learn how to shop for this fine gun. eBay, and other online sites offer good pricing for anything CZ. And once you get a CZ, you can’t just stop with one. Or two.

    • These post always make me laugh my as* of. How many mags do you need ? I own dozens of handguns and most come with 2 mags, some 3. I guess if your an armchair mercenary you need 10 mags for every handgun, just to be prepared !!!!!! The p07 I bought came with 3, I usually take 2 to the range and the 3rd just sits in the case. If you buy a handgun based on magazine price, I can’t even comment on this anymore !!

      • How many mags do you need?

        I’m thinking at least three. Pre-retirement; I always carried one in the gun and two on my belt. And while I can see where you’re coming from, with the question; remember, in a gun fight, there is nothing more vexing than an empty gun and no resupply.

        Does the average guy need more than two 15 rd mags. Maybe not, but then you have the guys that need to re-qualify or train, and there’s no time to be dicking around on the range refilling magazines. Personally, I own eight to ten mags for every pistol I own, depending on the capacity. Running 60 round strings, my thumb really appreciates my having prep’ed for the event in advance. And you can safely bet that I own every crutch available for easily reloading mags, especially them flippin’ 5.56s from a stripped clip. I’m also a whore for rifle mags. .22LR thru the .308 family +AKs.

  5. Had a friend who was going to buy one of these and asked me for my advice. After I told him, I’m not the one buying, shooting and carrying the gun and it has to be his decision, I went with him to look it over. I had an issue with the grips, but then I’ve got a screwed up right hand due to a MC accident so a lot of guns don’t feel right in my hands. But the one thing that I didn’t like, was the narrow slide. I could just imagine trying to rake that slide under duress and my hand not getting a good purchase, but maybe that’s just me. At the range, don’t see a problem. But I wonder if Ryan did any slide lock reloads under stress and had any problem with that issue?

    • I actually didn’t run into any problems due to the slide dimensions. I ran it through a course we have at the range that requires a reload and did several malfunction drills with people loading a snap cap somewhere in my mag for me. Everything went smoothly.

  6. I recently picked up one of these guns and have been going to the range weekly. I would say it is easily one of the most underrated handguns recently released to the pubic. For the money, they are incredible, though unsurprising since CZ makes outstanding products.

  7. So this begs the question: which gun is better overall in your opinion (especially regarding trigger, grip feel and recoil), the P-07 or the Caracal? Thanks for the review.


    • I haven’t had the chance to shoot a Caracal yet, but if I get my hands on one I’ll be sure to shoot some video for a comparison.

  8. I have heard nothing but bad things about the Omega trigger system, mostly that they are more prone to breakage and can’t be smithed as easily as the standard trigger. Being able to change out the safety “a la H&K” sounds intriguing though.

    • I have not heard of anything bad with the P07 but one when it first came out. The magazine release spring is not releasing the mags down. Some were sent for repairs but that was the only issue. CZ have since fixed this problem and now came out with the CZ P07 91086 “no DUTY markings” and 15 shot mags instead of 16. As for the Omega trigger, the oly ones I can find online and have heard of are all good. Can you show anything online where they have problems with the Omega trigger?

  9. I have one of these, pretty much the best cheap throw away you can buy, but something about having “CZ” on the side of leaves room for improvement. There are a lot of stupid and cheap corner cuts on this gun that I wouldn’t have expected from CZ, including a super weak safety detent, an easier-to-manufacture locking system, and THE WRONG PLASTIC on early P-07s. Thats right, the early guns (including mine) have frames made of the wrong plastic, this makes the frame deform and the mag well to tighten up to the point that empty mags have to be pried out. However, the gun still shoots well. I won my class the first time shooting the gun at a match, afterwards I had several shooters try it out, all of which could hit a man sized plate at 150 yards.

    Overall its a good gun, but being a CZ it is pretty much disappointing, I feel like they could have done a lot better.

    • Joe, I just figured I’d mention one or two things – looking around the interwebz, there are lots of early P-07s that suffered the “polymer problem” and “bulge” issues. I was originally rather apprehensive about that, as I bought mine *nearly* new (I asked the seller for the first part of the serial number so I could do some research online – as it turns out, mine was manufactured mid-2012). Since you got an early model, it’s my understanding that if you ship it to CZ, they “fix” (read “replace”) it. I know that’s not exactly what people want to hear when they buy a new gun – it should be perfect from the factory. But I’ve seen numerous stories of high-quality, quick-turnaround customer service response from CZ. Which is a positive, in and of, itself.

      And secondly, as far as the safety detent…(sorry, just holding my P-07 for a minute)…that might have been part of the polymer/frame deformation issue. I’ve got a “B” production series, and I can honestly say that the safety moves with reassuring certainty (and an audible ‘snick’), both ways, every time.

      I’m a little surprised that very few (if any) have noted my only serious gripe with the P-07 (and remember, this is my favorite polymer, period): the incredibly long trigger reset [EDIT: just re-read the part of the review that includes a mention of the longer trigger reset; oops]. Certainly not a deal-breaker, and it’s not even particularly annoying unless you’re trying to ride the trigger for fast fire…which I don’t do very often, so, meh?

      Anyway, still love this gun. Next up: a CZ P-06 or P-01. And then a Kel-Tech Sub-2000 (I hear that the S&W model accepts CZ-75B magazines – interesting, n’est pas?) a my SHTF weapon.

    • It’s as much a throw away gun a Glock. When at the range, friends and others often ask to shoot mine and say damn why didn’t I know about these when I bought my G19 or other models. Approximately 8,000 rounds and still going strong with never one issue. Also, mine came with bright night sights when bought new for $ 499.00. My daily carry for 3 years.

  10. Ryan, I’m curious to hear “the long answer” about why modern ammunition makes you prefer 9 mm over .45 apc. I like guns chambered in both though I prefer very different guns in each caliber. I find ammo in both pricey and hence I’m looking for a .22 pistol for practice at the range (suggestions would be appreciated.).

    • Basically it came down to barrier penetration. I moonlight with a local Sheriff’s Office and .45 was the only thing I found in my research that was reliably penetrating windshields. 9mm and .40 rounds were fragmenting and not retaining much mass after exiting the glass. I wanted something that would punch through with no problem so I carried .45, like most guys I worked with. But,mwith the advent of modern technology, it’s now very possible for 9mm to do what the .45 does with barriers. Hornady’s new Critical Duty rounds exceed FBI standards for barrier penetration on windshields, metal, wood etc… for example. So, being a fan of 9mm both price and performance wise, I now can have the best of both worlds IMHO.

  11. I just purchased the 9mm and I bought it for the way it felt in my hand. After my first range trip I was even more impressed. Don’t get me wrong I love my Glocks as well but they never felt right in my hand. I tried several grips and just delt with it. I have checked and no one makes night sights for it except CZ so I guess I am putting white 3cavalier dot night sight which I prefer different colors. Also I am kinda old school and like carrying locked and cocked. Also I wish they made a double capped recoil spring because it was a little tricky to put back togather.

  12. An awesome write up! I acquired my P-07 Duty about a month ago and since have turned lots of money into noise! I teach CCW classes as well as “intro to combat” classes and this is the smoothest firearm in the safe. I left a write up on the CZ-USA web site and still smile when I read it.

    I am a pleasure and competition shooter and will never look at another pistol outside the CZ family until they stop making them!

  13. I just purchased a 9mm duty because I absolutly love the way it felt in my hand. I have looked for something truly good in the hand and did not really care for any. Don’t get me wrong I love my Glock but it was just not perfect in my hand. After my first trip to the range I am liking it even more shoots great and no malfunctions. I do agree with the aftermarket availability like there are no aftermarket sights made for it other than CZ’s which are white horizontal 3 dots which is what it looks like I will have to put on it. I prefer A color mix or would love it if I could get a straight 8 style like on my Glock. I have found nothing of the sort so if anyone knows of any let me know. I did find a nice leather holster for it on ebay. I really like the fact you have the safety option and can carry locked and cocked. This is my new personal carry gun and I am really glad to have the option because so many of the light new poly guns are double only. Being oldschool I still like my safety. As far as shooting goes less recoil than my glock (I am guessing thats because I have a better grip on it). The gun shoots as good as my Glock ever did and I am doing 8 in groups at a quick pace at 25 yards about the same as my Glock. This gun goes with me everywhere I go from now on. I guess my biggest complaint and it is not that bad but the recoil spring and pin are kinda hard to get back in I believe they could come up with a closed end spring would make this much easier to put back togather

  14. Awesome gun. I’ve had one over a year and I would trust my life with it. Only problem was the rear sight was missing a little white paint. Went to Walgreens and got some white fingernail polish for $3. Not a big deal.

  15. CZ makes a great pistol. The Phantom has become my favorite hand gun, hence the user name. After wanting one for at least a year,I purchased one 3 months ago. I have ran close to 750 rounds of PMC Bronze 115 gr through it with no issues. I even ran a box of TULA through just for fun, no issues. So accurate, it makes me look good. The DA trigger has a long pull, and most people who have one would agree the trigger is “gritty” out of the box, but it is already smoothing out. It is one of those pistols that you pick up, and it just feels right. IMO it is a great looking, highly functional, well built machine.

  16. Had just recently made my mind up about this gun to add to my 20″ 12 gauge dbl and sw 357. I test fired six other manufacturer’s offerings in 9mm before finding my way to this option. Like some of you, the moment I fired off the first clip I knew I had my gun. Only one question. I have read that some semi’s come overpacked with lubricant and should be taken down and recleaned before heading to the range. Is this good advice for this gun or is it range ready out of the box? Thanks.

  17. I appreciate the views about this weapon as I have just purchased one. 11/28/2012. Thanks for being on this site and thanks for all of the great opinions. It serves us well and it has value. Thanks. Keep the information coming.

  18. I own a CZ 75 p-06 .40 cal and a p-07 9mm , I wouldn’t trade them for any other gun manufactured except another CZ. Matter of fact I sold both my Glocks after purchasing my P-06 as they just couldn’t compare . I really liked my Glocks until I held and fired the CZ and then I was hooked.

  19. CZ 75 P-07, 9 mm. I bought one 2 days ago. My first hand gun ever. I guess I could have done worse. I was thinking about a Baby Desert Eagle or an XD, the XD was gone and this one was $120 cheaper than the Baby.

    • Adriaan, yeah, you could’ve done worse. You could have done much, much worse. In fact I believe you did very well indeed!

      CZ firearms are excellent products. Are they perfect? No, nothing is, but CZ’s are as good as anything else out there (and better than many.) Now, if you factor in the cost of these pistols, the value has risen to the top of the charts. I believe the biggest negative regarding all CZ firearms is the fact that, for various reasons, they can be difficult to get!

      Just remember that no product is going to work for everyone and no matter how good a pistol is, there’s always going to be someone who will say “you should have got a _” (insert flavor of the day in the blank.)

      You made a good decision to buy your CZ, shoot it, enjoy it and don’t look back!

      Oh yeah, I believe the Baby Desert Eagle, which is a fine pistol, is basically a CZ75 clone.

  20. Seems really unfair to me the fact that the overall rating lost an entire point for customization. If the gun is so good out of the box (I have experienced it personally and found all good things mentioned to be true) why would you want to customize it? It’s like people who like iPhones only because of all available accessories…
    Honestly, what else would you ask from a ccw/duty pistol than been reliable, accurate and comfortable to bear and shoot?

  21. Being new to handguns I’m not sure that my opinion counts….but
    I purchased a xdm 40 4.5 about 6 months ago and have been to the range with it about 6 times and in general I am happy with it.
    Although my grouping with it tends to be low and left of bulls-eye I fealt that I was shooting it well.
    Then when all this crazy gun control “crap” came about I decided that I would get another 40 cal.
    I picked the CZ P07 duty because of how great it felt in my hand.
    My 1st and so far only time on the range with it was a thing of beauty. First shot dead on bulls-eye! Although that was as much luck as anything else, I shot MUCH better with the P07 over the xdm (i was alternating while my wife was reloading clips). I far preferred the trigger pull of the P07 over the xdm.
    Keep in mind that I am still a novice with handguns, but from a “wet behind the ears” shooter, I LOVE THE P07!

  22. Well, I just got my CZ P-07 9mm yesterday. Pictures don’t do it justice; it looks far more impressive in person. I’ll have a full range report sometime later, but here are my initial impressions: Wow. I have medium-sized hands, and this is easily the most natural feeling gun I’ve ever held. I’d seen other comments stating that once you pick it up, it’s hard not to keep doing so – agreed. You can feel the low bore axis, too; if it were a car, I’d say it achieves close to the perfect 50/50 front/rear weight distribution (and center of gravity). The trigger pull is a little long in DA, but very smooth (no “stepping” or “grittiness” that I could feel), and sublime in SA. Thankfully, it eschews the trigger safeties that other manufactures have adopted (the “flex” trigger in S&W models, the XD and Glock “split” trigger, etc). I’ve found all of those systems disruptive and generally detrimental to the overall shooting experience. The slide cycles with reassuring authority.

    I’ve read elsewhere that the pistol feels “plastic-y” or “like a toy”. I can assure you, it does not. If it feels “plastic-y” compared to a metal-bodied pistol – well, it’s a polymer body – what did you expect? The ergonomics and grip are about as close to perfect as possible (possibly better than my CZ-75B; sort of an apples/oranges comparison, though) and the P-O7 does not feel cheap, with the exception of the sights (EDIT: not sure if the sights are metal or not – don’t have the pistol handy to check. Either way, the next sentence stands). I fully intend to replace those with higher quality metal night sights, but I’m in no particular hurry to do so. The magazine easily drops free when the mag release is depressed, and (with my medium sized hands) all the control elements are easily accessible. I’m using the manual safety on my P-07, so it will function as a SAO platform, in my case. As such, I would not recommend attempting to manually decock the pistol while in a firing grip; (cleared and unloaded) I tried and wasn’t confident enough to feel comfortable controlling the hammer all the way down unless I switched into a non-firing hold (if you do switch hand positions to decock, lowering the hammer is easy and feels perfectly safe – just keep the muzzle pointed in a safe direction). Not a terribly big deal, but worth noting if you don’t plan on using the included decocker.

    I had no trouble retracting the slide – again, I’d seen complaints that it was particularly difficult. Either I have abnormally strong hands (maybe?) or other reviewers were really looking to nitpick (not Mr. Piccione, above). Yes, I’ve owned other pistols with slides that were easier to retract (and some more difficult, namely my M&P .40 Compact). That doesn’t make this one difficult. All-in-all, I’m very impressed. We’ll see how that opinion stands after a few hundred rounds of grimy, gritty range ammo.

    [To answer the inevitable questions that follow this kind of post: I’m right handed. I haven’t attempted any ambidextrous control use, so I can’t comment on that. I plan on using this pistol as a defense and range gun primarily, with occasional open or concealed carry as necessary. I was a U.S. Army Infantryman. List of previous guns owned: CZ-52 (7.62×25), Hi-Point 9mm Carbine, Alchemy Arms Spectre .45 (very rare, look it up; it’s an all metal, striker-fired 1911/Glock-ish hybrid), CZ 75B 9mm w/Omega trigger, S&W M&P .40 Compact). Yes, I’m a big CZ fan. No, I don’t work for CZ. My P-07 is from the “B” series production run, so it doesn’t have any of the frame bulge/return to battery/mag release fail-to-drop issues.]

  23. We’re a big fan of this gun. You can find a great owb paddle holster from fobus on ebay for $25. Takes 2 weeks delivery from Israel, but it’s a perfect match for the gun. We’ve also used m&p/xd series nylon IWB holsters from desantis with no issues.

  24. I mentioned in my initial comments that I’d try to put up some range info later, and here we are; later.

    I love the feel of this firearm. It points incredibly naturally, and if you shoot thumbs-forward (like me) you’ll find it more comfortable than a 1911 (seriously). I’m not sure how many rounds I’ve put through it – not enough that I consider it fully broken in, but I have yet to experience any failures. I’ve run crappy range ammo, Remington UMC, and Federal HS through it; not a huge ammo variety, but it shoots fine with each of those rounds.

    Accuracy is everything you could want from a 3.8″ barrel. Two inch groups at 12m are easily achievable. As is an inch and a half at 10m. Both those numbers are likely to go down with more trigger time – the CZ is more accurate than I am. I haven’t swapped out the sights yet, but again, I imagine that a good set of three dots would make a significant difference.

    I think that about covers it. I wouldn’t hesitate to buy another P-07 9mm – but I really have my eye on a P-01 or P-06 as my next purchase.

    Good job, CZ.

  25. Looks like so far the comments have been from the male perspective on this pistol. I’m a 60+ year old female and purchased this for concealed carry as my first ever gun! I had researched pistols for a year, and my brother, an ex cop, insisted I get a Glock, but I didn’t like the angle of the grip to the barrel and felt like I had to tweak my wrist down at an unnatural (at least for me) angle to sight it. After a LOT of online research, going to gun stores, and handling different guns, I decided I wanted the CZ75D Compact PRC 9mm, even though it was rather expensive for my budget. I finally went to the gun store, money in hand, to order it as they had one in stock at a different store. (Up to this point, I had not actually held a PRC because there was none to be had anywhere.) Well, the store had a CZ P-07 Duty 9mm in the case, so I asked to see it. I liked it! I am 5’1″ but have wide palms and long fingers for a person my size (my piano teacher loved me!) so I had no problem wrapping my fingers around it for a secure grip. The grip was slightly larger and more squared off than the PRC grip looked to be, and I wasn’t exactly crazy with the “sand paper” feel to it either, BUT the P-07 was $200 less and had a $50 rebate, AND it was available right now. The PRC would be a few weeks wait. I was told it was basically the same gun only in a different frame. (The PRC is more sleek looking.) I bought the P-07. At that point I still thought I wanted a PRC but now couldn’t justify the extra cost, but at least I had a gun to use until I could hopefully afford a PRC later.

    My son, who shoots competitively, took me out and taught me how to handle my new pistol and he was really impressed with it! Finally, after becoming familiar with it, I went to my CPL class and the instructor, who hadn’t had a chance to shoot a CZ yet, was also totally impressed with it’s performance!

    While waiting for my CPL (they are waaaay behind in my area in issuing because of so many applications, so it’s a 90 day wait) I have been going to the range regularly to practice and to become completely comfortable handling and shooting this gun. During my last visit at the range I saw they had a PRC in the case! However it was now $100 MORE than it was last time! But I asked to see it anyway. I didn’t like the feel of the grip compared to my P-07. It was more ergonomically shaped but without the rough finish I was now used to, it felt smooth and slippery and seemed harder to get a firm grip on it. (I could imagine all kinds of bad scenarios in a stressful, sweaty-palm situation.) That finally convinced me that I had made the right choice and I no longer want the PRC over my P-07.

    So now I have to figure out how to conceal it in a reasonable and comfortable way, since being a small person the P-07 seems like a BIG gun on me. I have checked several “concealed carry options for women” sites for ideas. In the bra seems intriguing but yeah, there is no way, being petite, that I can possible conceal THIS gun in my bra without looking deformed! lol Considering woman’s tighter fashions, IWB has it’s problems also. But I’m determined to figure this out even if I have to change my whole wardrobe because I love this P-07 and will not give it up for a smaller gun just for ease of concealment!

  26. I’ve had my CZ P-07 for about 6 months now and have put around 1000 rounds through it so far. I have fed it many and varied kinds of crap ammo (I’m a cheap ass and I think it is ridiculous to be limited to buying whatever ammo the gun “likes” in order for it to function in a reliable manner… not an issue with the CZ. Beretta Nano… another story). It takes everything like a champ, and I have not had a single problem out of it. It’s a nail driver, and it didn’t take me long at all to become extremely accurate with it. It’s a very comfortable, reliable, and overall agreeable gun. And I like the way it looks. It’s easy (and extremely fun) to shoot and recoil is very easy to deal with. I could shoot this thing all day if I could afford that much ammo. It feels natural in my hand. I’m tall (pushing 6′) and skinny and my hands are shaped accordingly. I prefer something with a double-stack mag because it fills my hand better and feels easier to control.

    I like the trigger pull. Mine came as the safety version with a tac light instead of the conversion kit. I am planning on ordering the kit soon and converting it to the decocker version since I have virtually no use for a manual safety. Also want to put some night sights on it, as I do not fancy the U-and-dot.

    As a fairly thin framed woman, there is no way in hell I can conceal the damn thing unless I am wearing enough loose/thick/heavy clothing to look like a marshmallow on legs. Sucks, since I love it so much and I absolutely would trust my life to it over any other gun I own. I just refuse to dress like a man all the time for the sole purpose of concealing a weapon, especially since I have other ones I can conceal fairly easily (but I want to have my cake and eat it too). Unless I gain about 100 pounds or radically change my style of dress, this will remain my #1 range toy and home defense weapon of choice.

    Perhaps the most enjoyment I have gotten from owning the P-07 is stepping out onto the range with it and watching the gun snobs turn their noses up at it. “What is THAT thing? CZ? some off brand?” (CZ generally seems to be excluded from their vast expertise.) Then they watch it continue to shoot mag after mag with no problems while they clear the jam from theirs. Then they get “curious” and want to shoot this unknown thing “just to see.” And then they hang their head and mumble, “well that’s alright I guess..” I’ve let a wide range of people shoot it, and everyone who shoots it likes it (whether they will admit it or not). Part of me wishes people would get off their high horse and give CZ some credit, although I do enjoy having a gun that is not owned by 15 other people I can immediately think of.

    I love my P-07 and wouldn’t trade it for anything. I wish I could carry it everywhere with me but my size just doesn’t allow for that. I am considering getting the P-07 in .40 as well, or maybe the P-06 since I have kind of an aversion to owning two guns that basically look the same.

  27. How’s the shot-to-shot recovery time/muzzle flip w/the P-07 compared to, say, the SIG SP2022 (my current EDC)?
    I ask because I love everything about the SP2022 but the muzzle flip and recovery time so am wondering if the lower bore axis & lighter slide of the P-07 would help in that department. For comparison, my SIG P290RS w/a 22lb recoil spring is immediately back on-target w/o any need for post-shot aiming correction by me. Unfortunately, non of my local ranges have a P-07 to rent or I’d answer that question for myself. Thx!…

  28. I just got my CZ P07 Duty about a week ago. I have not had any time to play with it yet do to undergoing surgery and will be on the bench for a while.
    With that said I did load the mags and could not get 16 rounds into it. I loaded the other one with the same results. My friend also got the Duty and live across the country from me in Florida. He too had the same problem. Has anyone one else ran into this? My friend check with CZ America and was told that some mags went out with the wrong springs in them. I am trying to get this resolved with CZ. They want me to absorb the cost of shipping. Really not a problem except I wanted to do it one mag at a time so I would still have a pistol to use. That means twice the cost. Shouldn’t CZ just send me the right clips with a return label since it is there mistake. Updates to follow.

  29. I have a XDM full size 40 cal and love the gun!! But after purchasing my P-07 9mm. Totally impressed!!! Smooth in the DA BUT like BUTTER in the SA!!! Fits well in my hand and even better with a slip on hogue grip!! I recommend the CZ to anyone!!! CZ handguns are underrated and deserve more praise!! IMO way better looking than the boxy glocks!!

    • I am still unable to get CZ USA to take care of my P07 Duty clips. They will only hold 15 rounds. My friend had the same issue and CZ replaced the springs and that fix the issue. CZ took all my info and I have tried calling them several times to get a update. I leave messages and get no replies. it has been several months now and I will not recommend buying any CZ products if this is how they deal with problems. If anyone out there knows someone at CZUSA would you let them know. thanks Curt

  30. I have always trusted CZ long before anyone has ever heard of them. My first 9mm was a 75b, years ago, and I regrettably sold it, young and dumb. I then jumped into the .45 fanboy club and carried a .45 for years. Trust me when I tell you I have owned every .45 out there in major brands. Glock 30, 30sf, 36, 21, xdm .45, .45 compact, various 1911’s by kimber, para, Springfield, citadel, rock island and even sig 1911, sig p220, p220r3, and my personal favorite was a M&P .45 full size, I even had a compact. Each one required some tweaking and aftermarket upgrades to make it comfortable and reliable, wether it was an apex trigger in an M&P or polishing my feed ramp and upgrading my trigger in a 1911. Customizations is great, Especially 1911’s, which are known for their mass amount of upgrade capabilities, but not something that is desirable when you want something you can pick up and carry, shoot and rely on right out of the box. Not complaining, (love para and M&P), but I always missed my CZ. I haven’t shot this P07 yet, details will follow, but I ordered mine from buds gun shop for $460 with an extended barrel and tritium night sights. Couldn’t beat the price. I ditched my .45 and bought an AR15 and carry this p07. I do not question it’s reliability but I can’t wait to take it to the range next weekend. Mine is a B series in serial number. Hopefully all of these issues will be resolved but from what I have read, they are strictly cosmetic. I would buy a car with a minor scratch on it if it was reliable and still good looking. At the end of the day fellas, a gun is a tool. It’s meant to do one thing, and that is to protect you. I promise you, the right 9mm defense round and the right .45 defense round, if you get hit, you will not know the difference. I just prefer a tried and true brand, like CZ. Yeah it’s polymer. Yeah it had (cosmetic) issues, But there are tons of main brand guns that have on going issues that have not been fixed, crappy triggers, weak polymer frames, crappy sights, the whole 9 yards. But none have had any major factory fixes, upgrades or new models, but rather just having to buy after market parts. I trust this CZ. It feels good, it looks good and I know it will perform good. Don’t second guess yourself and just buy another Glock.

    • It is hard to trust CZ when they do not return emails and phone calls and refuse to deal with the issue. You can sing there phases on how good they are, but until they back up there workmanship and treat their costomers with respect I can not recomment buying anything from them again. If there clips do not hold the stated 16 rounds because the springs are to thick or long and they know about the problem and still do not fix my issues. What does that say about them??? My friend in FL got replacement springs for his and I still have not even gotten a return call. Buyers Beware

  31. That’s funny Curt, because I called them last week twice to check on a special order I had placed and I was on the phone with someone in 3 mins. And also they are called magazines and if you do your research, CZ is aware of this issue with the magazine capacity but it was done on purpose for the newer models, they just never updated their specs. Buyers, don’t worry about buying from CZ, they are absolutely top notch. Do your research and even google top ten 9mm handguns. I guarantee at least one, maybe two cz models will be listed. That says something. And I dare you to call or email Glock, springfield or Ruger and see how long it takes for them to respond or answer. Thanks

    • Thanks for that update Cory. Since you are on a first hand bases with CZ, Maybe you could get them to answer my emails and Calls. Like I said, They first denied any knowlng about the problem. I them read them emails from my friend who had the same issue and they finally sent him new springs for his MAGAZINES. Sorry if the term Clips affends you. Yes they answered the phone the first time I called and took all my information (purchase date, SS number, who I got if from and of course my phone number.) it has been a couple of months now. I don’t know how much research a costomer has to do to get a response. Since you seem to be MR CZ maybe you can resolve this matter instead of correcting my grammar. I never stated I was a expert in weapons like you. I am just a guy who bought a CZ P07 because it had so many high recommendation from people like yourself. So if you cannot help with this issue, at least stop saying I am a liar in your round about way. I have no reason other then to inform others who may be going to purchase a CZ of the issue I am incountering with CZ and how they have handled it up to now. Since CZ has my home phone and email address I will continue to wait for a reply. When and if this does get resolved I will post an update. Until then.

      • Sorry if I came off rude, not my intention. If you want to send me your serial number and information, I will be more than happy to call them myself and see if I can get this resolved. My magazines are 15+1 but it doesn’t bother me

        • Thank you Cory. It would not have bothered me either if they had sold it as a 15 + 1 and not lied to me at first and then still not resolved it with me. I hope you continue to enjoy your CZ. Curt

        • Cory, I just wanted to update you on CZ. I finally got ahold of Matt Hunter. He works in the warranty dept. He also took care of my friend who had the same issue with the magazine capacity. Matt claim to have never gotten any of my messages and emails. He also did not know what happen. He sent me a return label and I sent him my magazines. I got them back today, plus Matt sent an extry magazine for the problems I had with CZ. I loaded them all with the proper 16 rounds. So if you come across anyone else with this issue please refer them to Matt Hunter at CZ. Curt

      • The new (2014) Model p07 comes with 15 round mags, a different nitrated slide finish, better fit and finush (deburring), a higher quality fiber-reinforced polymer, and a couple other enhancements. They dropped the “duty” from the name and it is now called the cz p07.

        Be glad you got the 15 round version, it is more expensive, newer, and has the kinks worked out from the original production run!

    • This is an update. I took Cory’s advise and went back to CZ homepage. I selected the CZ P-07 where I found a one line statement saying the 2013 model is discontinued and they listed the specs for the “new model”. It is not a new version at all. Nothing is updated except they have changed the MAGAZINES capasity to 15 + 1.
      I can only conclude from this is that it was cheaper to change the specs then to fix the issue. It would seem that it came down to a cost facter and that since they spent a lot of money making the springs wrong they did not want to have to remake them to the original specs whick is 16+1. Please go to this link and watch the video and note the MAGAZINES capasity (16+1).
      I contend that this does not releave CZ of there responsibily to correct my MAGAZINES capasity that I purchase with the specs of 16 +1. It was advertised and sold under those specs. I still have all my paperwork and even on the case it is mark as 16 + 1. Also my friend in FL was sent the right springs and it corrected the capasity to 16+1.
      This will end my postings unless Cory wants to bash me because CZ was not honorable in this matter.
      If anyone wants to buy my CZ P 07 Duty which would seem to be a 15 + 1 now, let me know. it has never been fired. Thank you

      • If you still have the CZ and really want to sell please let me know. I really am sorry others seem to be giving you a hard time for simply posting your experience. Don’t get worry about others and keep on posting. I like to hear from real world users. Like all companies, the ball gets dropped from time to time. Its never a good thing to hear the bad and the ugly but hearing your horror story is as real as it gets. Keep posting.


        • Thank you Walter for the kind words. As I stated to Cory in my last posting, all is well with CZ and me. They made everything right. They even gave me a extra magazine for my troubles. I am just sorry that they will no longer carry the 16 + 1 model because of a manufacturing error. So I have decided to keep my CZ. Bud’s Guns are still the cheapest I have seen online for the PO- 7. Good luck

  32. There are so many grammatical errors and misspelled words in Curts posts that I just can’t take him seriously. Just stop talking curt, your making the gun community look bad.

    • wow, You already look bad when you bash others. I believe the gun community values truth over spelling. When a company advertises a product it is selling to the public. They have a requirement to meet those specs they are advertising. In 2013 they sold the CZ P-07 with a MAGAZINES capacity of 16+1. Had you watched the video you would have seen this. I purchased my gun in 2013 as a 16+1. The company chose to replace some buyers with the proper springs and not others. Thus changing the specs of their MAGAZINES to hold 15+1. They lied and are accountable for this. In good faith they should have replaced my springs as they did others that received the wrong MAGAZINES. I do not know you sir and will not debate my spelling. I do the best that I can and therefore will stay of the focus of the CZ P- 07. If your issue is spelling you may want to go to another forum for that. So please in the future stay on subject when replying to others in this community. If you have something of value to offer about the CZ P-07 I would welcome your comments. thank you

      • Really? It is, what it is. If you had done your research, you would have KNOWN about the magazine issue, so you’d be aware of what you ordered. Instead of sounding like a whiney girly-man. And your spelling and grammar is atrocious. Yep, I’m judging you.

  33. Recently had the chance to shoot 9 or 10 different 9mm at the range. They ranged from Ruger to Glock to S&W to Springfield Arms to Magnum Research to Taurus and finally to CZ. Some felt real good (grip wise ) and on the trigger pull. When I finally got to the CZ 75 P07 Duty ( I think it was # 6 or #7 that I shot) I took 2 shots , laid it dowm, and told my Buddy ” Let’s go buy one “. A short drive, one hour later, and most of my rat-hole money, I was the proud owner of a P07 Duty. This CZ is making me a better shot than I really am. It is smooth, balanced, and easy to grip. Just damn glad it was in the mix that day. I have a hand gun that’s fun to shoot and fits like a glove. Go CZ….

  34. Let’s just say I am a 1911 fan, and have never liked “Tupperware Guns” and leave it at that… A friend bought a P-07 and let me shoot it.
    I was nailing the plates faster and faster until I finally started missing a few because I wan’t even looking at the sights anymore. You almost have to try to miss. Same with everyone else that tried it. As much as it pains me to say about a Tupperware gun…I LIKE!

  35. I have CZ 75 P-07 Duty. 2014
    After Zig Zauer P 226 9mm Short .
    I liked CZ more. Light weight , accrued , small, so i can take it with me any where.
    Really Sexy pistol.

  36. I bought a CZ P07 starting with SN A9xxxxx I love the way it feels in the hand but the polymer on it is so soft it feels like a toy. The mags won’t release when your holding the gun because the pressure from your hand squashes the grip. I can easily squish the grip together. Are the new ones better?

  37. The P-07 (B#, 2.0 series) is the best purchase I have ever made. I have been a Glock man for years; this really brought me over to the CZ side. Flawless function and able to stand toe to toe with any Sig or HK.

  38. I don’t understand the concern about magazine compatibility with this CZ and other CZ’s. Just get more magazines for whatever CZ you own. I don’t see any reviews of other guns of any kind having issues with magazine compatibility. I own several CZ’s and I don’t swap or use the magazines. I just buy enough for each. And if the older CZ 75’s doesn’t take the CZ P07 mags, so what? It doesn’t make it any difference to CZ owners.

  39. just bought CZ 75 P-75 duty today, looking forward to shoot some rounds and see how it feels. as for the grip its fantastic and perfect shape,.

  40. I have the P-07 which is the updated version of the Duty. I found a Don Hume J.I.T. Slide
    Leather Holster #53-145 That fits like a glove.

  41. I had one of the older model p 07 duty. Had a case failure and the poly frame took the brunt of the blast saving my hand from more damage. I had to have some brass removed from the all important trigger finger. Since i have no use for whats left of the hand gun, I am willing to part it out and make someone a deal on whats left. One magazine is lacking the magazine base and the ones I have will almost but not quite fit. I have all the pins, springs, barrel, slide etc and will be willing to deal unless there is someone out there with just a frame. CZ will not replace just the frame as they only import full packages.

  42. These comments are really late to this review, 2 Jan, 2018. CZ updated the P-07 to model SKU 91086 in 2014. They changed the polymer formula, added replaceable back straps, some where along the way the magazines went from 16 to 15 rounds.

    You can solve most customer relations problems if you buy from Cajun Gun Works or CZ Custom. If there is systemic problem one of them will have the first solution. Both sell longer firing pins you can install yourself with weaker hammer springs that more reliably pop hard primers and reduce the trigger pull. They also offer hammer, trigger sears and parts to upgrade the trigger to the point the single action trigger is as good or better than most 1911’s. It would beat a good 1911 trigger job but it hard to tell the difference. I am seriously considering changing the decocker to a safety and carrying cocked and locked for better accuracy on the first shot. The first shot is the most important one.

    I don’t like the way the P-07 looks and doesn’t fit my hand as well as CZ-75 BXX, but with little work and few bucks the trigger is better than any I have ever dreamed of a DA/SA gun.

    The CZ-75 P-07 fits smaller hands better than a CZ-75 B. The reach to the single action trigger is awfully short due to the deep cut below the beaver-tail, while the DA trigger pull seems awfully long. those with short fingers or small hands may want it set up as SA only.

  43. FYI you can use the mag of cz p 10 c on your p 07, and it’s actually cheaper to buy cz p 10 c mags (with orange followers which i like) to use with your p07.

  44. In the pics it appears that the serial # is an afterthought… Looks like it is just a “stick on ” item… Does this pistol come with the ser.# etched into the actual barrel or is the applied serial # sticker and if so it would seem that it might be easily removed… This is a concern!!!

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