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IWI figures there’s no reason inhabitants of states with paleolithic firearms laws should forego the pleasure of shooting their TAVOR SAR bullpup rifles. Thus, they’ve created their new RS (restricted states) model and they’re now shipping. Press release after the jump . . .

Harrisburg, PA (July 2014) – IWI US, Inc., a subsidiary of Israel Weapon Industries (IWI) Ltd., is pleased to announce the TAVOR® SAR RS models for the states of Massachusetts, Maryland and New Jersey are now shipping to area distributors. The MA, MD and NJ RS models comply with all state statutes and still provides the TAVOR® SAR fan an unprecedented experience in firepower and performance.

The model TAVOR® SAR RS (TSB18RS) is built on the 18″ barrel model and features a non-removable 2″ muzzle break that yields an OAL of 30″ and is supplied with a 10-round magazine.

The TAVOR® SAR RS model incorporates a full-length MIL-STD Picatinny top rail in addition to the standard short rail mounted at a 45° angle opposite the charging handle. Backup Iron Sights (BUIS) are embedded and spring loaded in the top of the Picatinny rail and the front post contains a Tritium insert on a standard AR thread, fully adjustable for windage and elevation (tool provided). The standard caliber is .223/5.56 NATO. Available in Black only. MSRP is $2,049.00

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  1. Instead of “RS” it should be the “BS” model.

    For “Blue States” of course!

  2. OMG OMG OMG! So all I need is a bullet button and it is good to go in CA!!! Woot Woot!

    • Its so sad that this makes you happy. Living in ca for too long does weird things to you. I won’t even consider buying a MSR here (ca slave as well) because I would feel so ripped off. Pay more get less is the story for every ca gun owner.

    • Not quite. It doesn’t meat the overall length requirement. But I have read one is in the works! With a silly looking 8″ long fake suppressor permanently mounted to the end of the 18″ barrel.

    • They are already here. Saw one yesterday at the gun store. Had the price been right would have purchased it, but it was obviously wrong and they couldn’t sell it until the manager gave a price.
      $2,000 for a Trevor with a ACOG and an RMR, yes, I would have purchased it on the spot. Not sure what the actual price will be.
      But rest assured, they are already for sale in California.

    • There is a company in south CA which is making them CA legal. Now having said that, yes it is sad I am excited. Doesn’t mean I am also not pissed off. I mean why can’t I buy what I can get pretty much anywhere else. I would like nothing more than a normal Tavor with a real suppressor on it. But until I leave this god forsaken state I am trying to remain positive.

    • FWIW, the ShootingSight trigger has just started shipping (there’s a long waiting list; my turn to order came up yesterday). Geissele is also making one (called the Super Sabra), but it hasn’t hit the market yet. There were some early reports of light primer strikes with the Timney, but I’m not sure of the details on that or whether it’s a serious / current issue. All 3 triggers have received rave reviews from those lucky enough to preview them.

  3. …features a non-removable 2″ muzzle break

    Two grand + for a Bullpup with a broken muzzle? No way!

    But I’m sure all the gang bangers and hood rats in Newark, Baltimore and Boston are falling all over themselves to tool themselves up with it.

  4. Dear RS folks,

    Get them while you still can. Once the left wakes up, the Tavor will be added by name to their AWBs in their next orgy of blood.


    • So have you ever heard of Warhammer 40,000?

      I am a big fan, and what you said just is GREAT, as there is a Blood God who has cultists literally doing almost just that haha

      Comparing the Anti’s to the forces of Chaos is actually a pretty entertaining and fitting comparison.

      “Blood for the Blood God! Skulls for the Skull Throne!”

    • Then IWI will probably create a new rifle with a different name that is essentially the same gun with a few cosmetic changes. 🙂

    • For which reason will this gun be banned?

      a) looks like it’s readily convertible to a laser rifle
      b) looks like a weapon of war
      c) looks mean
      d) looks scary
      e) looks like it could hold 150 rounds in the shoulder thingy
      f) looks too futuristic
      g) looks too cool compared to what police have
      h) looks too easy to shoot
      i) looks too comfortable to shoot
      j) looks too customizable
      k) looks like too much fun
      l) all of the above

      Funny, I thought liberals said that we shouldn’t judge based on looks.

  5. Too bad this came to late for those of us who are truly stuck behind enemy lines in CT and NY. Unless they find a way to add a fixed magazine, or ship it with a .22 kit built in like Stag, I still can’t have one.

    • Even if it was chambered in .22lr, it wouldn’t fly in NY. That grip turns the rifle into a vicious baby killer!

      • Good thing it has a muzzle brake instead of a muzzle ‘break’ or it would be even more evil.

  6. Can these be sold in Britain? If so, then I’ll know some happy hunters. Taking a bull stag with a bullpup!

  7. For MA compliance, all you need is the pinned comp of your choice and no 30 round mag. MFS sells them and lots of us have had them for months.

  8. Most FFLs in MD will engrave it with the customary two middle fingers to O’Malley and Frosh, complimentary with a $50 donation to Maryland Shall Issue, SAF, or NRA. ok, I made that up, but really, it should be a standard feature on these BS RS models.

  9. Shouldn’t be too hard to cut down and thread the barrel should you ever move back to the US. Or simply buy a new stock barrel since the tavor barrel is quick change.

  10. Politicians in Kalifornia are shocked (shocked!) that enterprising gun people read their foolish laws and create products that comply with their silly restrictions. The politicians call it “exploiting a loophole” or “working around the clear intent of the law”, and vow to re-visit the issue next legislative session to “solve the problem”. Oppressed gun owners call it “lawful compliance” and “avoiding felony charges”, and get along the best we can.

    The same ineffective whack-a-mole cycle will happen in other states. Someone will claim this bullpup presents an even scarier silhouette than an AR or an AK, and they’ll ban it by name, or specify its features and capabilities in minute detail in an attempt to neuter it. And so it goes…

    • Luckily they stick with mostly scary cosmetic features. If they actually knew what they were talking about and did some research they might be able to do some damage.

  11. Sure makes me glad I live in a free state. That’s deep red, in the deep south, and don’t have to worry about any new state gun laws at least…. *shudders* I don’t know how ya’ll do it.

    • Actually, things have been getting better in Indiana, a blue and gold state. Yeah, if you live in a free state, it is rather hard to get excited about Scooter the Neutered. Gives a new meaning to the Give Them 10 Organization.

  12. “The model TAVOR® SAR RS (TSB18RS) is built on the 18″ barrel model and features a non-removable 2″ muzzle break…”

    Can someone tell me if it is a “muzzle break” or a “muzzle brake” ?

    Shouldn’t it be “muzzle brake”? I have seen some folks call it a “break”…

    • The slotty thingy on the front is a “brake”. If the gun had a “break”, even on the muzzle, why would anyone buy it until it was fixed?

  13. Man I’d like a Tavor, but I am pretty happy withy current firearms, ANSI am more of a handgun guy

  14. So, to be clear, take a bullpup, which design allows you to have an overall length of an sbr with a full length barrel, and make the barrel longer to make it compliant so it is no longer as short as a SBR, but you get to keep the 12lb trigger pull… Ohhhkaaay

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