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“Missouri Gov. Jay Nixon vetoed legislation Monday that would have allowed specially trained teachers to carry concealed guns, asserting that the move could jeopardize student safety in public schools.” And in other news, the sun rose in the east this morning and another federally-owned hard drive seems to have crashed. In short, Nixon nixing the teacher carry bill was preordained. Like the scorpion on the frog’s back, it’s just his nature. The real question all along has been whether or not the heavily GOP-leaning legislature can muster the votes to override him. “The bill passed the Missouri House in May by a 111-28 vote, two more than would be required for a veto override. The Senate’s 21-7 vote fell two votes shy of that threshold, but three Republicans were absent.” Pop some popcorn. This one will be close. 

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  1. It will be overridden and that should wipe the smirk off his face.
    To do otherwise is to do nothing to help these kids.
    When are these people ever going to learn.
    Do what the people put you in office to do dammit.

    • To me this says that Governor Nixon thinks of the old media in Missouri as his boss far more than the people. The old media universally called for him to veto the bill, as I recall.

  2. Shocking is it not? I guess Nixon is not one of those pro-gun democrats I keep hearing about.

      • Tricky Dick was a statist of the first order. He just happened to be a Republican.

        Don’t forget he gave us the EPA.

        • “OMG – clean air and water! He really was a jerk…”


          Except if you think EPA is about clean air and water, you are sadly, sadly fooled.

          Kind of once again betraying that statist worldview with the “Government protects us” tripe. Today it’s clean air and water. What else do you propose they protect us from? Fatty foods? Domestic violence? Soft drinks? EVIL GUNS?

      • It’s funny when people, usually liberals, assume everyone else applies the same decision calculus as they do. That’s why you’ll hear so many retorts from liberals that so and so Republican did this or that. So what? Just because liberals are slavishly devoted to the Democrats, does not mean that conservatives automatically defend Republicans or deny their errors.

        Democrats are a far more homogeneous group than Republicans are. Conservatives will call out a statist regardless what expedient party label he affixes to himself. The proof? When’s the last time (or first time?) you heard someone use the term “DINO?” Not very often, that’s for sure.

        You’ll hear cutesy modifiers like Blue Dog Democrat or Southern Democrat, or if you’re old school, you may recall Dixiecrats or Boll Weevils. Those are generally understood to be not true conservatives, but liberals running in traditionally conservative locales. They’ll pay lip service to conservatism in order to get elected, but they aren’t genuinely conservative. So there’s no disparaging their true Democrat allegiance. The proof? Look what happens to them once they’re free from local/state politics and they need to act on the national liberal stage. See Carter, Clinton and Gore, for examples.

        • That’s true us on the right call each other out all the time. In liberal land all democrats are worshipped as deities.

        • well said, I don’t care about left or right. that’s just show. my vote is massively swayed by gun rights. it says something to me that makes the candidate slightly more trustable… they agree with real liberty. unlike self proclaimed liberals…. they aren’t liberating…they aren’t libertarians…. whats going on here????

  3. If there is a school killing in his state that could have been prevented by an armed teacher, that is on him from now on.

  4. Cities over a million folks should become their own unified city-state called Utopia. Then folks from the land called REALITY would be happy and so would the Utopians.

  5. Being anti-gun is the single most essential chromosome in Democrat DNA. Everything else is secondary. A Democrat can be a socialist (Elizabeth Warren), a crony capitalist (too long to list here), an Alzheimer’s patient (Harry Reid) or a dunce with a room temperature IQ (Joe Biden). None of that matters. But you gotta be anti-gun.

    • Well, there is one other thing even more important to Dems than gun control. In fact, even our resident Dems pay homage to it, as one of the reasons they continue to vote Dem despite their personal pro-gun leanings. They call it “reproductive rights” . Because they don’t want to call it what it is.

      • Oh, yes.

        That-Issue-that’s-not-an issue-because-it’s-Settled-Law. Any given candidate’s position on which never fails to come up in any election from dog catcher to president.

        And in spite of being such since 1973, has never failed to trip up Republicans at press conferences since.

        • Interesting point. I personally never expect to see Roe v Wade overturned. But it’s still very much an issue, just ask Wendy Davis. It’s the only issue she’s got, as a matter of fact. And it is the only issue that tops gun-grabbing in the Dems’ hierarchy of principles.

  6. This takes me back. I’m still mad UT’s constitutional carry ban got vetoed. And that happened WITH a veto proof majority. SIGH.

  7. Hope they break his veto. That might make him more cautious about endangering the lives of students.
    Since school systems evidently cannot provide adequate security for students, there needs to be nationwide change. School shootings are extremely rare and by no means a top issue, but the problem is artificially created by gun free zones (aka wacko target ranges).

    • That’s all true, but this issue typifies a Democrat’s hostility to civil rights, particularly firearms freedoms. If they won’t give on this, then there’s little chance they’re receptive to anything that tends to call into question the status of the State as the sole and righteous provider and protector of all things. Next thing you know, some kid on a parade route might shout out that the Emperor has no clothes. Then what? All freedom breaks loose. Can’t have that.

  8. Ah, aren’t the kids already in danger if a teacher has just cause to draw a concealed weapon? And wouldn’t that teacher qualify as a (fast) first responder? We trust teachers with the minds of our kids or isn’t that an important responsibility?
    Just asking.

  9. This sucks. Short and simple, this sucks. If it puts the children in more danger, why would it be introduced? I’m. Just. Done.o

  10. Don’t forget – August 5th- SJR 36 is up for a vote to amend the MO Constitution to subject gun laws to strict scrutiny. Time to jam it up Nixon’s pompous a$$!!!

  11. That’s really too bad, for Missouri. I sincerely hope their state legislature overrides the Governor’s improvident veto of this bill, as they have overridden his vetoes, in record numbers last year, and this year.

    This unfortunate news from Missouri comes on the very same day that Texas begins training the first seven school marshals, regular school employees armed and ready to respond to an active shooter situation, in Fort Worth at Tarrant County College’s Northwest campus. This is great news as Texas takes active precautions to repel active shooters.

    Two points:

    So much for the “Texas has an overrated reputation for firearms freedom and friendliness” myth.

    School spree shootings likely won’t approach an end in this country unless and until liberals start loving children more than they hate civil rights.

    • I’m afraid Texas still has a way to go, de jure firearms-freedom-wise. But it’s a lot more culturally than legally gun-friendly, which is why I don’t worry too much about some of the de jure parts.

  12. Those are some overwhelming numbers. I wish we could get anything close to that in Illinois. I hope they override this a##wipe. BTW why do people still bring up Tricky Dick? He was a piker compared to the criminal in the White House now. The lame stream media sure wasn’t in the tank for Dick. ( I actually voted for George McGovern in 1972 lol).

  13. I don’t think in government schools teacher should have guns authorized by the state. hell I dont like policemen in school.

    Nothing good will come from this

  14. i personally don’t have an issue with trainer teacher’s carrying, but i always thought a more palatable compromise would be guns secured on campus that can be accessed if need be At least it might alleviate concerns that a teacher could get jumped and have their weapon taken or worse…one of them leaves it in the john.

    Wasn’t the story that the sandy hook principal ran out of her office to her death? Maybe if she had a weapon secured in her office….

    anyways hopefully the veto gets overridden.

    • In Texas you have to take a CHL class and pass live fire range test. At the gun range I go to most folks there have their CHL and far more accurate than average LE. Don’t get why being a teacher who wants to conceal carry in class room needs extra training? Regular range pratice, yes but otherwise have them get a CHL and take down the useless Gun Free Zone signs.

  15. No need to contact my senator. He co-sponsored another bill to make null and void federal firearms laws. I think I know how he voted for this one.

  16. I am from Missouri and I am deeply disappointed. However, the part of the bill I was most concerned about was not the school carry portion but the part that allowed open carry everywhere for those of us with a concealed carry permit. It sucks to have one city allow it and another doesn’t, etc etc and you never know what the law really is when moving across jurisdictions. This law would have flattened it out to where it was allowed everywhere and that would make things a whole lot more streamlined. I hope this gets overridden.

  17. Just remember, Missouri parents – if your child is injured or killed in a school attack, sue this man for every cent he’s worth for intentionally preventing trained adults from being able to help.

    • Even better…pull your children out of public school. Private school is better; homeschooling is best.

      A few extra $$ worth putting your children under the care of people that think like this Governor does?

      It’s an idea worth pondering.

  18. So The Governor has conceded that the public employees charged with the care and educating of children are irresponsible, potentially dangerous, and not to be trusted. They are considered by the Governor in the same category as convicted felons.

  19. “Arming teachers will not make our schools safer,” he said.

    what we need are more signs… and BIGGER signs!!

  20. Ditto to what Greg said.

    That was the part of the bill I was most interested in. They should not have put the armed teacher thing in there with it.

    Made it easy to veto.

  21. The truth is guns in schools are already legal in Missouri. Any one with a concealed carry permit can carry in public schools with approval of the school officials. Revised Statutes of Missouri 571.030 Trouble is the school officials won’t ever give permission. This law is an attempt to get around the school administrators’ failure to protect students. The new research based Report by Purdue University clearly reports the best way to deal with the hideous school shooter problem is a combination of an armed school resource officer to engage the attacker(s) and a small percentage of trained teachers and staff to protect the students as they shelter in place. I recall somebody called this “good guys with guns”.

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