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[h/t Matt in FL]

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  1. I cant stand this guy. He is one of the reasons why the anti gunners look at us all like we are crazy.

    • Yeah, it’d be nice if he hadn’t made that first video, but trying to make yourself likeable to the antis is a trap. They’re never going to like you, because what makes you “crazy” to them is your support of the 2A. There is no way to express yourself that won’t result in them deciding that you’re a “rightwing wacko”. Think of it like this: no matter how calm and reasonable-sounding a person might be, what are you going to think of them when they say the 2A should be repealed? What would you think of someone who says the 1A should be repealed or seriously limited? Does it make any difference whether they say it calmly with a bunch of “reasoning” to back it up, or make a wacky video rant on YouTube?

      • I’ve convinced plenty of anti’s that they’re wrong. It’s not as hard as you’d think. Hell, I made a baby with one of them.

        • I’ve actually seen a few antis change to pro gun, and some go from anti all guns to at least less anti (I’ll take incremental progress) so it can be done, but telling them you’ll kill people…not so effective!

        • I’ve argued several all the way to the end, and had them concede all points. At the end, they told me I was correct in all I said, “but still…”

          What follows “but still” is some variation of “guns scare me” or “it doesn’t feel right.”

        • To be clear, I’m not advocating the crazy shouting form of making the pro-gun point, just saying that most of the antis I run across are a lot like what Ben said – you can make them concede every point, but they still don’t like guns and/or think all gun owners are Tim McVeigh. They may realize they’re being irrational, but the more outnumbered you are in the room, the more the group mentality will take over and you’ll be the odd one out.

          That said, I have convinced a few that were on the fence to take a trip to the range, and at that point the silly grin tends to replace the vague apprehension, which can have a positive effect on the rest of their outlook.

    • Yeah he is talking about someone lighting the actual paper document on fire.

      How effing stupid is that woman????

      • Yeah, that was one place where I wished “smartass James Yeager” would have come to visit for just a moment.

        “It’s a metaphor. Next question.”

      • Are you a fan of Rage Against the Machine, Mike? I’m just asking because their lead singer made two Nugent like rants about killing Bush, Cheney & Co, and the left seemed a lot less upset about that.

        I know folks like you rely heavily on extremists on either side to justify your equally extreme positions, but at least try and be consistent.

    • I get the first part. He seems quite on the mark to me. But why would you want to accommodate the dainty sensibilities of nutbag anti-gunners?

  2. This was just a take (and an impression of him) that I hadn’t seen before. He’s well-spoken, calm, and sticks to his beliefs. He states his position without vitriol, and in a way that is not “the rantings of a lunatic.” Some will still dismiss his ideas as crazy, but at least they’re criticizing the idea, not the delivery.

    • I can appreciate his passion, but not his tough-guy-wanna-be attitude and reckless behavior, as well as his idiotic statements. That’s not how we’re going to solve anything, or win any arguments with the anti-2A crowd. Yeager just adds fuel to the fire and makes the antis feel justified in their approach, because they think we’re all like that (wild, unpredictable and potentially dangerous). Yeager did us no favors with his “killing people” video, but at least he’s trying to make amends now. That counts for something I guess.

        • Touché. Although when I talk to reasonable people who otherwise have nothing to do with guns, they seem to understand that banning guns and adding stricter laws does not solve anything. Those people can be reasoned with.

      • The pro-2A crowd needs guys like Yeager to appeal to the hard-core gun confiscators in order for them to understand that not all of us gun owners will meekly turn our weapons in. We also need the calm, reasoning types.

        • Totally agree, but there appears to be more calm types than types like Yeager. I don’t know if that’s a good thing.

        • When it comes down to it, I’m guessing many of the calm types are not going to simply hand ’em over either.

        • I’m not handing over shit, but I’m not shooting people either. Frankly, all we need to say is “We aren’t handing over our guns, and here are several examples of sitting politicians that want us to. End of discussion.”

    • Matt, you’re not going far enough in your observations. What Yeager says is pretty much what all you guys on this blog say. The problem is when you put a spotlight on it, even most of you guys can see how whacky it is.

      • So one James Yeager speaks for all of us gun owners, eh? That’s some fantastic observation there buddy. I expect nothing less from you.

      • “Matt, you’re not going far enough in your observations”…

        We’re fortunate to have someone as righteous as you listening in, Mikey. Without you telling us, how else could we ever know what we think and feel and observe.?

      • Nah, we’re pretty sure we have millions of democratic avenues to pursue to retain our rights.

        Thing is with Yeager, his only experience is as a hammer (head?), and as a hammer everything looks like a nail to him. You suffer the same affliction, except you are a different kind of hammer seeing a different kind of nail.

      • What Yeager says is pretty much what all you guys on this blog say.
        Don’t think so.
        Most guys on this blog are avid shooters, and don’t want too see our sport, hobby, pastime ruined.
        Thanks Mike ###### for being a Troll on this site!
        Always good to get a alternate view on things!

        One thing you say is true: There is a lot of talk among gun owners about what to do if a knock comes to your door.


  3. As much as I prefer this James to crazy James, please tell me he recognizes why MSNBC and CNN want an interview with him. It’s the same reason they wanted Alex Jones.

  4. I like Yeager, but I cringed at the original video, and this does nothing but dig the hole deeper. It doesn’t matter how right one might be, there are just certain things you don’t say.

    • “there are just certain things you don’t say.”

      That is the attitude that allowed this country to sink so deeply into tyranny. Giving authoritarians fair warning that their edicts will result in violent resistance might make them rethink their position.

      • I feel he crossed a line with his blatent threats. There is a difference between what the good Sheriffs said with their firm stance & what James said. I personally would be much more afraid of a decent man taking a stand than a bag of hot air, Randy

      • BEAT ME TO IT. Nice. Hey, appeasers – don’t we at least owe them a WARNING? That’s being NICE, isn’t it?

    • Exactly Loyd,
      When you find yourself in a hole, the very first thing you should do is, “Stop Digging.”
      The Media is so gun control, it would be impossible to get an impartial interview. He made a big mistake running his mouth without thinking the first time. Best to just stop running his mouth at all.
      Fade away before some 3 letter agency decides to make an example.

  5. I stopped watching when he said “what would George Washington do?” I don’t care how eloquent, calm or logical he makes himself out to be – when you say you’re going to start shooting people, undecideds tend to find another side to be on. The media is making it seem like the leading cause of death today is mass murder, and someone on a completely unrelated forum I visit commented “the kill of the week happens at American gun shows” (in a reference to zombie land).

    Like it or not, we need John Q. Public on our side right now. We need people that fight with their minds and their words right now, not people that threaten to fight with violence later.

    • If you actually stopped at that point (and that’s not just being said for effect), then congratulations on making it a whole 10 seconds.

      “We need people that fight with their minds and their words right now, not people that threaten to fight with violence later.”

      If you’d made it to the end, you’d have heard this, as a response from the reporter to “sum it up for me:”

      Our country was founded with the basic precept that each individual person was responsible for themselves, and the government is steadily trying to take away our ability to be responsible, through taxation and the erosion of the Constitution. People are tired of it.

      Is that “fighting with their minds and their words” enough for you?

      • I meant to say I only made it ten seconds, half joking (although I think it’s unfair that you aren’t giving me credit for the commercial… it was like 40 seconds). I wanted to hear him say “I’m sorry, that was overboard” or “that was a joke that got out of hand”.

        That last statement makes a lot more sense, and maybe I’ll give the whole video a watch to get more context, but I’ve got to say, there are way, way too many reasonable voices on both sides of the argument being ignored by the media, and I’m always hesitant to give nutcases as much attention as the news tends to.

        • I have a really, really good ad blocker, so I didn’t give you credit for the commercial because I didn’t know there was one. 🙂

          Kinda like when I go visit my folks, and get really annoyed about TV commercials really quick, because I don’t have cable — all my TV is either streamed or downloaded — and I forget that the rest of the world has commercials.

        • Unfortunately I spend most of my internet time on a work computer and they dictate what’s running on it.

          I respect the hell out of you, and certainly your right to disagree with me, but I have zero for Yeager. When someone asks you “When is it ok to shoot someone” the answer is always and only “In the face of imminent threat to life or a loved one”. That’s it. I believe the rest just makes us all look like lunatics, and being a gun owner has proven to me that this is not the case.

      • “Our country was founded with the basic precept that each individual person was responsible for themselves.”

        Only if you were a white man.

    • You have issues with George Washington? SEE, I know you don’t, but you just made it seem so to certain people. THIS IS EXACTLY what you criticized Yeager for.

      • I’m not sure if that comment was directed at me, but if so I’m not criticizing Yeager for aspiring to be like George Washington, I’m criticizing him for not understanding the difference between revolution then and the situation now, and making ridiculous statements based on that ignorance.

        If you want to see what revolution looks like today, go visit Syria or Iran. Hang around with the rebels for a year or so, do what they do, then come back here and tell me that’s what you’d like for America.

    • Regarding George Washington, apparently Yeager forgot that Washington sent the US Army out to kill a bunch of tax protestors at the Whiskey Rebellion.

  6. He reminds me of Joe Biden…put either one of them in front of a camera and they are both bound to say some really stupid shit.

    • Well said. Of course, every time Joe opens his mouth he makes everyone on his side look stupid, which is fine by me.

        • No they aren’t. We still haven’t seen what the Senate, much less the House are willing to do, and while I feel sorry for New Yorkers the outcome there is likely to dictate the national response. I think extremist reactions in New York, Mass, California and other states is going to be a rallying cry for gun owners everywhere else.

  7. Note: I pointed out this fact to my senators that gun control/bans will destroy the firearms/ammo industry in America because it is the private sector that keeps it strong and brings many new products that our military & police use and need, this is a TOP national security issue : because once it’s gone are you going to buy ALL our military firearms/ammo etc. from RED CHINA .. is no one in DOD thinking about this issue…???????

    • I think the military is enough to keeps arms manufacturers in business. Maybe not at current profitability, but in business and making money. It isn’t like we don’t have a ton of military.

      • not remotely. youre talking about a multi billion dollar industry facing a assault weapons ban, ban on magazines, and sequestration of the military budget.

        the private firearms industry has more at stake in the AWB than anything. civilian sales will keep them from suffering too much when the military continues to draw down its budgets and limit more purchases.

  8. I’m reminded of the therapeutic method of writing letters to get thoughts and ideas out, reading the letter and then not sending it.
    Its intent (particularly the re-reading and and not sending) is not to make the person powerless or to suppress their feelings and ideas but to allow them to organize their thinking better and formulate the delivery of their thoughts and feelings better.
    When you don’t have to clarify or take your words back, you are in a stronger position.

  9. Another poster said ths:

    “This is the first video I have seen of this man.
    I have nothing bad to say about the man.”

    I agree 100%

    This statement of Mr. Yeager condenses the current threat as succinctly as any I’ve read elsewhere.

    “Our country was founded with the basic precept that each individual person was responsible for themselves, and the government is steadily trying to take away our ability to be responsible, through taxation and the erosion of the Constitution. People are tired of it.”

    • Except, I think, for the 80 or 90% that aren’t on either fringe and don’t want a bloody, armed revolution. They might be tired of infringements on personal freedoms and liberties, but you aren’t going to find a whole hell of a lot of people on either side that are going to say “Yeah, hand me a gun, put me up against some Marines.”

      We can win this fight without violence, and frankly, that’s the only way we’re going to win. Barry, Joe, DiFi and Co would love nothing more than to have a few of us start snapping and trying to start a revolution. Look at how much Timothy McVeigh and the 9/11 hijackers helped these types advance their causes. It only serves to help them.

  10. Absolute tool, this guy is a tool, he’s the whole tool bag, and hangs out in the tool shed. LOSER. Will he please STFU and go away. Isn’t his ten seconds of fame over with?

  11. Yeager is playing right into the antis hands. How could he possibly be surprised that all these anti-gun news organizations want to talk to him? What’s even worse, is that his ego won’t allow him to say no to these requests because he obviously loves the attention. He believes that the more he talks the more his message gets sent. But its too late, based on the way he looks, based on his attitude, based on the things he is saying the antis are turning him into the POSTER CHILD for gun control in America.

    Every gun fearing mother in America is looking at this guy, hearing what he’s saying, and thinking that this is what gun owners in America look like. So far only people looking for him on Youtube have found him. When he starts showing up on CNN is when we (we being more middle road gun owners) will further be targeted.

  12. So he’s “evidence” that pro-2A people are nuts. But the people calling for hte murder of the NRA and its members are the voice of reason? What kind of insane world do we live in?

    • No… they forgive the presstitutes’ passion, and condemn Yeager’s. It’s worse than a double standard – it’s back-stabbing, and we have plenty of you here. Only you don’t know who you are, but others do.

  13. I appreciate his apology, but he has still greatly damaged the pro-2A cause. I understand that “looking like a bada$$” is part of his deal. The problem is the combination of the look, the hardware, and the careless statements. In the mind of the antis, he is video proof of a ticking time bomb.

    I would be glad to fight by his side, and I know he can shoot. I appreciate his enthusiasm, but will not be taking any of his classes. His advocacy is noteworthy, but he is a dubious pro-2A speaker. Please, for the love of God, don’t make comments about shooting people and posting them on YouTube.

    • I agree. I also don’t get Yeager. In many of his vids he emphasizes how he doesn’t care what people say or think about him. Yet he always manages to get upset and complain about exactly that, and then trying to prove people wrong.

      He should channel his 2A support by training people how to safely and responsibly use firearms. All this nonsense about “killing people” or “braking your back” serves no purpose, it does not help our cause at all.

    • I know he can shoot

      lol wut? Have you seen the video of the only firefight he was ever in? He dumped a magazine in to a empty house and then shot up a civilian vehicle. In his after action report he admitted he didnt know where the enemy was so he just shot his gun a lot to make noise, which we all know is the best thing you can do when you have limited ammo.

      • I got curious about this and did some digging. I don’t recall if I’ve said anything remotely positive about this stark raving lunatic, but if I have a fully retract said statements. This guy is positively a madman, and if you think he’s good for our cause, or are an apologist in any way for the things he’s said (like offering to fly anyone out to call him a coward so he can break their backs) you are seriously out of touch with reality.

        James Yeager is a wet dream for people that want to take our guns away.

      • I saw the complete video. First off, the team leader (which was not Yeager) had them sitting idle for over a half hour after blowing their cover by spray firing a machine gun in the air at a civilian vehicle. Then the same team leader realized he dropped his cell phone during said stupidity and wanted to go back for it. They took shots from the team leaders sector of fire while the team leader was bungling around. Then Yeager thought his vehicle was disabled (his epic fail #1) when it was actually he that put it in neutral and set the parking brake. Then, knowing the car he was in was poor cover and zero concealment, he fired a couple initial shots and then ran across the street for cover (where he admits to epic fail #2 when he failed to deploy smoke – he deploys this a while later). From cover, he fired into the general area he thought fire was coming from as did others in the team. This is a normal tactic used to suppress sniper fire when you can’t see the exact location. Then he fired at a civilian vehicle that was approaching. Two insurgents were found dead in the vehicle. So yeah, I’d say he screwed up a few things, but the way that incident has been painted just makes people look dumb. There is far too much to point to Yeager’s lunacy to resort to adding false claims to his long list of screw ups.

        • Just to be clear, I don’t know anything about battle or warfare situations, and was commenting more on his propensity to threaten others.

          I don’t know if he’s a coward, but he’s mostly certainly a loser.

          • No worries. I was responding to Matt, but even that wasn’t personal. The rants and raves about Yeager being a coward in Iraq are unfounded. He has proven to be a loud mouth that won’t back it up a number of times since. Frankly, I don’t think the PD revoked his carry license for any reason other than PR. The guy has a history of spouting off then backing down when called on it.

    • At the point where he became the horns-and-hooves demon face of the Evil Gun People, he moved from “vigorous if slightly wild-eyed ally” to “nutjob who’s damaging the cause”, full stop.

      And yes, folks elsewhere in this thread: appearance and demeanor DO matter. A beard trim and a polo shirt would have gone a LONG way to help Captain Wacky with his image problem.

  14. “Please, for the love of God, don’t make comments about shooting people and posting them on YouTube.”



      But you thought that was fine. Par for the course. Unworthy of criticism.

  15. What is the point of having guns if you’re not willing to use them?

    All this pro-2A rhetoric is pointless if there is no one willing to actually fight in defense of liberty. For generations, gun-owners have been retreating from the assualts on our rights. Isn’t it about time to take a fvcking stand!?

    • That’s ridiculous. We have been taking a stand. We’ve been fighting harder and harder, and winning more battles over the past thirty years than ever before. And not a drop of blood has needed shedding.

      Again, the solution here isn’t to start planning a bloody revolution and more than the solution to a broken leg is to chop it off.

      • Incremental recognition of CCW is not a victory for liberty. It is a compromise that turned a right into a priviledge.

        Even the “pro-2A” rulings of the Supremes are not victories for liberty. Meekly begging for your chains to be loosened is not the behavior of free men.

        In 1966, my dad walked into a Sears and bought a Colt 1911 for $60. He laid down the money and the clerk handed him the pistol. That is Liberty! Not background checks, ATF paperwork, 2 forms of ID, proof of residence, etc, etc. And that’s even in gun permissive states!

        We’ve been conditioned to believe we are free. All you have to do is look around to see that we aren’t. I don’t want war. I won’t start a war. But when they start it, I’ll damn well fight.

        • This is it in a nutshell. The antis are so comfortable with the rights that have been stripped away over the decades, they see gun owners and free thinking individuals as a fringe element to be eliminated easily. There will come a time that they will need a rude awakening. They will need to be reminded that the flame of liberty still burns bright and hot in the hearts of Americans in numbers that they would not believe.

      • Asking “what is the point of having guns if you’re not willing to use them?”

        So yours are just for collector value, I suppose.

  16. Personally I don’t have an issue with James, I’ve met him a number of times and he’s always taken time to talk, maybe he should have withheld the last 5 words on his first “pack your bags” video, but then again what is the Second Anendment really all about.

    • He seems like he could be a nice enough guy; he’s just insane. I have lots of friends like that, and I don’t mind getting beers with them every now and again. I just don’t let them babysit for me.

      • They don’t need to be nice enough to babysit your kids. Sociopaths can be the nicest people you have met, but at the end of the day, they’re still crazy.

        I see everyone dumping on James, but I, for one, believe it’s time for the gloves to come off. Reasoning has been tried, they return with name calling and threats. Facts and figures have been presented, they plug their ears and “lalalala” their way to it.

        The ugly truth is, reason and logic does not work with their line of thought and emotional response. They have to understand they’re smoking a cigar while sitting on a powder keg. Let them know that there are consequences to their actions.

        Oh, and this…

        • Two wrongs don’t make a right, and meeting hysteria and false logic with hysteria, false logic and promises of bloody revolution does nothing for us. Essentially, your citing a lost battle in a state that was already lost as a signal that we need to give up on reason, logic and organized, peaceful action (you know, all the things that have gotten us so far over the past 30 years) in favor of extremism. We do that, and you’ll see a lot of people on our side headed for the exits.

  17. This is the first watchable thing I’ve seen with Yeager. He’s acting like a normal person. Normal he’s all amped up and saying things in an off putting manner. Or saying your shit sucks.

    Good job Mr. Yeager, for once

  18. “America is at that awkward stage. It’s too late to work within the system, but too early to shoot the bastards.” – 101 Things to Do ‘Til the Revolution (1996)

    So maybe Yeager’s a little ahead of his time. But don’t get so hung up on it being too early that you get fooled into thinking it’s not too late.

  19. I’m glad he did this. I’ve met James at a Carbine employment class and he is a great guy. I think all of this hype and media attention he has received recently is very misunderstood. While I do agree that he could have gone about voicing his opinion in a different manner to more appropriately reflect how he feels, I also agree with him and understand what he means and truly how he feels. So with that said, thank you James for standing up for what is right. +1

  20. It’s nice to see him acting more normal but it’s hard to forget his other videos. For instance offering to duel to the death anyone willing to call him a coward and posting a contract for anyone to sign if they wanted to take him up on it, or the one putting cameramen down range between targets during live fire exercises, or the one advising to be a dead hero, just do a little youtube watching before you make a judgment.

  21. Both CNN and MSNBC want to talk to this guy. Someone *intelligent* should prepare a statement for him.

    • You people are WAY too hung up on appearances. Which is worse, what Yeager said, or Pierth Morgan saying he wanted to “put on his brother’s uniform (sic) and SHOOT ALEX JONES IN THE FACE”? To the APPLAUSE of his sicko cohorts. How kinky and sick is THAT?

      More proof that many gun-grabbers FANTASIZE CONTINUALLY ABOUT KILLING PEOPLE.

      • Right. Remind me again how using the wrongs of the other side as an example of how we should behave makes sense?

  22. I can tell by most of the comments. A lot of you guys will be giving up your fancy ar-15s when the time comes to use them. Also, even though it was not a wise move Mr. Yeager made during his first video, however his overall message is right. You can not compromise with tyranny and when someone wants to disarm you that is tyranny.

    • My guess is the people who really plan to take up arms are not shouting about it on the net.”Yo’ Big Brother, shoot me first!”

  23. i really dont care what he says on this interview. more air time for this nutjob means the anti guns will point at him and will think thats how all of us are. advocating murder… what a moron…

  24. Let’s check the tough guy list:
    Bald head – check
    Weird beard – check
    Piercing eyes – check
    T shirt for tough guy biceps display – check
    Aggressive behavior – check
    Tactical everything – check
    Brains – ummm, well maybe we should have 2 categories of tough guys, smart ones and not so smart ones.

    He didn’t expect this reaction to his mouth running away with itself, and he has no practice at being contrite or apologetic, I’m willing to give him a pass on this and see how he does. Kinda feel bad for the guy.

  25. “You cannot solve a problem from the same consciousness that created it. You must learn to see the world anew.” -Albert Einstein

    this is why i disagree with the “answer is 1776” comments and calls to revolution. there needs to be a fundamental change of consciousness for any measurable change to happen.

    im not going to say yeager is wrong. i personally would have worded it different. it brings attention to a dilemma facing all gun owners right now.

    • I’d agree with this. The time for revolution is not now. That does not mean that now is not the time for action. Let’s not forget that except for our benighted friends in New York — and we still have to see how that will play out in the courts — nothing has happened yet. The legislative process is still alive and well. Make your voice heard.

      As WLCE said, it’s a dilemma. At some point, more action may be necessary. Where that point lies is something that each person will have to decide for themselves.

      • “The legislative process is still alive and well.”

        Continuing to use the legislative process is thinking with the same consciousness that created the problem. That process, that system, is what got us here in the first place. It only benefits those who desire to rule us.

        We must stop participating in their charade. See the world anew.

        • “We must stop participating in their charade. See the world anew.”

          Don’t speak in vague terms that mean nothing. What exactly do you mean by that?

        • He’s agitating for solving problems by gunfire, of course.

          Proactively “FLAME DELETED” the rest of my response. The reader is encouraged to imagine what would have filled this space.

        • I meant that writing our legislators, voting, petitioning, counting on SC decisions, etc. have never been successful at limiting government. They want us to participate because it’s a rigged game. As long as we play, they win. I don’t mean start shooting, but the solution to the problem of government trampling liberty will not be realized through governmental channels.

        • AlphaGeek,
          Since government is the institutionalization of violence, and I’m advocating a non-governmental solution, that means I want a non-violent solution. Break away from the paridgm that government is necessary and all these “problems” will be solved by the free market.

        • Henry, I just don’t see how we get to your world from the one that I live in short of the cataclysmic destruction of our beloved nation and a full restart from the smoldering ashes.

          It’s great to have your principles, but you have to offer people a realistic path to the vision you present, and a world of zero government and pure economics is a dangerous fantasy. I’ve thought through that scenario and it would suck to live in that world. No thank you.

        • The path to the vision I present is to stop wasting time petitioning violent people to be less violent.

          Build a business, educate your children, participate in voluntary exchanges of goods and services, recognize the truth that all human interaction should be free from force, fraud, or coercion. Make government irrelevant in your daily life. Live free now.

        • Henry, I’m pretty Libertarian. I do everything I can to be self sufficient and reliant. I try to treat my political and social beliefs as a way of life as much as I can.

          I also live in the real world, and I understand that it in some way does, and will always rely on some kind of centralized system, and short of moving deep, deep into the woods (the kind of deep that doesn’t likely exist in the United States any longer) and cutting off society entirely, there’s no way to live without the government. Do you own, drive or ride in a car? Does your income in anyway depend on that? If so then what you are saying is nothing more than rhetoric.

          I understand, sympathize with and share the desire to shrink government, the Federal Government in particular, but your views are unrealistic. As AG said, short of a massive, cataclysmic event the uprising you and some other posters here seem to be fantasizing about is just that – a fantasy. I have to be honest with you man – knowing that someone on my side is actually fantasizing about such a horrible eventuality concerns me. People don’t generally fantasize about getting cancer and then bravely fighting it. I don’t understand why we would treat a brutal civil war any differently.

        • I totally agree that war is hell and I do not fantasize nor desire war.

          I disagree that a peaceful, productive society cannot exist without government. In fact, it’s quite the contrary. Government is the intitutionalization of all of humanity’s worst desires to control, manipulate, and dominate others. All moral people should be tirelessly working to abolish any institution that claims to legitimize aggressive force.

          Additionally, the centralizing effect of peaceful, voluntary interactions within a free market are much more effective, efficient, and moral than any governmental centralization through force could ever hope to be.

          People are always happiest when their interactions with others are voluntary. Government is the antithesis of volunary. Everything it does is backed by the threat of lethal violence. Can’t we, as a species, do better than that? Can we please stop making excuses for a criminal, mafia-style organization?

          I believe we can do better and it starts by freeing your mind and striving to live free every day (as much as physically possible, given our overlord’s penchant for violence).

        • Again, I agree in theory with much of what you’re saying, but I don’t agree with your boil the ocean approach. There is always going to be some government, and working to abolish it is a fools errand. Working to remove it from our personal lives is not.

          I also need to make it clear a lot of your earlier comments here, like “what’s the point of having guns if you aren’t going to use them”, don’t sound like they’re coming from someone who doesn’t view armed revolution in a positive light. A revolution in the US at this point in history, or any point in the near future is not going to happen, and if it did it would solve no problem and the outcome would not be positive.

        • I also said “I don’t want war.” I believe a non-violent approach would be the best solution, but I’m not a pacifist. Defensive use of force is perfectly legitimate and moral. My point is that I’ll pray for the best, prepare for the worst, and in the meantime, I’ll live free.

          Good talk.

      • to add upon what i said previously, which was maddeningly vague, this change of consciousness is already happening in my opinion.

        as far as catastrophic events that will usher in a new era of thinking, dont worry, it will happen, and you will NOT be disappointed. Millions will die, countries will be destroyed, and our economic system as we know it will come to a end. when? one cannot say for certain. here is what is certain: that which cannot go on forever simply…wont.

        Yes, for starters, we can stop voting and taking part of the political process. we can secure our wealth in tangible assets (not paper ponzi schemes). we can walk away from the current paradigm that keeps untold numbers enslaved by economics and compound interest. we can simply let the imperialist machine destroy itself through its own hubris and fake “opulence”. Those more concerned with honey boo boo, black friday, and materialistic holidays will starve to death and be reduced to utter poverty, and the psychopaths that have perpetuated this system will burn inside of their own machine.

      • i agree. there is a possibility of the court system and our own government working in our favor, despite the mountain of evidence that it mostly does not.

        we dont have to worry about changing our paradigm through non government action simply because events will play out that will destroy the current paradigm. This death/debt paradigm cannot go on forever and is simply living on borrowed time. those that created and perpetuated such a beast are buying time and stocking up to preserve their wealth and survive the transition (soros is even buying gold; he’s not the only elite. many multi-millionaires are also buying upstate farms)

        it is up to us to paint a beautiful or ugly picture. I would rather live in a world without government than one with a authoritarian police state. Alas, what did humans do before governments? LOL.

  26. This idiot is clueless about history. The revolution didn’t happen because of confiscation. The repeated confiscation attempts were met only with hiding the guns and not cooperating. It happened when the British massacred a town.

    There is a reason he has no answer to when he would defend liberty. He is a clueless hot head that won’t shoot based on a logical decision, but rather on some emotive whim.

    I get the whole Molon Labe bravado bit, but would somebody please ask this moron what is “one more inch”, and who exactly he is “going to start killing”?

    • I doubthis lack of response of when he would defend liberty is due him being a clueless hot head. When you are confronted by a bully and you state your limit (line in the sand) you are pushed further to evoke a response. He was smart to leave that answer open.

      • He did state one line in the sand. He said that if anybody came for his guns he would fire on them. I personally would lean more towards the pre-revolution tactics of hide and evade, but I at least get that concept even if I think it is more bravado than reality.

        But his original statement was that if this goes one more inch he is going to start killing people. So what is “one more inch”, and who exactly is he “going to start killing”?

        He also said that the revolution was about gun confiscations, and that is as patently false as saying the revolution was about the tea industry. The revolution happened in the hearts and minds long before a shot was ever fired, and the fighting was only sparked when the British were observed going scorched earth through Lexington, and militias in subsequent destinations fought back.

        That is why I’m saying he is a clueless hothead.

  27. Yeager is a true coward. Apparently, the guy mouths off and backs down every time. Go and read his facebook posts! I just got off there. Some guy on another blog said James had the nerve to say that his running away in Iraq was a ‘Navy Seal Tactic’ called the Center Peel. Couldn’t believe that so I followed that link to Yeager’s FB page and James Yeager actually posted a video of a Center Peel in a post about what he did in Iraq-a response to people asking him why he ran away and hid. Without a doubt the man is crazy.

    Someone on here said he was on steroids? If that’s true he has been robbed. He has the body of Rodney Dangerfield and 1/10 the brains.

  28. We will need Yeager……..later on in the fight….. if things get……..alot worse. He was stupid to say what he said on camera, but, that energy and passion can serve a purpose if the SHTF.

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