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Because California’s gunpocalypse hasn’t been fun enough, Governor Moonbeam piled on a little more yesterday. As the Sacramento Bee details,

Weeks after splitting the difference on a sweeping package of new gun regulations, Gov. Jerry Brown has added one more bill to the pass column.

Brown on Friday announced that he had signed without comment Assembly Bill 857, requiring anyone who manufactures or assembles a homemade firearm to first apply for a unique serial number or other marking from the state Department of Justice, which must then be affixed to the weapon.

The question you’re probably asking yourself: how will they know? If someone builds a gun at home and doesn’t choose to comply with the law…where’s the trip wire? And what’s to prevent an individual caught with an un-serialized homemade gun from claiming he built it before the new law went into effect?

Actually they thought of that. AB 857 require retroactive serialization of all unserialized firearms in the state.

Wait, didn’t Brown veto a similar bill a couple of years ago claiming that it wouldn’t do anything to “advance public safety”? Why yes, yes he did. But this is a new day and there’s a new virulent anti-gun reality in play in the Golden State.

AB 857, supported by gun control and law enforcement groups, is aimed at preventing people who are prohibited from purchasing or possessing firearms in California from simply making their own at home instead. Rapid advances in three-dimensional printing technology have made it substantially easier to manufacture crude guns out of plastic or metal.

Finally, someone’s done something about a scourge that’s been bedeviling the left coast for decades. Sleep soundly, Californians, in the knowledge that your betters are looking out for you.

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  1. Any reason why we can not just arrest the state government of CA without charges? I mean if they are going to violate the Constitution why not fight fire with fire?

      • No it’s not. California is vast majority of people who don’t give a shit about firearms. Nothing.will.happen.

        • Only 3% of the population was directly involved in the American Revolution. The rest quietly supported jt, were indifferent, or opposed it. If it comes down to a repeat, I’d say there would be no more than 5% participation. The 5% with most of the guns and military experience. So who would stop them from arresting the governor?

        • It’s not going to happen. Nothing but Internet posturing. If you live among liberals, be prepared to live by their rules.

    • It’s been said that As goes California, so goes the nation. You guys get it kicked off. The tree of liberty is dying of thirst.

    • You’re thinking too small… If they simply made robbery and murder illegal all these problems would go away. Then, law abiding people wouldn’t be committing all these murders and robberies.

      • That’s right. Why make all these complicated laws about firearms. They should just make murder and robbery illegal. If a person is willing to murder someone, they are probably also willing to make firearm receivers without serial numbers. I don’t see this law doing anything to stop that.

        • I don’t think you get it. They’re manufacturing criminals out of law-abiding citizens. Because there aren’t enough criminals already.

          Except for the ones who are overcrowding the jails and they’re letting out. And the ones who come, unabated, from other countries. But never mind them. They’re not the problem.

    • MN actually has in it’s tax code that you’re supposed to pay a tax and get a stamp on your marijuana. (Marijuana is illegal in MN & the code makes clear paying the tax does not give you immunity from “possession laws”.

      So yeah wouldn’t be a stretch to have a law that says you’re supposed to have your Meth inspected for purity. *nothing in this section provides immunity from prosecution *

        • BLM is saying the same thing. And they are way ahead of the California Patriots, which is a contest I have no desire to enter. Nothing is going to happen in Cali until the confiscations begin. If you live among a vast majority of liberals, don’t act surprised and upset when you are forced to live by the rules of the liberals.

    • I am pretty sure nearly everyone here would vote for Trump over hillary. We literally have a lousy option and a way worse option. Trump at face value has said he supports the 2nd A.

      • You would be surprised Sage. Lots of nevertrumpers, libertarians and liberal’s around here. Stubborn bastards.

        • In california legal Marijuana intoxication is more important to libertarians and liberals than the second amendment. Protecting civil rights has always been a low priority in the state.

          Voting for homosexuals who were anti freedom candidates or people who liked pot but hated guns, was always the voters choice in California.
          I know I was born and raised there.

      • Actually, there IS a non-crap option on the ballot. Gary Johnson. The only reason he is unlikely to win is because people are convinced there are only two options. If all the people with enough sense to realize that both Hillary and Trump are garbage candidates pulled their heads out of their asses and voted for him, he’d win by a landslide.

        • Johnson, even if he had a snowball’s chance in hell to start with (which he didn’t) shot himself in the dick by choosing an anti-Second Amendment vice president.

          I once again paraphrase The Yankee Marshall: If you live in a state that is traditionally strongly Blue, vote your conscience since your vote for Trump will not matter anyway. If you live in a state that is traditionally strongly Red, vote your conscience since Trump will take it anyway. If you live in a swing state, VOTE TRUMP!

          And even more importantly, now that the primaries and convention are over, change your voter registration at your earliest opportunity to anything other than the Republican party. If enough people do this they may (but I doubt it) get the message that they are not representing the people any more.

        • Gary had been sounding like a standard democrat lately. It’s really weird.

        • Cliff, well said…BUT! The polls are so shitty this year that you some of us don’t know if we’re swing until after the votes are counted.

    • Trump — Can be controlled by Congress to a great degree on anything major..

      Hillary — Will be fully supported by a democrat Congress and a permanently leftist SCOTUS.

      Johnson — Cannot win under any circumstance and is the same as a vote FOR Hillary.

      • Uh, no. The principled Conservatives and Libertarians aren’t voting for Trump under any circumstances. The best thing you guys can do is vote for Johnson to keep the vote from being split.

        A vote for Trump is a vote for Hillary!

        • Bullshit. See my comment above. If you live in a state that Hillary will win no matter what anybody does, and you feel like voting for an anti-gun vice president and a guy who would choose such a man to be his vice president, vote for Johnson.

          If you are in a swing state and vote for Johnson, or Ralph Nader or Rosanne Barr or whoever else is running on the socialist/communist/Liberal platform, or you stay home in protest and don’t vote at all rather than vote for Trump then your vote will count for Hillary. This math is not difficult.

          And for the record, I do not like nor trust Trump, but I detest Hillary and everything she stands for. Our best and perhaps only chance is to elect Trump and then immediately start working to nominate and elect a true conservative in 2020. None of this waiting for the primaries and see who pops up crap – start finding a replacement for Trump the day after the inauguration.

  2. More failed, unenforceable, non-complied with law, designed from the ground up to turn non-criminal gun owners into criminals with the stroke of a pen.

    Good job Moonbeam, now even less people than before will see “the rule of law” as something that should be considered relevant.

    • “More failed, unenforceable, non-complied with law, designed from the ground up to fail

      Fixed it for you.

      All these laws are designed to accomplish nothing, so that next year or the year after, they can say, “See, we did not go far enough.”

      It’s a march toward 100% ban of privately owned firearms. They HAVE to have a monopoly on force first in order to get the authoritarian State they want.

      • But it didn’t fail.

        It has moved along the path. Gun owners must be criminalized so that they can get to the point the really want to get too.

        Repeal of the 2nd amendment by fiat.

      • But what do they do after the first spree shooting after all the guns have been confiscated.

  3. Hey! Look at that, I pull up the old TTAG and *BOOM* my state has passed another fantastic addition to the poop trench called the laws of the state of California. It almost warms the cockles of my heart to see that no matter what, my state is ALWAYS thinking of new ways to “protect” me with ever aggressive bits of legislation.

    And thank the good old lord that the vile scourge of 80% lowers will now be required to be registered with the state DOJ as a firearm, except of course, this opens the door to metal in general being labeled as potential gun making materials, given the hot and sweaty ass sniffing going on between K. DeLeon and G. Newsom at the moment. Which, of course raises a bit of a red flag for any business or human endeavor in the state that requires; you know, like, metal to work.

    The days cannot arrive fast enough to wing me so far away from this state that I only leave a thin vapor trail in my wake. I won’t wait for the YEARS of litigation against these latest affronts to reach fruition and hopefully overturning, I just hope that all of the disingenuous FUDDS in this state understand that I will watch with popcorn in hand as they are forced to turn over their newly dangerous weapons to the police once a certain human bowel movement is president.

  4. A crisis is brewing in California.

    What do people do when their representatives don’t share a single viewpoint with them, but the people are powerless to elect a representative that actually represents them, due to being vastly outnumbered by opposite minded voters that encourage voter fraud and illegal immigrants’ right to vote (motor voter)?

    The easy answer is to move to free America, but that shrinks the minority conservative vote further. Also there’s no guarantee that free America will stay free, even with the Bill of Rights supposedly limiting government overreach.

    The hard answer is one that no one wants, but may eventually become necessary.

    • Eventually this will turn into a showdown between Conservative states and the Feds. That might look like the Montana Firearms Freedom Act or the Idaho State Constitution being pushed by states and ignored by the Feds, or it might turn into a honest to God need to use your arms to protect your rights.

      Either way, it serves the interests of those free states best to have as many reinforcements arrive before things go that direction.

      It serves the citizens of California best to be out from behind enemy lines before California reopens Manzanar and other internment camps.

      Forces divided aren’t as useful as forces unified. If every gun owning Californian left for another state we would have Republican Presidents for a century and there wouldn’t be a blue state left west of the Mississippi.

      My exit date is 2019. Might have to go sooner than that at the rate things are going here.

    • Nothing will happen Al. People who give a shit about gun rights are vastly outnumbered in California. The people have spoken. These laws are the result of the people freely voting for Progressives. Live among Progrsssives, deal with the consequences.

      • Are you really that confident that the elections are real? I don’t know how anyone is any more, fed, state, or local. I’m not convinced my vote is even counted.

        • 100% agreement Larry. Hillary is our next president. I hope not, but she is. The Progressives have had 8 years to rig the system.

    • Building on Marmot’s comment above, everybody MUST read “Atlas Shrugged”! The only way to defeat these Progressive fascists other than open, armed rebellion is to realize that you do not owe them or their mooching constituents anything. Pack up and move to “Galt Gulch” while you still can, before they make you a slave by passing a law that says you are not free to move out of California. How would that be any less unconstitutional than what they are doing now?

      Seriously. The premise of Atlas Shrugged was that the productive citizens turned their backs on the government and moochers and left them to stew in their own stupid laws. Once they had no one left to mooch their taxes and jobs from the society had no ability to keep from imploding.

      “Socialism is a great system until you run out of other people’s money.” – Margaret Thatcher

      • I read it about 6 years ago. It was eye opening. A lot of my political thinking goes back to principals expoused in the book.

      • I can’t recommend anyone read Atlas Shrugged entirely; brilliant philosophy, but Rand really was a fairly mediocre writer. I’d suggest people read the lengthy speeches in between all the plot, and save themselves some headache. Only genuinely good part was the city lights of NYC disappearing over the horizon at night (or were they cutting out, forever?) as Dagny left that den of evil to collapse under the weight of its disease.

    • Eventually CA/etc will go bankrupt (maybe a few bankruptcies from now), and the Feds will only be able to raise money in a bond-market made worthless by quantitative easing by;
      1) Forcing solvent states to purchase bonds (essentially looting Paul to pay Peter) that are worthless
      2) Printing fiat currency openly (looting everyone)
      3) Doing nothing, paralyzed by indecision or incompetence

      I honestly think all three are equally likely, and all three will lead to open warfare on US soil. I will have long since fled before the fight gets to me. Door number one probably has the best chance of resulting in a unified opposition seceding, since punitive economics against wealthy states with minority representation was what precipitated the Civil War.

  5. How are they going to tell which guns were created before the requirement from those that were created after the requirement?

    • See below. The law is retroactive, and for 80% lowers, the BB ban requires registration of ALL existing AR/AK rifles and pistols by 1/1/18. So they can tell.

      • How can they tell who HAS one, unless you volunteer to bend to the lash? Just plan to say nobody ever told YOU that! How were you supposed to know? IOW, refuse to comply. And as I understand it, the BB ban should be welcome, use a magazine release instead.

        PS– you should replace “so they can tell” with “so they can be confiscated”.

        • REad my post. They don’t know, and they won’t try to confiscate. You just won’t be able to take them out in public without risking confiscation and a felony charge. Other than that, they will be confiscated as a result of DVROs and home searches pursuant to a warrant for something else. When found, they will be confiscated. And the owner will be charged with illegal possession. Since the guns are not transferable by gift, sale or inheritance within the state, they will be gone within a generation, so believes the Legislature.

        • Yeah, refuse to comply quietly; that’ll solve this. No wonder you guys couldn’t muster more than two dozen guys to march on San Fran in response to this shit.

        • Do you have something in writing from the state confirming that? I was under the impression that all AR-type rifles must be registered by the deadline.

      • “Rapid advances in three-dimensional printing technology have made it substantially easier to manufacture crude guns out of plastic or metal.”

        Remember folks, you can thank Cody Wilson directly for this law, and the raft of others working their way through on the state and national level. It is 100% to be laid directly at his feet – none of these politicians even knew that people built their own guns, let alone heard of 3D printing – until this uneducated little brat started running around and poking the bear with a stick. One never does a tour announcing to Mayors that AirBnB is gonna slash hotel revenue, or that Lyft and Uber are going to cut taxi revenue. One establishes the facts on the ground first, then they have no choice but to deal with you. If only he had good parents, or attended decent schools, maybe he would know this. Instead, and an “MTV Generation:” hustler, he played the media, just not being bright enough to know where the end of that track really was.

        As it stands, Cody and his “Self Aggrandizement World Tour” will very likely lead to controls on 3D printers and elimination of home-made guns (legally anyway). Meanwhile, he has helped nobody but himself, by screwing everyone else. Been telling everyone this since day one of this f-wit running his mouth, anybody gaining any understanding of what’s gonna happen yet?

        • Fuck your denouncement of Cody Wilson; he’s the only reason a whole lot of gunowners know about gun building at all, and all the stupid laws you’d be willing to have them live under. Go crawl back under your rock, and hide, and hope to hell that the world forgets about your hobbies, possessions, and freedoms, and see how long you’re allowed to have any of them. Exactly same mentality as Fudds. Then as now, Fudd-types are just anti-gun people who happen to own guns for some reason, and could care less about any laws that would be passed, so long as they themselves aren’t affected, today.

        • we should not have to hid under rocks and keep out head down walking in the shadows hoping no one will notice us.
          We need more people like Cody, 16v, you remind me of how the NRA likes to be, let’s cut deals and let the 2nd be eroded because other wise we might loss everything. Although I’m an NRA life member my cash now goes to the GOA.

        • I say we have a little bit of faith in our historically-unprecedented groundswell of gun right support, and force the anti’s to go all-in on our little gamble. Try to ban all semi-autos for an entire state on the grounds they’re all identical; see if you can pull it off. When you lose badly in the courts and public opinion, there will no way to argue that *some* semi-autos can be banned. Go on record with the argument that background checks are the panacea, that they are pointless without registration, and pointless unless they are universal, then hold them to account when they refuse to enforce their own damn law.

        • My relatives and The Founders met in secret, wrote letters in code, published articles with nomes de plume, until which point that we had enough citizens on our side to make things happen. Things the Brits couldn’t stop.

          Tesla sells cars illegally, without having physical dealerships in their state of purchase, The only way to actually take legal delivery of a Tesla, is to actually fly to SFO/SJC, and go physically pick it up at the factory. Air BnB is an illegal hotel, and Uber/Lyft are gypsy cabs.

          They all get away with it because they didn’t go wave their schlong in the face of regulators and tell them “you can’t stop us!” before they even got started. They have survived (despite serious lawsuits that could still kill them all) because they waited until they had a critical mass before the ‘regulators’ even had a clue.

          Cody Wilson is a idiot. A self-aggrandizing, short-sighted, non-strategic idiot child. He made 3D printing an item of scrutiny, before it reached critical, unstoppable, mass. He brought deleterious regulatory attention to a burgeoning field, merely for his own benefit. 80% lowers were already gaining momentum before his unwanted press, yet no regulators knew a thing about them until he started running his mouth at every opportunity.

          He’s done less than jack-shit to actually help people make their own guns – the 80%-lower guys alone have him beat by several orders of magnitude. Let alone the actual 3D hobbyists, who are so far beyond his primitive nonsense, it’s laughable.

          But please, look at this traitor as a folk hero because you aren’t aware of who the actual heroes are.

  6. The question you’re probably asking yourself: how will they know? If someone builds a gun at home and doesn’t choose to comply with the law…where’s the trip wire? And what’s to prevent an individual caught with an un-serialized homemade gun from claiming he built it before the new law went into effect?

    Well, they thought of that. The law is retroactive in that it requires all unserialized arms–even C&R handguns– to be serialized and registered, with a background check, no matter how many decades ago you obtained it. This was one of the major objections to the law. That way, the police will know immediately whether or not it is an “illegal unregistered firearm.” Add to that the BB ban bill that requires ALL EBRs (which includes un-serialized 80% lowers) to be registered by 1/1/18 as “assault weapons.” So there you go, no excuse that it preceded the effective date of the law. Which means that we have three choices: engraving and registration, sale out of state, or noncompliance. The ramification of noncompliance is that you cannot take your guns out to play except at a private indoor range, where the probability that a LEO will check your weapons is exceedingly small.

    You also have to remember that there are no (legal) private sales in California; all transactions except inheritances must be handled by an FFL. Further, AS of a couple of years ago, California “registers” all firearms (I have been told that the DOJ does not consider it to be “registration,” but it is an electronic, searchable database of all firearms transactions in the state. A rose by any other name…). So there is really no incentive to buy a stripped lower or a complete AR/AK rifle prior to the end of the year, as it will suddenly become an evil assault weapon January 1, meaning it cannot be transferred by any method within the state. If you die without out of state heirs, or the ability to sell it out of state (which must be done physically, apparently it is also illegal to advertise a sale even if the sale occurs out of state), the rifle must be turned over to the police for “destruction.”

    This has been a devastating legislative session so far this year–and they are not done yet. When the legislators return from summer recess, there is a bill pending that will take away a sheriff’s discretion in issuing CCWs, substituting a state-wide standard that adopts the restrictive, “special need” test applied in LA and San Diego. The result will be the elimination of “virtual shall issue’ and a crash in the number of issued CCWs as renewals go through. The license is only good for two years., so it will happen quickly.

    • Just build a featureless ar, ak, or whatever youre compliant with a detachable mag its simple. Even those youd have to DROS damn…

    • “…there is a bill pending that will take away a sheriff’s discretion in issuing CCWs, substituting a state-wide standard that adopts the restrictive, “special need” test applied in LA and San Diego.”

      What if the rural sheriffs keep issuing as before by attesting that their citizens have self-defense as a justifiable need?

  7. The state will tie Ammo purchases with long guns. Buy 5.56 without a registered rifle and you get a visit from CA DOJ with a warrant.

    • Buy online from out-of-state? Drive out-of-state and buy bulk? Consider the costs of different levels of enforcement before you decide to give your freedom away for nothing? I have never been asked for ANYTHING except the first time I took my suppressed SBR to the range, an ATF wannabe employee refused me entry until I produced the papers which he did not look at. Because he did not know what they should look like, any paperwork would do.

      • That is a problem too. On line sales aren’t banned, but the seller must send them to a California licensed ammunition vendor for a face to face transfer. All in state sales must be in a face to face transaction. The vendor records your identifying info, gets your thumbprint, checks your name against a database of prohibited persons, and transmits your information along with the amount and caliber of all ammo sold to the California DOJ. Electronically. Bringing ammo in over the border is a misdemeanor with a progressive fine for each violation, plus they confiscate whatever they find.

        • Which they would find how? What would the probable cause for a warrant be? And if the worst happened, it would keep 2 cops or more busy for hours getting that warrant. And after a half-day of nothing else, the judge may start getting pissed and refuse any more warrants. Passive resistance, don’t just surrender. Realize that the next step, after getting the supply completely under control, will be that 1000% tax on all ammo.

    • That’s why you register only one. 🙂

      In any case, there are going to be a lot of gangbanger’s girlfriends, mothers and grandmothers buying ammunition for the first time.

      If we’re lucky, it might start the next wave of newbie firearms ownership!

  8. I’m so glad I left that left coast hell hole. I’m back home in NC. I walked into a gun shop on my way home from Walmart the other week and bought a stripped lower on a whim. It took 20 minutes. 15 minutes of that was because I write slow. I was on my way home with a new lower and a parts kit in hand with no silly BS.

  9. Mass. A.G. – Healy issued a ‘ kings proclamation ‘ calling all ugly long guns BAD , and thus FORBIDDEN to sell !!

    The people said ….. EAT CRAP …. and bought thousands ! And held 2 rallys in Boston .

  10. This is what reductio ad absurdum decline into progressive irrelevance looks like in practice. Considering this is coming from the most populous state in the country, it’s pretty much foregone that the Jihadis won by now. All that’s left is time and minutiae…..

    • Jihadis are a symptom, not a cause, of social decline. They’re the Huns at the gates of Rome who’d have gotten their asses kicked immediately had they not been fighting a bunch of lazy oafs raised on lead-tainted water & welfare. The purpose of government is to make decisions & commit resources to address them in the interests of those being represented (be it dictatorship or democracy). Pretty much any system ‘works’ so long as it can do this. But sometimes the ‘brain’ of a government gets sick, and basically goes insane. Like Soviet Russia. At that point, decisions are made completely irrationally, divorced from reality, seemingly intended to bring out the worst outcome for everyone involved, self-destructive unto death. This is why our foreign policy believes centuries-distant-if-even-real climate change is a larger threat than invaders waging a culture war. This is why our economic policy relies upon both imaginary production and purposeless consumption of resources. This is why as crime rates rise, there are those who would see more people defenseless. This is why we believe comfort is more important than human dignity. This is why we believe electing one man, or stopping one woman, will accomplish anything.

  11. Unless we-the-people are able to start turning these things around and back the way they are supposed to be – that is to say with the powers of the state (in the generic) actually being limited as described by the constitution where the rights of the people are respected, this is coming to your state and sooner than you think. Either at the state level or in some form at the federal level.

    HRC, as we know, may just issue an EO making all firearms illegal. Bam, done. You know they already have the text of such an EO all written up and ready to present to us subjects. At the minimum a constitution unfriendly SCOTUS, and ignoring the second amendment is just that, ignoring the constitution, would enable a total ban of citizen owned firearms of all kinds via lawfare.

    They are really starting to push us. The passage of Obamacare was groundbreaking for them, and they don’t plan to slow down in the slightest. And make no mistake all you firearm naive citizens out there who think, what do I care, I don’t own a gun or plan to, make no mistake, they are coming after all your rights, gun ownership is just the first on the list and the one that is most in their way. The freedom of speech, of religion, property ownership, that is, everything that you do and say will in the end become subject to the approval of the state.

    Voting Trump is just a minimum required action – and no guarantee of anything anyway, it’s just the only choice. More will be needed, and what that is…. I have no idea.

    • Would LOVE to hear Trump say that not all guns –especially garage builds– need to have a serial number on them. Do you have any idea how ridiculous that notion sounds to most non-builders, anywhere in the US, let alone freakin’ New Yawk City? Because Trump’s so informed on gun issues fifty floors over NYC, umimpeachable & stalwart on his stances regarding gun issues, and would NEVER endorse ‘common sense’ gun control, right?

      Man’s capacity to believe that which he wishes to be true, rather than what is likely or possible never ceases to amaze me. Best scenario, literally the BEST scenario, is he leaves us alone for his time in the office & doesn’t open yap about “we need to do something” after every shooting & force his own party to stand against him (like he has all three times there’s been a shooting since running for prez).

      If you wanted a candidate that would not only respect RKBA, but promote laws to restore it, you backed probably the second or maybe third worst option out of a dozen (Christy & perhaps Fiorina being most likely more anti-gun)

        • Trump beat the “No Fly – No Buy” drum with Feinstein and the rest after San Bernadino, after Orlando, and after the Dallas shooting. Before running he supported these same people with donations & kind words. Own up to the fact you want me to vote for a mildly-antigun politician and defend his position, or call him out when he fails to exhibit what we want from our leadership like I will. “Hillary is worse” is not a defense, it’s a deflection; an argument to do something to keep Hillary our, not get Trump in, and will only lead to worse behavior from Trump being excused (to the point he can actually get away with being worse than Hillary if he cares to).

          I’d better not be hearing “but Hillary would have been worse” from fellow gunowners when Trump is crossing the aisle to pass assault weapon bans or universal background checks after the first terrorist attack (at the rate things are going, he’ll have to cross the aisle to do anything, his effect on down ballot races is so toxic)

    • Trading them a territory they already own for a wall might be the best method of ‘getting them to pay for it’

  12. “…aimed at preventing people who are prohibited from purchasing or possessing firearms in California from simply making their own at home instead. “

    If that’s what it’s “aimed at”, y’all missed the target by a wide margin. Nothing about this law (or any law) will stop someone from making a gun. A piece of paper that says a gun must have some numbers scratched into the side of it won’t stop an unserialized gun from firing bullets.

    Sure, you can prosecute the owner after the fact for not having a serial number, but if this is allegedly about prohibited people having guns, you could just prosecute them for having the gun in the first place, serial number or not.

    • “…aimed at preventing people who are prohibited from purchasing or possessing firearms in California from simply making their own at home instead. “

      Typical Progressive feels. These people are criminals already. Breaking another stupid law so that they can keep breaking other laws will not bother them in the least. This law will accomplish exactly two things: 1. It will make otherwise law-abiding citizens into criminals and 2. It will create a black market for the production and sale of unserialized weapons, especially EBRs. I refer you to the 18th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution and its effect on society.

      • You forgot the third thing it will accomplish (which is the actual goal of this law): it will let the California DOJ know where all the law-abiding gun owners are. There’s currently a hole in their registration system, and it’s 80% and homemade guns. They want their gun registry to be as accurate as possible, though the only reason I can think of that that would be necessary is if they were planning on confiscating them at some point. Surely that can’t be their end game, can it?

        A serial number does precisely jack-shit for stopping crime, since very few shooters leave the goddamn gun at the murder scene.

        • ? They just hadn’t thought of that!

          If you don’t leave your gun at the murder scene, you gonna get double secret probation!

          There oughtta to be a law…

  13. With Trump or Hellery on the horizon, good time to push thru BS laws. If one or the other gets in it will be hard to get rid of or be used as a template for nationwide use.

  14. I’m in California. (Not for long) It does not matter how I wrote. It is a waste of time, to vote for those seeking elected office at the federal level and state. The only reason to vote in California is to vote on the initiatives that are on every damn ballot. My bumper stickers say it all. “California-like living behind enemy lines.” Another on I have is “I fought communists, now you elect em.”

    • Only a matter of time before those bumper stickers will be considered Probable Cause to stop you and search your vehicle for prohibited weapons and ammunition. Fair warning.

      • Matter of time? How ’bout just some average anti-gun-statist Chippy, and the time is how long it takes to switch on the gumballs and takedowns.

        I live in STL (in a middle-upper variable area). I wouldn’t ever think about putting a gun sticker (beyond the obvious break-in threat) let alone announcing my former SAR membership, or that my relatives were “III%ers”. Some f-wit ricky ranger copper is gonna “get” me for something.

        • @16v:

          Totally unrelated to the topic at hand, but maybe I can trouble you to give me an opinion.

          It’s looking likely that my exit strategy for CA will end somewhere around Crawford or Franklin county, MO, probably commuting to STL for work. What’s your opinion of the area (if you have one) and of Missouri as a whole, not just in terms of firearms freedoms but overall quality of life and whatnot, and particularly in terms of peoples’ ability/inclination to just mind their own damn business and leave each other the hell alone? I can’t hardly fart out here without a permit from the California Air Resources Board and I can’t take it anymore.

        • Siorus, I have a few friends in Franklin county, one has a decent collection of full-autos (in addition to the rest of his guns), a MaDeuce, and an APC are also parts of his collection – all perfectly legal and no issues with CLEO sign-off. He’s also is a bit of a hippy, and even has long hair.

          STL County is also generally not a problem for pretty much anything – play nice with them and they play nice with you. Are there objectively “better” places to be a gun owner/enthusiast? Sure, depending on your metric there is always somewhere “better”.

          As it goes? One could do far worse. STL has a bunch of things to do, a world-class art museum, a world-class symphony, Gerard Craft got a James Beard award and he isn’t the only good chef in town, a free zoo that is also top-tier, and pretty decent firearm freedoms for starters. There is no ocean (which as a former SFO denizen I sometimes miss).

          Stay out of North City STL, and one has little to worry about. Especially if you’re legally carrying, which is not hard to obtain.

        • Part deux…

          As to letting people be people, especially of you live in the “boonies” (as it were), my experience in 25 years in (and out) of the region of the last 50 is that people are perfectly ok with whatever you do – just be nice, wave to them on the quiet road you live off of, and be a decent human being if you encounter them at the store. Real people, no agendas, but they would like you to join their church (and think that if they are nice enough, you just might…)


  15. “AB 857 … is aimed at preventing people who are prohibited from purchasing or possessing firearms in California from simply making their own at home instead.”

    Let me get this straight. Law forbids a “prohibited person” from possessing a firearm. So, a law that requires people to put serial numbers on homemade firearms is going to do what to “prohibited people”, who still cannot own a firearm, regardless of whether they made it themselves and regardless of whether it has a serial number?

  16. Two gangbangers, hanging out, smoking a blunt in southcentral:

    GB1- Yo blood, we need a gat to go pop that liquor store tonight, running low on flow, you feel me? I need you to get some shit at Lowe’s for a zip, couple of pipes, washers a nail and end cap.
    GB2- You read the paper cuz? Guvnah talking bout a new law “…aimed at preventing people who are prohibited from purchasing or possessing firearms in California from simply making their own at home instead. “

    *In the deluded minds of Liberal legislators……

  17. Ya’ know I wasn’t going to bother commenting but governor moonbeam just denied parole to the Manson murderer gal…despite “recommendations” she walk free. I don’t think anyone can predict what Jerry Brown will do. He COULD die soon…honestly this is the most insane unenforceable BS law I’ve ever seen. How’s that drug trafficking goin’ Jerry?

  18. Time for a full on revolt. How’s that war on drugs going Governor moonbeam? “We know all about the illegal aliens/drugs/guns coming into Commiefornia” …said no one ever.

  19. “preventing people who are prohibited from purchasing or possessing firearms in California from simply making their own at home instead.”

    Isn’t that illegal?

  20. For those of you who are lucky enough to not reside here, most of the reporting on California politicians and gun laws are behind the times. There is no longer any pretense from these miscreants about passing these arbitrary, unconstitutional laws, no more, “this will stop mass shootings” or “this will help to reduce gun violence” they are now full on with equating anyone who owns a gun as the equivalent of a mass murderer or child molestor. In this last legislative sections, various Assemblyman and Senators came right out, on the record, in public, testifying that “gun owners are dirty, filthy degenerates, they should have their mouths washed out” when law abiding gun owners try to hold these little tyrants accountable. The gloves are off.

    These elected goons are the modern version of the Third Reich’s Brown Shirts and we are headed toward the law abiding gun owners “Kristallnacht”. People used to call me hyperbolic when I would tell them as long ago as 2010 that California would have 90-100% disarmament inside ten years.The tyrants are actually ahead of schedule and as we move from the medium weight tyranny of Jerry Brown to the full on Stalinism of Gavin Newsom, it’s going to get really ugly between formerly law abiding gun owners and the LEOs and legislators who are intent on illegally disarming them by any means necessary, even illegal and unconstitutional methods. Why is there nobody to hold them accountable to breaking multiple laws and regulations in their mania to disarm?

    I foresee the same for the citizens of Massachusetts, both states have tyrannical dictators at the helm that are not held accountable to due process, rule of law or the Constitution. They are just going for it. I predict there will be hell to pay for our tyrants. They are pushing law abiding citizens to their breaking point.

    • It will likely be more like prohibition. People will get their guns from speakeasies and buy their ammunition out of illegal alien’s vans, but no one’s going to openly talk to you about it unless you know the password.

      The gun ranges will be closed down but the desert nights will be filled with gunfire.

    • Keep voting for those criminal, anti-gunner DemocRATs and this is what you get. You know what these criminals are really saying don’t you?? They’re saying your life isn’t valuable and that YOU have no right to self-protection. Never mind the cops who show up a day late and a dollar short to clean up the mess and take you to the morgue. Or even like the drug war where you can’t get treatment to clean up your problem but they’ll sure be glad to arrest and jail you as some kind of criminal that’s a threat to society instead. Anyway, as long as the citizens go along with this it’s going to stand. I see massive non-compliance as the main remedy here, while I’d advise you support the pro gun and 2nd Amendment organizations of your choice like your freedom and liberties depend on it. Because they do…

  21. What’s to prevent someone from putting some bogus serial number on their gun? Or better yet, some legit serial number from a real manufacturer on their gun? Along with the logo?

    This is idiocy of the highest caliber.

  22. I figure there will be mass non compliance. I’m waiting to see what happens in the next election, because Hillary would love to pass these laws.

  23. Kalifornia is a lost cause. Its a one party ruled, FASCIST state. awash in low-informed, idiot voters. Wake up America! Kalli is like an STD, infectious and spreads.
    It truly SUCKS, living (if one can call it that) in this cesspool. Where freedom and liberty comes to DIE.

  24. You can’t tell me in a state of 40 million people there are not a few thousand gun owners willing to march on the governors mansion and forcibly remove him from office for violating the Constitution?

  25. 52.24% of Californians voted for Prop 8 (prevented same-sex marriage) and one judge overturned the will of the people. Can’t one conservative judge from Orange or San Diego county overturn these unconstitutional bills?

    • I agree. And if you get caught with a “prohibited weapon” and had to use it to defend yourself against some kind of criminal behavior, there isn’t a jury in the country that would convict over some fraud like that. In fact after some not guilty verdicts amid massive non-compliance and perhaps this would end like the famous Salem witch trails where the jury kept rendering not guilty and innocent verdicts finally forcing the prosecutors to quit being dumb and trying to gain verdicts where the jury kept saying (basically) no way, we aren’t going to convict this person of anything. Sounds crazy I know but this is California, who couldn’t even legalize their legendary weed industry…till probably this election. And we here in Washington state beat them to it by YEARS. Guns and Ganja – they’re both persecuted and yet neither should be. Especially in California…


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