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This Tweet by the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence—chiding Republicans pursuing a contempt of Congress citation for U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder while calling for an assault weapons ban—plays straight into the hands of Fast and Furious “conspiracy theorists.” You know: the right wing gun nuts who claim the ATF launched Operation F&F to promote the idea that Something Must Be Done about the [almost entirely fictional and just about completely irrelevant] “Iron River” of guns flowing from Bob’s Gun Store to the Mexican drug cartels. That something being . . .

The same something that Mexican President Calderon called for in front of [U.S.] Congress before Brian Terry was gunned down by drug thugs wielding ATF-enabled rifles, but after the ATF helped known criminals purchase some 2000+ firearms. A U.S. assault weapons ban!

So . . .

By calling for an assault weapons ban to try and divert attention away from the possibility of an Obama administration conspiracy to walk guns to lay the groundwork for an assault weapons ban, the Brady Campaign gives the assault weapons ban conspiracy theory credence. Nice one!

The Tweet also reveals the Brady’s mind-blowing naiveté. Given the cartels’ endless supply of Yankee dollars and the main source of their fully automatic weapons (the Mexican military and police), how would banning assault weapons in the U.S. help Mexico? As for protecting federal agents, not arming their enemies would be a better idea, IMHO.

As The Sundance Kid asked Butch Cassidy, who are these guys?

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  1. If we really wanted to stop crime we could just give up our civil rights, forget any right to privacy. Moscow had almost no street crime under Soviet control. You can buy all kinds of safety if you don’t mind living on your knees.

  2. I for one am taking up a collection with friends to buy AR lowers. The faster I can get them in this state hopefully they will stay here.
    With the back door amnesty that the Home Land Security, Obama, and the DOJ are putting together it is going to get worse before it gets better.
    Believe me I am not racist, I believe we need to change immigration for the better, but right now we will be looking at a tidal wave.
    With cities and possibly the state going into bankruptcy, and passing insane anti gun legislation here in CA, lord knows what executive orders we will see between now and November!
    Gun up, check your bug out bag and be ready!!!
    Stockten dumped 25% of it’s police force, and I am sure other cities will do the same in order to stay afloat.
    The house down the street got burglarized two nights ago and things just seem to be getting worse.

    • I met a few good people from CA when I was on vaca in Cozumel. They have the same concerns. Try an SKS. 10rd internal mag not subject to ASSault weapons criteria in some states. I live in NH. Live Free or Die!

  3. The First Amendment protects the Brady Bunch’s ability to associate freely and to yammer on about whatever opinions make sense to them. It’s funny how they don’t mention that too often.

  4. If the Brady Campaign were really interested in protecting Mexicans and U.S. agents from gun violence, they’d stop covering for an administration that actually perpetrated the very thing they claim to oppose. Strange that Brady would turn a blind eye to the hundreds killed by F&F, and to who actually did the deed, just to blame American gun owners. Which shows they’re less interested in opposing gun violence (the real kind), and more interested in taking your freedom. Hypocrites.

  5. I’m looking for the “tweet” slamming the Obama crew for facilitating the transfer of thousands of guns to criminals , not seeing it. Maybe it’s a technical glitch.

  6. Totally coincidental I’m sure, but Fast and Furious was started just about at the same time that the claim that 90% of recovered guns in Mexico originated in the US was proven to be an outrageous lie. We all know our current administration would never skew the facts to support their position or create a crisis to take advantage of. All pure happenstance obviously.

  7. “Brady Campaign gives the assault weapons ban conspiracy theory credence. Nice one!” It isn’t a conspiracy, that’s why the they did it. Damn near every gun owner I know here in North Dakota(that’s a lot) knows a new AWB was the reason for F&F…wake the hell up Robert!


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