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Panic Button

Earlier this week, I wrote about Open Carry Activists acting the fool in the state capitol. I used the word threatening which some of our readers took issue with and I further clarified that threatening behavior is most decidedly up for interpretation. Reading the news this morning, it looks as if the duly elected representatives down here in Texas not only felt threatened, they’ve decided to do something about it . . .

The Houston Chronicle reports that as of midday yesterday, the House had approved rules to allow members of Congress to eject citizens from their offices and provided a framework for them to install panic buttons to summon Department of Public Safety (DPS) officers to their location in case of emergency.

Martinez Fischer’s rule change formally will allow House lawmakers to eject members of the public from their offices “at their discretion,” and also would allow offices to install panic buttons that would immediately alert the Department of Public Safety. Offices could recoup the cost of the DPS buttons through a payment plan.

Kory Watkins of Come and Take It Tarrant County turned the knob to 11:

Reached for comment Wednesday, Watkins said, “We need a panic button for people who don’t obey their oath to Constitution.”

As I stated previously, the behavior of a very vocal minority has threatened the prospects of legal and legitimate open carry coming to the Lone Star State. So here we are, on the third day of the legislature, no closer to getting OC legislation on the books, but with provisions for legislators to throw people out of their offices on their whim. I fail to see how Tuesday’s efforts were a win for gun owners. Or anyone else.

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  1. Watkins achieved a victory for authoritarianism: the public now has less access to their elected officials.

    What a demonstration for the left that gun owners are idiots.

    • Martinez Fischer achieved a victory for authoritarianism: the public now has less access to their elected officials.

      What a demonstration by the left that they feel the public is not to be trusted.


      I doubt that you would be singing the same tune if a Republican rep introduced the same measure as a reaction to a bunch of La Raza fools. Yet strangely no Republican has done so even though La Raza actions have been even more provocative at various state houses.

      • Most libtards are pussy commie democrats that don’t want people to have any freedoms except what they think the public is capable of handling which to demo is zilch. The public needs out of office buttons for any politician who doesn’t follow the state and federal constitution and bill of rights which for years have been deviated from for the last 40 years and getting worse all the time. Now that we have Muslim in the white house he believe he’s a king and his panic button is for go around congress. Maybe that’s why nobody trust politicians.

      • I don’t care who is being juvenile and/or obnoxious, increasing the ability of the elected to insulate themselves from the electorate is authoritarian.

      • Personally, I subscribe to the “At first, never attribute to malice what can be explained by stupidity” school of thought.

        So, while it’s an interesting thought, I’d ask what tangible evidence there is to support the hypothesis. Something other than “No gun owner or rights activist would or could be so stupid,” because, you know, they could.

        Otherwise, we circle back around and start playing in the same mental space as the antis, all the hypothetical panic-inducing scenarios you can eat and no grounding in reality.

    • Yep, you got it.

      We on the side of gun rights lost big due to the actions for a few. I hope that they didn’t screw everyone in the state over.

  2. No surer sign of healthy government than a button to eject the public.
    Why not install a trap door at the podium that drops people into a pit of alligators?

    • Was I the only one who laughed a little when I read “eject the public” and thought of a ejection seat launching people through the roof of the capital………………….guess it was just me.

    • First off the open carry activists are winning. And they deserve credit for the success they have had. When we pass open carry , hopefully this session it will be in a large part because of the actions activists have taken to make life less comfortable for those in government.
      Secondly to congressmen who don’t have time at the office for words from your boss, the people, if we can’t get you at the office the next logical step is to demonstrate in front of your house. So be careful how you use those panic buttons. They are for your protection NOT to insulate you from the will of the people.

      • But to insulate them from the people is exactly what they want them for. All govt stooges are running scared because they know the great Ponzi scheme is now ending, and it also is the end of their way of life. Just observe what happened in Switzerland yesterday. Now watch what Germany will do as they let Greece leave the Eurozone and the chaos that that will create in London and NY. I think Germany will use that chaos to leave the Euro themselves. The end of the petrodollar means the end of the politicians as they have known life. No wonder they have so much fear, as they know exactly what all they have stolen from the people of the US. They fear with good reason, as the judgements of most of their victims will be quite harsh when the illusion ends…

  3. Alrighty then…you scared ’em doofuses. Are these guys some kind of “soverign citizens” or what?

  4. I watched the video and in my opinion the OC activist wasn’t threatening. He was only desperately trying to be. He positively had a boner for a fight and did everything he could a la “how to start a bar fight without throwing the first punch”. It was embarrassing. The politician ended up looking good in the video, which is a damn shame.

  5. Gun rights “activists” (Kory Watkins is an attention-whoring clown who’s doing nothing but damaging our image) try to confront hard-left politicians in the politicians’ offices and are surprised at this result…

  6. I’m extremely disappointed to hear this out of Texas House Republicans. When seconds count, Texas DPS are only a “button mash” (which is still minutes) away. I didn’t vote for feel good measures or optics last November. I voted for open carry, lower taxes and no income tax. Get to it. These Republicans have pulled a leftist play out of the a$$e$, passing a rule that has no impact on anyone’s safety -the feel good part. The rule also serves as notice that they are in control and this was a “shot across the bow” to open carry supporters to back off -the optics part. They best get to the agenda they were elected for and expect to be primaried in 18 months.

      • Prepare to be disappointed. The only open carry law that even has a chance in TX is for CHL holders. Even the TSRA is Open Carry to back off.

        • I’ll accept that for a start. There should be SOME increase in firearms freedoms from every legislature. Next one, maybe constitutional carry, or at least unlicensed OC. Something every time. Last time it was relaxed rules on CHL renewal, this time OC, just keep it up!

  7. I live in an open carry state but rarely see people doing it. I don’t mind open handgun carry although I don’t do that myself. I have problems with in your face open carry of rifles in places they are not normally expected.

    I authorized a good number of panic buttons to be installed in my workplace, including in my own office. My employer does not permit carrying at work although by listening to the conversation I figure 4 of the ladies in my own building plus myself have CCW permits, and they probably carry in their purses or cars. Just don’t advertise it. I certainly don’t advertise what might or might not be in my pocket or car

    For what it’s worth while carrying of weapons is prohibited in public buildings in my state, the legislators are of course permitted to carry..

    • I live in an open carry state and we still have the OC tools holding OC marches and show off events. It’s not about OC, it’s about attention whores getting attention in their otherwise meaningless and ignored lives.

      • Are you talking about OCing rifles? That would sound stupid. But if you’re talking about OCing pistols, that should attract no attention at all if you are in an OC state. In TX, if all we get this year is handgun OC for CHL holders, I doubt it will even slow down the rifle OC demonstrations, since the whole point is that OC of a rifle is unrestricted, OC of a handgun should be as well, only restriction (infringement) on concealed. Because common sense. Not.

  8. Do the elected and their staff get to carry (open or concealed) in their state office/the Tx capital? OR is the Staples little red button their “protection”?

    • Everyone with a valid CHL can carry in the Capitol (and bypass the metal detectors). To my knowledge, open carry is prohibited.

      • You can carry in the Capitol or pretty much any state government building. You cannot carry in a public meeting. So my understanding of that is in the Capitol is fine, but not in a hearing room or in the chambers if in session. Same for state agencies. CCW is fine, just not on hearing room if their commission is meeting or a scheduled pubic meeting is in session. Many of the agencies will bring a DPS or APD officer in when CCW isn’t permitted.

        BTW, there are a number of folks who work in the Capitol who have CHLs simply to bypass the metal detector line.

  9. Aaarrgh. Chalk up another own goal to a crew that professes to be “open carry activists”. If this is some kind of astro-turf funded by folks that are anti-gun, I’m almost inclined to respect their effectiveness. Almost.

  10. Stupid tactics. The same behavior is what ended open carry in California, and had a restriction pas so a CCW holder could not carry on capitol grounds (without authorization of the Sergeant at Arms) or the Governor’s Mansion without the governor’s permission, and a restriction on carrying concealed while protesting (those are actually about the only restrictions via State law on CCW licenses)

    It was the Mulford Act, which got a huge impetus from open carrying rifles at the capitol that ended loaded open carry in California.

    • WTF are you talking about? Mulford was strictly driven (like about 50%) of anti-gun legislation, by attempting to disarm ‘the negroes’. The Black Panthers were often marching armed, and that was the impetus for the bill.

      Signed enthusiastically by a lousy governor who became one of our worst, and most anti-gun, Presidents in decades – Ronnie Raygun.

    • We are not going to end open carry of long guns in texas. Comparing TEXAS today to CA in the 60’s is just not apples to apples. The open carry groups are winning. Does every tactic they do work the way they want , no. They may lose some battles BUT they are winning the war. And it’s not the NRA or any of the big lobby groups who can take credit here. Open carry activists forced this issue on a congress that simply www out of touch with the people. It’s like our drug laws. Over 50% of people want them changed. It’s gonna happen. But the legislatures and monied interests have worked to preserve the status quo. Activism is a way to fight that. It’s not pretty all te time BUT it is effective. Effective fighters for liberty MAKE ENIMIES in government and pro government circles.

      • So right. We’re not talking “apples and oranges” anymore. It’s apples and carburators.

        It would be wonderful if we could all have perfect manners, and perfect hindsight… But then we wouldn’t be human.

  11. To the open carriers in Texas that are actually helping the cause: Throw a blanket party for this, “vocal minority.”

    • I guess I am missing what you think helps the cause. You are aware that the ONLY legal OC in TX is what these “vocal minorities” are doing, right? Let’s not advocate breaking the law, as THAT is what would lose the war for us. “Empty holster” rallies are also legitimate protest, we probably need more of that, but of course a lot of CHL holders don’t even own a holster built to be exposed, since it is illegal! I only have one to carry in my car for when I am in an OC state.

  12. Sounds like the Open Carry advocated in Texas need some guidance. In California a few years back an Open Carry Movement got the previously legal Open Carry of unloaded firearms (Pistols first, then Long Arms) completely outlawed by the rabid anti-gun State Legislature. Their problem was poor spokesmen and very bad optics exacerbated by the anti-gun biased Media who amplified the worst mistakes the OC Advocates made and minimized, or omitted, anything they did that might have helped their cause. It was painful to observe and experience…very painful.

    It is a sad and alarming commentary that the Texas State Legislature thought it more important to enact a law allowing them to “eject citizens” from their Offices, than address the Open Carry issue. Portends an ominous trend towards Statism. Some people keep saying Texas is beginning to take on a distinctly purplish hue. Deeply disturbing.

    I sincerely hope you Texans have a better outcome with Open Carry than we did in California.

  13. Here we go again, it’s OCT act up season. They’re about to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory. Come on OCT, more profanity laced videos. More antics. More stupidity. Maybe you can get CCW repealed with your nonsense. Better yet, maybe you can spread out an open chapters in other states and start screwing the pooch in more places.

  14. I hope for Texas gun rights to have the law changed. I understand that the legislatures have more time to pass the law. As I said in the earlier post and caught flak for the actions of a few can ruin things. One person that craps in the pool ruins the fun for everyone else.

  15. The Texas state representatives should be issued panic buttons hidden in strands of pearls, or maybe disguised as a lovely brooch. You know, something that would go nicely with a smart dress and fashionable shoes.

    And for god’s sake, give the state reps new panties. They seem to have soiled the ones they were wearing.

  16. OK, so the guy was a douchnozzle.


    But this is over the top in my opinion…. “the behavior of a very vocal minority has threatened the prospects of legal and legitimate open carry coming to the Lone Star State.”

    If the action of a small group of people acting up is enough to threaten the prospects of open carry then you weren’t really that close to getting open carry.

    If it really was possible for a very vocal minority to truly threaten the prospect of increased gun rights then MDA would have a lot more victories to crow about.

    • +100

      If the movement is that fragile, the fragility existed long before this single incident.

      Scapegoats and bogeymen are interesting things…

  17. Kory Watkins… why does that sound familiar…

    Oh yeah, it’s the guy who got hit by a DUI driver while driving home from protesting DUI laws. And then called the cops.

  18. Because a panic button is going to stop someone from killing you dead.

    I think it just reinforces the Open Carry folks point.

    Sadly I agree with the article, that this likely hurt the cause. :-/

    At least OC isn’t blatantly outlawed in Mass.

  19. That radical open carry group members in general could not pass background checks and requirements to obtain a CHL. They are using the 2nd amendment “constitution carry” to bypass their questionable backgrounds. OC has a better chance to pass without them. Hope they know they are “shooting themselves in the foot” and may ruin passage. Apparently they are so fueled up on whatever they swallow, shoot up or inhale. Pushing OC should be left to professional civilized individuals.

    • Not necessarily. In some states, to open carry you are supposed to have a CC permit as well (kinda redundant in my opinion). Some states only allow OC of handguns during hunting season. Some states it isn’t illegal per say, but just not recommended unless you want to be harassed by the po-pos. In AZ, VT, and a few other states you can both legally CC and /or OC without any kind of permit, period. Even in AZ, I still don’t see too many people OC, but I do see it occasionally. Frankly, people OCing is the least of my concerns.

      Professional Civilized Individuals? WTF is that? I would have to say as a civilian, I did more firearms training then my ten years as a Soldier and NCO in the U.S. Army.

    • I kinda doubt that. I’m thinking that if you cannot pass a NICS check, you are a prohibited person, which means that possession of ANY firearm is a Federal felony. If I am wrong, please advise. Otherwise, every time a douche like this guy showed up with his rifle, he’d be gone for the next 5 years.

  20. I don’t get it, they don’t have phones with speed dial in these offices?

    Also, they should make sure they don’t purchase surplus buttons from the State department. Especially mistranslated ones that supposed to say “Reset” in Russian, but actually says “Overcharge”.

  21. Was bad verbiage last part my post.
    Individuals lobbying elected officials in civilized professional manor.

    Hate the tactics used right now by the OC advocates. They maybe ruining a favorable natural path forward for gun owners which feel they need OC.

    I must ponder the OCT qualifications due to fact no organization leaders are named on website. I’d like to know some of their bio’s even without full names. We know the agenda to rightfully uphold 2nd but who are they. Do they have CHL’s. Why do they feel to march with long guns since its legal and why will this help pass OC. Will they settle for OC with permit?
    They claim to get people used to seeing open display of arms. Guess everyone will no longer look an open holstered hand gun with fear anymore thanks to this group.

    Well if OC passes to some degree are they going to be the only ones with open hand gun in public until they get bored and novelty wears off.

    • Yeah, THAT’S exactly what I said when the California Open Carry Group got both pistol and long arms open carry banned here. (I was having a “kindness” outbreak – moment of weakness).

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