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Jessie Duff (courtesy

SEDRO-WOOLLEY, Wash. –-( Jessie Duff, world renowned champion shooter, has set a new record in the world of shooting sports as the first woman to ever earn the title of Grand Master (GM). The United States Practical Shooting Association (USPSA) designates GM as the highest rating a shooter can achieve. In earning this prestigious classification Duff had to maintain an average above 95% in shooting classification courses, a proven challenge in the shooting sports. 2013 was a record-winning year for Duff, which included top wins in USPSA’s Open, Limited and Single Stack National Championships. Duff also took multiple top wins in the Steel Challenge World Championships and earned top titles in the Arkansas Sectional Championships and Steel Challenge National Championships . . .

“I am honored to have earned the designation of Grand Master with USPSA” said Duff. “This is something I have been working toward my entire shooting career and I’ve come this far thanks to a lot of hard work and a lot of support,” she added.

Duff is recognized as one of the most accomplished competition shooters in the world and is setting a new precedent for female shooters across the country. As female participation in shooting sports is on the rise, Duff’s most recent accomplishments and continued success are contributing to an increase in involvement of women in competitive shooting.

“Jessie is one of the best shooters in the world,” said USPSA Executive Director Kim Williams. “USPSA is proud to announce her historic record as the first woman to ever reach this ranking in Practical Shooting,” added Williams.

Duff is currently training and preparing for the 2014 season of USPSA shooting. You can learn more about her competitions by following USPSA on Facebook and Twitter or follow Jessie on her blog at  For more information or to join USPSA visit

About The United States Practical Shooting Association
The United States Practical Shooting Association is a non-profit membership association and the national governing body for the sport of Practical Shooting in America. USPSA has over 24,000 members and nearly 400 affiliated clubs which host weekly matches throughout the country providing recreational shooters with the opportunity to test and refine their shooting skills in a safe, competitive environment. USPSA is also the U.S. Region of the International Practical Shooting Confederation (IPSC), which is comprised of approximately 67 nations. For more information, visit

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  1. I’d buy that for a dollar.

    Seriously, though. I’ve watched some of her competition videos, and just like folks like Doug Koenig, it doesn’t look that much different from other top-tier competitors, until you look at the times at the end. Slow is smooth and smooth is fast, and lemme tell you, she’s slow.

  2. That title is worded awkwardly. She didn’t “win” it she earned it. You make it sound like she “won” the lottery like she got lucky by somehow stumbling upon the Grandmaster status. No she earned it by shooting enough USPSA classifiers with a high factor (points per second… so like accuracy per second) that was above 95% of the national average

    I honestly think it’s damn near impossible for anyone that isn’t a professional shooter to get grandmaster status. I shoot with a few regular old masters and they tell me how much time they spend practicing to get to master class so the amount of practice time needed to reach grandmaster seems like you would really need to either have no job or no family because there isn’t enough hours in the day otherwise.

    • “seems like you would really need to either have no job or no family”

      Speaking very generally, it’s not quantity of practice but quality. Holds true in most sports.

      • Well sure but it’s be a heck of a lot easier to have the time to do some quality practice if you didn’t have a job or a family.

        • For quite a few of the top tier shooters, being on the range is their job.

          Some of the folks I know who compete have careers that give them plenty of time on the range. Just a couple off the top of my head, one friend runs a gun shop. He shoots each type of firearm to familiarize himself with it and takes customers out to the range to let them try out what interests them. Another friend became a firearms instructor after leaving the military. He spends each afternoon on the range, and took up competing on top of it. Yes, I am a little jealous of him because of this.

          I always wondered if being in that top tier was like it is in some other sports. Where the sponsors basically pay them a salary to just practice and compete. If that is true than this really would be their job, meaning “competition shooter” is the job title. The perfect job….

        • Tom I wonder that too. I have no idea. I know a lot of the pros are sponsored so all of their gear and bullets are heavily subsidized or free-ish in exchange for wearing the logos. I know I would shoot a lot more if I had free ammo and a line on free replacement parts.

        • Agreed. My best shooting was when I taught rifle and shotgun at a Boy Scout Camp. Tons of trigger time. I got the highest score in the company on the rifle qualification course during that summer. It felt like all of the targets were closer even though we shot M16A2’s out to 500 yards with M855.

    • Not 95% above the average. She shoots to 95% of the theoretical best shooter on the Classifiers.

      In no way am I saying that it’s not a huge accomplishment. I’m only at 80% but theoretically if we all shot the same times and same score we’d all be at 100%. The Classification doesn’t grade you to a standard curve of everyone per say, it grades you on against the the best shooter on each classifier. The number of people who score the same as you is irrelevant.

    • Remember the thread yesterday about how we needed a strong female 2A supporter to counteract Shannon Watts? I think we found a winner.

      • Duff did a good job deconstructing the stupid AWB bill before the Senate vote earlier this year.

        The thing is, we don’t need a single female spokesman to counteract Shannon Whateverassumednameshesusingtoday. We need a lot of female spokesmen.

        • “The thing is, we don’t need a single female spokesman to counteract Shannon Whateverassumednameshesusingtoday. We need a lot of female spokesmen.”

          Uh Ralph, that would be “spokewoman” not “spokesman” … and “spokeswomen”, not “spokesmen”.

          You are always on top of everyone else so I figured someone had to bust your balls for a change. After all, it’s not like you give us much to work with!

        • Uh, uncommon_sense, no. It’s spokesman. Man as in Human. Not huperson, Not Huwoman. Human.

          I refuse to corrupt the English language any further that it has already been politicized and PCd all to shit.

      • Competitive shooters (male or female) won’t really make great spokesfolk for our side, at least not in the “counterpoint to MDA/CSGV type groups” way. They’re too easy for antis to dismiss as a) having a financial interest in the gun industry and b) just people “playing” with guns for fun.

        What’s needed are people (especially women and minorities to help counter the OFWG image) who have successfully used a gun to defend themselves and their families from very violent people. That’s the kind of emotional hammer the antis are using against us, so we need to whack ’em back with the same tool.

        Unfortunately, it seems that most people who find themselves having to make that awful choice don’t want to wallow in it after the fact and become professional (non) victims, unlike the bloody-shirt-waving crowd on the other side.

        • Not to take anything away, because she’s photogenic and well-spoken, but she also had a friendly interviewer. The real test of a spokesperson is whether or not they can stand up to a blustering blowhard like Pierced Organ and stay on message and keep the conversation from veering into total fantasyland.

    • Perhaps Jessie and/or Kirsten should show up at every MDA “rally” they can manage when not otherwise productively engaged. Might be good for those “Moms” t be exposed to intelligent, attractive and SKILLED women who have a different perspective. Or would that be bullying?

    • Add Julie (@julieG1 | and Gabby (@GabbyFrancoTS4 | to that list with Jessie (@Jessie_Duff | and Kirsten (@Kirstenjoyweiss |

  3. Forgive me for being crude but I cannot help myself. As I glanced at the photo, I was quite shocked to see “Team Horny” on her shirt until I looked again and realized it said, “Team Hornady”. Freudian slip I guess. Let the flaming begin.

  4. So she actually shoots Tauri? In Competition? My LGS only recently started carrying them because they wanted the affordable revolvers to sell, but the smith in the shop refuses to work on them (or SCCY, Hi-Point, etc.)

      • I handled a Millenium G2, seems like a very nice sized carry piece, but that’s all predicated on it working reliably. It didn’t feel any cheaper than an SR9C in hand, different trigger than the usual plastic fantastic clones.

        I think as long as police aren’t carrying Ruger or Taurus or whatever else they will never get a truly fair shake in the forum of public opinion.

  5. Jesse Duff is awesome! She has been through a lot and achieved a lot. A great role model for all of us.
    She shoots for Taurus now but it used to be Glock and more recently Team Leupold. I would bet she will be successful no matter what gear she is running. No matter what sport she tries for that matter. I’m just glad she is on our side.
    Kinda pretty too.

  6. Beautiful, master of guns, believes passionately in the second amendment, articulate, obviously intelligent, classy and sexy; a liberal/progressives worst night mare, a REAL empowered female.

    May the awakening continue, G-d willing.


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