Jamal Todman (courtesy orlandosentinel.com)
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Jamal Daniel Todman, 34, went inside to pick up his 3-year-old son from a Neighborhood Kids Academy day care off Chickasaw Trail near Lake Underhill Road,” orlandosentinel.com reports. “His 5-year-old son, Judah Todman, pulled out the gun [from the vehicle’s glove box] and it accidentally went off.” In other words, Judah Todman shot himself in the head — and died from his injuries. This incident isn’t as straightforward as it seems . . .

The simple takeaway: Mr. Todman was an irresponsible gun owner. He should not have left an unsecured firearm in the car when his son was alone in the car. And I’m not going to argue the point or debate his arrest.

But I am going to point out that the large number of “gun free zones” — stores, restaurants, bars, post offices and other government buildings, etc.– ensures that law-abiding gun-carrying citizens have to disarm and leave their gun in their vehicle when they’re out and about.

Obviously, “gun free zones” aren’t responsible for this tragedy. But their prevalence increases the likelihood of these events. And, lest we forget, increase the amount of guns stolen from vehicles.

And while children mature at different rates, most five-year-olds are capable of learning The Four Rules of Gun Safety.

I don’t know if Mr. Todman taught young Judah [actual] gun safety, but he sure as Hell should have. As should every parent, whether they own a gu or not. In a country with 300 million-plus guns, to not do so is entirely irresponsible.

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  1. Israeli draw FTW (especially on striker fired guns). If you really need to walk around with a bullet in the chamber, then you’d better have a SA/DA hammer gun.

    • Double action……with its typical 10 lb. trigger pull weight? No thanks. Neither will I resort to having to chamber a round in the first split second of a surprise attack. Let’s face it, all attacks are surprise attacks. Muggers, spree shooters, etc. generally don’t send a text message detailing the time, date, and location of their looming attack.

      I’ll take the 4.5 lb. consistent pull of a Glock, any day. Follow the four safety rules and you won’t have a problem. The proof? I follow the four safety rules and I’ve never had a problem.

    • About that empty chamber carry thing: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0FXHVjXPtJk

      Carrying an unloaded gun is more dangerous than carrying a loaded one! Reason #1, see the video. Reason #2, “I thought it was unloaded!” Carrying with an empty chamber does not mean you can now violate basic firearm safety rules.

  2. When I glanced at this post I briefly thought it was about ANOTHER 5year old black boy who got shot in Chiraq. Found his gangdaddy’s gat under a matress last night. AFTER he was SHOT last year in gang crossfire with his momma…what are he odds?!?😖😫😡He’s OK but daddy got busted.

  3. Yes, there should be no gun free zones. In businesses, where the owner says “NO FIREARMS”, they should check gun in at desk. Years ago there was a Bar that did just that. It was kinda cool, people pulling their guns,seeing what everybody’s choices were, placed in a box, no names no numbers,” That ones mine” when you left. …. Good times

    • That’s what *I* was wondering… Both kids with him, gun still in the car, everyone goes home safely…

  4. What’s the problem? He’s just another felon whom most of you adamantly support restoring gun rights to, you know, since he’s “paid his debt to society.”

    The old saying goes “there’s no education in the second kick of a mule.” Well, there isn’t much in the first kick, either, since you were too stupid not to stand behind a mule. This guy was already a felon, having been convicted of felony possession of a firearm. Clearly he cannot make smart decision in relation to firearms. Yet, 2A absolutists want to arm him up. Not only do I not agree with that, but I’m not even immediately convinced that felons should retain/regain parental custodial rights after their release.

    Irresponsible gun owner of the day? Yeah, that and irresponsible parent of the day, car owner of the day, too. That’s all mouthful, so why don’t we just call him “felon”, to cover all the angles, and take away his guns, cars, and kids?

  5. Here’s a Mom’s view. My five year old might have been left in the car, (depends on close parking, weather, if asleep, ect.) but secured in a car seat. Neither of my two kids could undo a car seat at that age. Second, my glove box has a lock on it, and I use it.

    I keep saying this, but I also taught my kids not to play with matches.

  6. How about locking the glove box and taking the key. My God, the heavy, heavy burden this man will carry the rest of his life.

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