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Joe Biden’s disastrous appointments to run the U.S. military have brought plenty of “woke” diversity and inclusion to the branches of the US military. Not only that, but they’ve worked to purge conservatives, who the brass believe to be dangerous racists and extremists, at the same time.

So it probably shouldn’t be too much of a surprise that one of the Commander in Chief’s  troops hopped on TikTok — while in uniform —  to inform her fellow Americans that her weapon will be pointed at them if she’s ever deployed within the USA.

Staff Sergeant Cindy Bronson made it clear that, “If you do not get into your house when I tell you to, YOU become the enemy.”

Here’s the video that started the firestorm. . .

The feckless Chairman of the Joint Chiefs, General Mark Milley must be so proud.

(UPDATED) However, the video was selectively edited to portray SSGT Bronson in the worst possible light.  Here is what some believe to be the full video:

Here is the transcript of the clipped video . . .

Understand that if active duty military actually get deployed within the United States, that weapon is not just pointed at other people… other countries. It’s pointed at YOU. If you do not get into your house when I tell you to, YOU become the enemy. Martial law.

Bronson’s remarks (from the edited version) are making an impression.  Stephen Green at PJ Media covered it . . .

Ever notice how wokeness is usually just an excuse to boss people around? For some, that includes doing it with the working end of an M4A1.

A properly commanded military would be drumming Bronson out right about now. Instead, the Pentagon’s Master of Disaster — that’s Gen. Mark Milley in case you couldn’t guess — is too busy losing control of our Afghanistan evacuation and indulging in a services-wide snipe hunt for “white supremacists” in the military.

Earlier this month retired special forces vet and executive director of the Association of the United States Navy, Jason Beardsley, wrote for the Daily Signal:

“In a firefight,” Beardsley says, “the one question that never occurred to me was, ‘Do I have enough black guys on the guns down behind me?’ Or, ‘Do I have enough Puerto Ricans on this side?’ Nobody cares. We want talented service members who honor the flag and respect the heritage of this country.”
In an editorial from June, Beardsley warned that “Wokeness is well on its way to poisoning our military” and with current policies,  “morale and discipline of the command may also be at risk.”

Meanwhile, Gen. Milley says that it’s “offensive” to think that the military is too “woke.”

A little sleuthing found that SSGT Bronson’s military occupation code is 88M or Army Motor Transport Operator. So we have a woke NCO who drives trucks for the US Army telling us how ready, willing, and able she is to open fire on her fellow Americans if we don’t jump to attention and salute.

If a bunch of marginally literate third-world goat herders can fight the US military to a standstill under Joe Biden, what does SSGT Bronson think will happen in the world’s most heavily armed nation?

How would an Army of Bronsons fare against first-world types with a whole lot more training and experience with firearms than most Army Motor Transport Operators? People who have a passion for shooting and hitting their targets exceptionally well while fighting for their homes and families?

Let’s hope it never comes to that.

And in what we believe is the complete video, it seems almost like Ms. Bronson was trying to make that point.


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  1. That split-tail will be the first to panic and run back to the FOB. Bleeders have no business being in combat. I found them useless outside the wire in OIF 2.
    With the incompetent leadership today I’m not worried about Martial law.

  2. And I’m guessing she/her visualizes those dissenters just standing there while IT shoots them? News flash she/her, there are a lot of Americans who will tell you to shove your “martial law” AND they are better armed and more well trained than YOU are AND will not hesitate to return fire on ANY aggressor…

    • SSGT “Butch” Bronson has no idea the world-of-hurt that she would be facing.

      She would be wise to remember that Wisconsin, Indiana, Michigan, Ohio, and Pennsylvania combined have the largest armed force in the world: deer hunters. Their combined total is something like 2.5 million teens, men, and women who are comfortable in the woods and shooting rifles in serious calibers (e.g. .243 Winchester, 6.5mm Creedmoor, .270 Winchester, .308 Winchester, .30-06 Springfield, and .300 Winchester Magnum to name a few) accurately at distances of over 200 yards.

      Every year that “force” manages to put fatal shots on a combined total of over one million white-tailed deer–which have vastly superior vision, hearing, smell, and situational awareness to humans.

      I can assure SSGT “Butch” Bronson that facing off against something like 2 million snipers armed with serious calibers is a nightmare scenario the likes of which she has never contemplated.

      • Let’s see you didn’t even mention the rest of us. I did the math that every hunter and sport shooter against the chinese army would only require 3 rounds expended per person. That would over anialate every little yellow invader several times over.

    • “AND they are better armed and more well trained than YOU are AND will not hesitate to return fire on ANY aggressor…”

      It may not be “return” fire she has to worry about . . . if the army shows up at the wrong time in the wrong place . . . spouting their woke mouth off to the wrong conservatives.

  3. SSGT Bronson neeeds to be handed a copy of the US Constitution, and the US Military code of conduct, locked in a room with them until she reads, and can demonstrate that she understands the documents. Especially the parts concerning the fact that US Federal troops CAN NOT be deployed against US Citizens, and her responsibility to disobey an unlawful order.

        • Ah love, it’s kinda sweet even when it’s in the basement of a comic store between a man and his 19 favorite bronies

    • I would be not surprised if she doesn’t understand the Constitution. Few of her generation with whom I’ve conversed do. They don’t seem to be teaching it in public schools anymore.

      But I very much doubt that she would care even if she did understand it.

    • She is an SSG, “SSgt” is Marines and Chair Force.

      I don’t suspect she will be one for long though, she is headed to an Article 15 for sure after this little stunt.

    • I would just remind everyone that the Joint Chief of Staff, in this case Gen. Mark Milley, has no operational authority whatsoever. The position is strictly advisory to the President.

  4. She’d make a fine commissar that’s for sure. Better not give her any live ammo she might just create “promotions” out of her own guys for not hitting the # of unmasked people retired quota.

  5. I doubt she’s(?) ever been in a real down and dirty, no holds barred firefight….winner take all.

    She’s sitting there all squeaky clean and well fed and talking shyt.

    • Might appear squeaky clean until she’s in a fire fight then her bvds will surely be soiled. Crying for a medic..

  6. …followed by rounding up those judged to be enemies of the state, loading them on rail cars and shipping them off to “re-education” centers in the southwest. Since they won’t be coming back their property will be seized and sold off to those who support the regime.

  7. The guys I trained and led would never even think that way. The military is the Protector of the People not their enemy.

    No words to describe the disgust I have for the NCO who stated that.

  8. “Woke Army Sergeant Has No Qualms About Shooting Her Fellow Americans If Ordered To”

    “Los Angeles’ Soros-Funded Prosecutor Won’t Oppose RFK Assassin Sirhan Sirhan’s Parole Application”

    Hhhhmmmm 🤔
    I’m sure there was someone somewhere that would have shot Sirhan Sirhan. How many do you suppose would have shot John Hinckley before (or after) he shot Reagan? I’m pretty certain that there are quite a few Americans that would be justified shooting their neighbor for breaking into their home at 2am threatening to kill.

    We spend a great deal of time discussing civil war 2.0 but never fully appreciate that it means shooting fellow Americans.

      • Sirhan Sirhan was granted a pardon by the state Friday after NO ONE objected, not even Kennedys family… Still must be approved by the Governor, pretty sure Nuisance won’t have a problem signing off on that one…

        • NOT a pardon

          Yeah, I caught that but too late to edit… One or the other same result, scumbag walks the streets basically a free man til his Palestinian Bros convince him to strap on 25 or 30 pounds of HE and go out in a blaze of glory…

    • What exactly IS a “fellow American” today… Diversity has rendered THAT term defunct, and indoctrination has turned us into a country of suspicious individuals with no basic ideology or loyalty outside of our own little groups… Almost like we’ve become Tribal again… Kyle shot (and killed) “fellow Americans” who were attacking him, hundreds of Americans have been shot (and killed) by “fellow Americans” in big cities across America simply because they lived in a different neighborhood, wore a certain color, had something the other person wanted, got in the way or just happened to be at the wrong place at the wrong time… So explain to me, just exactly WHO is MY “fellow American”

      • “…Almost like we’ve become Tribal again…”

        Balkanization of the US has been a long term goal of the dims and leftists. The arrogant ruling class (all of them) truly believe they can possess and execute eternal control over the ignorant masses.

        One fundamental element of socialism/communism is that there must always be an enemy.

        • believe they can possess and execute eternal control over the ignorant masses.

          They are doing a damn good job of accomplishing that…

        • So is the teacher in California who removed the “American” flag from her classroom because “it made her FEEL uncomfortable” and made her students pledge allegiance to a “Gay Pride” flag instead still a “fellow American”?

    • We don’t appreciate that it means shooting fellow Americans? That’s not what it means from my end…
      Any person who has taken The Oath, and yet feels like they have the right to override the Constitution as they please has rejected their oath, the Constitution, and the legal process to change it. They become traitors, which is punishable by death. Anybody who fights on their side is, by definition, giving aid and comfort, which is also treason and punishable by death.
      I’m not saying I ever want it to get to that point. I’m just saying that when you reject the foundation of the USA and try to rebuild it outside of the defined and acceptable ways… you’re fighting for a different country than I live in, and you’re not one of “my fellow Americans” anymore. and if you’re an enemy trying to take away my rights, I don’t much care if you die trying.

      • “Any person who has taken The Oath, and yet feels like they have the right to override the Constitution as they please has rejected their oath, the Constitution, and the legal process to change it. ”

        This is the same argument made by the secessionists of the failed Confederate States of America. “Everyone” accused the other of egregiously violating the constitution; being traitors.

      • PO–S “Braindead” just handed a group of people, who have sworn to destroy America, BILLIONS of dollars worth of “Aid and Comfort” and he and his Generals (?) have placed the lives, safety and security of American military and civilians into the hands of those very Terrorists sworn to kill Americans resulting in the deaths of 13 American Servicemen and women as well as scores of Afghan citizens… Where does the line of ignorance/stupidity cross over to “treason”? Their argument that it was “ISIS K” NOT Taliban is bullshit, the bomber had to pass through numerous Taliban checkpoints to get to our people and was “ALLOWED” to proceed through each one…

    • It involves those who hold dear our nation and it’s principles vs. the woke minority that want to subvert that at all costs. So unfortunately, it is children that have been deluded having to suffer the ultimate sacrifice beside those that perverted them! Not only must the puppets but the puppeteers need to be eliminated.

  9. TikTok ehhh, the Chinese facebook.
    So we’ve got an American soldier using a Chinese information platform advising American citizens they will be killed if non compliant.
    Who could have imagined.

    • Possum,

      “….chinese facebook….”

      Given the ‘wokeness’ of some of our military leaders, it could be ahe is acknowledging who is really in charge.

      Humans and marsupials, shoulder-to-shoulder, fighting to save this great republic.

  10. What a fool. She just removed any inhibitions people might have to shooting women if and when the time comes. If she ever decides to turn her weapons on her fellow Americans I hope she loses all of her limbs to an IED and lives for many years after that.

  11. I keep a copy of the Constitution on my desk. Which section describes the Federal government’s ability to declare martial law?

    Anyway, I stand ready to defend my family and this country against all threats, foreign or domestic.

    • If there’s anything close, it’s Article I, Section VIII, Paragraph 15: (The Congress shall have Power)

      “To provide for calling forth the Militia to execute the Laws of the Union, suppress Insurrections and repel Invasions;”

      It’s maybe, kinda, sorta applicable. If you squint just the right way, you could see your way to using that to justify declaring martial law using the standing army we’re not supposed to have.

  12. Obviously the smooth dude in the man pants is no relatiion to Charles Bronson.

    Good news is Herschel…Walker Georgia Ranger…Is running for the US Senate.

    Donate at

  13. Apparently, Staff Sergeant Cindy Bronson is a self described “Gay Activist” and media blogger. If I were her company commander I’d see what I could do to process an administrative discharge for her. She’s too immature to be a non commissioned officer.

    Unfortunately, she’s probably held up by the command as an example of the shining success of the new diversity in our armed forces.

    Diversity is our strength, right?

    • Ticked,

      I really don’t care what she does in her spare time with her lady parts . . . not my business, and I am NOT interested. What I despise is her fascist attitude, and it embarasses me that a member of the U.S. Armed Forces (whatever their MOS) would publicly display such fascist tendencies . . . and seemingly be proud of it.

      My direct response to this poisonous c*** is, “Bring it, b****.”

      • Lamp, generally speaking neither do I. However, when a service member repeatedly posts political content – and a great part of her online persona revolves around her sexual preference – then, it does matter. I don’t know about you but when I was in the military I knew enough to not to get anywhere near publicly advocating political positions while I was in uniform.

        It was true when I was in, and I believe it’s still true, that the military reflects our society generally. What we’re now seeing both in our senior leaders as well as the rest of the force is a result of decades of rot and decay. Sad to say, but this seems to be the new reality.

        I only pray that there are enough people in uniform who adhere to the old standards of professional behavior who can at least mitigate some of the extremist wokeness we see today.

        • Ticked, sorry to say it but the .mil of the past is not the .mil of today. If I had a son or daughter that wanted to serve, my advice would be take a few years and go to college then see if the insane wokes are still in charge because CRT/LGBT nuttiness is something you want to avoid. This NCO is clearly where she is because she checks a couple of boxes (she is of course all about checking out boxes!).

        • The LGBTQxyz crowd are socialist proigressive in their political orientation.
          This soldier would have sided with the local government in Athens TN. Not the returning soldiers from WW2.

  14. Well this article flies in the face of former Far Right Fanatics that told me the U.S. Military would not obey orders if the Far Right revolted because of an anti-gun law being passed. Well here is proof to vindicate what I posted many times in the past but I must admit I am surprised that a woman said it and not a young brainwashed man. Women who on average are far more mature than young men at that age and are much harder to brainwash into wind up robots who you point in the direction of the enemy while you yell in their ears kill, kill, kill.

    Of course there is a much less dramatic truth to this story and that is I doubt if it would ever come to that at all.

    The people in power are intelligent enough to introduce gun ban laws a little at a time. Ban a weapon here and then down the road ban another one etc, etc.

    No sane person with a job, children, mortgage payments and looking forward to a piece of ass on Saturday night is going to get thrown in jail for 20 years or get his head blown off over any favorite toy he might have in the gun safe. Its just not going to happen as people look out for No.1 and speak out only the internet.

    History has shown that although keyboard commandoes who are now an aging population into their 70’s are more worried about where their next beer and pizza is coming from than getting in their motorized wheel chairs and storming the nearest Walmart for more guns or ammo which dried up for two reasons long ago and one was the Walmart in my area cut way back on the types of guns it sells and the ammo as well but that was before the buying craze that has even laid bare the pocket knife glass cabinet. No ammo, no riots, no revolution, and were did Walmart move the bear and pizza to.

    Of course the die hard revolutionaries can still do it with Walmart BB guns. The cry will be “lets be the first to do it with BB guns”. Key board commandoes will have a field day.

    In all seriousness the idea of resistance is about as remote as you winning your states lottery. Yes a few nut cases hell bent on suicide and wanting to provide good entertainment on the 6:00 news will love going out in a blaze of glory while their fellow keyboard commandoes burp and fart while eating pizza while watching the news and then pointing at their TV sets saying “Hey ya all there is Jethro and Jed shooting it out with the po-lease, the poor devils must be po-zessed. Turn the channel my favorite show “Naked and Afraid is on”

    I think the ending of the short story by James Thurber “The Secret Life Of Walter Mitty” (and his huge Webley-Vickers 50.80 automatic), really says it all about the average overweight hillbilly American.

    They went out through the revolving doors that made a faintly derisive whistling sound when you pushed them. It was two blocks to the parking lot. At the drugstore on the corner she said, “Wait here for me. I forgot something. I won’t be a minute.” She was more than a minute. Walter Mitty lighted a cigarette. It began to rain, rain with sleet in it. He stood up against the wall of the drugstore, smoking. . . . He put his shoulders back and his heels together. “To hell with the handkerchief,” said Walter Mitty scornfully. He took one last drag on his cigarette and snapped it away. Then, with that faint, fleeting smile playing about his lips, he faced the firing squad; erect and motionless, proud and disdainful, Walter Mitty the Undefeated, inscrutable to the last. ♦

    • dacian, you pathetic, drooling moron . . . the “Webley-Vickers 50.80” is a FICTITIOUS gun, just like your fictitious intellect.

    • Another massive FAIL for the VLAD… Still don’t know how to develop an original thought? Still regurgitating the same crap over and over and no one cares, we’ve seen it all, we don’t even NEED to read your moronic rants because we already know what it says… Get some new material or just STFU, you only continue to display your ignorance which everyone is aware of and yes we also get your disdain for anyone who thinks the Constitution is still relevant… But hey, thanks for playing…

      • Mad Man the Maxx go back to the air hanger the latrines need washed out again. After that you are permitted to make another jump at the air port and cover yourself in glory. Walter Mitty the Undefeated, inscrutable to the last.

    • Hey “Lamp that went out in your head” you have no sense of humor. The Webley-Vickers automatic was not only a fictional gun but so was the caliber and even though the Author was English he damn well it. We gun people viewed that part of the story as one of the most hilarious parts of the book. But since you obviously never read it you made a fool of yourself even ranting about it. Even as a kid when I first read the story in class the teacher pointed out the make and caliber of the gun as hilarious.

      Sorry you do not get to play superior gun nut today you flunked out on this one I read the story 59 years ago.

      • the teacher pointed out the make and caliber of the gun as hilarious.

        You either had a very enlightened teacher OR you are an abject prevaricator (most likely)…

      • Here Vlad, FIFY:

        We ACTUAL gun people viewed that part of the story as know that this is one of the most hilarious parts of the book things you’ve ever typed, because you’re not an actual gun owner…

        Begone, troll!

      • I’m sorry, dacian, I didn’t realize that English is not your native language. You sure as hell don’t write it. Try an experiment, just for the benefit of the rest of us who have to deal with your pathetic, misspelled, ungrammatical, incoherent drivel. Next time you want to post a comment, write it down, actually re-read it, use spell check and a grammar checker. Or, better yet, next time you have a ‘thought’, just . . . let it go. It’s probably very lonely.

    • One mentally ill person makes a statement on tic tock and you think it means the whole force is like that?

      SS Schutze dacian. You and this girl should hook up. You’re both bat shit crazy fascists.

      • Make sure your wheel chair Jethro is charged up you will need to make a quick getaway down the Walmart isle when she storms the building to take you out. I will be watching the 6:00 news and lMAO

        Its been a long time since the jack booted storm troopers of the ATF took out David Koresh on the nightly news. Where were all the gun rights and religious fanatics back then. They were hiding out of sight.

        • What if your parents were watching The Simpsons?
          You would have to wait to watch CNN on Anderson Cooper.
          By then she would have been killed by her own troops.
          David Koresh made weekly trips to town by himself.
          The ATF could have grabbed him many times w/o a struggle.
          The ATF wanted a fight and 20 ATF agents got shot.
          Six religious fanatics were shot.
          That’s pretty bad when the ATF shot first.
          So bad that the FBI took over in what is known as:
          “The Waco massacre” – We’ll just burn it to the ground.

      • It also depend if those under her “command” also agree with her. They may “vehemently” disagree and let her “lead” the assault.

    • Hey, cartoon character. I was actually in the U.S. military. Airborne infantry. We discussed what we would do if ordered to shoot U.S. citizens. My friends and all agreed we would shoot our officers first. I doubt that little bus driver would be anywhere to be found. Much like you. But, please, send her to my house. See what happens next. 😆 Better yet, you come to my house. After all I’ve invited you to call me multiple times. If you’re scared, just say you’re scared.

      • Give us all a break. You are the biggest braggart on this forum. I found out years ago in high school bullies like you are nothing but cowards when faced with someone who is equally armed or even the same size as them and are terrorized when the odds are against them.

        Keep up all the huffing and puffing, your a fake and anyone with any amount of intelligence can see you for what you are. Your badge and uniform are gone now which does not let you do anything you want. People on the street would not take any of your bullying and chances are you would keep your big mouth shut anyway because you know they would be legally able to defend themselves from an attack by a maniac like you and you know you would not be backed up by an army of cops. Again bullies by themselves are always cowards.

        Are you infantile enough not to realize the military is aware of public sentiment also. Look what a flop the Capital insurrection was. The American people turned in their own relatives and the police and military set up barricades to let the people like the insurrectionists know that was it, next time we liquidate you. You are so far out in la la land you do not even pay attention to what is going on around you.

        • Cartoon boy, not long after I retired I ran into a frequent flyer. He said, “Hey, I hear you retired.” Smirk on his face. I said, “Yeah, that’s right.” He said, “You ain’t shit now.” I asked, “Do you know the difference between a working cop and a retired one?” He asked, “What’s that?” I said, “A retired cop doesn’t have to try to arrest you before he shoots you.” About that time I think he noticed my right hand was in my right front pants pocket. It was wrapped around a S&W 442 loaded with Speer Gold Dot HP. I would have dropped him on the spot. He knew it. As I said, we knew each other. He remembered he had some place else to be. Call me or shut the fuck up you little neutered, pussywhiped (by your mother), socialist.

        • What threat? I just asked you to call me. After all you once challenged me to a debate on your knowledge of firearms. I accepted your challenge. Gave you my PX. The crickets chirped. I served my country and nation. I have put my hands on men that would make you wet your panties. I have saved lives. A five year old girl from drowning. An old man having a heart attack(CPR) and a few in between. What have you done that matters? Again, call me. 850-694-9405. Everytime I put that out and you don’t respond you loose credibility. As if you ever had any.

      • And by the way Flag Waver only 37 percent of Americans even own guns anymore and even that is very misleading because the bulk of the far right nut cases are only 3 per cent of the population that own 95 per cent of the weapons. That is not enough nut cases to even defeat an army of piss ants. The bulk of gun owners own only a few guns maybe a shotgun for hunting and a .22 for plinking and a few own handguns. None of those people are going to go berserk and support the far right tattooed pickup truck crowd waving around assault rifles and threatening to overthrow the government.

        Again you live in your own little fantasy world with make believe armies much as Hitler did when he was hiding in his bunker directing phantom armies. Your buddies the Proud Boy Nazi’s would not even rate as a poor joke among Hitler’s boys of long ago. You and the Proud Boys would have been laughed right out of the barracks by real Nazi’s.

        • BTW, if you had a confrontation with the guy I just mentioned, you would have wet your little boy shorts. He is a serious bad guy. Sent him to prison twice.

        • You constantly prove what a nut case you are. Your not only the most immature x-cop I ever run into you are the most seriously mentally ill. If the local police ever read your ranting’s and your state has a red flag law they most probably will be coming to get you and your guns. You are only a half step away from the nut cases that were arrested for posting such similar crap on facebook. Cops and the FBI read those forums as well.

          I can’t believe that if you really were a cop you would post such bizarre ranting’s and threats.

        • Flag Waver just remember Derrick Chauvin thought he was above the law just because he was a cop and he learned too late that he was not above the law. I would love to see you on the news in a court room as well.

        • dacian just call him, he can’t hurt you on the phone.
          Don’t be a sissy, being a troll is bad enough.
          I don’t see any threats, you’re deflecting.
          Pick up the phone and make a call.
          You definitely come across as very scared.

        • “quote————–The man just called out your cowardice to make a phone call.———–quote

          Brilliant idea Einstein. You Right Wingers are as dumb as door knobs. Once you make a call the receiver of the call can then trace you down and get your address. Do you think I want a mentally ill man stalking myself and my family? This guy is a loose cannon and I serious doubt if he was a cop or a veteran but he has proven he is a full blown nut case. Real Cops do not go on the internet and threaten people over silly conversations involving politics.

        • Hey Gadsen, Dacian has probably added you to his little black book, which must now be a bank of 4-draw filing cabinets of those he wants to torture and execute as enemies of the revolution. Your entry might be next to mine.

        • by the way Flag Waver only 37 percent of Americans even own guns anymore

          37% is 129,000,000 gun owners (the 3% “far right nut cases” per YOUR numbers would be 3,870,000)… Currently there are 1,379,800 active duty military personnel serving the U.S. of which 88,000 are Coast Guard, 375,000 are active duty Navy, 330,000 Air Force which leaves APPROXIMATELY 586,000 active duty fighting men (minus the 10 to 15% administrative people AND don’t include those like SSgt “She/Her”) of whom 75 to 80% might be willing to follow an unlawful order you’ll wind up with about 386,000 troops against 3,870,000 “far right nut cases” that can easily blend in with the every day even “left wing normal folks”… Guerrilla Warfare sucks if you’re not the home team… Which is something YOU would know nothing about…

        • “…..Real Cops do not go on the internet and threaten people over silly conversations involving politics….”

          Ah, the No True Scotsman argument…

          “..Once you make a call the receiver of the call can then trace you down and get your address…”

          So? Buy a burner from 7-11 or some other ‘stop and rob’, pay cash…After all the man just called you out as a coward..

        • More huffing and puffing by Mad Man to the Maxx. You live in your own fantasy world of legions of 21st Century minute men ready to come to the call of arms. Its hard to believe you are and adult.

          As I said before people look out for no.1. If a law is passed they obey it or lose their jobs, their assets, pay heavy fines and are imprisoned.

          If your church is not BATF approved the Feds wipe you out. Where were the minute men when David Koresh needed them. When the Feds claimed Koresh had illegal weapons where were the minute men helping him defend his 2A rights. Get real Mad Mann you live in a fantasy world. And when they pass gun laws the braggarts like yourself who huff and puff are always the biggest cowards and the first to turn their banned weapons in. You fool only yourself.

        • To jolly on drugs.

          quote————-So? Buy a burner from 7-11 or some other ‘stop and rob’, pay cash…After all the man just called you out as a coward..———-quote

          Holding a conversation with you people is no different that trying to control a bunch of kids on the play ground as a matter of fact they often behave more like adults than most of you.

          Tell me genius boy what would it really accomplish to call a deranged nut case. I am not going to change his mind and you know he wants to rant and rave, use foul language and act like a lunatic who just escaped from the nearest nut house so what is the point of wasting my time.

          As a matter of fact the when I do not call him he gets all the madder so as the Ancient Greeks say “He who laughs last , laughs best” and I laugh like hell every time he acts like a little bully boy on the playground and starts yelling his juvenile head off.

        • only 3 per cent of the population that own 95 per cent of the weapons. That is not enough nut cases to even defeat an army of piss ants.

          What’s the matter VLAD… Someone uses YOUR words (and REAL math) to point out what a moron you truly are and your response is to run back to the same tired bullshit you seem to think impresses your superiority over anyone who might read it… Just another fail by the Clown Prince of lies and obfuscation… The only real coward on this page is you trying to project your fears and insecurities on anyone who will listen to your lame arguments… Carry on Clown Boy/Girl/It whatever…

    • You don’t seem real bright, Bubba. We have always known that SOME service members would obey orders, for various reasons. Those reasons include not being smart enough to know any better. This stupid beach in the video ain’t smart enough to know better. Obviously, you aren’t either.

      A lot of servicemen and women ARE smarter than that.

  15. Psychological screening for service must’ve gone downhill since I was in! That’s why they’re weeding out all the alleged white supremacists, you know, the ones who believe in the constitution they swore to uphold and protect!

  16. After the 6th of January, what did you really expect? Trying to treat citizens as just that citizens, didn’t work out very well. What is the alternative except more escalating violence?

  17. Well, I’m glad she cleared that up. The elite’s contempt for the peons grows clearer by the day.

    Thanks for the heads up! We’ll take this little rant into consideration as we make our preparations for the future.

  18. Oh I’d “go inside”, it’s after I and all the others disappear and they can’t see anyone later that there’d be no problem taking someone so willing to kill fellow citizens and giving its brain some fresh air.

  19. The transition to woke leadership began under Obama. Trump failed to reverse it. Now, it is just a matter of time before the US military can be properly called the US Wehrmacht.

  20. Maybe Biden can send her to defend one of those gates at the airport in Kabul he’s so distraught about. Protect the people we used and are going to leave behind….🙄

  21. So many people shout “Free Kyle!” without considering that he shot a ‘fellow American’.

    How many fellow Americans having law enforcement employment have to get shot?

    Let’s not forget that the kid that gets shot sells drugs in school is a fellow American too.

  22. Wanted to make a snarky comment here. A comment not to/at the Sergeant, but to/at those who believe the military is made up of “patriots” who will join the rebellion against tyrannical government. If one accepts that everyone in uniform takes an oath to uphold the constitution, then one must understand that “upholding the constitution” depends almost entirely on what a person understands by that phrase. Of course, “enemies foreign and domestic” is also subject to interpretation.

    The world has turned since “boomers” were educated and trained. The very education and culture decried here is non-selective. Believing that “the Sergeant” is an anomaly cannot be sustained. Where is the survey of the armed forces that even hint that a sizeable number of them would go over the wall rather than deploy against “fellow citizens”. We have ho idea of the ideological split, and the force is being purged.

    One last caution….no war is as vicious as civil war. While an army may not have the political will of the political leadership, and senior military leadership, to pursue foreign adventures, a properly motivated military will fight more determinedly against fellow citizens believed to threaten the very life of the military. In a foreign adventure, members of the military are more concerned about protecting their buddies, than defending the nation. In a civil war, not only will the military protect its own, there will be the added element of vengeance against the fellow citizens who made the war necessary.

    Those who point out that the dims and leftists hate America will be proven correct; the outcome is not at all certain.

    But…there won’t be Civil War 3.0. Covid-19 taught us that.

    • I hope that there isn’t and the ship rights the course. Will it? Time will tell.

      What people don’t get about this stuff is that there’s a conflation of military victories and political victories. You can still lose the political war and win the military one. You can win a political war without ever firing a shot as well.

      People like this don’t realize that a lot of the infrastructure they use to wage campaigns is in harm’s way, they don’t realize that their families and friends are in harm’s way (not just the ones who enlisted) by their association with people on the other side (I would say I’m not sure what the “other side” would be in such a scenario, it’s really murky. I would say that one will certainly be communists at this point though.) This will make vengeance in play on both sides and it will make it ugly. The amount of extrajudicial killings is likely to be extremely high, and it’s going to be something that’d make massacres the US military did in places like Viet Nam look like a pizza party in comparison.

      • “Your pretty smart Sam I Am.”

        Thanx for the unwarranted compliment. Whenever I find myself to be the smartest person in the room, I know I am in the wrong room.

  23. Never have figured out why when you use the facing camera in your phone everything is reversed…images are not reversed on the forward camera.

    This USA Sergeant is just as backwards as her image portrayed in the video.

  24. The video you posted here is a short selectively-edited version of the original video, which gives a different impression.

    The soldier is responding to a nutty woman essentially demanding the Army take to the streets and overthrow the domestic enemies in our government or some such shit. The soldier is pointing out why martial law is a BAD thing.

    Full version:

  25. Well how about that boys and girls….Staff Sergeant Cindy Bronson just proved the reason our Founding Father gave We The People the 2nd Amendment and is living proof that citizens have a right, as well as a NEED for military grade weapons.

    • “Looks like 13-year-old boy.”

      Reminds me of my mentally-deranged little boy troll… 🙂

  26. LMAO 🤣. WTF is that Howdy Dude-e Ellen Degeneres poser, high-pitched xenomorph with little gecko hands squeakin’ about? Where did it find those BDUs? XS top and LG Short bottoms. Must be early Halloween shoppin’. What a joke.

  27. Watching the full version the impression is much different. I watched the fuller version 3 times.

    Remember, most of what see posted anywhere is not the full context. We need to reserve our opinions until we get the context, but we are a sound bite society now and can’t pay attention long enough to get the context. The left, not us is usually guilty of taking things out of context. Don’t follow the left.

    The young SSG made relevant points, points anyone here who is a veteran can understand. Her saying that under martial law any soldier telling you to get into your house was honest, martial law suspends our rights, even habeas corpus (Lincoln suspended Habeas Corpus). I don’t think that she making a threat, just a point about how martial law would be.

    • A sensible sentiment, indeed.

      One could also argue that martial law only applies to those willing to accept it.

    • “I don’t think that she making a threat, just a point about how martial law would be.”

      She’s not making a threat. But nobody here bothered to watch the whole unedited video. They just want to show how bad-ass they are with their tough talk that they’ll never have to back up.

      The same morons who want a military coup against Biden talk shit about how they’ll take on the military if there’s martial law.

  28. There are over 20 million veterans who are as good if not better marksmen than SSGT Socialist, and countless millions more hunters who will gladly educate her dumb ass.

    MSgt, USAF Retired

  29. This is why you aren’t supposed to make public states about military policy when you are in Uniform. As Staff Sergeant is supposed to know better. If she is still in uniform a year from now, she’ll be keeping her mouth shut.

  30. This is why you aren’t supposed to make public statements about military policy when you are in Uniform. As a Staff Sergeant she is supposed to know better. If she is still in uniform a year from now, she’ll be keeping her mouth shut.

  31. When I was a butter bar my platoon sergeant reminded me that the ones I needed to watch the closest were the bigmouth braggarts who would be the first to run in firefight. This one would be in that group.

  32. Cartoon boy, never mind. You’ll never call me. You’re only brave when you’re hiding behind a screen. Besides, I find conversing with the ignorant tedious.

    • Old men don’t take orders well.

      Unless you are a “Braindead” lifelong suckup politician who wants to keep his job…

  33. Dyke thinks she’ll be able to do to the American people what they couldn’t do with the Taliban after 20 years.

  34. My first instinctive impulse is to kill this jackbooted, totalitarian storm trooper. However; the continuing demographic implosion of the United States resulting from a birth dearth suggests another Darwinian response. This woman obviously needs to be inseminated and impregnated. Of course it would be neccessarry to take the baby away from her once it is weaned so it can be raised up right to become a sentient human being.

  35. I will say it because nobody else will. This is why there was a ban on this type of sexual orientation from serving in the military. And while I served in the 101st in the 1980’s this type of hair style for a female soldier was not allowed.

    And a straight person didn’t say this. It was a different orientation who said it. Her words will live on forever. On the internet.

  36. COVID-19 has given us a preview of just how far the people will go along with heavy-handed mandates from the gubmint. Putting a mask on your face is really not that big of a deal, yet the backlash to this and mandatory vaccinations has been pretty robust and widespread. One can only imagine what would happen if something more drastic — like martial law or door-to-door search and confiscation of firearms — were to be attempted. Unfortunately that imagining almost always ends up with armed resistance. So I’m not at all sure that the sergeant is going to have many fellow travelers with her, and she may be very surprised to discover just how pissed off the average “beer guzzling and pizza eating” American can get.

  37. Of course most of us will go inside…and those who will not stand for her martial law will slip out later and teach lessons from a lot further out than CQB. Some old farmer with his dad’s bolt gun will set up on a roof/hill/tree and ring the bell of a tyrant supporting fool like this and after ending one or two, will exfil to be replaced by someone else later from another location. Someone needs to explain to people like that idiot Swalwell that F-15s and Nukes are useless in fourth-generation warfare.

  38. My comment appears to have been canned, oh well.

    TLDR: I would remind this person and id10ts like Swalwell that fourth-generation warfare is a thing and that nukes and F-15s don’t counter it worth a d@mn.

    • Yeah mine too SSgt Snowflake self described as “liking girls” (can’t use the word L—–n) but you apparently can’t point that out….

      • Funny, the same people that complained about FB and the Twit don’t seem to have a problem doing the same thing here…

        • “Funny, the same people that complained about FB and the Twit don’t seem to have a problem doing the same thing here…”

          Yeah, but….

          We hold the moral high ground; FB and Twit are just plain evil, wicked, mean, bad, and nasty. And mean.

  39. I’ll never understand why a lesbian would want to pretend to be the thing they despise… and I find it messed up that she is more enthusiastic about shooting Americans than saving them from the Taliban. Not good representation there, hun. Anyway…

    A modern army can’t stand against a persistent force that won’t face them mutual head on combat.

  40. Someone else who got bullied in high school and really doesn’t understand the plain and simple phrase of fuck around and find out and martial law can be reversed to survival of the fittest so she might outta take a nap and really get woke

  41. While I can see how some might take issue with her tone and demeanor I don’t think she meant what she was saying as an actual threat and I’d argue you have to stretch it pretty far to find such a sentiment.

    That said, a better tone and demeanor would be nice. The video she was replying to was retarded but raising the temperature in the room remains unwise and that’s what the SSgt did, intentionally or not.

    Forget the last 20 years for a moment, people on both sides would do well to look at how the French thought things would go in Algeria in 1954 juxtaposed against what actually ended up happening.

    Paris thought those crack paratroopers would get the job done, sharpish. Pretty quick they had 470K troops in Algeria fighting a war they couldn’t win and many of their units lost that crack discipline and participated in atrocities just like everyone else. A complete and utter mess based on the perception of rigged elections (which, in that case, they were) combined with already simmering problems. Sounds vaguely familiar, eh?

    Algerian independence came ~7.5 years later, after the French ended up with ~25K dead, ~65K wounded and lost ~50K of their in-country friends. Yeah, the other side took more casualties but they still prevailed in that little shitshow. Which, by the by, was technically a civil war because Algerians were French citizens after the late 1940’s and France has always, legally, held that their possessions are all part of “greater France”.

    The more I look at what’s going on today the more similarities to Algeria I see. It’s really not a road you want to go down. Every exit leads to a slightly different version of Hell. The answer is to turn around and go back where you came from, not pick an exit.

    And like so many other things, how did it happen? Like going bankrupt; slowly at first, then all at once.

    • “slowly at first, then all at once.”

      That’s like turning schools into indoctrination centers. Apparently this has been going on for decades. Most people weren’t aware because it was mainly in the coastal regions. Suddenly it’s everywhere.

      • In the schools the difference is, it’s plainly apparent, and not every kid is buying it. Maybe only half.

        And likely a fair percentage of those going along with it are doing it just for show.

        The bottom line is, FPS games are still selling like gangbusters, and young adults like guns. Hollywood still glorifies guns being used to right wrongs, save the day, and get the girl in bed.

        As one Brit once said – “The kids are alright”… 😉

      • quote————–That’s like turning schools into indoctrination centers.———quote

        Actually Dude you again get everything totally backwards. For decades U.S. School boards were controlled by the flag waving fanatical far right war like storm troopers who sanitized American history especially its horrid racism and imperialism and colonialism that killed millions of civilians, 1 1/2 million in the invasion of China in 1895, 3 million in the Philippians in 1899 and a few thousand in Cuba not to mention the mass genocide of the American Indians and later 3 million more in Vietnam and a hidden civilian death count in Afghanistan (the military smartened up since Vietnam no more televised wars) The key to winning was of course identical and that was to slaughter the women and children to get the guerrillas to come in and surrender.

        America’s horrid murderous racist past has been sanitized as well for way to many years with Southern History books calling slave owners kindly old gentle men who’s slaves loved them like a father when in reality the slaves were beaten, tortured , murdered and the women raped on a daily basis. This is why in recent years there has been a trend to tell the truth about American history which has panicked the racist far right (like yourself Dude) who went berserk when critical race theory was introduced.

        The Far Right is well aware of the fact that when Germany told the truth to its children about its horrid Nazi past the result was a less war like and much more Liberal Germany. This is something the far right like Dude know all to well and they do not want to turn the U.S. into a peaceful and liberal country and one that gives equal rights to non whites that would threaten their white privilege.

        Dude wants a return to the racist past and a sanitized history to build what he calls “brain washed patriotic young people” to use as an endless supply of cannon fodder for endless wars of rape, pillage and conquest. To do that the young must be taught to fear “the other” which includes minorities, refugees, immigrants and all foreign people portrayed as devils, maniacs and infidels (show me the difference between Dude and the Moslem extremists)

        • “Dude wants a return to the racist past and a sanitized history to build what he calls “brain washed patriotic young people” to use as an endless supply of cannon fodder for endless wars of rape, pillage and conquest.”

          If your imagination is that vivid, try doing something productive for a change and write a fictional story. If you want to quote me then do so, but stop putting words in my mouth. Everyone is a walking stereotype to you because you’re a bitter, old bigot. If you ever bothered listening to me then you would know I’m for equality period. I’m not for equality for this person or that person, just equality.

      • “Apparently this has been going on for decades. Most people weren’t aware because it was mainly in the coastal regions.”

        Nah, it’s been going on everywhere for decades. When I was in HS around 2000 it was going on in my small backwoods town in the middle of nowhere in the U.P. of Michigan. The replacement of “old school” teachers with… to be frank, morons. Over time that population hit critical mass.

        It starts with administrators and moves on to teachers. Pretty quick pushing things over the edge is easy because bureaucratic capture only takes about 20% of the people in any organization. If they’re loud, mean and intransigent they tend to win once they hit that threshold because the other 80% don’t really want to deal with them. It’s a known phenomenon.

        I’ve been warning you guys about this for years. The problem here is that if you graph what I like to call the “idiocy quotient” it’s close to an exponential function. It rides along close to the X-axis for a while and then rises very, very steeply. We’ve just hit the near-vertical part of the graph at this point so it’s easy to see even if you were educated somewhere along the flatter part of the curve.

        The truth is you can see the results in SAT scores, even after they rejiggered them (the College board puts both on the same graph for you, shockingly honest of them). There’s a massive drop in SAT scores from 1964 to 1965, they just fall off a cliff. They then continue to plummet until 1975. At that point they start to recover very slowly, topping out in 2011 having gained back about 20% of the losses from ’64-’75. Then they fall off a cliff again.

        Combined with the way Schools of Education (SoEs) recruit in many cases (not all but many) and the focus on teaching certificates instead of anything actually useful, all protected by unions, SoEs have created a exponentially regressive system. You’re training the next generation of teachers using the dumbest and most neurotic/sociopathic people from the current generation. It’s Moore’s Law in reverse and it’s been going on since at least the early 1960’s.

        On the plus side, it’s finally hit the breaking point for a lot of people. Maybe now they’ll do what I’ve been saying for over a decade: Pay attention to your school boards. They matter more than many people want to believe.

        Many of those sorts of positions, school boards and health boards to name but two, have a lot of power and are often just a prestige position. A county near me has insane CoV-2 restrictions while a full 75% of the people on that board have zero qualifications to be on that board. No medical or science degrees. They’re finance people and artists. They were assigned to that board by the Board of County Commissioners, mostly as a political favor. Well, now a bunch of incompetent morons have legal authority over people in ways that make no sense. The one thing you can be sure of is that they’re going to use that power.

        You can see the same thing in LA. Dr. Barbara Ferrer is the Director of the LA County Department of Public Health. She holds no medical degrees and, in fact, no science degrees. Her PhD is in “Social Welfare” (hence the Dr. title) and her variety of Master’s are similar. She’s also worth $13 million. Her own bio states that she has “over 30 years of professional experience as a philanthropic strategist, public health director, educational leader, researcher, and community advocate.”

        How the fuck did she become a director of a public health department and how is she worth $13 million? The same way a lot of school board members became school board members. They’re appointed as a favor or elected by a population of people who have no fucking idea what “public oversight” means and have been asleep at the switch for at least 40 years. It didn’t much matter as long as nothing was going wrong but as soon as there’s a crisis you realize that the entire system is garbage and run by morons who can barely handle split ends, never mind something remotely serious.

        We’ve spent decades allowing unserious people to rise to positions of serious power. Now we’re going to pay a heavy price for our arrogance and lack of attention to detail.

    • {Algeria, 1954}

      “Yeah, the other side took more casualties but they still prevailed in that little shitshow.”

      Sometimes, sad to say, it has to come to that… 🙁

    • I personally didn’t see her as making a threat. I saw a woman making an idiotic statement on social media. I say idiotic because she did it in her capacity as a military member which she’s not supposed to be doing. The issue in my view got clouded because of how she made her response.

      • Definitively!

        I just figured he was wrapped up with finishing his degree and bar exam…

  42. The words she (he, ze, it?) speaks are correct. The problem is the eager enthusiasm behind them. Notice the biased language used. This person WANTS to do those things to Americans she (he, ze, it?) hates. That eagerness is a concern.

    • This happens on both sides of it is left to fester long enough. This is the problem when our elected leaders refuse to do their jobs. It descends into mob rule, destruction, and death.

  43. Hey Dan, please explain why my post using HER words describing HERSELF as a Lesbian and stating that HER personal pronouns are “She/Her” is “censorable” material… SHE said it, I just printed HER words which were the TRUTH…

  44. I can’t believe THIS is the most important topic of the day with 13 dead Marines (Navy Corpsman is considered a Marine while attached) in Kabul at the hands of a group of Terrorists that “PO–S Braindead” assured us (wrong again) had NO appreciable presence in Afghanistan… Never mind that the bombers passed through numerous Taliban checkpoints whom, after 20 years of trying to KILL Americans, are suddenly providing security for us?… What a fucked up world we live in…

    • There is a price to pay in human lives when the U.S. government totally ignored the “why” when 9/11 happened and then invaded Afghanistan. 9/11 happened because a group of young men from various Arab countries attacked us because we had invaded their countries and since none of those countries were powerful enough to engage us in all out war to throw us out they resorted to terrorism. The problem is that rather than understand all this we made the situation even worse by again invading yet anther country which was Afghanistan. Most military experts wanted to simply take out Bin Laden without an invasion and it was even offered to Clinton before 9/11 ever happened so our intelligence services were quite capable of finding him. We chose to set up another Vietnam type debacle spending trillions of wasted dollars and lives lost on both sides, mostly Afghan civilians rather than just take out Bin Laden and called it a job well done.

      Political leaders (Like Bush) have known for centuries if you want to be well liked and stay in power start a war.

      Like the humiliating fall of Saigon the average American will soon forget this humiliation as well. As a matter of fact to show you how short the memory is of the average American is, especially the younger generation, that was not even born during the Vietnam years, one young lady was asked “Who do you think won the war between the U.S. and Vietnam”? She suddenly got a confused look on her face and said “We did didn’t we?”.

      And several years ago a group of people in their 40’s had come out of a movie theater that was another Pearl Harbor movie (as if we did not have enough of them) and they asked me point blank and in all sincerity, “Say you were a History major who the hell were those people who bombed Pearl Harbor”? At first I thought they were just joking until I observed the confused look on their faces and I realized they really did not know. Lesson to be learned, people forget who won or lost a war 3 days after it is over probably because to them it is ancient history and they have their own personal problems to contend with. and Memorial Day is a day to picnic with the family because it is a day off of work.

      War is insanity and most profitable to the rich who cannot wait to start the next one and they never run out of young men to use to achieve that wealth. As more than one World War II Vet told me not once but many times “War is the rich becoming more wealthy by sending the working mans kids to have their head blown off” THEIR EXACT WORDS NOT MINE and since it came from WWII vets it was all the more astonishing. They were smarter than most American’s today.

      • Thank you for another absolutely inane and equally unnecessary diatribe…. You ARE the king (or queen?) of hatred…

        • Dacian, you wouldn’t know the truth if it feel out of the sky, landed on your face, and started to wiggle. You are illiterate, illogical, ahistorical, ungrammatical, (probably innumerate), and generally a blithering nitwit. If you ever had an original thought, it died of loneliness. Don’t go away mad, little troll, just . . . go away. Guarantee we won’t miss your ‘brilliant insights’.

        • None of those “young men” were from “occupied” countries… Fifteen of the terrorists were from Saudi Arabia, two were from the United Arab Emirates, one was from Lebanon and one was from Egypt.

      • Trouble is Dacian bin Laden was like a drug dealer. Take him out and another takes his place.
        The only way to win these types of wars is total annihilation of the population, no innocent civilians. kill them all,burn their food, poison the water.
        What keeps a guerilla army operating, civilians. Whether it’s taken or given .
        Gengis Khan

      • NOT true on 911. “HEY, look over here”, while they pass new ndaa, John warner act, commissions act and other freedom grabbing orders.

  45. My Ruger 10/22. Shoot your mineral water right out of your hand. Than when you realize that Oh Shite moment, it’s over. I light some Black Cat fireworks cause that’s all my .22 sounds like. Dumb bitch.

  46. Uhhh AFGHANISTAN…. a bunch of goat herders with no more than a grade school education and small arms just handed it to the American military. In case the woke ssg wasnt paying attention… try using the same combined arms tactics here in the US that you can in Afghanistan and watch how well that is received. One other thing there STAFF…. Out here.. in the America you woke POS’s seem to hate soo much are a metric shit ton of folks who have a little more experience in combat than driving a truck. Can you say CADRE there staff????

  47. The second that police, national guard and any government entities starts to enforce unconstitutional orders they are they enemy of freedom.

  48. This young soldier may not be prepared for seasoned military and/or law enforcement veterans. I am both and will not hesitate to take her out, if need be. The line in the sand has been drawn. If she and her fellow soldiers will not defend the constitution and American, they will face an army of real patriots. We are ready, willing and able.

  49. @LampOfDiogenes
    “NOT a pardon; a parole. Much different animal.”

    Perhaps not all that different: Sirhan is relatively free to move about, with some restrictions; RFK cannot move about at all.

    However, according to the legal wording, “pardon” is different from “parole”.

    • Sam,

      Enjoy your commentary, so I was not trying to pick a fight. “Pardon” basically expunges the crime from your record – it’s as if you had never been convicted of the crime at all.

      A “parole” is an early termination of the prison sentence, almost always accompanied by supervised probation. BIG difference, but . . . I agree with you that Bobby’s ‘sentence’ was a little more permanent and severe. Since there is literally zero question as to Sirhan’s guilt or malicious intent, it was a classic case of murder one. I hope the nutbag has mellowed in prison, but . . . recidivism rates being what they are, I’m not sure that’s the smart bet.

      And, since he’s a convicted felon, that means he can’t get a gun, amirite??? (/sarc/)

      • Yeah, no fight here. Just comparing states of freedom. Side-by-side with RFK’s condition, “pardon” or “parole” are distinctions without a difference.

        We’re good. As always.

  50. Just to establish a common ground here, in a civil war, neither side would have qualms about shooting “fellow Americans”.

    And just for fun….

    We live in a hemisphere commonly labeled “North America” and “South Americn”. Yet somehow, only the US is considered “America”/”Americans”. All the other nations need some other handle.

    Why can’t we all just get along?

  51. Stopped taking orders from Staff Sergeants Back around 1968. Tell sweety pie the old Master Sergeant out ranks her little butt. And uses a much heavier weapon. Hate to tell her that first off, she may need more than a GPS to find me, and I will be using my Springfield M1A( Civilian version of the M-14) Or my Garand. If needs be I can break out the big guns.
    Kiddies like the transport driver are going to be no real match for many of us old grunts.

  52. I think Sarge is cute.
    I wouldn’t mind taking her to the motel, tying her to the bed , and then take all her money and stuff and leave. I might even get her gunm?

    • I wouldn’t mind taking her to the motel, tying her to the bed

      Unless you can pull off a believable “female” possum bit that won’t happen, maybe Mrs. possum could act as bait, cause SSG she/her/it prefers girls….

  53. Little girl should watch the gas pouring out of her mouth, she’s talking shit she can’t back up.
    It’s important to remember that others have guns, are good shots and don’t take orders from some ignorant tw–

    “So is the teacher in California who removed the “American” flag from her classroom…still a “fellow American”?

    Unless, and until she renounces, or has her citizenship removed.

    Note: after Civil War 1.0, all the “Loyalists” who remained in the colonies (soon to become States) immediately became “Americans”, even if they didn’t share the same values as the founders. After Civil War 2.0, the people of the States in rebellion remained American citizens, even if they didn’t share the same values as the victors.

    • The bitch might be YOUR idea of a fellow American, but in my world she “denounced” when she decided to not only remove the American flag from her classroom because it made HER uncomfortable but she also directed her students to pledge allegiance to another flag… That is a brazen act of indoctrination and not only should SHE be removed but the entire fucking school board should be run out of town… She might technically be an American and entitled to her own “values” and ideology, however she does NOT have the right to impose those values and ideology on the children she is charged to teach… She is NOT my fellow American…

      • “She is NOT my fellow American…”

        Is that not an ever-changing standard, completely dependent on others believing exactly as you believe? What are the specific, inviolable, uncompromising political positions you use to determine who is a fellow American? Are those criteria flexible, depending on persons and circumstances?

        Just to frame things perhaps more clearly…the US Constitution was designed with its own demise. Does using the vehicle as designed as a tool to completely restructure the nation make one not a fellow American? Keep in mind that to use the constitution to neutralize the constitution requires the majority of elected officials who see the changing of America as an exercise of their American citizenship.

        • political positions you use to determine who is a fellow American?

          How about we start with ANYONE who does NOT feel uncomfortable in the presence of the American flag and does NOT try to impress THEIR “woke” indoctrination bullshit on children that are NOT their own… Keep on and possum might find himself rethinkg his high praise of your intellect because you are really beginning to sound more like Vladacian…

  55. Well SSG lezbo “woke” 88M. I spent 24 years in the Army as an 11B-B4, Air Assault Infantry and Sniper. I did 3 combat tours in Iraq beginning with Desert Storm. I am now retired but I am quite sure I could STILL put a .30-06 round through the tip of your God damned nose at 500 meters. I really don’t think you want to screw with me, it will end very badly for you.

    I have seen your type many times. You talk a lot of shit but when the bullets start flying you curl up in a little ball like a scared little child. You don’t fool me. Get your lard ass back in your truck and head off to the DFAC and bring me a sammich and a cup of coffee.

    If you are lucky this little stunt will stop at an Article 15 and all you lose is your rocker. Art 115 of the UCMJ specifically prohibits the communicating of a threat. I personally hope this goes to an Article 32 and a Summary.

  56. MADDMAXX August 29, 2021 At 18:40
    “you are really beginning to sound more like Vladacian…”

    Because I challenge ideas and thinking? Because I point out blatant hypocrisy? Because I dispute the echo chamber?

    Along with being a 2A absolutist (yes, even for people in jail/prison), I employ satire, ridicule and mockery. All in all, one would say I am an iconoclast. My overall goal is to point out how much we adopt, copy, use the techniques, for the same purposes, as those we despise.

    If commenters here want to suppress all opposition, declare opposing ideas is virtuous, reinforce the concept of the irredeemable, declare everyone an enemy who does not line up perfectly with our thinking….fine. Just admit it, accept the forfeiture of the moral high ground, the hypocrisy; be honest with oneself, and carry on.

    • one would say I am an iconoclast.

      Don’t know how I missed THAT one… So, let’s clarify… Iconoclast: a person who attacks cherished beliefs or institutions… You are saying you take your pleasure from “attacking” the beliefs of others regardless of your own personal beliefs? Don’t think I’d be able to find much pride in that…

      • “You are saying you take your pleasure from “attacking” the beliefs of others regardless of your own personal beliefs?”

        Nope. Challenging the status quo, conventional wisdom, foolishness, and false gods is lonely work. In the vernacular, “rattling cages”. Passion about a belief is not validity. And there is a huge difference between “challenging” and “attacking”.

        If you look close, you will note I do not launch general “attacks”, but respond to assertions that beg challenge. Have you not noticed the number of commenters who claim to be staunch defenders of the Second Amendment, then invariably come up with infringements they believe to be “common sense”? Or complaining about someone being insufferable; demanding that commenter be banned? When POTG make the same statements as the gun grabbers, a challenge is warranted.

  57. Are you trying to impress your girlfriend, GI JOKE? You’re a fucking 88M, that is a TRUCK DRIVER. Bring it on lezbo bitch. I spent 24 years in the Infantry as an 11B-B4. I saw your kind come and go. You talk a lot shit but when the real bullets start flying, all of a sudden you are nowhere to be found.

    I can guarantee you if you raise a weapon to me when I am not doing anything wrong, I will put a 5.56 right through the jugular notch of your sternum so fast it will make your head spin.

    Now get your lezbo lard ass back in your truck and go to the DFAC and bring me back a sammich and a cup of coffee.

  58. “Posse Comitatus Act” is not absolute. The soldier in question stated “martial law”. If such a declaration is made by appropriate authority, Posse Comitatus does not come into play. If the “Insurrection Act” is invoked, Posse Comitatus does not come into play. If the “Enforcement Act” is declared, Posse Comitatus does not come into play (US Army called in to enforce racial de-segregation).

    Posse Comitatus Act is not kryptonite to use of military force domestically.

  59. Wowee the amount of mouth-breathers here who didn’t bother to look at the context. The KKKaren she was responding to is the one who suggested a “blood bath.” Realist U.S. soldier described what would happen if active duty were deployed within the States, she isn’t saying “I’m just going to shoot you.” But, you know, I guess that would be kind of hard to catch if you failed fifth grade critical thinking quizzes. Not to mention the number of people outing themselves as having an inferiority complex beneath that soldier. Just say it, you’re afraid of women who don’t take shit from domestic terrorists. Lol

  60. You call her “woke”–and I have little doubt she and her wife lean liberal–but she expresses no ideology here. The real question about her statement–her FULL statement, which most commenters here didn’t see because you only included it in an “update”–is whether she’d have had the same view last year during the racial insurrection, or will have the same view in a few years should President Trump regain power.

  61. If anyone ever wondered how the Nazi’s could so easily hate their own countrymen… How they could look at fellow human beings and say they were animals… we are living through how it happened.

    The D-Party progressive liberal’s, who are mostly female or cucks…are filled with pure hate. They are also always angry, they experience little joy, and when they see someone who is happy or simply enjoying the day… it angers them to the point of violence.

    They have been taught that we are their enemy. They have been taught that we should have zero freedoms bc we don’t ‘deserve freedoms’… we are evil.

    The greatest enemy to all Americans…are those who inhabit the DC Swamp…the D-Party members and their RINO Traitor friends from the GOP. We should all come together as Americans…sadly… the ‘woke’ citizens will never open their eyes to the truth.

    May God Bless America, President Trump, and every God loving citizen who loves this country.


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