Santa Fe School Shooting Grace John
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“You can’t make stricter gun laws or stuff like that and expect it all to go away. People will break the rules if they want to. It’s illegal for a 17-year-old to have a gun. It’s illegal to kill people. It’s illegal to have a gun on campus. But people still do it.

“So making stricter gun laws isn’t going to stop people from doing it. Even if you were to take guns off this entire earth, somebody could come in with a knife. Somebody could put anthrax in all the ketchup packets in school. It’s going to happen regardless if somebody has the motive.”

– Grace John in Underreported: The Santa Fe School Shooting Survivors the Media Ignored [via]

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    • way to go ass face. rather than commend her for thinking for herself, you find the one hair splitting comment to bitch about. grow the fuck up dude. or gtfo.

      • Boy, you have some serious anger management issues. I did not admonish her in any way. I simply corrected an erroneous statement. One, by the way, which is oft placed in the ether by way too many people.

        • AND you’re WRONG. Minimum age in the US to PURCHASE a long gun it 18yrs.

          In much of the US there in no minimum age to possess or to own.

        • As per the ATF:

          Does a customer have to be a certain age to buy firearms or ammunition from a licensee?
          Yes. Under the Gun Control Act (GCA), shotguns and rifles, and ammunition for shotguns or rifles may be sold only to individuals 18 years of age or older. All firearms other than shotguns and rifles, and all ammunition other than ammunition for shotguns or rifles may be sold only to individuals 21 years of age or older. Licensees are bound by the minimum age requirements established by the GCA regardless of State or local law. However, if State law or local ordinances establish a higher minimum age for the purchase or disposition of firearms, the licensee must observe the higher age requirement.

          [18 U.S.C. 922(b)(1) and (b)(2); 27 CFR 478.99(b)]

        • You’re wrong because you’re implicitly adding other circumstances which the young lady did not allow for. The fact us that in Texas it is illegal for a minor to possess a firearm…….UNLESS……there are other specific circumstances involved.

          No such other circumstances were allowed for by her statement. No such other circumstances were present in the Sante Fe shooter’s possession of a firearm, which is the context of her statement.

          So she is not wrong. You are incorrect for taking her general, accurate comment out of context and applying extra conditions which would make it incorrect. Now, you could argue–as I’m sure you’re champing at the bit to do now–that her statement is incorrect because it implied that no such extenuating circumstance exist.

          That would be a valid point, had you not been too terse to make it. Nevertheless, from a casual discussion standpoint, the cool thing to do would have been to acknowledge the generality of her point, then mention some of the specifics where it would not apply. That would go farther in informing others than just playing tit for tat.

      • The first step to counter media disinformation is to be as accurate as possible, even if you think you’re helping by trying to hide the facts is a good tactic.

    • It’s illegal for a 17-year-old to have a gun
      No it is not.
      I was shooting guns and going hunting long before I was 17.
      Nuthin wrong with Gman’s post.

      • Obviously she’s talking about a 17 year old having a gun at school. Geez, are you people that daft, or is the triumph over a teenage girl’s lack of specificity in a media interview just too delicious to overlook or politely improve? Do you not get many victories in your everyday life? Are there no first graders whom you can dominate at “Chutes and Ladders?”

      • Because you were home, or out with your dad or some other adult hunting. It wouid be illegal for you to have bought a long gun by yourself and possibly even to go hunting without an adult, dumbass.

  1. Of course she’s correct; and of course the mainstream media ignored it. It wasn’t what they were looking for in the victim/tragedy, shooter race/gender, or political local demographic categories. So it was useless, from their viewpoint, because it didn’t fit the messaging they wanted to project.

    (Wow … When did I get so cynical? Oh, right … during the last presidential campaign.)

      • Exactly. 911 wouldn’t have happened if Tom Clancy wasn’t allowed to publish that story line were Japan flew a plane into Congress.

  2. There is a simple reality that seems to escape most folk. Laws do not prevent. Period. They punish. Any discussion about laws to prevent anything is simply delusional. Compliance with laws is a personal and voluntary choice. Most of us choose to be lawful. Others, not so much. There are no laws that I am aware of which abridge in any way the ability to exercise free speech. None. And, Constitutionally speaking, no law which abridges the free exercise of the 2nd is lawful.

    • Agree 100%.

      You have the oft-cited ‘fire in a crowded room’ or libel or slander that some will claim abridge 1A. These, of course, do not prevent or restrict the freedom of speech – they simply provide punishment for the repercussions. In otherwords, people are responsible for their words, and their actions. The same should be true WRT 2A. We are, after all, supposedly innocent until proven guilty, and a background check assumes guilt until proven innocent. A ‘government permission slip’ to bear arms is, on its face, the reduction of a natural right to a privilege, and IMHO, violates the 2nd, 4th (to be secure in their persons), 5th (right removed without due process), and 14th (all are equal – no abriding of privileges or immunities).

      • Agree 100%.
        The fully loaded M1A1 Abrams tank parked in my driveway harms no one until such time I decide to point the turret at my neighbor and pull the trigger because his dog poops in my yard. IMHO there are NO Constitutionally permitted limits upon the keeping of arms whatsoever.

  3. The children at Santa Fe high school did not join ranks with the David Hogg pig farm so they were not news worthy. If they would have chanted gun control then they would be in the news even now.

  4. As Gman said compliance is voluntary. That is why Prohibition failed, and why the 55 mile an hour speed limit failed, they both required compliance and people freely and publicly admitted that they did not and would not comply. The invention of the wildly successful dash-top radar detectors made obvious the failure of the 55 mile an hour limit.

        • Nobody needs a radar detector to hunt! If anybody missed it, somebody took VA to the SCOTUS who declared their law unconstitutional. VA gave his detector back and kept right on enforcing a law found unconstitutional, saying if you want your confiscated detector back, you can get it by spending a few hundred grand in court.

    • Boy, are you wrong! Guess you weren’t paying attention when the gubt proclaimed the 55 mph speed limit hugely successful. I’m pretty sure it really was, too, since nobody could figure out what it was supposed to accomplish, I can’t say it did not accomplish it. I made a loop around the US during that time, with the cruise control set on 90 whenever we were on an Interstate, which had me slightly faster than the bulk of the traffic. Not a bit of problem.

    • My understanding of why the 55MPH speed limit failed is that Nevada, in particular, wanted to raise the speed limit. The Feds said if you want your federal highway funds, you won’t raise the speed limit. NV said FU – we get enough income from the casinos. I could certainly be wrong on that account, though.

      Of course, federal highway funds have been held over other states to get them to do what the feds want.

      As far as the 55MPH – I believe that there is an overall savings in gas usage; it likely results in fewer fatalities (although likely more accidents/fender benders).

  5. Parkland exposed the incompetence of authorities so they had to quickly change the story and narrative. Santa Fe was very different and no one needed to shield the Sheriff.

  6. Absurd statement of the day:

    It’s Strange That the Santa Fe School Shooting Survivors Don’t Get Any Media Attention

  7. The media and the gun control lobby ignore the Sante Fe mass shooting because the shooter was Elmer Fudd’s son who was armed with a revolver and a politically correct, pump action shotgun. The gun control lobby has been so successful in their efforts to condition people to fear “assault weapons” that the victims of this propaganda no longer understand how lethal a shotgun can be. A 12 gauge shotgun has double the probable wounding capacity of a .50 BMG. A 12 gauge slug is nearly the same projeftile weight as a .50 BMG and has nearly double the cross sectional area. While a .50 BMG, FMJ round is likely to paas through a human body without deforming, tumbling or loosing much energy, a 12 gauge slug is likely to expand far beyond its .729 inch nominal diameter and fragment. Each round of 00 buckshot from a standard 12 gauge, shotgun is equivslent to 9 rounds from an AR-15. One round from a 3&1/2 inch magnum 12 gauge shotgun is equivalent to 18 rounds from an AR-15.

    Meanwhile, in Yamhill County Oregon, a jury recently acquited a marijunna bootlegger who had fired 2 rounds from a 12 gauge shotgun at his neighbors children. The jury was no doubt influenced by perjurous testimony from the bootlegger’s associate who claimed that the bootlegger could not have been shooting lethal slugs or heavy buckshot because his Remington 870 shotgun had a full choke barrell which would have exploded if he had attempted to shoot any ammunition heavier than number 8 birdshot.

    As if to demonstrate the absurdity of this insane verdict, another psychopath armed with a pump action 12 gauge celebrated the acquital by massacring the staff of a newspaper in Anapolis Maryland a week later.

    • “The media and the gun control lobby ignore the Sante Fe mass shooting because the shooter was Elmer Fudd’s son who was armed with a revolver and a politically correct, pump action shotgun.”

      Yes, and on the other hand the Parkland murderer’s weapon was an “assault” rifle, which Michael Bloomberg and his hirelings are pushing very to ban. Revolvers and pump action shotguns are far down on their hit list. Hence, the Santa Fe school massacre was largely ignored by the media while the Parkland massacre was HEADLINES! HEADLINES!!

      Also, remember the Marshall County, Kentucky mass shooting in March? That also received comparatively little attention from the news media. The murderer used a 9mm pistol.

  8. As if to demonstrate the absurdity ofbthe acquital, a fellow psychopath armed with a pump action shotgun massacred the staff of a newspaper in Anapolis Maryland only s week later.

  9. Parents who want their children to be safer at school should impress upon them the importance of always treating fellow students with dignity and respect. Bullying and meanness can cause sudden death.

    • Except that a lot of bullies come from families of bullies, so the behavior is the norm. Want to know why a bully is a bully? Get his father or mother angry and you will see it on display.

  10. Anthrax would not do so well in a Ketchup container, the acid would kill it’s effectiveness, botulinum toxin would be highly effective though.

  11. Appreciate that this young lady has the courage to speak her mind. Fact is she is right !! There are lunatics out there that will do harm to others & they don’t need a gun to accomplish evil. Where there is a psycho with a will , there is allways a way.

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