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“The Rev. Jesse Jackson is visiting Aurora to meet with theater shooting victims and renew his call for a ban on assault weapons,” reports. “Jackson visited the apartment building of James Holmes, who is accused in the mass shooting, and said Thursday it shouldn’t be legal for someone to be able to arm himself more heavily than police.” As in the last post, here we have a civil rights campaigner campaigning for The Man’s “right” to have more firepower than American citizens. As for ambulance chasing masked as advocacy, “Jackson dismissed arguments that debating gun control wrongly makes the tragedy political. He says it’s time to go from ‘mourning to marching’ to address gun violence. He says even people legally carrying concealed weapons wouldn’t have a chance against a shooter armed with a semi-automatic weapon.”

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  1. aw shit. is anyone still listening to this dummy. he needs to take his ass to whereever his son is hiding and be a dad and quit meddeling in others business.

  2. I remember a book I read in highschool, it said something like “all pigs are equal, but some pigs are more equal than others.”

    I wonder if Rev. Jackson read the same book?

  3. Actually given the military surplus stuff the cops are getting they are better armed then us! I have no idea where this guy gets his info…

    • yeah. and as i’ve said before, the civilians should be able to buy what the cops use. after all they’re not an occuppiying force. they’re supposed to be public servants.

      • I would say we should own what ever the armed forces has but then again that is just me.

        • Agreed.

          This “the police are to be more heavily armed than the citizens (NOT “civilians” )” thinking is 180* turned around.

          That’s the talk of dictatorship.

          In a free country, the citizenry has the monopoly on the tools of force. That’s our right. We then allow THEM(the public-servants: the police) to have the certain tools we decide they can use to protect and serve.

          If we really want “common-sense” legislation, we could repeal gun-control and pass acts prohibiting police departments from using/obtaining firearms and equipment that are not to found available to the common man.

    • He has no info,never has had any info and would not know info if someone slapped him in the face with it

    • If any police force has been out gunned by criminals the past 50 years, it was an administrative decision.

  4. In their sties with all their backing
    They don’t care what goes on around
    In their eyes there’s something lacking
    What they need’s a damn good whacking.

  5. The solution is quite simple really. Instead of citizens being constrained to carry concealed pistols — whose “stopping power” is puny compared to rifles — citizens should carry around rifles on their backs.

    For anyone who laughs or scoffs at that suggestion, I merely point to the utter, total, and complete absence of mass murders and/or spree killings at gun ranges. Heck no one can even find three documented instances of armed robbery or rape at gun ranges — ever, anywhere in the entire United States.

  6. Why do I keep getting “Service Unavailable” error messages? Some of my comments are not posting, either … and I highly doubt it is due to spam filtering since my comments are pretty mundane.

    • Last I heard the Obama campaign and the DHS wanted us offline, since well educated and college gradumetates telling folks we need to be armed is just not right!
      Plus guns and ammo is paying them a ton since TTAG’s reviews kick ass!

    • The spam filter will trigger with words like ana l and coc k, even if they are part of a larger word like ana lyze or coc ky. Service Unavailable has been happening for a while, just hit refresh, your comment should be posted anyways (assuming the spam filter didnt eat it).

      • Yeah, the Service Unavailable thing seems to happen on the “reload after post” step. I’ve never had a comment fail to be there when I went back and looked after receiving that error. Similarly, I’ve learned to ignore the “Your comment failed to post” message I get when commenting from my phone. My comment has always been there after a refresh when I’ve gotten that message.

        Perhaps we’ve found this hosting service’s weakness.

  7. “He says even people legally carrying concealed weapons wouldn’t have a chance against a shooter armed with a semi-automatic weapon.”

    That’s an absolute falsehood. An armed citizen with a pistol is at a definite disadvantage against an aggressor with (what I assume the Right Rev. Jackson was implying, since I’m guessing most TTAG readers are already packing semi-automatic pistols) a military style semi-automatic rifle, but whereas the unarmed citizen has only a chance to run away, the armed citizen definitely has a chance to stop the fight. The aggressor has the odds, yes, nobody would argue that. It’s a purely academic point. However, to say that the armed citizen has “no chance” is absolutely untrue. The armed citizen has a chance to stop the fight simply by being armed, and ready and able to deploy their weapon. Are the odds against them? Yes, assuming a one-on-one fight between a bad guy with a rifle and a citizen with a concealed pistol or revolver. However, the point Jesse misses is that as soon as potential victims are armed, the odds of stopping the fight move from zero into possible – the odds may not be great, but anything better than being lucky to not be among the slaughtered seems like something all law-abiding folks would be in favor of. Anyone who can’t or won’t see why that is desirable is blind, and likely wilfully so.

    • many years ago a group of terrorists landed by rubber boats in isreal and attacted an apartment complex just off the beach. it was a murder raid, plain and simple. a civilian tenant of the apartment house killed 2 or 3 of the attackers who were armed with real automatic weapons and grenades. the surviving raiders unassed the place. the tenant that fought back used a pistol. it was shown on the news. i shit you not, it was a single action six shooter. you lose for sure if you listen to all these “experts” that tell you that it’s hopeless to try.

    • “The police are the public and the public are the police”, one of Robert Peel’s 10 thoughts on policing. Too many politicians have forgotten, especially in the UK. Hey, you still get to vote for your sheriffs don’t you?

  8. I don’t know what its like and I don’t wanna know what its like to loose a loved one in this fashion. But I’m gonna bet that if I was one of those families….Id kick this guy’s ass for dancing his political crap over the grave of my loved one.

  9. Wait so the evil racist police should be better armed than innocent Alex Haley-esque American Africans? Leftist anti-EuroAmerican statism is getting very inconsistent lately.

  10. “He says even people legally carrying concealed weapons wouldn’t have a chance against a shooter armed with a semi-automatic weapon.”

    So my legally licensed concealed semi-auto is no match for an openly displayed semi-auto? Isn’t that a pro open-carry message?

  11. I love how he assumes that victims such as the Aurora families WANT to see him. If he came to visit me or my loved ones after this on order to further make us unarmed victims, he’d find more than he bargained for.

    I wonder if he knows about gun control’s racist history, and the devastating impact it still has on minority communities.

  12. Jesse is a self-serving political opportunist, a racist, and an elitist. He is a vampire living off people’s fear, hate, and weakness. Jesse was this way many decades ago and is still the same today. That is all.

  13. This is quite hilarious that Rev. Jackson is blaming the specific type of gun for the cause of an incident is the same exact tactic they love using when they whip out the race card for an incident that was never race-related to begin with. Smoke and mirrors. God forbid they actually blame people for being idiots instead they’d rather make it about race, or in this case, guns.

    The Colorado shooting was a tragedy. That’s it. Nothing more, nothing less. It was not politically motivated, no message was trying to be sent. James Holmes simply cracked with stress (who really knows the real motivation) and lashed out at innocent people. End of story.

    Could this have been possibly prevented? Perhaps. Since this specifically happened in a gun-free Cinemark movie theater, let’s tackle that issue.

    I, for one, think if any business specifically takes the stance of publicly creating a “gun-free” zone, then I would think they are publically announcing their intention of taking the responsibility for protecting their employees and customers right? Why else would you create a “gun-free” zone? It doesn’t make sense to keep lawfully armed citizens out of your establishment. Do you really think a “no guns” sign will keep an armed criminal or crazy person from shooting up the place? It will do the opposite.

    “Gun-free” zones are sending the clear message: “we don’t allow law-abiding citizens that legally carry guns (concealed or otherwise) on this premises”. That’s fine and it’s their choice as a business. However, being a reasonable person, I infer that if this establishment does not want me (a law-abiding citizen with a legal firearm and the license to carry) to worry about defending myself in case something terrible happens at their establishment, then I can only assume they are, in effect, taking the responsibility of self-defense from my hands into their own. Right? Because we’ve already established that criminals and lunatics ignore “no guns allowed” signs.

    Sadly, this is not the case. One would expect all “gun-free” zones to provide the following for it’s unarmed and vulnerable patrons:

    1) Metal detectors at the doors
    2) On-site armed and well-trained security (plain clothed or uniformed)
    3) Be in proximity proximity of a police station

    Without any protection or safeguards, all “gun-free” zones promote are target-rich environments for any criminal or mentally unstable person in the vicinity.

    So in the meantime, until “gun-free” zones offer me and my loved ones or whoever is with me, the protection that I (or my friends) provide ourselves against any criminal or mentally unstable person we may come across, I reserve my right to carry a gun for the sole purpose of defending myself and my loved ones because it’s clear no one else is going to do it for me.

    • it is true that if an establishment disarms it customers, they, in fact, do take on the liability for security. I will not be surprised to see a class action lawsuit just as soon as the smoke clears a bit. Years ago in my hometown, a woman was knifed to death at a remote post office vending stand in a large shopping center one evening. The husband of the victim successfully sued the shopping center and won a settlement of $3.15M for the wrongful death of his spouse. The shopping center was found guilty of not providing security for its customers. It was ruled that similar sized centers around the country did have armed guards but this one did not. The verdict was not overturned on appeal. That was a single murder—this one qualifies it for a class action suit against the theater, as the entire class of people (customers) are affected by the disarmament policy of the theater. Any lawyers out there?

  14. WEAKSAUCE…Jesse, why don’t you go ask inner city black youth what they think about that?

    • better still – how about staying in chicago and figuring out a solution to the extraordinary crime/murder rate among black youth there. that’s a tragedy

  15. Jackson is nothing more than a media whore with diminishing credibility-not that he had much to begin with. One of the most dangerous places in the world is between Jackson and a tv camera.

  16. “The Rev. Jesse Jackson is visiting Aurora to meet with theater shooting victims…”

    I’m glad I wasn’t there… BUT… if I had been there, and if I had been injured or killed, the one thing I would ask is to be in the room, in flesh or in spirit, when this blowhard jackass tried to “meet” with me and my parents. Seeing my dad’s reaction to this guy in person would be one of the highest points of my life.

  17. Why does my gut tell me that the guy in the light colored blue suit with the black and white fedora hat is carrying a semi-auto which has a large capacity magazine inserted into it?

    • that looks to me like he’s in his shirtsleeves. but look at the loose fitting jacket on the chrome dome right behind windbag.

    • Y’know, Aharon, I thought along similar lines. When I was typing my post about my dad meeting him, I almost included something about “would require intervention from the guy in the cornflower blue” because he looked like the guy that would do the intervening.

  18. I really can’t believe the Rev is saying. I mean,.. the police have treated his people so well in the last 60 years and all that.

    You’d think as America’s primary target (black people) for gun control over that period, when he was fighting so hard for his people’s rights,. that he’d remember one of the first rights the gov’t tried to take from him and his.

    • he ain’t fighting for his people’s rights. he’s fighting for his wallet. he’s gotten rich off oppressing his own, keeping them victims instead of stepping aside and let them move ahead. like alex jones he would have to get a real job if he did what was right.

  19. …The only Rev. I’ve ever heard of that doesn’t have a standing church / congregation….he should go to Chicago where he could really do some good if he had the stones….do something about all the killing going on there…while everyone was glued to the TV over the Aurora, CO incident, 21 people (I believe) were shot in Chicago over the same weekend…

  20. Why would any weapons possessed by me be a threat to the police or anyone else? Yes, yes, the 2A is there to allow me and my neighbors to defend ourselves from tyranny…etc. Got it.

    But what about the whole militia thing? If any weapon of mine were ever to be born in earnest, I would hope that it was born in an effort to assist the overstretched local authorities. Isn’t that also in the spirit of the 2A? Well in order to support the authorities effectively you would need the right gear. No big deal. Why do people get so frightened? Where do they think security comes from anyway? Why would our community want to just toss aside the abundant security resource (us!) that the 2A so wisely has provided?

  21. Can I get a +1 for all the innocent people the popo killed this year?
    Can I get a +2 for innocent dogs the popo done up this year?

  22. When I see my neighbor park an APC in his garage and carry his full auto .50 into the house I’ll consider his opinion. Not until

  23. I agree with the above commenters. Where does Jackson get his info, the White House? The average Patrolman has a shotgun, M-16, and open carry a .40 in his car.

    The more advanced and better funded the patrolman get say like SWAT teams, or Federal law enforcement has enough fire power with looser weapon policies than squads of Marines.

  24. Jackson visited the apartment building of James Holmes

    Huh. It must be across the street from a cathouse.

  25. I say to Jessee Jackass: As a Jewess in the US, I can only state that NOW is the time for all REAL Americans to put our 2nd Amendment FIRST! Criminals like the slasher of Smith’s Market in Salt Lake City are stopped by FIREARMS, not kind words. And remember that America wasn’t won with a registered gun!

  26. I wonder who it was that paid that fool to go to Aurora and speak his rhetoric ensconce. Was a black person killed in the murder? Too bad a couple patrons weren’t armed, they could have saved some lives as well as their state a bunch of money that is now wasted on a needless trial. Followed by a lengthy stay on Colorado’s pretend death row.

  27. I wonder who it was that paid that fool to go to Aurora and speak his rhetoric nonsense. Was a black person killed in the murder? That would explain his appearance. Too bad a couple patrons weren’t armed, they could have saved some lives as well as their state a bunch of money that is now wasted on a needless trial. Followed by a lengthy stay on Colorado’s pretend death row.

  28. Jessie Jackson, You need to develop a brain. Learn your history with regards to violent crime. Ever since the North Hollywood Bank shoot out occurred back in the 90’s, Law enforcement (police to you laymen that are brain dead) has had far better weapons that Civilians. Those weapons range from 9mm to AR-15’s to the Barrett BMG 50 cal sniper rifle. The officers I know, have at their immediate disposal, their service hand gun, one rifle of varying type and calibure, 1 12 GA shotgun and a taser. I think that qualifies as being better armed. So please, do us all a favor and both you and your paid entourage of buffoons crawl back under the rock you all came out from under.

  29. First, I believe that the only “gun” that rev. Jackson is familiar with is the one he uses to father children with women he isn’t married to. Second, this is the same guy that have spewed hate towards whites, Jews, and other groups that he is predjudiced against, as in calling New York City “Hymie town”, referring to Nixon aides as “German jews”, and making a comment about how he would like to castrate Obama. Just my opinion, but Jackson is only 1 1/2 hairs more credible than Al Sharpton who is the lowest of all scumbags in the “activist” business.

  30. The whole point of the second ammendment was to equip a militia and to arm the citizenry just as well in the event that we had a tyrant like Obama. These jerks will only get my assault rifle with high capacity mags and bullets from my cold dead hands. I served my country for 10 years in the U.S. Army and risked my life many times to defend that ragged old flag and the U.S. Constitution and I’ll be damned if I will give in. I hope that Obama is listening along with these other miscreants and malcontents in the U.S. Congress. I would rather die on my feet than live on my knees.

  31. I find it interesting that the man who stood next to MLK on the day he was shot by the FBI would advocate such a thing…………………

    • He actually lied about where he was standing when MLK was shot. He was actually in the room and not on the balcony. It wouldn’t surprise me if he knew it was going to happen. The King family felt JER got rail roaded or was a patsy.

  32. You know what really gets me…. These guys are screaming and protesting when one of their own get killed by a police officer, but then he stands there and says the police should have bigger guns than us. Talk about talking out your ass.

  33. I wonder what kind of weapons Jesse Jackwagon’s security detail are carrying and wonder if they are legal in all the states he travels in and out of on this community organizing events. He apparently didn’t do a good enough job on teaching Jesse Jr on how to be a crook and not get caught. If he is worried about violence, he needs to haul his expensive suite to Chicago and deal with the bangers.

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