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Supernatural shooter Jerry Miculek wants gun owners who carry openly to do so politely, responsibly and strategically. After sharing some advice on concealed carry. At 10:00, JM gets to open carry. Forgiving The Great One for calling his standard capacity magazine a “high capacity” mag, I’m down with his recommendation: open carriers should use a retention holster (notice that even The Master’s draw gets hung up; these things require a LOT of training.) At 12:00, Jerry talks about pistol politeness and AR manners. His advice? Don’t touch your gun when schmoozing with gun muggles. Otherwise, JM’s OK with OC. Or is he? [h/t]

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  1. At about the 1:40 mark he makes the statement that if he is open carrying, he has to be more aware of his surroundings then when he is carrying concealed. I disagree with that line of thinking. You should be equally aware of your surroundings regardless of whether you are carrying open, concealed, or not at all. The difference between open carrying vs. concealed carrying is how you respond to and interact with your surroundings.

    • I think you’re dealing in word play here. What I assume Jerry means is that by making your gun more visible, you must now become more aware of dangers directly associated with that open visibility, like the risk of an attacker making an attempt to disarm you that he wouldn’t have attempted had he simply not known you were a threat or armed.

      • He used the phrase “more aware of your surroundings.” Now, his intention may have been to convey the importance of assessing the situation differently than if you were concealed carrying, i.e. this guy walking up to me want my gun (open carrying) versus I am watching the guy, but he doesn’t know I have a gun and is not approaching me to take it (concealed carry). If that is what he meant, fine, but the meaning of words matter and he should have used better ones.

        • Well, he’s the world’s greatest revolver shooter (among other things), not the world’s greatest bullsh1tter, so I give him a pass.

        • STHU! Go ahead and tell us what the definition of “is” is…
          (unfortunately it seems I’m feeding a troll!)

    • When I carry concealed, I don’t have much concern about somebody grabbing my gun or dealing with some hoplophobe who freaks out.
      When I open carry, I do.

  2. Didn’t watch the video, but (based on your description) I have the same personal guideline concerning open carry, myself: don’t mess with the gun while out and about.

      • Agreed. I hope I’m not the only one who’s ever practiced the ‘belt hitch’ in front of a mirror until it looks more like the normal adjustment a fellow might make and less like I’m attempting to reposition a gunbelt with three pounds of pistol and ammo attatched to in beneath my jacket. There are more and less subtle ways of doing this. Certainly touching or fiddling with the gun in public is bad form, but even broadcasting that it’s there at all isn’t terribly polite or tactically sound.

  3. Are you really suggesting that Jerry Miculek is somehow against open carry? The overall tone of this article makes it seem like he’s switched sides to become an anti-gunner. His video just states that people should use common sense, which is a valid point. I know you say you’re agreeing with him, but it seems you’re just trying to stir up discontent. I enjoyed this website for the gun reviews (that’s how I came here in the first place) but it seems lately the focus has been mostly just a political rant. Maybe I just haven’t been here long enough and it’s always been that way, but this article seems ridiculous.

  4. As far as I’m concerned, Jerry can carry any way he wants. OWB, IWB, ankle, appendix, shoulder, open, concealed or tucked into his hatband like a goose feather.

    Then again, I believe that he’s a cyborg.

    • As far as I’m concerned, Jerry can carry any way he wants. OWB, IWB, ankle, appendix, shoulder, open, concealed or tucked into his hatband like a goose feather (because he’ll still be faster on the draw than me).

      Fixed that for you.

    • Indeed, at the end of times I expect to see JM half denuded of flesh with partially exposed metal endo-skeleton and announced by a high pitched servo whine, making ordinary revolvers sound like machine guns. I’m just glad he’s on ‘our’ side.

  5. Do you adjust the comfort of your pants by pulling up on the belt, or go direct to the job and ease your nuts at the crotch occasionally?

    Generally speaking, a holstered gun should not be uncomfortable, or be in the way of anything, but if that happens a hand to the holster to ease the situation shouldn’t be taken as some major crisis. Work out your gear so it is comfortable and not a problem, of course, but touching it isn’t the end of the world.

  6. “Forgiving The Great One for calling his standard capacity magazine a “high capacity” mag…”

    Just a FYI calling Jerry “The Great One” is kind of confusing as most people use that nick name for Rob Leatham.

  7. The vest changes who he is in public?
    He is the same guy that will have two bullets on their way to your vitals before the first one impacts, even at point blank.
    You best know who he is before you F with him.

  8. Really digging that intro – Umbrella, helmet, plate carrier, long guns galore and music that sounds right out of Mr. Roger’s Neighborhood 😀 (It felt like Trolley was going to come tooting in at any second.)

  9. Jerry is just one personable mofo. Even without the cyborg, physics-defying shooting, he’s just cool from his mustache to his toes.

  10. Jerry Miculek is my hero. Seriously. I admire everything about Mr. Miculek. Best skill in the world and outstanding philosophy.

  11. I’m with Ralph…he’s not human. He CANT be.
    By the time I’ve decided to reach for my gun, there’s 3 brand new holes in my torso.

    Thanks for playing, try again.

    • I think he’s attempting to teach good gun manners to OC’ers because he’s concerned that he might be startled by them and in the .025 seconds before he realizes they aren’t a threat, shoot 20 or so of them with his 7 shot body guard complete with the 3 reloads it would take. The man’s not human.

  12. Jerry does a great job here of explaining how to not be a douchbag. Its a shame that most people today do not grasp this concept. Dont dress like a chipotle ninja. Wear respectful clothes. Try nice pants and a collared shirt, it makes a difference. Dont carry in the low ready, but use a bag. Dont pose for photo ops for Facebook. Dont attention whore like an instagram skank.

    These open carry clowns are making the wacko abortion rights activists look civilized. Why is it these open carry people that get media attention always have to be morbidly obese slobs or some clown that looks like he is pretending hes an extra on the walking dead? When you open carry you represent all gun owners to the average citizen. Stop being a douche.

    • I hate that you’re using the term “chipotle ninja” that thus far has been (nearly) the sole domain of The Right Reverend Paul T. McCain. I’d be careful with that association. If other people start using it, I will be forced to assume that they also are pot-stirring pricks whose opinions are irrelevant at best, and outright trolling at worst.

      Other than that, I agree completely with what you said.

  13. Flame away if you like, but there’s no reason to be wandering through an urban center draped in rifles. It may be legal (in some places) but it’s still assholish.

    A holstered pistol in a proper retention holster is fine, though if you wish to take on the role of an Ambassador of TPOTG, shave your ugly mug and tuck in your shirt. 95% of folks will have no fears of a neatly dressed guy or gal walking around with a properly holstered pistol, because it just looks “correct”. An AR in a one-point sling on some scruffy, unshaven dude? Not so much.

    • Y’know, you’re probably going to figuratively burn in Heck for implying that scruffy, unkempt, child-molester-bearded, dirty-looking-long-haired or shaven-headed, overweight or spookily gaunt, baseball-cap-wearing, wild-eyed, camouflage-and/or-plaid-wearing zealots in bloused cargo pants and combat boots carrying EBRs in public places do NOT make the best Pro-OC Ambassadors. . .

  14. Funny, last time I looked, the S&W Bodyguard was a (bobbed) hammer-fired DAO weapon, not a striker-fire (5:36 mark).

    • It can also be a .38 Special revolver, and has been around for decades as a simple shrouded-hammer J-frame sans plastic bits, lasers, levels, telescopic sights, ballistic calculators, ambidextrous thingies, and high-zoot looks. I mean, it used to look like a GUN.

      Now, get off my lawn.



      So I take it you are a master pistol shooter then, right? 30-40 yards on a dollar sized target? I think there are very few shooters who can claim that ability, including some very proficient people who make their living at it. As for your proficiency at disarming people, don’t assume too much, over confidence has a habit of getting people hurt.

    • Wow. 1.5″-2″ groups rapid fire at 40 yards… High speed low drag much? Or are you just Jerry with an (even more) advanced micro chip in your head? Let me guess, your CCW side arms of choice are a gold Desert Eagle, a Smith and Wesson .500 with silver bullets, and your ankle carry is a Thompson/Center Custom .577 T-Rex pistol with a Schmidt & Bender 1-100 power scope. Is the gun by the night stand a 4 gauge double barrel or a .300 winmag AR pistol?

      • Fellers, I think that you could tell by the all-caps, weird syntax, braggadocio, and insults that this gent is doing his best to fight through the Fog of Wine, and taking heavy casualties. Let him be.

    • The last time I checked the human head at arms length is far easier target than a dollar coin at 30-40 yards (really, who can hit that with a concealment handgun?). Fortunately disarms are performed only at contact distances and only by those who have a head (functional brains in the head optional but those with no head lack the vision to orient on the weapon).

      I’m going to assume with all the shouting that this person is new a paraphrase some very witty commenter from yesterday:


  16. I absolutely agree with the entire premise of this video. As a police officer and gun rights advocate, it is difficult to argue the point or sway folks to our side of the fence when some, however well meaning, enthusiast is parading around with his/her AR or SKS slung across their chest. We have dealt with individuals exercising their rights on several occasions in the last two years. The majority of them are not a problem, but there are those individuals who want their 5 minutes of youtube glory, who walk up and down the main business section of a community and generate 30 calls to the 9-1-1 center. Why? because they WANT to have the interaction with law enforcement. They want to prove that cops are a bunch of over zealous gun grabbing jack boots chomping at the bit to sieze their guns. the reality is far from this We have had two contacts in the last two months. One with knuckleheads who insist on parading around the main business district with rifles slung in front, in body armor (plate carriers adorned with all of the “mr potatohead” molle gear) and thigh holsters. The second, were some individuals, in full battle-rattle- at night “on patrol” in their neighborhood, in a wedge formation, weapons slung at the “low ready.” In the military we only moved into the wedge when we felt contact with the bad guys was “imminent.” These same fools were actually pissed when we flanked them on foot, prior to having a unit make contact. (something they only learned when the flashlights and PEQ-5s were turned on).

    The point is this, in the military, when we were inside the wire, we had a condition called “admin carry”; Rifle slung barrel down across the back, no mag, bolt forward, safety on. We carried a mag (or 2) in our BDU pocket or in a molle pouch on our belt. If we can have our soldiers carrying their weapons in that manner in a combat theater, why is it so tough to get a responsible gun enthusiast to do it at home. The Israeli Army makes this part of their protocol when off-duty, in or out of uniform, if you are carrying a long gun. Arguably, they see the wisdom in not having the weapon loaded while walking through a public market, but I can guarantee the average Israeli reservist can load and “make ready” their M-16 in a second or two. If you can’t, then your skill level with the rifle is wanting and you should consider additional training. Therein lies another problem… what is the skill level of some of these folks and if the SHTF do I/we want them lighting up a neighborhood?

    So tell me where I’m screwed up here…

    • You’re not screwed up. You’re stuck between recognizing rights and dealing with flaming idiots. Most people would be embarrassed to be seen walking down their street in a plate carrier with rifle at the ready unless there was something even stranger than their appearance going on in the neighborhood.

      Those who lack this internal control often suffer from other social issues, like how to interact with others, including police, without escalating a confrontation. They also often have grave difficulty seeing themselves through another’s perspective. Fortunately, aside from the incidental discomfort they cause, they are mostly harmless. I think the trick to dealing with them is first deciding if you’ve encountered a criminal gang (decidedly unlikely) a militia on the attack (again, highly unlikely) a terrorist cell (highly unlikely) or a group of morons (very likely). The context of location and mannerisms is usually the best means to decide.

      Given that these types are primarily young they will often respond well to an older officer who validates what they are doing but asks them to ‘help him’, as one of the good guys, by not going about in battle drag, or at least giving the police a heads up when and where they are going to ‘patrol’ so that you don’t have to respond to a bunch of unnecessary 911 calls. They don’t want to be seen as panicking the citizenry, and tend to respond pretty well to ‘partnering’ with authority figures if the authority doesn’t bruise their egos much as this causes resentment that is usually only seen after the authority has left.

      There is a subset that is considerably older and which derives it’s motivations from a different source. These tend to respond better to an approach that recognizes the ‘legitimacy’ of what they are doing while appealing to their sense of propriety, that is, arguing that if they had a sign explaining their cause and ‘operated’ in daylight they would be more effective and less frightening to the ‘muggles’.

      With either type their behavior can largely be shaped once you’ve established rapport and shown that you don’t oppose what they are doing. The more you include them in your circle (by rhetoric) and include yourself in theirs the more cooperation you’ll get. Often, just this feeling of inclusion and acceptance is all that is needed. A positive conversation with a police officer is a bonus. It’s exciting, and it validates them. Their ‘after action debriefing’ amongst each other will largely revolve around this acceptance, inclusion and positive emotion derived from the contact with the police. If you must confront them in numbers, once you’re convinced they aren’t a threat, get rid of as many officers and cars as you can and limit conversation with them to 1 or 2 officers max. Deescalating the excitement level is important to avoid repeat Performances and too many officers together become a closed group that might seem oppositional to the rifle carriers, furthering their angst and encouraging more of the behavior.

      Using phrases like ‘I’m glad you’re on our side’ and ‘it’s good to know you guys are out here if we ever need you’ validates them in their own eyes and is harmless from an LE perspective. It might seem that this would cause a repeat of the behavior but the reality is that once validation is found and the novelty wears off most won’t repeat the behavior because there is nothing more to gain from it.

      I hope this helps you in dealing with these encounters in the future.

  17. Some of these posts are chuckle worthy.

    “Of course he’s faster than me, He’s a cyborg; I thought I covered that”.

    “But touching it isn’t the end of the world”, ( I would ask ,are you talking about touching your rifle or your gun, or both?) “Full Metal Jacket” reference.

    Or John in AK; your “burn in heck” post.

    Or Michael n McDaniel’s post. The entire thing.

    Like I said, this thread is a hoot.

  18. Glad you finally picked up this video. The man gives a lot of common sense that can be used for the good of all concerned. Listen and let it soak in rather than picking small things with which to disagree. Look at the big picture folks before we lose more than we have.

  19. As somebody who doesn’t open carry except for once in a blue moon (back in the day I open carried during work hours), I think the way you respond and interact with your environment with an open carried firearm. Personally when I do open carry I am more conscious of my weapon, but I am also more conscious of others around me if that makes sense, which leads me to be more cautios in my actions and word selection, typically I project a very hig level of grumpiness and in general leave me alone ness, but with an open carried firearm I typically toned down in that.

    Now with a concealed weapon I am pretty grumpy, and most people just leave me alone.

    • I’ve been OC 100% of the time for the last 5 years; Always clean shaven, clean Levis, boots, clean shirt tucked in. Always polite, even when I’m feeling grumpy. Never confrontational or abrupt; and when I’m in a line, I stand mostly sideways with my pistol angled towards the person ahead of me.

      I am conscious that I am being looked at by by the general public by a higher standard than “normal” people. It is a responsibility.

  20. Jerry did his level best to get the point across without coming right out and saying that only the intellectually challenged choose to strut into Safeway with their favorite hog leg prominently displayed.

    His latent message was “It aint very smart to open carry in certain public settings, but if you insist to be not very smart, here are some things to consider”. And folks his assessment is spot on. You give up too much by going from concealed to open carry. Most of the open carry obsessed give little or no thought to and are completely ill-prepared in weapon retention practices or equipment.

    Luckily, even in States where open carry is the law, common sense prevails for the most part and hopefully common sense advice from folks like Jerry Miculek will sink in on at least a few of the open carry obsessed in this forum.

    • So Ted Unlis; I agree, Jerry is a man among men. A man that shows his preference for CC without disrespecting those that choose to OC. I have incredible respect for Jerry because this, and this would make me look more closely at my own OC now going on for five years.

      You Ted on the other hand by your derogatory and demeaning attacks against those that OC, like myself; show nothing but bigotry, intolerance, ignorance and just plain hatefulness. You Ted, I place in the box of all those ignorant and hateful gun grabbers that attack all gun owners for practicing a right.

      So Ted, take a lesson from the great Jerry Miculek. We can all learn something from his example.

      • I think that you misunderstand; Most do not oppose OC as a concept, but instead oppose those who make a tacky show of it to impress the ‘locals’. The practitioners who are well-dressed or at least ‘clean’-looking and do not resemble extras from the set of ‘Deliverance’ draw little attention and do their cause good; Those who DO look like a reject from ‘Li’l Abner’ and are wielding a seemingly-loading EBR do their cause NO good at all. You will not like this analogy, but are you less or more likely to ‘accept’ a Gay man who looks and dresses as does any other man and does not ‘mince,’ or would you prefer that the Gay man have a set of leather chaps with no, um, ‘rear end,’ a black leather vest, and nothing else, and sashays about waving a pink feather boa while belting out an Ethel Merman tune?

        Now. Both of those Gay men are equally ‘gay,’ but one is considerably more palatable and likely to be accepted than the other. One has the appearance of normalcy, and the other. . .

        Thus, the problem with OC Zealotry. If your group suffers bigotry, the LAST thing you want to do is to bring unwelcome, and unhealthy, negative publicity and negative public feeling upon yourself and your group.

        You can go ahead and rail against ‘bigots and racists and Fudds, oMY!’ as much as you wish. However, people are people, and if you look dangerous, or weird, or bizarre, that is how you will be taken, and you will have to work all the harder to convince people that you are not.

        • Actually John; you are not getting my point. I happen agree with you and Jerry’s perspective about showing a positive and non-confrontational face to OC’ing; read my post above the hateful and bigoted spew by Ted Unlis.

          The point is the way that you and Jerry approach the person you have the difference of opinion with. One is done with respect, the other is from a hateful and bigoted place. Both you and Jerry’s approach shows respect; so I listen with respect; where as Ted’s approach shows absolutely no respect and outright contempt, so he gets no respect and contempt in return. Your approach allows me to think about and gives me the space to perhaps change my perspective about OC’ing. Ted’s way allows for no accomodation or compromise.

        • ThomasR, your rant “the hateful and bigoted spew by Ted Unlis” is too funny. Your overreaction to my assertion that follks obsessed with open carry lack common sense proves the very point I was making, thanks. Is it just a coincidence that your flaming responses are remarkably similar to William Burke?

  21. Not only does he give good and useful info, he makes a funny: “…and I’m very happy to see you, by the way.” hahaha. God bless everyone who’s old enough to make dirty jokes and get away with it.

  22. If you’re at the range and see someone walking around, carrying a rifle with a magazine and closed bolt, at low ready, how would you react? Any different if you saw the same thing at Target?

    And what’s the first rule of gun safety?

    Open Carry organizations should remind their members of these things before they go on a walk to promote their cause.

  23. ThomasR, you sir are doing OC correctly. And even though I’m grumpy like 99.999% of the time I’m still polite! or at least I try to be haha but again! you are going about open carrying correctly.

  24. M Pedderson: Excellent post. OC is fine if done with appropriate situational awareness AND quality skills. If you dont have these, you are not a RESPONSIBLE gun owner. Just an incident waiting to happen. Please learn how to carry. BTW I’m referring to self-regulation not laws restricting OC.

  25. Jerry Miculek is such a good guy. Great ambassador for the POTG.
    There is not a lot more to say after this, except, THANK YOU, SIR!


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