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Mounting on the end of any flashlight body that uses an 18650 or 18350 battery, the Atibal Illumination Ai-1 Light Head employs a Class 3B laser emitter to throw 200,000 candela and put light on objects up to 3,000 feet away. Crazy!

TTAG will sign Atibal Illumination’s Class 3B Laser Liability Waiver and get one of these bad boys on the way here for testing ASAP. If you’re inclined to pre-order an Ai-1, Atibal Illumination’s new product announcement email included coupon code PREORDER2021 for $50 off.

In the meantime, Atibal Illumination’s press release follows:

FEBRUARY 18, 2021



335 LUMENS :: 200,000 CANDELA :: UP TO 3000FT OF REACH



The Ai-1 Light Head offers a more precise beam of light that can effectively illuminate targets up to 3000 feet away. The Ai-1 Light Head threads onto any light body that is powered by an 18650 or 18350 battery. Simply unscrew your existing light head and quickly replace it with the Atibal Illumination Ai-1 Light Head, no tools required and now you’re ready to blast a highly focused beam of light that will illuminate the target enabling more accurate identification and engagement.

Simple, practical, and extremely effective.
Own the dark with Atibal Illumination.

The Ai-1 features a powerful emitter with a lamp embedded in a ceramic resonator. This gives the Ai-1 light head concentrating and throwing abilities matched by no other. The highly collimated light beams can penetrate through smoke, inclement weather, dust and more. The concentrated beam of the Ai-1 will bathe your target in intense illumination providing the most accurate PID or positive identification. The Atibal Illumination Ai-1 is designed to enhance the performance capabilities of all users regardless of the environment.


● Reverse Polarity Protection
● Over-Discharge Protection
● Low Voltage Warning
● No PWM, No Noise, Temp. Control Protection Function
● Fully multi-coated, anti-reflective tempered glass lens


● Precision Machined Aluminum Alloy Construction
● Hard Coat Anodize
● Output: 335 Lumens, up to 200,000 Candela
● Runtime: 3 Hours w/ 18650 Battery | 1 Hour w/ 18350 Battery
● Battery Type: 1x 18650/ 18350
● Size: 1.28″ Diameter, 2.64″ Length
● Compatibility: Any 18650 or 18350 Light Body
● Weight: 3.2oz


Atibal Illumination is the direct result of necessity inspired innovation.

Owners Roger Berrera of QVO Tactical and Jimmy Labita of Atibal Optics were speaking about the need for a weapon light that would facilitate long range precision shooting in the dark and the lack of options in the marketplace. Enter, Atibal Illumination.

Roger and Jimmy conceived the idea of Atibal Illumination after long discussions regarding the ability to develop, manufacture, deliver, and support a new line of weapon lights that would fit a niche but work directly with some of the most common weapon light components from some of the most prominent manufacturers. After extensive research and development the Atibal Illumination team is ready to release our flagship product: the Atibal Illumination Ai-1 Light Head.


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  1. But is it brighter than my surplus Fulton MX991/u? I put new batteries in it 2012 so it should be pretty bright.

    • The fine print says “Compatibility: SureFire M600DF Light Body, Reptilia Corp. Torch 6v/ 18650 Light Body and or similar 18650/ 18350 bodies”

  2. Guessing because the threading on most 18650 lights must be standardized. The tube size should be. It is essentially converting a laser (I would assume a 445nm) into white light via phosphoric material.

      • Yes, 100% do not shine this bad boy in anybody’s eyes that you either don’t want to hurt or don’t want to be sued by. Also, don’t shine lasers at aircraft, goes without saying.

  3. What a brilliant idea! Lets tell everyone on the battlefield were our position is!

    I prefer a combination of flood and throw(spotting) light in flashlights tbh, this looks like it’s exclusively a throw light. Too much flood and you can’t see very far, too much spot and you don’t see what’s outside of it, a combination of both in a relatively tight cone is the sweet spot.

    If you want a crazy flashlight, just build a custom 3-watt LED single diode flashlight. It requires modding an already powerful, several hundred dollar unit, and you may need some technical knowhow, but it is effectively a portable sun that runs for several hours and will light up entire fields, buildings, and city blocks.

  4. Is there a legal reason not to sell a complete illuminator? If not, it’s a bit ridiculous.
    Any info on the size of the spot at 100 yards for example, or the divergence of the beam in degrees?

  5. my 80 dollar 1000 lumen streamlight throws enough candela to any range i could or would take a shot anywhere in my neighborhood in any imaginable shtf scenario
    so im good…ill put the 200 towards 2 boxes of 6.8 spc ammo…
    i guess if you live on a ranch or farm it might be nice to have one of these on a scoped rifle
    or it could be a pretty good non lethal way of putting someone out of the fight by rendering them unable to see

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