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Please send your “I Am a Gun Owner” statement photo to [email protected] with the word PHOTO (all caps) in the subject bar. Let us know if you want us to use your name, a screen nic or remain anonymous.

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  1. I wouldn’t mess with her.

    Also appreciate the fact that she doesn’t feel the need to define herself on one sheet of paper as to whether she believes in God, gay marriage or abortion, as so many of our other profilers do.

    • I think the asides on abortion/gays etc are perfect!

      The left wing tends to pressure their constituents into a bloc, so gays have to be against guns and blacks have to be against guns etc.

      It helps break individuals loose from that automatic response to see that people who are anti-imperialism/anti-drug war/pro-affirmative action/pro-choice/pro-gay/pro govt healthcare are also pro gun.

      It makes them stop thinking that this is a Democrat/Republican issue where they have to vote their party loyalty and they stop to actually think.

      The job stuff is good too. It breaks up the idea that only stupid unemployed hicks love guns.

      • +1 for Jumbie

        What people believe and do in their personal life is their business but I think it is very important that we show the country who we really are.

        Afterall, isnt that the point of this series of posts?

        • Progressives look to pigeonhole us into anti-this and pro-that for divide and conquer/demonization purposes. Pointing out I am Pro-Life just demonizes me to 50% of the population, which is what the Progressives desire. They can then tell me that I need to get out of America’s bedrooms. I’d rather they just leave me alone.

        • They certainly can say anything they want. No effort here to muzzle. Saying I “appreciate” a lack of something in no way infers I am in favor of banning that something. Huge difference.

      • He didn’t say ANYTHING about “gays”; his statement concerned GAY MARRIAGE. CAN YOU BELIEVE there’s a difference?

        Why, YES YOU CAN!!

        You should look up what a notoriously gay author, Gore Vidal, said about gay marriage.

        (Synopsis: “why would gays want to be like straight people?”)

        And oh, YOU’RE GONNA LOVE government healthcare! Until they decide your life isn’t worth it, and pull the plug.

  2. Hi MisSki, Good to have you here. You remind me of the lady I took my CC class with, she wasn’t going to be a victim either. She was going to carry a small 38 revolver which is just fine for social work, Randy

  3. Seeing my countrymen stand up and be counted like this gives me genuine faith and hope that our Country will survive the ersatz hope and faith touted by the Obama Administration.

  4. A woman who owns guns?!

    This completely ruins all the hardwork the left has put into saying only old fat white guys own guns. You should be ashamed. Now they’ll have to construct more lies because of you.


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