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COVID-19 has taken 800,000 American lives, and at the beginning of this pandemic, when the death toll was much lower, each death was discussed with care, reported and chronicled with a richness that brought strangers to life and gave voice to those often forgotten in nursing homes. The national mood was somber, collaborative and change-driven, largely colored by national and local reporting.

This is how we should discuss gun violence, its victims and their stories. Focusing on the people impacted by the bullet and those impacted by the residual echo of the shots fired that live on well beyond those fateful seconds. By doing so, we can curb gun violence with creative policies and storytelling that doesn’t criminalize victims. We will no longer be working to solve a problem for them, we will be working to solve a problem for us.

We must be committed to ending gun violence in all forms with sustained advocacy and community investments that will make a lasting impact. This work naturally extends to lawmakers and policy experts to reshape gun violence prevention policies, as well as storytellers and journalists, who must recast how we contextualize and chronicle the lives of those impacted by gun violence. Together, we will author a narrative of innovative policymaking and storytelling that works to reduce gun violence and boldly break the mold of upholding the status quo.

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  1. I could see that, breathless reporting on how if you caught it, you would die from the ‘cytokine storm’ killing you by drowning you in your own goo…

    • “As U.S. Nears 800,000 Virus Deaths, 1 of Every 100 Older Americans Has Perished

      They are among the most vaccinated groups, but people 65 and older make up about three-quarters of the nation’s coronavirus death toll”

      You are probably right, I mean, I can live with that…

      • My sister recently died from a stroke. Not her first. She was a diabetic and had a laundry list of health issues.

        Why was she listed as a covid death?

        • our dear friends oldest tied a belt to the basement ceiling. you guessed it. he was positive.
          my oldest pal (we just went to lambeau), lost two of his five boys in similarly deliberate circumstances. same thing.
          and the red tape to get the cause of death changed is formidable. so far, no successes.
          sorry for your loss, i miss my sis.

        • She could have tested positive. When you die, one of the first things they do now is swab for covid. Heart disease and diabetes deaths have climbed during Covid, the virus can cause these to get worse or trigger suddenly. If you have covid and are asymptomatic and have an underlying health condition like diabetes or heart disease, or suffer recurring strokes, and one of those causes the actual death you are listed as Covid death if it contributed.

        • Silly goose, you can’t get government subsidies for COVID deaths if you don’t list as many deaths as you can as COVID deaths.

      • “You are probably right, I mean, I can live with that…”

        Actually,I kinda hope you don’t. The signal-to-noise ratio of TTAG will be *vastly* improved… 🙂

        • It certainly would if you stopped crapping stupid comments on this site every 2 minutes 🖕🤡.

        • Hi, brainless, nameless troll!!! Are you doing a “Jeffrey Toobin” as you type your inane drivel???

        • The writer is being so nasty nice and polite about the Gun Control he seeks. Why he even uses a claimed 800,000 who did not die from a Gun Shot to assist in carrying his water. Then he jumps to those were shot dead or wounded by who? That would be, “criminals.”

          How do you make a criminal? You take love of God, Country and Family out of the picture and pour in marxist demoCrap, give the subject some dope and once stupid gets their hands on a gun, knife, bat, brick, vehicle, etc. somebody is going to get hurt or die.

          The criminal misuse of firearms has been the go-to, run-to for lowlife democRats to get their sick knee jerk deranged Gun Control laws passed. The writer follows the same path and uses a disease, the criminal misuse of firearms along with playing on words to sell the Gun Control he wants. Otherwise the writer would cut the crap and call for blatant murderers to be executed by a firing squad. That’s the kind of message that will flush the demoCrap from between the ears of most up and coming demoCrap filled dirtbags.

          Nowhere in the writer’s sugarcoated buttspew does he mention protecting and defending The Second Amendment and removing any racist and nazi based Gun Control from the books. You really need to try again greg jackson.

        • They keep saying we’ve lost 800,000 Americans since this began to covid. So there should be more deaths than average for the last two years. A lot more.

          Anybody know the answer?

  2. So cry the sky is falling while shouting “better safe than sorry” and when time passes and that “more data” everyone said we needed appears to contradict all the chicken littles we ignore it and keep pushing that the sky is falling while scapegoating a segment of the population for the ills of society?

    I’m pretty sure that’s exactly how “gun violence” has been discussed for decades now.

    • By the author’s logic, we must also:

      1) Wear a bullet proof vest at all times, except when eating
      2) Shut down the economy every time one gang member shoots another gang member
      3) Cancel all holidays just in case aunt Lucy decides to wear her BBQ gun again
      4) Siphon tax dollars into a crash “personal energy shield program” run by big tech
      5) Rename “slide bite” as “the Omicron Variant”
      6) Ignore shootings by preferred political constituencies
      8) Vote by mail: 24/7, 365 days a year

      • We tried making #1 illegal again this legislative session (died in committee) but otherwise basically an exaggerated example of Albany in general especially with shutting down business that happen to be in the areas of turf disputes despite having no connection with either gang.

  3. Today in Freedom History. 12/15/1791. The Bill of Rights was Enacted. After Virginia became the last state to ratify them.

  4. By all means, let’s consider each and every gun homicide, where they occur, and by whom. And realise how little any of it has to do with 99% of the law abiding gun owners they strive to blame.

    IOW, if everyone who DIDN’T belong to the NRA, GOA, NAGR, SAF, et al stopped killing people, the homicide rate would be about zero.

    • I was about to write the same thing. If they accurately and honest in the detail about each and every gangbanger/street fight/gun used in each super-restricted city or state (and THAT gets spelled out as well), (1) the Chicago Times would doubled in print volume, and (2) people would finally realize the truth – it’s not gun violence, but criminal violence.
      I double-dog dare them to do it!

    • When Blood A kills Crip B, should anyone care? But gangstas aren’t exactly the best shooters so there is collateral damage of innocents getting caught in the feud. Also gang members will go after family and friends of those they target, who then do the same in turn. It makes the Hatfields and Mccoys feud look like a neighborly barbecue.

      • Oh, if we tell tragic stories of how awful it is/was/will be that innocents are killed in the crossfire of gang warfare, everything well get better, right? Give me a break. Anyone who thinks that those gangstas give a crap about any of the victims, including the innocent bystanders, is deluded, woefully ignorant, pathetically naive, etc.

        • To gangstas, killing or wounding innocent bystanders adds to their street cred and their “loco” badass reputation.

    • “…we can curb gun violence with creative policies and storytelling that doesn’t criminalize victims…”

      Yes, it seems to me most of them have “criminalized” themselves, and then got plugged for their trouble. And, I’m honestly not that interested in reading caring, rich stories about criminals. Especially the re-re-repeat offenders. If “he was such a nice boy” is true as the aunts and grandmas would have us believe, then why did he shoot at the cops, or try to knock off a pizza joint, or sling lead in a gang turf war?

  5. In other words, the usual tripe. Let’s talk about doing anything and everything except the one thing that has been proven to work, putting the thugs and hood rats in prison for a very long time.
    One may ask what the cost is for doing that. Whatever it is, it is far less than the cost of not doing it.

    • I have been banging that drum for many years. The cost of imprisonment is nothing compared to the cost of allowing career criminals to roam free in society. The question I ask is: How much is it worth to you to not have your three year old granddaughter kidnapped from your fenced in front yard by a career pederast recently released from prison. After kidnapping her the career pederast (multiple convictions for sex crimes with young children) tortured her, raped her and then strangled her. He was captured, tried and sentenced to death but had his death sentence revoked by the Californicadia Supremes. He finally died in prison after receiving a heart transplant to keep him from dying earlier.

      We will never know what contributions that young child may have made to society because some state appointed shrink deemed that the career pederast, who, by the way, kept a diary while in prison in which he wrote down his fantasies of what he would do to young children if released from prison, was “safe” because he was “self-expressing his ideation” thus rendering him harmless to society.

      Arrrgghhh! ! ! Restrain me. Every time I think of the demented diagnosis I have an urge to slowly strangle that demented state owned shrink.

      That’s not some fantasy of mine. That case actually occurred in this county.

      So how much is it worth to you each month to keep someone like that in prison? That’s assuming that you can’t execute him. How much would you volunteer to spend each month to insure he couldn’t get at your little granddaughter?

      Don’t talk to me about how much it costs. Mississippi State Prison at Angola, Mississippi turns money back to the Mississippi State General Fund each year. It costs the taxpayers of Mississippi nothing to maintain that prison. If they can do it what is wrong with all the other prisons in the country? Don’t tell me what a horrible place it is. I don’t care. Everyone in MSP, Angola has been sentenced to life without parole. By the time they reach that status 99.9% of the felons so sentenced have a rap sheet longer than my arm spread.

      Notice unlike Californicadia the good folks of Mississippi don’t call it a “correctional facility.” They call it what it is, a prison. We don’t have prisons in Californicadia any more. They are all “correctional facilities.” Ha Ha Ha Ha. ROTFLMAO. The re-arrest rate of felons released from our “correctional facilities” is over 80% these days. The other 20% just haven’t been caught yet. Apparently the felons are sleeping through the kumbya classes. The “Go forth and do good among the world” message has been distorted in transmission. The message they received is “Help yourself” as opposed to what was transmitted, “Help others.”

      I do know what I was talking about. I spent twenty-five years watching the Californicadia court system in action.

  6. … we will author a narrative of innovative policy making and storytelling that works to reduce gun violence and boldly break the mold of upholding the status quo.” Mr. Greg Jackson

    Newsflash: violent crime perpetrators have given themselves over to evil and “creative policies” and “creative storytelling” does not quell evil.

    If we are really serious about reducing violent crime, then we have to address the underlying sickness of the human souls who decided that it is okay to violate their fellow human beings.

    • “If we are really serious about reducing violent crime…”

      You might be. They’re not. Such things advance their agenda. Both parties see it that way because, ultimately, the people who run both parties are essentially the same self-interested twats as the people who run the *other* party.

      People have, in the past, accused me of being pro-drug here on TTAG. I’m not, I just see the deception the Left is using to create a false dichotomy where either choice gives them what they want.

      You can see the same game with gun control. It’s identical except for the chosen terminology. They say “assault weapon” and the 2A community comes right back with “modern sporting rifle!”.

      That’s taking the bait. They create a nonsense term designed to confuse and use it to some effect. Pro gun people come back with an equally nonsensical term that further confuses most people in the audience.

      Confusion leads people to be nervous. Fearporn about violence makes it worse. Frightened people tend towards a “solution”. The other side offers one while, effectively, we don’t. Now we’re dependent on courts to get it right.

      Over a long enough time frame they’ll win this game every time.

      It’s a small part of the game they’ve designed based on enormous research, the same research that led Huxley to write Brave New World 90 years ago. The systems of manipulation have only gotten better in the intervening years. A system so damned good that by 1961 Huxley was terrified by the fact that it had been improved in 30 years more to a point he thought they might reach by 2050. He went on a speaking tour about this fact. He did it the same year that Ike warned you about the “MIC”.

      Yet for decades no one did anything about it.

      In terms of drugs, or DUI, they pull the same trick. They use this word “decriminalization” but what they actually do isn’t “decriminalization”. They argue it’s what Europe did while what they actually do is nothing like what Europe did.

      The result, if you play that game, is you either fear drug use to the point that you allow a police state to be built (we did) and eventually turned against you even though you don’t use drugs (we’ve done this too) OR you give them what they want, they create places like San Francisco and then people beg for that same police state.

      Either way you get a police state and it eventually gets turned against you.

      And the Right does the same thing. They just use different words. This is why I say they’re just the two wings of the same predatory bird that feeds on you, your money and your freedom until there’s nothing left.

      The solution remains the same. You defend the actual meaning of words and refuse to play these stupid games. You develop an actual set of principles and stick to them even when that means allowing people to do things you don’t approve of. That’s what actual personal freedom is.

      Yeah, freedom’s dangerous. You don’t get to have your version of dangerous freedom and then take other people’s freedoms away because “safety”. Yet most Americans in all parties do this without a single thought about it because they’ve been, essentially, brainwashed longer than anyone on this board has been alive. And the people who point it out tend to get vilified because uncomfortable truths are uncomfortable.

      • You Sir are 100% correct. Dem and Repub poiliticians are just two wings of the same vulture. Our government and LE have been urned against us to a large degree. And these polis will keep doing the same thing until The 2nd American Revolution begins. The left in particular will do so until they’ve pushed We The people into a revolution, because”No Other Choice”.
        It might or might now end well. And it won’t be pretty either. I hope it doesn’t get there….but it is it appears.

    • This illness, as you phrase it, has existed throughout human history, long before guns, and will not be cured without removing the “survival of the fittest”/aggression gene. And that would be fine. Once all of the males are castrated to remove all of that excess testosterone, the race will die out and peace will reign.

      • Well, Marko, you can volunteer to be the first in line. There are a couple of good ole boys in Texas who have the equipment to do the job quickly and cleanly.

        That’s the same bull droppings that the Mother Gaiea group spew, earth would be so much better if people weren’t in it. They quickly shut up when I suggest that they volunteer to be the first in line.

  7. “We must be committed to ending gun violence in all forms with sustained advocacy and community investments that will make a lasting impact. This work naturally extends to lawmakers and policy experts to reshape gun violence prevention policies, as well as storytellers and journalists, who must recast how we contextualize and chronicle the lives of those impacted by gun violence. Together, we will author a narrative of innovative policymaking and storytelling that works to reduce gun violence and boldly break the mold of upholding the status quo.”

    What a word salad.

    What’s needed is a complete reversal of the social experiment the Left has foisted upon our nation over the past several decades. Return to traditional values of faith, family, valor, courage, discipline, and respect. It’s pretty simple.

        • It’s a 1961 copy of a book on brainwashing techniques developed by the Communists (USSR and CCP) and the Nazis, written by a psychiatrist who treated the people they brainwashed. Techniques that have become nearly infinitely more powerful in the last 60 years.

          Everything from concentration camps to brainwashing an entire country in ~230 pages of plain language.

          Read it and you’ll see exactly how we ended up where we are on gun control, Covid, taxes, regulation in general, drug laws.

          Be warned however, that if you actually read it you’re going to end up quite embarrassed and possibly angry when you realize all the times you’ve fallen for these games.

          This is what sells everything from beer to cars to political positions to widgets to religion to NRA memberships to Covid jabs and everything in between. It’s everywhere. It’s so pervasive you don’t even see it.

          When I pointed out a few years back how this was used to further Leftist positions people here asked me to write a book on the topic, condensing this and other sources. I demurred and still do, because when you turn this mirror around people get very, very angry.

          That book is just a starting point. But if you want a prayer’s chance in Hell of fixing any of the problems this country has, I’d suggest you read it.

          The only possible way you can armor yourself against this manipulation is to know what it is and how it functions. Then you can admit that you’ve been a victim of it too. At that point, progress can start.

        • Cool I think I did read it back in high school based on your description and you are right about the embarrassing/angry initial reaction as denial is a hell of a coping mechanism. That and some work of a defected KGB officer made for more education in one study hall than a full year of any other public secondary school. With that said need a refresher for the social media age so bookmarking that .

        • Could it be summed up as getting people to react on an emotional level and not on a logical level? Picking social scapegoats for all the ills of society? The Nazis blamed a small religious minority who did not make 0.1% of the population. Communists could always blame “counter-revolutionaries”, bourgeoisie, and external capitalist influences. Today gun owners are blamed either for the actions of criminals or being complicit with criminals by not disarming.

        • “Could it be summed up as getting people to react on an emotional level and not on a logical level? Picking social scapegoats for all the ills of society?”

          That would sum up a small part of it.

          A heck of a lot of it comes from the Pavlovian work that isn’t usually discussed in the West. Everyone knows about the dogs and bells but they are not aware that this works even better on humans than it does on dogs because we’re capable of making more “connections” and doing so in a longitudinal manner (over time).

          The very thing that you’d think should make us resistant to this makes us many, many times more susceptible to it. Bells in schools and desks organized in rows are examples of this kind of thing.

          But it’s not just classical conditioning. There is also work with fear response, hypnosis, making people tired or hungry, emotional manipulation, repetition, boredom, isolation, using things in “waves” to create essentially random reinforcement schedules… all these things and quite a bit more go into it. And it no longer requires a prison to hold the people or a border they can’t escape from. People willingly engage in the behaviors that lead to this manipulation through screens that the people are addicted to specifically because what’s on that device was designed for maximum addictive potential even in people who don’t have addictive personality traits by playing on core brain functions.

          It’s manipulative power that is barely describable in it’s capacity. I’ve previously described it as “building a prison in someone’s head that’s so good they’ll believe that it’s their castle and defend it against anyone trying to break them out”.

          You can manipulate people into giving a false confession, believing it’s true and going to their own horrific execution (in terms of method) truly believing that they deserve this punishment. The Soviets could make this happen like clockwork by the late 1920’s, which is part of what alarmed Huxley.

          This is what leads to something like Pokemon Go!. That’s not just a game. The company that built it sounds like a gaming company but it’s actually a Google property. The “game” was actually a tool built on CIA mapping tech that was designed for no other purpose than to turn “click throughs” into real world “foot falls” at a specific business. It was an alpha-test proof of concept in the real world, essentially.

          Want to increase your restaurant’s foot traffic at lunch by 10% and see a guaranteed increase in the average order size (and price) by 15%? Sign right here, we’ll make that happen. Pay more and we’ll drive more traffic. McD’s signed up for that shit immediately which is why their physical properties often had the best collectable items. That’s using manipulation and weaponized psychology to literally sell people poison.

          CoV-2 is a real virus. It’s also quite mild. Those CoV-2 passes are a hell of a lot more than they’re telling you. They’re the CCP’s social credit score system 2.0, just look at the leaks out of Canada. Everything from eye color to the exact amount you currently have in the bank to your credit score to your potential to buy fertilizer. Even a “pre crime score” section.

          Accepted by a population that’s been manipulated with the best science money can buy for the last 150 years.

      • I have read articles on this topic, if not your specific linked source itself.

        Very, very sobering.

      • I don’t recall seeing you link that before. Copied and mailed to self for future reading.

        I’ve read just a bit on related topics, and it is sobering and frightening — but we need to understand it. There’s no way to resist or interrupt the coercion and misdirection if you don’t even know they’re doing it. (And even when you do know, it has its effect; we’re not built to withstand constant pressure.)

    • What Haz said. We have major problems in this country BECAUSE of the lying, gaslighting, memory holing, propagandist media. Spare me the lecture Mr. Journalist and do your job.

  8. I’m betting that the same people calling out the anti-vaxxers as white(right-wing), conservative, uneducated flyover state bumpkins dont have the balls to come right out and name the big liberal city black gangbangers as the group responsible for the vast majority of violence we are experiencing. Hey, maybe next they will recommend shooting yourself in the thigh with a 22 short three weeks before your trip to Philly or Shitcago to develop an immunity to the 9mm virus.

    • Actually saw that very concept memed years ago…….. might get a few to attempt it if it was presented in a PSA. Luckily the availability of 22 short would minimize the potential attempts but then comes the conspiracy theory that the government is limiting availability of potentially life saving anti-ballistic treatments.

    • That’s just silly.

      Everyone knows that the proper inoculation against 9mm is a .22LR injected via the ear.

  9. And here I thought the author would say something honest like

    “…with lies, deceptions, gaslighting, fearporn, fascism, and eventually technocratic government dictates at all levels up to and including gulags”.

  10. I commemorated the Sandy Hook 9th anniversary of Sandy Hook by shooting my AR15 with my buddy. IF Sandy Hook elementary had a similarly armed guard the 20 year old freak would have been the only casualty(except his mother!)Yer a maroon Jackson…

    • IF Sandy Hook elementary had a similarly armed guard the 20 year old freak would have been the only casualty

      There is some truth to that.

      In 99% of all school shootings in the last 30 years, collectively, a minimum average of 5 have been wounded or killed, after the shooter goes active and the school is aware and running procedure and on lock down and before police arrived, that average in all the shootings came at a time when resistance was lowest for the shooter because the police had not yet shown up and teachers and staff were busy trying to follow procedure (and locked students out in most of them) instead of actually having the means to defend when confronted with the violence. An examination of school shootings shows that more are injured or killed when the shooter meets no resistance to stop them from moving through the school.

      It could be very suitably and correctly considered that lock down, evacuation if possible, and waiting for the police to show up are defensive. But as every one who has been in the military in combat, or engaged a bad guy, or under fire can tell you – hiding does not make the in progress violent threat go away so what about those “minimum average of 5” exposed and who is going to help them while you are locked down and before police arrive when the school shooter has basically unrestricted dominion ?

      A school shooter is there for targets, motivated by what ever motivated them, but there for targets none the less and although hiding, and lock downs etc… can make the majority safer until the calvary arrives in the form of police – what about those average of five (or more) that get injured or killed because no one provided a stopping deadly force to counter the in-progress deadly force threat?

      The school shooter needs to be stopped as quickly and as early as possible, the teacher and staff are on scene already, the police are minutes or longer away, and that “minimum average of 5 have been wounded or killed” because the school is on lock down and everyone is busy with “procedure”. Oh, and a “resource officer” … unless they get the drop on the shooter early or knows where the shooter is its pretty likely they are not going to hunt for him/her and are going to wait for the police to arrive like their “procedure” says.

      Everyone following “procedure”, how nice and tidy, and the media eats it up with “the school followed procedures” and extolling the “heroic efforts” of teachers locking doors to keep their kids safe. The media never mentions that those “minimum average of 5” would have had a much better chance if the shooter had been stopped before the police arrived.

      • In over 62% of school shootings on the last 30 years when police arrive on scene outside it took them another ~ 15 minutes on average before they actually entered the school and engaged the shooter despite knowing where the shooter is and shooter still firing. During that time after police arrive on scene outside the shooter on average (collectively) kills or wounds at least two more people and have done so with teachers in the area watching it happen and having seen the shooter before he/she encountered the victims.

        In over 87% of school shootings in the last 30 years either teachers or other staff members have seen the shooter expose the gun for the first time, or before the shooting starts, at a distance of 30 feet or less before the shooting started and there was actually at least ~2 minutes before the shooter fired the first shot despite the media coverage that a shooter pulled out a gun and started shooting immediately and randomly.

        In every case all the teachers and staff ran away to follow “procedures” or escape the school.

        In school lock downs for school shootings over the last 30 years if the shooting happened during class changes on average over 70% of the kids were locked out of safe spaces and left exposed and had to get away the best they could or until they could convince a teacher or staff to open the door and let them in.

        In school lock downs for school shootings over the last 30 years, 87% of those killed and almost 63% of those wounded were killed or wounded within proximity to locked down safe spaces. School shooters know people are going to try to reach safe spaces, remember, school shooters are most likely students them selves and have heard and maybe practiced the same emergency drill instructions – lock down safe spaces are hunting grounds for school shooters.

        Why do I keep using the last 30 years?

        because it wasn’t until the last 30 years where school lock downs started becoming standardized procedure across the United States. The number of injury and death have been overall higher after school lock downs started becoming standardized procedure across the United States. School lock down ‘safe space’ areas are hunting grounds for school shooters, they know a large amount of students are locked out of lock-down ‘safe spaces’ and are exposed.

  11. My question, do these people actually believe their own bulls*? Or are they virtue-signaling to get into the good graces of what they see is the rising leftist authoritarians? Or are they simply mentally ill?

    The reason I ask, I once had a colleague who was intelligent, truth-seeking, level-headed, ambitious, freedom-loving, and generous. Over the course of five or so years this person turned into a dogmatic authoritarian who, in the final stages, viciously berated me and others, to the point we had to cut off all contact. The transformation was remarkable and frightening. It was like a mind-virus. I have heard of many such people who suffered the same transformation.

    I have come to the conclusion there is something more going on, beyond mere political differences. The polarization in our country, indeed throughout the West, in my mind, is caused by an active force for subversion and corruption of everything that has made us great. Its motives are envy, greed, and degeneracy. It is implacable, and I believe that nothing will ever be the same, even if it is defeated.

    • Many of them do believe their own bullshit. Others don’t but sell it for personal gain.

      See the book I linked above.

  12. This all comes from a place of fear with a handful of people in high station manipulating large numbers of others and dragging many by the ear.

    Lol….let them eat cake!

  13. so Democratic governors will be marketed as heroes by the msm while the bodies pile up? sounds about like soros DA cities and 93% peaceful race riots

  14. “Covid19” is a cult. Pure and simple. It has its own blood rituals (the vaxx), it’s own special headdress (a mask), it’s own rules for social behavior (social distancing) and it’s own saint (Saint Fauci of N.I.H.).

    • I like the distancing thing. There’s just no need to stand that close to me, especially if I don’t know you.

  15. Living in a university town with lots of China travel at the time I caught Covid at 69 and was over it before the pandemic was even announced. Covid was a ham handed Biowarfare scheme between the Chinese Communist Party and various oligarchs and elites, who are the actual tools. Until this is recognized no discussion is possible!

    • I think it was an experiment that broke containment through a combination of laziness, greed, incompetence, and stupidity.

  16. The only difference between dying by a gun, knife, or a vehicle is the tool used. Why isn’t he interested in highlighting ALL violence? Because he’s a dutiful propagandist interested in pushing the narrative which is: guns bad!

    Here’s an idea. Why don’t they treat all murder and attempted murder victims the same? It’s going to get uncomfortable because it won’t always fit the narrative. We can only count on honest journalism when the story fits their neat little narrative. Sometimes when I hear breaking news about an assault or murder on the radio, they mention race. Sometimes they don’t. Why is that? Should we notice this? I keep asking, and no one can explain it to me. Why do they always mention race when discussing George Floyd’s death? Was Chauvin calling Floyd a black devil or something? How about we report on stories the same regardless of the races? Is that too difficult?
    Say his name. Why wasn’t race mentioned in this article?
    Cars can do some serious damage. Did MSNBC spend weeks speculating on why someone would do this?
    Does race matter? Why was he screaming white devil? Hmm…

    Let’s compare and contrast the coverage of the same incident:
    ABC says it was random and without motive. Move along, nothing to see.
    The Post Millennial reports that court documents show the killer was using racial slurs towards the police. When asked if he understood the charges he said, “Yea, murder, because of what they did to black people about giving them syphilis.” ABC didn’t want you to know that. ABC does, however, want you to know that Trump supporters hate black and gay people. Oops, it looks like that was a FAKE hate crime amplified by the FAKE news media.

    • “Why don’t they treat all murder and attempted murder victims the same? It’s going to get uncomfortable because it won’t always fit the narrative.”

      Honesty is always uncomfortable when it requires you to say things like “We want your guns so we can do whatever the fuck we like to you”.

      The street brawls with the cops in Paris over the weekend had the cops running scared that they were about to get strung up, you can see it in how they act. But then, they started the fights and got more blowback than they expected.

      Think they’d have done that to an armed crowd?

  17. *Above comment awaiting moderation. The media’s job is to divide us and push the liberal regime’s narrative.

    • The number one cause of internet related violence towards computer monitors is WordPress moderation.

      It’s true, it’s “The Science”.

  18. It is perfect obvious to me that the way to combat Gun Violence is by disarming a single mother living on her own, while releasing the violent felon that assaulted her back onto the streets.

  19. The way “WE” discussed it is that it was likely a bioweapon made in China and the medical bureaucrats were full of BS and had a love affair with tyranny.

    The former would not be acceptable but the later, in regards to the left is acceptable.

  20. Precovid, the older you get, the greater your chances of waking up dead.

    Now, in the early covid years, the older you get, the greater your chances of waking up dead.

    What has changed, exactly?

    • Is this a trick question? One can not wake up dead, If you do wake up you are alive.


      Not sure I get your question. I mean, you basically ask the same question twice like you are expecting a different answer each time its asked.

      It has always been the older you get the greater your chances of dying. Its always been the more greater the threat to health the greater chances of dying at any age. Its always been that viruses can present a greater chance of dying at any age.

      Was there a memo I missed that notified us the ultimate human destiny for the human species changed from what its always been?

  21. what about knife violence?
    vehicular violence?
    domestic violence?

    You’re marginalizing other types of violence and empowering gun violence; that’s not very woke now is it?

  22. “This is how we should discuss gun violence, its victims and their stories.”
    With hysteria, misinformation, disinformation, and censorship? They’ve been doing that for decades!

  23. This excerpt really shows the insane progressive mindset, how they think complex and profound societal problems can solved with some good government policy and a social program or two, if we just come together!

    When they aren’t malicious and misanthropic they’re extremely naive and kinda dumb

    • And always extremely dangerous.

      After decades of agnosticism and even a brief (stupid) period when I might’ve called myself an atheist, I’ve just about come back around to believing that demons can run loose in the world. I’m still not sure about the existence of God or Satan, but evil absolutely does exist…and it’s very progressive.

  24. Well, one is a mysterious disease with the same symptoms, infection rate and mortality as the flu that coincidentally over night made the flu go away completely, and was used by politicians to enact unconstitutional laws. Gun control has none of that germaphobic bullshit, it’s just plain old unconstitutional BS from the hoplophobic folks.

  25. I would be fine with this approach if the media were honest about the real causes of so-called “gun violence,” gangs and other violent criminals. Instead, I fear they would focus on the relative few (albeit tragic) accidents and illegitimate self defense acts.

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