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Guns in general are beautiful works of art. But sometimes, the designers go above and beyond by embellishing their art with intricate designs and using precious metals. It’s a completely different level of “gun porn” from what we usually see here in the United States, and it was on full display over at the IWA show in Germany. So while I have a moment, I thought it might be nifty to tease out some of the better pieces and give you a post with nothing but pretty pictures. Enjoy!











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  1. Simply amazing. I would be afraid of shooting them if I ever happened to get one.

    Thanks for the great pics and for making it possible for us to really get a close look at the incredible craftsmanship.

    • Indeed. I like pretty guns the way I like really exquisite cars, great to look at but if I cannot comfortably drive it (or take it out shooting) without fear of the inevitable scuff or scratch or dent or ding, I don’t want it. I’ll admire it from afar and drive my cheaper model with a smile.

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  2. Functional and beautiful; now; the only thing to make it better is to have a beautiful real gun woman demonstrate superior marksmanship with one of those works of art.

    That would truly be a work of art. Functional and beautiful.

  3. It’s times like this that I see the Swarovski scope and think,”Why have they not opened a business to creating WW1/ really large/ Vintage optics with modern clarity and features and putting them on these guns?” It would look so much better!

    • Agreed. As I was scrolling through the gun porn I saw the scope and thought they looked pretty mundane sitting on top of those works of art.


  4. Unlike the ridiculous-looking sig post, here we have some classically ornate guns that still look very functional.

  5. The craftsmanship is unreal. The wood used, the detail in the metal.
    I don’t think I would ever want to own one though. I would be afraid I would scratch it!

  6. Not nearly as beautiful as those, but I picked up a stunning Sako with a mannlicher stock in .375 last week.
    Mfg date in either 79 or 80.
    The bluing is just incredible. The deep checkering, the wood… It’s got serious wow factor.

  7. All I want to know is who made the flintlock pistol? I’m in the market and I’d love to see what else is in their catalog!

  8. Of course, since it is in Europe only the landed gentry will ever see a firearm in any case. Only the wealthy are able to afford the permits and licensing to be in the market.

  9. These are beautiful works of art.
    If any of you are ever in Milwaukee, after you have toured the Harley Museum (and pay extra to go out to the new engine plant tour–it is amazing), make sure you hit the Milwaukee Public Museum. They have a room that shows a nice selection of brilliantly decorated muzzle-loading rifles that were used in shooting tournaments. The museum has a much larger holding of these masterpieces, so it is disappointing that there are only 20 or so weapons on display, but you will not forget the ones you see.

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