Titusville Peace in the City Shooting Park Back to School
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Don’t look now, but a gun owner who was legally concealing a handgun stopped a shooting in a crowded Florida park over the weekend. That’s right, once again, a good guy with a gun stopped a bad guy who had opened fire, in this case, on a back-to-school event that was ironically called “Peace in the City.”

Shannon Watts, Gabby Giffords and David Hogg weren’t available to comment.

According to clickorlando.com . . .

Police said the (shooter) was involved in a fistfight with another person at a crowded park, left and returned several minutes later with a gun and opened fire.

“They started shooting,” said Dwight Harvey, who was the DJ for the event. “The bounce houses were full of kids, and they started shooting right under the tree.”

Harvey captured the shooting while he was recording the event on Facebook Live.

That’s when an unidentified licensed concealed carrier drew his firearm and shot the attacker in the head, putting an end to the chaos.

The bystander who shot the suspect waited for officers and has been fully cooperative with the investigation, police said.

“We are extremely grateful that nobody else was injured in this incident,” Deputy Chief Todd Hutchinson said. “This suspect opened fire at a crowded public park. This could have been so much worse.” …

Detectives consulted with the State Attorney’s office. No charges are expected against the bystander as his actions were within the law based on the preliminary investigation, according to police.

Not to mention that he also saved who knows how many lives by stopping the threat.

Our friends in the gun-grabbing community are fond of spouting statistics that detail the number of lives lost (about 32,000) in shootings every year (including the roughly 21,000 suicides). For some reason, though, they neglect to mention the number of defensive gun uses (a minimum of 500,000 and possibly as many as 3 million) that also take place. Every single year. Defensive actions in which rapes, robberies, assaults and yes, murders are prevented.

Imagine that.

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    • I have always liked derivations of that quote.. Peace through superior firepower, etc..
      dates back at least to Emperor Hadrian (AD 100ish), who said ‘peace through strength or, failing that, peace through threat’

      My favorite version is ‘An armed society is a polite society’

      • Si vis pacem, para bellum.

        If you want peace, prepare for war.

        Been true through history on both a personal, societal and national level.

      • While it may be true that an armed society is a polite society, don’t like that one because it implies that the impolite will be shot. Impoliteness is not a basis for shooting someone.

        • Impoliteness was shooting offense in the book from which this quotation is taken. (Beyond This Horizon) Not any “tomorrow at dawn” nonsense. Right here, right now.
          Men who chose to be unarmed would not get shot, but they had to wear a brassard to show their second tier status.

        • You’re good at picking out one little part of an otherwise logical statement. Typical liberal logic.

    • And so much for the anti-gun narrative of ‘There’d be carnage if someone other than police shoots back.” and “how will the police know who the good guy is?” (Well, he’d be that guy patiently waiting for police to finally show up.)

      • Apparently, you are not a regular reader of the site. There were at least two separate stories last week in which police responding to a defensive gun use ending up shooting the defender dead.

        It really does happen, sometimes. Not every time; not even often. I’ll even concede it’s rare. Still, it does happen. You would do well to acknowledge that reality and develop counterarguments to address it, rather than just traffic in the fake news that it absolutely never happens.

        • Accidents happen in all walks of life. And they are insignificantly rare and not even worth mentioning. When the police arrive the best thing to do is place the weapon on the ground and place your foot on it until told by the police to do otherwise. Anyone with any brains would know to do so.

      • Indeed. How many street cops could score a headshot in such a situation. Just saw a video on Reid Heinrich’s YT channel where the cops murdered a walker-dependent hostage while trying to hit the perp behind her with a hail of panicked “sympathy” pistol fire. * Officer safety comes first as always I guess. * But seriously, statistically you’re more likely to be hit by a missed round fired by police than by an AR-15, everybody.

        But praise God he was carrying that day. ALWAYS carry.

        Any reporting on MSM (dumb question)?

        CCW must have been using a CZ 😉

  1. My hearts beatin my hands are shakin but im still shootin im still gettin head shots BOOOM HEAD SHOT

    good job man +1 for the good guys

    • We should be flooding the lame stream media with emails, letters, and calls about this very event. We should also be flooding the social media with the facts of the event.

      Otherwise, you’re correct; since this does not support the “agenda”, we won’t see this, and more importantly, people whose minds might be changed about guns won’t see this.

      I am going to send this info to all of my social media contacts, as well as my local newspapers.

    • I expected to not see this as a headline, but CNN doesn’t even have a story at all on their site. I searched. Also nothing about the antifa violence. That’s either incompetence or blatant bias… Or both

      • No this won’t appear as a story in the New York Times (Pravda on the Hudson), the Washington Post (Pravda on the Potomac), the LA Times (Pravda on the Pacific) or any other big left-wing progressive news organization. It doesn’t fit their narrative or advance their agenda. But good on the guy in Titusville FL that used his legally carried firearm to stop the threat and prevent another massacre that could be used against the gun community by those very same news organizations. And good on the local prosecutor’s office for having the integrity to decline to press charges against the good guy, rather than try to make political/publicity points from the incident.

    • I live in Melbourne, which is just south of Titusville, in Brevard Cty. Fl. I didn’t even hear about this on my local newscasts. I suppose with no innocents dying, it’s not newsworthy.

    • “No trial, no reports to file…”

      ‘Dirty’ Harry Callahan.

      (But not really true. There will be *lots* of paperwork to file. But the cost of a few hours of overtime is far cheaper than years of incarceration at the taxpayer’s expense…)

  2. The Elite Illuminati agenda (Democrat) is to disassemble the United states as we know it. Education Department is dumbing down our education system so much, most people cannot do simple math , nor make a cohesive sentence, Welfare system promotes single moms, political society wants to totally emasculate the male population so we become more passive easier too handle! more twisted sisters
    So why would they publish anything that is true, or a moral historical truth, MOLON LABE

    • Not just the illumanutti. Quite a few ttag commenters have voiced a desire to balkanize the US.

      Pure insanity.

    • I don’t think there is a desire to balkanize the US per se. I think it’s going that way naturally as people who think alike get together and create their regions through elections, economics, culture and even natural conditions.

      It might be a stretch to think a country as big and diverse as this one is will agree on anything. The Soviets had a think tank in the 60s that predicted the US would eventually split into 4 regions based on many factors. It’s close to proving them right.

  3. Suprise, speed and the violence of action, along with the Second Amendment, saved lives, just as our Founders intended.

  4. Unfortunately, this is a scenario that is going to play out a lot more often until a certain segment of our society figures out that this is not the way to settle disagreements. Especially since the MSM will bury it.

  5. Would anyone like to venture a guess at how many kids would have died if this had been a “Gun Free Safe Zone”?
    Lucky for everyone that it wasn’t, so the number was 0.
    Good guys 1 – Bad guys 0 (this time)

    • Actually… florida statute

      790.115 Possessing or discharging weapons or firearms at a school-sponsored event or on school property prohibited

      nothing about public parks I could find, So hopefully for the GGWG this was not school-sponsored event

    • The gun grabbers know how full of shit they are. They rely on their truth free zones to keep their sheeple from ever leaving the pen.

  6. The witness made the comment on the Samaritan “Nice Shooting!

    They almost edited that out and went back to “the kids were everywhere”
    Little slip up in the editing booth.

  7. Unpossible.
    This couldn’t have happened.
    The meat puppet and Mrs. Monsanto told me so.

  8. Post it on all the Democratic house and senate candidates twitter feeds. It’s fun to see the reactions from their followers. Get the news out.

    Thank God there was a good guy with a gun there to stop the shooter. Hopefully thugs will learn that in the states that are not under democrats control, it could be hazardous to their health to pull a gun and shoot.

  9. When someone’s doing gobs of violence, having some accurate violence to stop them with is a net gain. In “peace.”

  10. And what have we learned?

    – Calling it a “peace” rally doesn’t keep the jackholes out.

    – A legally armed citizen wasn’t the problem; he stopped the problem.

    – Once the problem stopped, he stopped.

    – The police showed up eventually. No telling how much damage the problem child would have done by then.

    Meanwhile, the linked local media take has to drag out “stand your ground.” What have we learned? Well, those particular hacks, clearly learned nothing. The rest of us, well, we already knew all this.

    Maybe some of those kids will remember how it was, given that they are alive to remember: that the guy stepped up, rather than exercising his “duty to retreat” leaving the kids and the shooter to continue their unequal dance.

    When the Florida D’s for Disarmament can keep guns away from kids and picnics for peace, they can talk about disarming peaceful, responsible people. I do think we should ask them: How many of those kids would it be OK to sacrifice, for your “gun fake control?”

  11. As more and more people carry in public, mass shootings will be stopped like this more and more. Even if the media wont stop making them famous the average citizen can help stop the trend by just shooting these assholes.

  12. DAMN good shooting well placed shot another scumbag that will never have the chance to hurt anyone. Will the dems. ever learn we live in a totally different world than many of us grew up in ? It is a sad time for our country and communities that our kids can not feel safe at events like this or in our schools. We are finally talking about arming some of our teachers sad but necessary

    • Instant justice metered out with extreme prejudice. My kind of guy. Thank God for him and all those with the courage and conviction to step up and make a responsible, rational decision. A rarity in this day and age of whiney DC Criminals posing as elected officials.

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