Top Rabbi to EU: Let Us Carry Guns

Rabbi Menachem Margolin (courtesy

Dear XXXX,

I am writing to you on behalf of the European Jewish Association (EJA), its subsidiary organisations and the entire European Jewish Community, following the horrific terror attacks on the French Jewish community, in which four innocent civilians were murdered in cold blood for no other reason than being Jewish . . .

The Paris attacks, as well as the many challenges and threats which have been presented to the European Jewish community in recent years, have revealed the urgent need to stop talking and start acting.

We hereby ask that gun licensing laws are reviewed with immediate effect to allow designated people in the Jewish communities and institutions to own weapons for the essential protection of their communities, as well as receiving the necessary training to protect their members from potential terror attacks.

Let there be no doubt, we are asking that all weapons will be issued for self-protection only, and to designated personnel that will undergo thorough investigation and training by local authorities.

The European Jewish Association has long and publicly warned European governments of the need to clamp down firmly on any and all acts of terror wherever and whenever they arise.

As you know, the danger is that much greater as many Europeans travel abroad to be indoctrinated into radical Islam, before returning to their European homelands to use their militant training to devastating effect.

We need to recognise the warning signs of anti-Semitism, racism, and intolerance that once again threaten Europe and our European ideals.

I truly hope that together, we can ensure the safety of European Jews and secure for them a peaceful future in their historic homeland.

Yours Sincerely,

Rabbi Menachem Margolin
General Director, EJA


  1. avatar LarryinTX says:

    Commendable goals, but he should have mentioned that all those prohibitions he would like one small exemption to, did not prevent madmen from obtaining full-auto weapons and carrying them around the streets to murder people. If the laws don’t stop the killers (clearly), how about we have a bit of a break given that these fruitbars have declared open season on us for hundreds of years.

    1. avatar JasonM says:

      I assume the fruitbars you mean are the terrorists, but the European governments have been a much bigger threat to the people of Europe than any terrorists.
      And it was the governments that started banning and regulating guns about a century ago, because they feared the people would overthrow the governments.

    2. avatar IdahoPete says:

      I would put the chances of this being approved at slim to none. European governments have a long history of disarming their citizens, and an equally long history of persecuting Jews. France did both in 1939-45, willingly helping the Nazis round up the Jews.

  2. avatar Vhyrus says:

    Guns for Jews, none for yous? Rather than make it a religious thing, how about advocate for shall issue cc?

    1. avatar tdiinva says:

      A noble goal for sure but that is step much to far at this point. However, allowing some to carry will lead to a demand for “what about me?” One step follows another.

      1. avatar pg2 says:

        Wow, congrats on being a Jewish supremacist.

    2. avatar Roymond says:

      In Europe? That wouldn’t be worth the electrons to e-mail it.

      OTOH, it should apply to any minority with any history of persecution, not just Jews.

      1. avatar Marcus (Aurelius) Payne says:

        That is step two, or should be. The jews are the obvious example, get that and then it’s easy to say “well, group X has had it nearly as rough as the jews, so they need this too.” If the legislators balk at the idea of only the jews then it’s easy enough to say “good point, they should have this too.”

  3. avatar Justinol says:

    Good thinking, Hope it happens. Not being able to defend against dangers you know exist is the worst kind of frustration and gives terrs the advantage they need against the innocent and unarmed

  4. avatar Summer says:

    Their “European Values” are exactly how they got into this mess in the first place. And the importation of these “European Values” by Liberals who idolize them in this country is why we may be headed for that very same mess.

    Also, it’s bullshit that he somehow thinks only jews have the right to self defense. As if terrorists aren’t killing people of ALL persuasions who are not muslim. We are ALL infidels in their eyes, not just jews. But keep it classy, there, Rabbi.

    1. avatar tdiinva says:

      See my first comment. Just think how hard it is to get open carry in the “gun paradise of Texas.” Now just trying to convince a gun unfriendly country like France to go from no issue to shall issue. Since Jews are the first on the murder list I will be happy to see them take European societies down the road to citizen empowerment.

      1. avatar Summer says:

        Yeah I don’t disagree with you, but somehow I think they don’t really want all citizens able to arm themselves. They’re just concerned about their own Jewish communities.

        1. avatar Drew says:

          So let them, and let others take care of theirs and you take care of yours. I may advocate for universal human rights but for the time being I tool up for me and mine. Until he advocated against others rights directly I have no problem with him persuing his rights out of self interest.

        2. avatar Summer says:

          That’s like saying that those in Hollywood who are anti-gun having armed bodyguards is A-okay despite the hypocrisy and desire that only THEY can protect themselves.

          These European Jewish communities VOTE for this anti-gun crap. Now that it’s hurting them, they want to be able to protect only themselves.

          While I have no problem in principle with people seeking to protect themselves and “their own”, I do kind of have a HUGE problem with people who side with those who would steal their rights away until the moment they need those rights.

          Also, if they really want to just protect their own, they wouldn’t have begged the government to allow them to exercise a natural right. They’d simply do what they needed to do. If terrorists come in and attack people and those people defend themselves and stop the attack, if the govt. then decides the people to prosecute are the people who defended themselves, then Europe is already lost. Their cluster of countries will fall to chaos in short order anyway if they continue on with these stupid policies.

          During that chaos, nobody is going to notice a random citizen (Jewish or otherwise) defending themselves with an actual weapon.

        3. avatar Stan says:

          WTF?!?!?!? So how long have you hated Jews? Who the fuck said Jews are only concerned with their own community? Jews are targets. Big important targets for muzzie filth. Stop your hatred and whining loser.

        4. avatar Summer says:


          I’m very confident that the members of this community can read what I actually said and see how you are twisting it. I’m also very confident that they can see from your hysteria that you sound mentally ill, while I am calm. Please seek help from a mental health professional.

        5. avatar Stinkeye says:

          How does one keep a straight face while calling someone a racist and using a term like “muzzie filth” unironically in the same sentence?

        6. avatar Summer says:

          LOL Stinkeye, that’s a good point.

    2. avatar Gordon Wagner says:

      “All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others.” — George Orwell, Animal Farm

      1. avatar Drew says:

        Like I said above I have no problem with them acting in self interest, you are certainly not armed and ready to defend them and if they dared speak for the majority in the EU they would be shouted down and the governments would never act knowing the rest of the voting pool objected to being armed.

      2. avatar tdiinva says:

        Well some American animals are more equal than others so I guess until NYC resident get their gun rights restored we shall all turn in our hardware.

        1. avatar ropingdown says:

          I get your sarcasm/irony. But taking your comment straight: No. The abrogation of rights for those in NYC is not imposed by us, but by the voters of NYC. Though I would agree that the U.S. Supreme Court went dramatically overboard in allowing states and localities (and the feds) to restrict gun rights, the circumstances of the U.S. were quite different at the time this “allowing” began. At this point the blame and consequences are a NYC matter, not one for Oklahoma or Pennsylvania to bear. We have already (if briefly) moved the Federal Courts to a point of sanity despite the influence of NYC and San Francisco.

      3. avatar pg2 says:

        Damn straight…the Jewish supremacism here runs thick.

        1. avatar Summer says:

          Are you “Stan” trying to troll the other side of the fence? Are you just really bored?

    3. avatar LarryinTX says:

      And they are not above murdering the occasional muslim, as well!

      1. avatar neiowa says:

        Oh do tell us more Lar.

      2. avatar Summer says:

        Yep. You have to be the right kind of Muslim. Him even BEING at Charlie Hebdo was probably seen as blasphemy.

    4. avatar ThomasR says:

      Yep. It’s why so many liberals are leaving California. Their policies created hell. So now they leave to a better place.. BUT, they can’t accept that it was because of liberal/progressive policies that are the root of their misery. So they continue their devastation in the new state they move to.

      Denial ain’t just a big river in Egypt.

      One of the seven plagues should include liberal/progressives moving into an area.

      1. avatar AllAmerican says:

        “I saw, his thoughts. I saw what they were planning to do. They’re like locusts… they go from planet to planet, consuming every natural resource and then move on. And We’re next.”

      2. avatar VaqueroJustice says:

        I thought the locusts covered that, or would they be flies ?

    5. avatar Indiana Tom says:

      Summer, I agree with your posts. Guns only for the more equal animals is crap. I really do not see the sophisticated “Europeons” allowing any private citizens to have anything to defend themselves.

      1. avatar Summer says:

        Yup. They should all just quietly arm themselves. Europe will fall to Muslim Extremists anyway if they don’t. I don’t see any other way it can play out. By being such control freaks the European governments are playing into extremist hands.

        I definitely want European Jews to be able to arm and protect themselves. But, unlike the Rabbi, I want ALL the Jewish people to be able to arm themselves (not just a few specially selected Jewish community leaders that are obsequious enough to the state). And further I want ALL the citizens in the EU period to be able to arm themselves.

        But I already know which hand will fill up first if I wish in one hand and shit in the other.

    6. avatar Stan says:

      NO you keep it classy numbnuts. Nowhere did he say “only jews have the right to self defense”. Reading is fundamental, and you can even master that.

      1. avatar Summer says:

        You’re an asshole.

        I feel justified in saying that since you already called me “numbnuts”. (I have no nuts, by the way. I’m a woman.)

      2. avatar ropingdown says:

        Stan, you are simply wrong, and your “reading is fundamental” snarc is unjustified. As the rabbi wrote:

        “We hereby ask that gun licensing laws are reviewed with immediate effect to allow designated people in the Jewish communities and institutions to own weapons for the essential protection of their communities, as well as receiving the necessary training to protect their members from potential terror attacks.”

        What are the rest of us? Chopped liver?

        The rabbi specifically limited his proposal for changed gun laws to such as enabled specifically the Jewish community.

        This “we were against it just until we were for it” bit is a recurring theme for European Jewry. They have steadfastly been against an armed populace (and still are) because they see that widespread capacity as an empowering of a large majority that could harm Jews, a very small minority in Europe. Many in the U.S. labor under the same misunderstanding of what consequences small arms in the hands of citizens would likely have.

        I empathize with the difficulty, but disapprove of the chosen actions. I note that the vast majority of international Jewish organizations were supportive of Germany and the Axis at the start of, and well into, World War I. This fact suprises many people, and should. Political action choices that flow from narrow self-interest calculations but which under-weight the importance of wider consequences rarely lead to admirable action.

        The rabbi really should call for the legitimizing of armed self-defence for Europeans, not merely for European Jewry. Yes, every group has special problems…if only in its own eyes. Radical Islam is as much (or more) against Euro-American liberty-loving democracy as it is aginst (due Israel) the Jews.

        1. avatar Summer says:

          Exactly. Thank you. Not only that, but the Rabbi in the above letter isn’t even asking for European Jews to be allowed arms but for a select few leaders in the Jewish community to under highly supervised and trained circumstances have them.

        2. avatar tdiinva says:

          There is a good reason for why the World’s Jewish population supported the Triple alliance. They were fighting the Russians, home of the Pogrom. The rise of Nazism has obscured the fact that Germany was least Antisemitic nation on the Continent before and during the First World War. The Kaiser ordered the German Army to treat Yiddish speaking east Europeans as Germans because much of the Jewish population was considered German because the language. If in 1914 you took a poll of Europeans to name the country Western country that would commit the Holocaust they would have said France, not Germany. By the way, Hitler’s beloved battalion Commander was a Jewish German officer.

        3. avatar pg2 says:

          @tdiinva, more reading the minds of groups of deceased people… do you do it? Fantastic skill you have there.

        4. avatar tdiinva says:

          It’s the m****n. I see your knowledge of European history matches your knowledge of American history.

        5. avatar ropingdown says:

          tdiinva: The combination of very successful assimilation and value-adding indeed made Germany, circa 1914, the last best bet of Jewry caught on a continent about to explode with the turmoil of imperial ambitions and paranoia. The point of interjecting the WWI note was to display how easily one can be surprised by the unforeseen consequences of their choices. The exceptional level of Jewish contribution to certain German institutions by Jews led to many consequences after the war. The most notable one is that, given their prior contribution and success, they could more easily be made the scapegoat for German failures after the war. Without having had a great role previously, they could not so blithely be held responsible, falsely, for so many ills.

          The concept of religious/ethnic minorities policing and judging themselves, as was the case in so much of the Pale and elsewhere, should provide Americans with a better understanding of the Sharia Law conundrum. It is remarkable, really, that shortly after ending the ethnic enclave-ethnic courts system lived by the Jews, both the Europeans and the Muslims should fall into the same disastrous political path….again.

  5. avatar Pascal says:

    Dear Rabbi Menachem Margolin,

    Good Luck, too late. The time to prepare is before you have to ask for permission to defend yourself. The community was silent when they took your right to defend yourself away, you will never get that right back ever because now the government has taken it away and they never give anything back. Your request will fall on deaf ears, you will be lucky if they add police presence but as you have already seen, the police can not always be there and when you need them this second, they are many minutes away. Four Jewish people were shot to death at the Jewish Museum of Belgium in May, and five Israeli tourists died when their bus was bombed in Bulgaria in July 2012. 40% of all hate crime in France is against Jews. You are way too late in asking to defend yourself.

    Please inform those in the Jewish Community in the USA that if they allow the US government to take gun rights away as they are trying to do, that they too will be begging for permission to be allowed to defend themselves. Now is the time to take a stand and defend the 2nd Amendment.

    1. avatar Dyspeptic Gunsmith says:

      Once again, in yet another ethnic group, we see why our ancestors left Europe.

      There’s a European mentality, regardless of national origin, gentile or Jew, upper class or low, of kissing rings and asking for permission.

      If ever there were a moment to reflect upon what it means to be an American, regard this Rabbi’s letter and think how alien it sounds to the American mind.

      1. avatar neiowa says:

        Very true. The bold, adventurous and those with nothing to loose departed from euurp.

      2. avatar Tom in Oregon says:

        A letter asking (begging) for permission to save ones own life.
        Pretty bad.

      3. avatar ropingdown says:

        Yes. But Americans are generally ignorant of the historic reality, that in Europe (particularly in Russia, Poland, and many principalitiies in Germany, and into the early 20th century) Jews were allowed to impose their own justice on their own people, a sort of European precedent for “de facto enclaves of Sharia law” in France. This reality was one the Jewish wanted, and in some circles (orthodox) still do. The concept is utterly dissonant with the notion of a land governed by laws, not men’s whims in a given locale or among a given sect. The same conflict arose, and often fiercely, when European governments and the Catholic Church clashed in matters of law and jurisdiction.

    2. avatar uncommon_sense says:

      “… but as you have already seen, the police can not always be there and when you need them this second, they are many minutes away.”

      We have all heard the poignant saying:
      “When seconds count, the police are only minutes away.”

      Well now we have real world experience that allows us to update the saying and make it even more poignant:
      “When seconds count, the police are only minutes away … or dead.”

      The terrorists killed multiple police officers in connection with this event in Paris. Those police officers did not stop the attackers or save any lives. Attackers have killed police and armed security guards in the U.S.A. in connection with their mass attacks. Those police and armed security guards did not stop the attackers or save any lives.

      Even in the rainbows and unicorns world of gun grabbers where police or armed security were on site at the time of a mass attack, they did not so much as even slow down the attackers. The only solution that seriously reduces the death toll in a mass attack is many responsible armed adults who are everywhere … and everyone else using all manner of improvised weapons for offensive melee tactics. Like it or not, that is the reality of our world.

  6. avatar Gordon Wagner says:


    Wikipedia has an article on:
    chutzpah (uncountable)

    (slang) Nearly arrogant courage; utter audacity, effrontery or impudence; supreme self-confidence; exaggerated self-opinion;  [quotations ▼]

    1. avatar Stan says:

      Yeah, the unmitigated gall of those damn Joooooz to ask for firearms to protect themselves. Because throughout history, no one has ever tried to wipe them out. ESAD.

      1. avatar ropingdown says:

        Some one, government or party, has at some point has tried to wipe out most every group in Europe.

        It is also true that every small minority which wishes to live apart (as to marriage, neighborhoods, culture) will inevitably be attacked by the majority culture. This has been true everywhere and through all ages. I suppose, Stan, you never bothered to study the internal Jewish debates for and against assimilation by German Jews in the 19th century.

        And no, a history of one group’s suffering does not support a claim that they alone should have the right of armed self-defense.

  7. avatar Sammy says:

    Jewish Rabbi…Is there any other kind of Rabbi?

    1. avatar Rad Man says:

      That’s the first thing I thought – kind of a redundancy.

    2. avatar Joel says:

      Very funny. I always think the same thing whenever I see “Christian Church” or Church of Christ.” Is there some other kind?

      1. avatar LarryinTX says:

        And why are they all the “First”?

      2. avatar Raylan says:

        In fact, there are other kinds. I had a room mate that was a member of a Satanic Church. I have another acquaintance that is an ordained minister at the Church of the Latter Day Dude.

        1. avatar neiowa says:

          “dude” – your 1st example is just a childish attempt by idiot to poke a stick in the eye of normal people.

          Your second example is, I’ll guess, a partial title for a Christian church. Or you’re talking about Later Day Saints/Mormon who assert they are Christian/

          Try again.

      3. avatar Grindstone says:

        Churches aren’t exclusively Christian.

    3. avatar LarryinTX says:

      I’m just sure I met a Baptist Rabbi once …

      1. avatar jwm says:

        A rabbie, a priest and a minister walk into a bar…..

    4. avatar BDub says:

      Brer Rabbi?

      1. avatar Roymond says:

        …and already in a briar patch.

    5. avatar Parnell says:

      Yes. In the NYPD the higher up who watches your back and stands up for you is your Rabbi.

  8. avatar General Zod says:

    “We hereby ask that gun licensing laws are reviewed with immediate effect to allow designated people in the Jewish communities and institutions to own weapons…”

    …thus dooming the rest to remain disarmed and easy targets…

    1. avatar Summer says:

      Even though I’m way irritated by the whole phraseology, in bizarro world where his request was actually granted, the terrorists might turn to softer targets. Then those softer targets would write similar letters. Could be a slippery slope to gun rights. But I wouldn’t hold my breath. They will say no and smart Jews (and really everybody else since it’s not like ONLY Jews are being targeted) will quietly arm themselves.

    2. avatar Drew says:

      Why is that? Do they not have pens and paper? Or at least computers and modems? Why should a rabbi who is understandably most concerned about him self his family and his community ask on behalf of others who allowed their rights to be removed? If the other people of Europe care about their right to be armed they will follow suit, they will write letters cast votes and demonstrate in public. Perhaps then when the Christians and the Hindus and agnostics and others all decide what is important they can band together in common interest and work to enshrine their rights in a durable document of some kind but until then I completely get individuals starting with the fact that MY people are in danger MY family is suffering and I demand the right to do something about it. It’s not the rabbis job to speak for those who are content to keep their heads down.

      1. avatar Summer says:

        The point is that it comes across as if he feels ONLY Jewish people should be allowed to arm themselves. And the entire tenor of the letter makes it clear he’s still a socialist. Still wants the govt. to take care of everything but basically wants a special exception made for a FEW LEADERS in the Jewish community. So he doesn’t even want ALL his own people to be able to directly defend themselves. Or at least that’s not what he’s requesting.

        Either way, I really can’t see how he thinks this is anything more than some sort of political statement because the day the EU gives gun rights to ANYONE to defend themselves is the day pigs fly.

        There is no reason for him to specify ONLY Jewish people when non-jews are also at danger from Muslim terrorists. Yes, there is a lot of growing anti-semitism in Europe, and it’s understandable why they’d be afraid and want to defend themselves, but the whole thing is phrased in such a way where it’s clear they think only a VERY small portion of Jewish leaders should have arms, but NO ONE else, not even regular Jewish citizens who aren’t part of this carefully selected group that somehow is worthy to have a means of self defense.

        It’s still absolutely statist in its approach and there is no reason they couldn’t have highlighted the Jewish plight, while being for citizens arming themselves in general to protect themselves from the threats that face pretty much everyone in the EU and especially France right now.

      2. avatar Summer says:

        Also, if his fear is growing anti-semitism… appearing to show no concern for the safety of ANYONE but Jewish people is a GREAT way to encourage even more anti-semitism. I can’t see how this will get more people to have more sympathy for him or his fellow Jews when other people who are not Jewish are ALSO afraid and unarmed.

  9. avatar Joel says:

    Very timely as just today I was discussing with a friend of mine the idea that we should probably both start carrying whenever we are in attendance at our synagogue here in Sarasota.

    1. avatar LarryinTX says:

      And you should!

    2. avatar ropingdown says:

      Yes! Lethal threats come in many cultural forms.

  10. avatar Bob says:

    What a pathetic situation they are in, having to resort to begging their masters for permission to protect their own lives.

    1. avatar BDub says:

      But I thought the Jews ran/controlled everything? Should be a piece of cake to get what you want in that case.

      1. avatar Joel says:

        Yes, don’t you know, we are all-powerful. Just ask any neo-Nazi/white supremacist/ku-kluxer.

  11. avatar rambam says:

    Why do you expect the rabbi to demand that all of humanity be allowed to carry? He represents a specific group of people who are being targeted. If he’s successful, other Europeans will demand the same right. His effort is a good thing.

    1. avatar Drew says:

      Hey! Stop copy/pasting my comments!!

  12. avatar Former Water Walker says:

    Uh huh Rabbi. I really think the vast majority of modern Europeans don’t give a damn about Jewish people. As long as they are left alone. How many were turned in during that unpleasantness known as WW2? Come to America…or Israel. And please leave your ultra left-wing politics behind…

    1. avatar neiowa says:

      please leave your ultra left-wing politics Nice thought but certainly has not that way for Israel. Even before there was an Isreal – starting with the marxist “kibbutz”.

      Perhaps a 2015 version of the “American Committee for Defense of British Homes” for European Jews is in order. TTAG would be a great sponsor organization. I’ll bet Eric Holder would get on board to assist. The twit knows all about getting firearms across borders. And shortly will be unemployed but unfortunately not in prison.

    2. avatar Stan says:

      Leftwing politics?!?!?!?! You ignorant POS, he’s anything but leftwing. ESAD Jew-hating pr!ck.

      1. avatar Summer says:

        You perhaps need to up your dosage.

        1. avatar STan says:

          you do too. Enough to overdose and die.

        2. avatar Summer says:

          So you are calling for my DEATH because I disagree with the way ONE human being has approached the issue of muslim extremism with regards to his own community? Yeah, you’re so oppressed. And also so kind and nice. I’m so evil for having a dissenting THOUGHT on a TOPIC under discussion. Not once have I attacked “Jews” here. That is only happening in your fevered imagination.

      2. avatar ropingdown says:

        Stan, you’re over-playing it. Let me quote a former Jewish mayor of NYC, Ed Koch: “Jews live like Episcopalians but vote like Puerto Ricans.” He was obviously referring to the overall pattern, not that of Chabad or similar ultra-orthodox groups. Koch’s comment did reflect the exit polls.

        I find the call for a minority alone to gain greater gun rights entirely like the call of prosperous white southerners in the post-reconstruction southern U.S. to allow only whites to have guns. The entire concept is simply wrong.

        1. avatar Drew says:

          I don’t see anywhere where he excluded non Jews, only that he spoke for his own people and not for others that have a voice to speak with if they wish. Keep in mind that unlike here this man is speaking up in a place where gun rights simply do not exist under law. He has no NRA or long standing community of pro gun citizens. He can not simply throw his support behind others he must forge a path of his own. The greater population in Europe are anti gun and anti self defense, to speak for them would be beyond foolish it would end the idea on the spot.

        2. avatar ropingdown says:

          The Rabbi’s request has reasonableness on its side (in my view…) only from one point of view. The French have, through wishful thinking and confusion, allowed a large group of people into France who come pre-loaded with a hatred of Jews and a disdain for liberty. To the extent I can translate the Rabbi’s request, it would be “fine, you the majority want to allow such an immigrant culture to settle in France, a group who wishes us dead, and which you do not successfully disarm….you the majority then must allow us arms to defend ourselves, since you have disavowed the responsibility yourselves.”

        3. avatar Summer says:

          @ropingdown I hadn’t looked at it that way. It does sound more reasonable from that angle.

  13. avatar Chris Sky says:

    …And the award for the most Racist, Apartheid, statement of the year goes to… Rabbi Menachem Margolin, for proving once and for all that Zionists view a “Jewish” life as more valuable than all others.

    Thank you for showing the world your racist sentiment it is a real EYE OPENER

    1. avatar PubliusS says:

      Chris. That statement says everything about, you.

    2. avatar anddahorse says:

      Arsewipes such as you are why we decry such attitudes. Are there other groups that want to protect themselves under your divine ire? Such as the Kurds? Did the Rabbi say as anything against anyone other than the frigging terrs? You sir are the one with the prejudicial problems. You have the right to arm and protect you and yours, but you would complain when the “apartheid” Jews need to. Speaking for we free people, go fornicate yourself as soon as you remove your head from the appropriate orifice.

      1. avatar Stan says:

        And the donkey he rode in on.

    3. avatar AllAmerican says:

      Hey! Your like a liberal! You just scream “RACIST!” at everything you don’t like!

    4. avatar pg2 says:

      its anti-Semitic to point out the Jewish supremacist double standard.

  14. avatar Ralph says:

    European countries allowing Jews to bear arms? Hahahahahah! That’ll be the day. Even before Europe went out of its way to disarm everybody, it first made damn sure that Jews had no means of self defense. Which is why the history of Europe is littered with piles of dead Jews.

    1. avatar Indiana Tom says:

      Oh, other groups have piles of corpses laying around as well.

      1. avatar Scythian Arrows says:

        Just ask the Amalekites or the Canaanites. Oh wait we can’t because the Israelites killed them all.

  15. avatar Paul says:

    He asks because as a European he is trained to ask. By asking and almost assuredly being refused, it also creates justification for him to go to the railway station in Belgium and get the necessary number of AK’s to begin an initial distribution to his people. Or maybe he will get Galils and Tavors directly from the IDF. Targets that are no longer soft are much less likely to be hit be the terrorists.

  16. avatar Fuque says:

    As an Italian Jew myself, i found the comments pretty amusing….Most Americans don’t understand the mentality of the European Jew… European Jews have tried really hard to fit in, all they want is to coexist and live in peace with everybody else and they bend over backwards to do so., In 1948 they grew a nice big set of Magenta’s, thanks to The good ol US of A. who without them, they would still be a people without a Country…The Jews living in Europe today still have to live by the rules of whatever country they live in, and they show a lot of respect to their host nations , But make no mistake…If a European Jew had his way, he would be gunned up like an American.. probably more so, ..Nobody knows the value of the gun better then a Jew, and nobody Loves Americans more then us Jews..I wouldn’t even be here if My Grandparents didn’t cross the Italian alps, catch a boat to Australia, and immigrate to The US.. I totally get this rabbis POV..but he has to be very gracious in his request…

    1. avatar Summer says:

      Thank you for sharing that perspective (Sincerely. It’s hard to judge sincerity on a statement like that on text on the web, but I mean it. I appreciate hearing that additional information. Makes me feel a “little” less hostile toward him.)

    2. avatar Dyspeptic Gunsmith says:

      I submit to you that if the Jews left in Europe had the mentality you have inherited from your grandfather, they’d be your neighbors (or mine) and they’d be nodding like bobble-head dolls right about now, saying “Yep, that decision by Gramps to leave Europe 70+ years ago was the right thing to do. This proves it. Again.”

      1. avatar Summer says:

        Given the reality that pretty much EVERYBODY in the US (aside from Native Americans) had someone in their family line who immigrated here (usually across a big damn ocean), I’m equally grateful that people in my ancestry had the courage to come here. I can’t imagine living in the EU among the pansies, which is where I’d be living given my ancestry.

        1. avatar Fuque says:

          I would venture to say that EVERY American’s relative has stories about why they came and what they went thru…But I think so many have been here for so long, the stories just sort of fade away.. as they should,because once you are here, you are an American, and this is our homeland, and all we have to do is look across the pond to see what we don’t want to be, and we sure as hell don’t want to be in this Rabbis situation, having to ASK for the right to defend themselves?? In the 21st century?… Just plain wrong… but I get it.

        2. avatar Summer says:


          re: the Rabbi’s letter, I’d have more respect for him if he’d just quietly armed himself instead of writing a letter that comes across like he doesn’t give a crap about the safety of anybody who isn’t Jewish. Not sure how “that” will help the already tense relations over there.

        3. avatar Indiana Tom says:

          Some of my European ancestors really did not have much of a choice in trying to get to the USA. Jews were not the only groups dislike in Europe

        4. avatar Drew says:

          To you post about simply arming them selves in secret, how dose that help? It discourages nobody since they don’t know and would more than likely cause many Jews to go to prison having never fired a shot in self defense. It also isolates them from training and practice and the best new tactics available. They would be like street gangs, less likely to hit the other guy than some bystander. And lastly it dose absolutely nothing about the rest of the population being disarmed.

        5. avatar Summer says:

          Drew, all of what you just said is true. I don’t know the answer. I just find it offensive that someone would beg the motherland for the right to exercise a god-given right. And I’m also irritated by the obvious “Just make an exception for a few of us, not even all of my own people, but just a select few of us and who cares about anybody else.” I know we disagree on the implications of his letter and that’s fine. But I do agree with you with regards to the problem of quietly arming. But I also think in the end if things get bad enough, Jews in France and other similar places are either going to have to flee their homelands again, or they are going to have to quietly arm themselves if they want a chance to defend themselves and survive. That point may or may not be “right now”, but at some point those will be the choices on the table (IMO).

  17. avatar Jjmmyjonga says:

    If he is Hasidic rabbi, How about treating women with equality in your “club”, and maybe serve in the military, and pay your share of income tax in your country while your at it. They should get to own guns, as should ALL non- criminals in that country.

    1. avatar Fuque says:

      Awsome!….Backhanded with one hand,and a big handshake with the other…
      Pretty sure thats like screaming in the wind..

    2. avatar Stan says:

      You have no clue what you are talking about. You have not been to Israel apparently, and probably read the crap you posted on Stormfront. ESAD.

      1. avatar Jjmmyjonga says:

        If you only knew….

  18. avatar Model66 says:

    His beard is already on full operator mode. Give that man a gun!

  19. avatar PeterC says:

    Did the Maccabees ask permission, or the Irgun? Freedom is never having to ask for anyone’s permission.

    1. avatar Summer says:

      Oppressed groups are NEVER freed with the permission and assistance of their oppressors. Anyone standing in the way of a traditionally oppressed group’s means of arming and defending themselves is not someone who can be appealed to in the first place.

  20. avatar Stan says:

    The number of anti-Semites here is very telling. Another reason why anti-gun advocates think you all are a bunch of knuckle-dragging mouth-breathing rednecks. You show it almost every time there is a post about Jews and guns, or Israel and guns. You better clean up your act or no one will take you seriously. Police your website Farago.

    1. avatar Parnell says:

      Hey Stan,
      I think you should really be happy with the greater number of posters who seem to want to support your community. I read a lot more positive than negative posts. Lighten up. Most of us are on your side.

    2. avatar Summer says:

      Holy goddamn crap, Stan! Nobody here is an anti-semite. Seriously. Being an anti-semite is NOT the same damn thing as criticizing something “a Jewish person said”. Jewish people are not automatically above reproach forever and ever amen on all topics now and forevermore simply because the Holocaust. And equating people who criticize “something someone said” with anti-semitism/bigotry/hatred/whatever is completely asinine.

      That’s like saying someone who disagrees with a black person about some random topic must be doing it because they hate black people.

      Um. No.

      Seriously. Up your meds.

      1. avatar Pantera Vazquez says:

        Well stated….Incidentally-I am stealing a clip from above-But I already know which hand will fill up first if I wish in one hand and shit in the other.-classic…….

        1. avatar Summer says:


      2. avatar STan says:

        You’re not criticizing, you’re making sweeping generalizations about things which you are clueless. Perhaps you aren’t aware of how bigoted you come across. But it’s obvious. Clean up your act. Otherwise, you are just another redneck gun totter.

        1. avatar Summer says:

          Actually, Stan, no I am not. I am speaking SPECIFICALLY about what ONE person said in ONE letter and how HIS LETTER comes across to people about how HE feels about the rights of people besides Jews (and even INCLUDING Jews since he only really wants to arm a few select Jewish leaders, so he’s not really interested in an armed Jewish citizenry either) to defend themselves.

          How you got “sweeping generalizations” from that, I have no idea. But I suspect you might be a kid and just not have very good command of your emotions yet.

          My act is plenty clean. You will not bully me into not arguing a POINT that has nothing to do with “hating” any group. You are the one in the wrong here.

      3. avatar pg2 says:

        Stan’s antics show that the average person is growing more weary of the ad hominem and anti-Semitic slurs that organized Jewry will use to silence criticism and dissent.

    3. avatar ghost says:

      I remember, from long ago, being in firefights, in a nasty place, turning to the man next to me and asking his religion, his race, his national origin, and if he was legal……….

      1. avatar jwm says:

        We already knew all that and more about the guys with us before our first firefight.

        1. avatar ghost says:

          Made no difference either. Long as we were all on the same side.

    4. avatar ropingdown says:

      Let me be the first to object to the use of the term “anti-Semite” in the discussion. I think you mean “anti-Jew.” The hordes of immigrant arabs are, too, Semites.

      You’ve managed to call several Jews anti-Semites as you cast your grotesque slurs.

      You have also raised unambiguously the conflict within Jewry itself as to the appropriate separation of civil law and religious practice.

    5. avatar Scythian Arrows says:

      Saying things Jews don’t like = anti-Semitism

    6. avatar pg2 says:

      Yes, Stan is right, like the magazine Charlie Hebdo, which fired a writer in 2009 for anti-Semitism but promotes cartoons of Christ having doggy style sex with God, you should not tolerate anything that resembles criticism of anything Jewish.

  21. avatar GS650G says:

    Sorry Rabbi, you will need to move elsewhere to exercise your rights.

    1. avatar RT says:

      Right, move to the USA, and vote for Democrats. Great way to excercise your 2A rights.

      1. avatar Summer says:

        Given that he doesn’t even want to arm all his own people, just a select few in positions of leadership and closely monitored and trained, I definitely think he’d vote for gun control if he came over here. So he’s welcome to stay where he is.

  22. avatar jwm says:

    No carve outs. All should be equal in their needs to protect themselves.

  23. avatar ghost says:

    I guess the rest were killed just because they were French and in the wrong place at the wrong time, even tho they were there legally. May sound politically incorrect, but maybe they all should have been carrying? Perhaps the French are like Americans, we go around shooting people just because we have firearms, don’t we? If we did, those 300(?) million firearms would depopulate the country pretty quick. Reality is, against AKs, even armed citizens would need time to take cover and react to the threat. The murderers were already ahead of the curve. Guerrilla warfare is a nasty business. In this country we already are aware of the soft targets, yet, the prevailing thought is, among socialists, “If we could just get rid of firearms”. The irony is, the murderers will hit the socialist city states first.

  24. avatar Sixpack70 says:

    Tavor’s for everyone!

    1. avatar Jjmmyjonga says:

      ….and the needed replacement triggers.

      1. avatar Sixpack70 says:

        Mine pulls at 8 lbs and is actually pretty good. It just takes some practice and it will work great. It’s not really meant to be a bench rest target rifle.

        1. avatar Jjmmyjonga says:

          Lucky me…Mine arrived at 10lbs, and yes, I removed return spring.bad bad bad

  25. avatar Former Water Walker says:

    Ahem this is to Stan the troll. Every Jewish person I have EVER known (several dozen) was a very left-wing democrat-except one lawyer friend I worked out with. I worked in downtown Chicago too for several years…even had a Jewish girlfriend. I’m a long way from the stereotypical OWFG with my black wife and 2 brown sons too. And I support Israel completely . “I will love them that love you and curse them that curse you”. I also support TTAG which you may have noticed is owned by a Jewish man. Whatever…

    1. avatar pg2 says:

      Few things are funnier than non Jews who exclaim to have Jewish friends, and wow…eve a Jewish girlfriend(OMG), to understand the collective Jewish mindset.

      1. avatar Summer says:

        I’m pretty sure there are a lot of Jews who don’t want to be part of a Borg collective. Saying there are similarities in Jewish thought and sense of identity is one thing, but it is not one “collective”. There are Jews who come from extremely different cultural backgrounds, so different, in fact that they wouldn’t even know what to do with a dreidel. However, they are no less Jewish than Jews who have cultural backgrounds that include what many consider to be “traditional trappings of Jewishness”. Jewish people are individual human beings with wildly diverse views on a great many things. I find it bizarre that someone would argue for Jews having a hive mind as if that’s a compliment.

        1. avatar Pg2 says:

          Why are you assuming I’m arguing for anything or anyone? Just pointing out a repeating goyim trend.

        2. avatar Summer says:

          I think you are definitely Stan. Trolling both sides of the fence is just a wee bit schizophrenic don’t you think?

          Several of Stan’s posts are flipping out about non-existent anti-semitism on this thread. And several of YOUR posts are just the opposite, flipping out about non-existent “Jewish supremacy” on this thread. (So apparently we are all both PRO-Jewish and ANTI-Jewish at the exact same time because Miracles!)

          But you give yourself away with use of the term “goyim”. I seriously don’t believe a non-Jewish person would use that word un-ironically or even know how.

          So, hi, Stan. Got that dosage fixed yet?

  26. avatar Garrison Hall says:

    Yes. Never Again means just that. When you get right down to it, all he’s talking about is giving Jews the fighting chance they didn’t get the first time around. It’s one thing to bring your AK into a kosher grocery store knowing full well the Jews there are unarmed and virtually helpless. It’s something else again contemplating that kind of attack when you’re pretty sure some or all of the people there are armed. False courage fades rather quickly when one realizes your opponents will quite happily blow your f***ing head off.

  27. avatar soccerdad says:

    best of luck brother! doubt it will happen. Come to Pa…you’ll be fine.

  28. avatar Bungameng says:

    This is not an EU issue. EU does not prohibit legal firearm possession nor carry. Jews (as well as anyone else with clean criminal record) in the Czech Republic and Estonia can enjoy this right while the laws of the two countries are 100% in line with European directives.

    The local politicians only use EU as a scapegoat. Wanna push something unpopular to your local population? Say it is mandated by the EU and make people angry on Brussels. People need to see through this charade and hold local politicians accountable.

    Can a Jew carry into synagogue in New York? Because (s)he surely can in Prague.

  29. avatar Scythian Arrows says:

    If it weren’t for a preponderance of Jews in Europe pushing for increased globalization and 3rd world immigration to European nations, I’d be more open to supporting this, but because The Tribe seems to have it out for ethnic Europeans, I’m less inclined.

    1. avatar pg2 says:

      You can’t say that, it’s anti-Semitic!

  30. avatar pg2 says:

    Special rules for special groups of people…..pretty much sums it up.

    1. avatar Former Water Walker says:

      Ah now I understand why you hate Christians or Christian thought. At least this goys saying “Jewish person” knows how offensive most people who say “Jew” repeatedly are…and it sure reminds me of all the black folks who say I can’t possibly understand racism “’cause yer white”. I guess us OFWG can’t possibly empathize with anyone other than white people. I’ll still support Israel.

      1. avatar pg2 says:

        You lost me at “goys”, nice slip there FWW. Too funny. And what possibly gives you the idea I hate Christians or Christian thought??

        1. avatar Former Water Walker says:

          You must think nobody reads the claptrap you post. Is goy from Illinois better for you?

        2. avatar pg2 says:

          @FWW, “claptrap” coming from you is a compliment.

        3. avatar PubliusS says:

          I think we all know where you are coming from, pg2.

          Ladies and Gents, dont feed pg2, and he’ll have to find somewhere else for attention.

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