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Vice President Joe Biden has an audio blog called Being Biden. (I swear I didn’t make that up.) In this week’s installment, the Veep reads comments from North Philadelphia third graders writing about “gun violence.” While it’s good to know that the Pennsylvania public education system is busy indoctrinating children on the importance of civilian disarmament (and not in a good way), “Double Barrel” Joe fails to answer their questions. In the interests of education, because it might save one child from becoming a gun control advocate, I’ll have a go . . .

“I want to discuss gun violence with you, like why do people use guns and why do they kill people? Also, why don’t people be kind to one another. I’m kind to everyone.” – Damaris

Guns are extremely useful. People use guns for all sorts of reasons. They use them to hunt. They use them for fun. They also use them to kill other people.

Some people use guns to kill people because they want to take what they have. Some people use guns to kill people because they hate the other people. These are what we call “bad guys.”

Some people use guns to kill people to stop them from taking what they have or killing them. Not because they want to. Because sometimes they have no choice. These are what we call “good guys.” If the bad guys left these people alone, they wouldn’t shoot anyone.

Luckily, good guys don’t always have to shoot bad guys to stop them from doing bad things. Sometimes they just have to show the bad guys that they have a gun. Sometimes a bad guy only needs to know that a good guy might have a gun to convince them not try to hurt the good guy or take what they have.

As for why people aren’t kind like you, it’s just not their nature. They just aren’t. Sad but true. Deal with it.

“I want to discuss with you why you want to stop gun violence. I think it’s because you want less people passing away.” -Camilla

I guess you think Joe Biden wants to stop bad guys from getting guns because he doesn’t want bad people to shoot good people. You’re probably right. But if you want to discuss the Vice President’s plan to protect good people from bad people with guns here’s something you need to know . . .

Joe Biden thinks the easiest way to stop bad people from shooting good people is to make a law that would make it really really hard for bad guys to get guns.

Problem: we’ve tried that. It doesn’t work. Bad people will always be able to get guns. They’re bad people. They’re good at doing bad things. And there are a lot of guns out there. Loads and loads. More than you could count in your entire life.

Laws that try (and fail) to make it really, really hard for bad people to get guns make it really really hard for good people to get guns to protect themselves against bad guys. Do the math. The bad guys win.

If you get a chance, ask Joe this: wouldn’t it be better to arrest all the bad guys who use guns and put them in jail? That way the good guys can get guns to protect themselves from the bad guys and there are less bad guys to hurt the good guys. Make sense?

“You should close gun stores, that’s my opinion.” -Marilyn

What if the Vice President thought that french fries, milkshakes and chicken nuggets make people really fat—which can lead to a deadly heart attack—so he decided to close all McDonalds? Does that sound fair?

What if the Vice President thought that cars are bad because so many people die in car accidents and closed all car dealers? Does that sound fair?

Lots of people use guns for hunting, target practice and to defend themselves from bad guys. If you close all gun stores you stop good people from buying guns. Does that sound fair?

“I heard you take care of gun violence. Maybe no guns at all, but police can get safety guns. That would change the world.” -Ishmael

There are plenty of places where only the police can get guns. Bad things happen. In many cases, the government kills lots and lots of people. Sounds crazy, but there it is.

“You can go out on the stage and just say I want to stop using guns.” -Jacob

Agreed. The Vice President should say he wants to stop using guns. He should then get rid of his Secret Service protection (they have guns) and sell his shotgun. He should set a good example for all of us. Well, all those who agree with him about making it really really hard for good guys to buy guns.

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  1. The Rebello shooting in NY shows how effective the 7 bullet ban is. Maybe if the cops were limited to 7 shots that girl would still be alive, maybe the 8th shot hit her?

    Contact your representatives and demand the police adopt the life saving 7 rd limit!

  2. Crazy Joe just gets more and more stupid and we just get more and more p1ssed off. Which is good.

    And Crazy Joe, please allow me to tell you that you will never, ever be President of the United States. Consider yourself lucky to be elected president of your local Kiwanis.

  3. I must have had a horrible, evil father then, because at age four or five (can’t remember exactly), he built a short stock for a pellet rifle so he could teach me how to shoot; at age 6 I graduated to a Red Ryder BB gun. By third grade, I think I may have been shooting bolt action center-fire rifles and single-action revolvers; I KNOW I was shooting .22LR, and that I was holding my own with shooters my dad’s age. I grew up around firearms, both shooting them and reloading ammunition for them, and it always seemed to amaze and baffle me when the people around me thought that somehow a gun was gonna jump out of its case and start shooting people all on its own, or that the act of possessing a gun would turn a normal person into some kind of slavering psychopath. I got taught early on that when the gun fires, the person holding it is utterly responsible for EVERYTHING that happens, intentional or otherwise.

    • i was shooting .22LR at a catholic summer camp (Divine Word Seminary) in PErrysburg, OH. and we didn’t kill anyone

  4. Okay. Is anyone else outright appalled that a senile old man and his discourse by mail with third graders who know as much about public policy as happy puppies being taken into any sort of consideration? The amount of mind you should pay to this is directly correlated to why 3rd graders cannot vote! Is that not not how the system works?

  5. i have a question:

    Dear Crazy Uncle Joe – How come you and President Obama kill children in foreign countries with Predator and Reaper drone strikes? I thought you said “if it saves one child” then it would be worth stopping violence? Are you just so unmanly that you can’t look them in the eye when you do it that you have to send someone else to do your wet work?

  6. & some people use guns to shoot cigarettes out of people’s mouths. Here joe, light one up & let little Tommy take a crack at it. Lets make it a 12ga, heck, we needed a new vice pres anyways, Randy

  7. “If you get a chance, ask Joe this: wouldn’t it be better to arrest all the bad guys who use guns and put them in jail?”

    But then all the politicians would be in jail.


  8. And there you have it: simple proof that the gun grabbers’ arguments are childish. Grow up, Biden.

  9. Not my line, but one that bears repeating: “I saw a movie once where only the police and military had guns. It was called ‘Schindler’s List'”

  10. I really do not care what Joe Biden has to say about guns, but it makes me really disturbed that these kids have been brainwashed to such a narrow point of view by our “Public Education System”. This is like NAZI Germany’s Hitler Youth or The Soviet Union’s Young Pioneers or Mao’s All-China Youth Federation. Children are taught ONLY The State’s doctrine and dogma and expected to parrot it in State Organized Letter Writing Projects to the “Great Leaders” of the State pushing the State’s Agenda.

    While the details and structures differ, the procedures, goals and principles are the same. Teach the Children what the State wants them to believe and only what the State wants them to believe. Disallow fair and balanced instruction and discussion of social and political subjects and stifle any semblance of independent thinking or opinion formulation. In short, kill the individual’s mental and intellectual development with rigid propaganda and, thereby, any chance of experiencing/expressing personal freedom and liberty.

    You can see this so clearly in the “questions” these young students pose, as quoted by RF. in the post. It is sickening and heart-breaking to think we may fight all our lives to preserve our Rights and Liberty only to pass them along to a generation brainwashed to devalue and forfeit them.

  11. A good gun store is a happy place. The wife and I went to a favorite gun store today and bought significant quantities of ammo for the first time since the insanity started. We got a case of 9mm Parabellum and a case of 7.62x54R. We looked around for a bit and saw that prices are almost back to normal. Chatted a bit with the staff.

    The world felt more right today than it’s felt in a long, long time.

  12. Most of those kids will start carrying guns by age 12 anyway. One more reason why I need a firearm.

  13. This is happening on all fronts. My 6th grader came home with a writing assignment, a letter to our congressman. “Cool,” I thought. I asked my daughter what topic she would choose. “Oh, the teacher told us to write about hunger, and the need to expand the food stamps program.” The teacher told the kids about hunger in America, then showed them a party video “President Obama was on food stamps and look at him now.” I don’t care what you may think about the topic, but for a public school teacher use their position of authority to push personal political views on kids, on my dime no less, is criminal.

    I have actually been working with my kids periodically. It still took me about two hours to build from basics to deprogram my daughter. At least both of my kids just laugh at the garbage the civilian disarmers spew.

    Parents: Take a close interest in what your children are learning in public school, especially in whatever passes for social studies, but also in English, writing, even science. This is not an isolated incendent, and it’s deadly serious business. This is the real front in the battle for America.

    Ultimately, your kids might not agree with you on all points, but they at least need to learn to think for themselves.

  14. Ah, North Philadelphia. Yep, makes perfect sense. This, at least, probably can’t be fixed. Philly, like NY, Chicago, Detroit, and LA, is lost. Stewing in the filth for which they cast their votes, addicted to the system that holds them down.

  15. The ‘wisdom’ involved is no less than noteworthy.
    Given a vacuous intellect, questionable character and at best, dubious agenda— who could possibly contend that responding only to carefully chosen questions written by third graders from an entirely isolated position wasn’t ‘wise’?

    As for coming with his wife to see their school? Consider as you may the sheer comedic value offered in the prospect of an open forum, battle-of-wits-and-wisdom between DBJoe and a class of his third grade peers.
    Oh my.

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