Police Shooting Brooklyn
(AP Photo/Frank Franklin II)
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By Michael R. Sisak and Jim Mustian, AP

New York City police are trying to determine if Wednesday’s ambush stabbing of an officer in Brooklyn was inspired by anti-police sentiments expressed during days of protests and unrest over the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis, Commissioner Dermot Shea said Thursday.

Officer Yayonfrant Jean Pierre was stabbed in the neck while on an anti-looting patrol, spurring a struggle that saw the suspect shot and two other officers sustaining gunshot injuries to their hands. Jean Pierre and the other officers, Randy Ramnarine and Dexter Chiu, were expected to recover, police said.

The suspect, 20-year-old Dzenan Camovic, was hospitalized in critical condition with multiple gunshot wounds, Shea said. He has yet to be charged and the case could end up in the hands of federal prosecutors, with the FBI saying it would use “every federal statute available to hold the perpetrator accountable.” Information on Camovic’s lawyer was not immediately available.

The bloodshed happened just before midnight Wednesday, in the hours after an 8 p.m. curfew that was intended to quell days of at-times violent protests in the wake of Floyd’s death. Along with peaceful demonstrations, there have been smash-and-grab sprees and a string of assaults on police officers.

Shea called for calm Thursday at a news conference that opened with a broadside against elected officials and others whom he blamed for stirring up animosity by speaking against police and sharing videos on social media that, presented without context, are seen as evidence of officer misconduct.

“How do we move forward?” Shea said. “I do not know how we will get there. I wish I had all the answers, but I know this much. We cannot reach that place until we end the hateful speech and the law breaking and the unprovoked attacks against police officers and the rhetoric that fuels.”

Shea said it was too early in the investigation to say what motivated Wednesday night’s attack, but police union head Patrick Lynch said he saw a connection to the protests.

“Did we doubt? Because of the rhetoric we’re hearing, the anti-police rhetoric that’s storming our streets, are we surprised?” said Lynch, president of the Police Benevolent Association. “I’m not. We said it’s going to happen.”

Police Shooting Brooklyn
(AP Photo/Frank Franklin II)

Wednesday’s stabbing happened a block from a spot where demonstrators and police engaged days earlier in an hourslong standoff, during which a police car was burned and protesters were beaten with batons.

Shea said the attacker casually approached two officers stationed in the area to prevent pilfering around 11:45 p.m. and stabbed one — Jean Pierre, according to Mayor Bill de Blasio.

Officers a short distance away heard gunshots, rushed to the scene and saw the man with a gun in his hand, believed to have been taken from one of the officers, Shea said. The responding officers then opened fire.

“It appears to be a completely, cowardly, despicable, unprovoked attack,” Shea said.

The commissioner said 22 shell casings were recovered. He didn’t say whether the officers’ hand wounds came from fellow officers’ guns.

Jean Pierre is a Haitian immigrant, and Ramnarine and Chiu are children of immigrants, de Blasio said.

They represent “all that is great about New York City,” de Blasio said. “They represented the fact that people come from all over this country, all over this world, to find a better life … and then some choose to serve all of us.”

The stabbing was one of multiple assaults on police officers in recent days, including a driver plowing into a sergeant in the Bronx, a lieutenant struck in the helmet by a brick during a brawl in Manhattan, a Molotov cocktail thrown into a van full of officers in Brooklyn, and gunshots fired at an occupied police cruiser in Queens.

Hours after the Brooklyn ambush, police in Queens shot a man they said followed two officers into a store, menaced them with a knife and refused commands to drop the weapon. He is hospitalized in stable condition, police said.

Gov. Andrew Cuomo called the attacks on police officers “unconscionable.”

“People attack police officers? They run up to police officers, they stab a police officer? They’ve treated police officers with such disrespect in New York City that I am stunned,” Cuomo, a Democrat, said at a news briefing in Albany.

At the same time, police have been criticized for harsh tactics to corral protesters and enforce the curfew. More than 350 current and former members of de Blasio’s administration published an open letter Thursday denouncing brutality, such as officers swatting protesters with batons, a police vehicle driven into a crowd and an officer seen throwing a woman to the ground.

Shea apologized for “our part in the damage to stability” and said some of those officers would face discipline.

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  1. NOTICE how ALL of the serious problems are only happening in Sanctuary Cities located in BLUE States?

    • This has always fascinated me.
      Why are only 13 of America’s 50 largest cities run by Republican mayors? I just counted them on wikipedia. What is it about big American cities that attracts Democrats? I’m genuinely curious.

        • I buy that. It seems the underlying premise is that big city folks look for handouts more so that people in smaller cities and towns. I wonder why this is?

        • Small towns don’t have welfare offices, free clinics, food banks, etc. They also don-t have public transit to get to those places in other cities.

      • Most of the residents are miserable due to stress, commute, cost of living, crime, noise, pollution….as they get more miserable by the day, they want everyone else to be miserable, therefore they embrace the “liberal” agenda. Unfortunately, these folks keep the same messed up mentality when they relocate to other states, and despite years and years of complaining about big cities and “liberal” problems, they will keep voting for the same kind of leftist clowns. That’s also why libtards are obsessed with government control, regulations, etc. If they don’t need it, can’t use it, don’t want it, can’t afford it…you shouldn’t have it, particularly if it makes you happy.

        • That is a crazy way to live. I wonder why folks don’t just leave big cities and live happier lives?

        • The anti-fancy says: “That is a crazy way to live. I wonder why folks don’t just leave big cities and live happier lives?”

          Most of them simply can’t.
          It’s where their job is (getting another job really isn’t as easy as some say it is, especially if you’re not a general laborer).
          It’s where their home is. Moving is a major life-changing event.
          It’s where their friends are, it’s where they are familiar with all the neighborhood shops, bars, houses of worship, etc.
          It costs money to move.
          For some, moving is relatively easy. For many more, it just isn’t.

      • This is THE age old political divide: rural vs, urban. Dates back to the Roman Empire and beyond. The ethos and mindset of those who live a rural life (where individual self-sufficiency is often a requirement) are considerably different from those who live in cities (where neighbors and government apparatus are close by, encouraging collectivism and reliance on the state). It’s not that liberals are attracted to cities; it’s that cities create liberals.


      • Even here in Ft. Worth the Republican mayor is really a Republican light or a RINO. No real conservatism.

    • My hypothesis: Life in big cities appeals to people of certain “psychological build” and with political views that are founded on it. Living in big city reinforces the leftist views of city dwellers by dependence on authorities for every aspect of their life. Every problem’s solution is grounded in a collective, bureaucratic, top down system in their eyes.

      “There ought to be a law!”

      When, not if, the law/program has results opposite to the proclaimed intention behind its implementation, it’s always because it did not go far enough, so the leftists double down and expand it. Of course that requires expansion of the government agency created to enforce it and its budget.

  2. Since the cops are unionized they should declare a strike against the city for promoting a unhealthy work atmosphere,,, or what ever else to pull the cops off the beat & in about a day that city Would be at the mercy of the mob… the gov & mayor deserve rath of the citizenry in the aftermath.

    • I’m pretty sure that in most places it’s illegal for public employees to go on strike and refuse to work, though I wouldn’t blame them for doing so at this point.

      • It’s called blue flu. They just call in sick. I’ve also heard the term FIDO. It stands for, “Fuck it. Drive on.” That is, do nothing without an explicit order from the dispatcher.

  3. In times like these I’m sure that its a comfort to New York’s Finest that the Mayor and Governor have their backs….who am I kidding? Those socialists DGAF.

  4. “Gov. Andrew Cuomo called the attacks on police officers “unconscionable.””

    Ha! Ha! What a fucking liar.

    • He was blaming them a few days ago for not magically stopping the unrest.

      And if they had, he would be blaming them today for not being gentle.

  5. The NYPD has to worry about getting shanked despite having one of the lowest incidence of officer related shootings among cities.

    Sure, they don’t hit what they’re aiming for when they do, but maybe that’s why they try and avoid it.

    • Yep. I imagine the new standards for LE nationwide will resemble NYPD practices. 12-14 lb triggers and aim everywhere but the target.

      Liberalism at work.

      • Did you see the story this morning about Minneapolis City Council members discussing DISMANTLING THE POLICE FORCE? 😂

        • Depending on who you read, that’s only 2 or 3 members of the city council, not “the city council.”
          In many cities, there are people demanding either the dismantling or defunding (in whole or part) of the local police forces. These demands/’requests’ will go nowhere; they are made for the purpose of getting attention for the need to change how the police forces operate.

        • And…
          The Blaze is reporting that the City Council has decided to “dismantle” their police department,and replace it with a “transformative new model of public safety”.
          It remains to be seen what that will be.

        • Well… good luck. They can be an experiment for the nation. I feel bad for property owners because I bet they’ll find that their house is worth almost nothing as they try to escape.

  6. “People attack police officers? They run up to police officers, they stab a police officer? They’ve treated police officers with such disrespect in New York City that I am stunned,”

    What a POS! Him n Deblasio are responsible for this.

  7. New York cops should only be allowed to have the weapons that the regular civilians can have. Seeing as they are the ones who enforce these laws why should they not also abide by them? So these cops should be carrying a whistle and pepper spray. At home they can have a featureless rifle with a fixed 10 round mag.

    • So, what do you think will happen to you when the “rebels” take over. Do you think they will repeal NFA?

      • Why would I expect a bunch of anti gun liberals to repeal the NFA? I’m simply pointing out what Thomas Jefferson perfectly articulated. “Tyranny is defined as that which is legal for the government but illegal for the citizenry.”

        • Shall we test the logic of that statement?

          It is legal after due process of law for the government to punish crimes.

          It is is illegal for the citizenry to do the same.

          Therefore all punishments are a form of tyranny.

          Too many people idolize Thomas Jefferson. He was Jacobin and not fully accept the Constitution until after the War of 1812-15.

        • Thomas Jefferson never said that or anything similar. He said many fine things that support our right to keep and bear arms. But that is a fake, made up quote. Earliest known example found dates to 2006.

          Had he said it, he would have been 263 years old at the time, and deceased for 197 of those years..

        • A surprising number of people think Jefferson wrote the Consitution when he wasn’t even in the country for the Conversation and opposed its ratification.

      • @tdiinva, you are really doing the most to excuse or deflect from the fact that nypd cops are the enforcement tool of the corrupt NY politicians. People on the right love to criticize the horrendous policies of democrat controlled cities but don’t criticize the people who enforce those policies.

        • No, I am simply pointing out your logical fallacy and your use of a debunked Jefferson quote. If you had a point you would know not to use a bogus quote to back it up.

      • My point is that a large part of a New York cops job is to take a massive dump on second amendment. These people aren’t our friends. They enjoy a special privilege which happens to be a constitutional right that they deny to others.

    • Why is it that all the leftists who are screaming about police abusing the people, violating their rights and murdering them are the same people who are screaming that only the police should have guns? Where the hell is the logic in that?

  8. “such as officers swatting protesters with batons, a police vehicle driven into a crowd and an officer seen throwing a woman to the ground.

    Shea apologized for “our part in the damage to stability” and said some of those officers would face discipline.”

    let’s cut the weasely doubletalk and say what actually happened, ok?

    “such as officers beating protesters with batons, a police vehicle running people over and an officer seen body slamming a woman.

    Shea apologized for police brutality and said some of those officers would get a slap on the wrist.”

  9. Systemic abuse and corruption for decades, hmm, wonder why this is happening?

    Disband the police, return to elected sheriffs and peace keepers. Alternatively, privatize the police and abolish qualified immunity. Private police can be sued when they screw up and can be held liable, or fired.

    • And the police will make sure they don’t screw up by not policing. That should work out well.

      Private policing just like McMichaels? Private police would never do anything wrong, now would they? Or perhaps you mean we should be hiring Mercenaries? That worked out well in the 30 Years War. There is a reason we don’t have private armies or security personnel.

      When I hear this kind of crap I picture the same kind of starry eyes undergraduate dorm talk that you get from woke college students. Sounds great in piece of fiction but doesn’t work out quite that way in real life.

      • Interesting, private security has done well as an industry since the dawn of civilization and the need for guards and policing. Private police work is a job just like any other; since people want to get paid they will work, or get fired. Liability is a risk in countless jobs and I don’t see people not working for fear that they will screw something up via negligence and get sued, no, they continue to work. We the people will at least have recourse when they do screw up, and get some real accountability.

        We already have private armies, the DOD has been commanding what is essentially a private army of several thousand various mercenaries in Afghanistan for the last few years now. Less red tape and paperwork, the media doesn’t get to scream about how another US service member died overseas, not that they care anyway other than the ratings it brings. In case you forgot American history, privateers were involved in warfare and could even sell captured ships when they returned to port if they had a writ for it. Private ownership of cannons, ships, arms, and privately waged warfare is nice chunk of American history, including some families waging their personal wars out in the west.

        Don’t knock private security, I was considering an application to G4S after I left the USMC, as well as professional guard / inspector for local oil installations; Texas is covered with them. Ultimately, I ended up taking a more mellow, self-employed job. If you are going to war, you hire the types who live for it; if you need domestic security, you get someone who specializes in it, crisis management, risk management, etc.

        Even in Virginia, private citizens can petition a judge for policing powers and become a literal police force of one.

        It’s very much reality.

        • Yes but a world run on only private security would become feudalist. Which is cool if your into that kind of thing, it certainly can work, as in stabilize and protect a society. But it’s not great for a constitutional republic.

        • Why would feudalism result? Please explain that to me (no sarcasm; I’m serious).

          I don’t think private security and county sheriffs could do any worse than the armies of government-paid cops at supporting our constitutional republic.

        • Because the primary function.of government is to keep the civil peace. If they fail in that role than you have anarchy. If you want protection you have to submit to the terms of someone strong enough to keep the peace. He will want your loyalty as well as your money in return for protection. That describes feudalism.

        • People seem to be overlooking the fact that I also suggested returning to publicly elected sheriffs as well.

          Tdiinva is also ignoring the fact that a well armed populace is the strongest of all, and can remove a disobedient sheriff or fire private security.

  10. As I have said before on TTAG. Disarm the police. We can start in blue states and blue cities like NYC first. After a year or so we can then reevaluate the rearming of the police.

    Perhaps there will no need for a police department in a city of several million progressives???

    Let’s make the progressive wish come true.

    • Once the police are disarmed, Chris T in KY will personally take over the duties formerly performed by the NYPD gang unit.

      Oh sorry, that’s what you were going to say next right?

      • Ah no. You see I like the police. Unlike the progressive and Libertarians who hate cops.

        But I do think that qualified immunity should be repealed. Anybody coming up against a corrupt police officer should be able to shoot them. Like any other Criminal.

        But no one in the libertarian party democrat or republican supports that idea. That is just too radical. Even for the radicals.

        • Ending qualified immunity is the hobby horse of faux Libertarians who want to neuter the police as much as BLM gangbangers do. Qualified immunity only covers mistakes. If they break the law they get charged, you know like the Minneapolis gang of four. I am sure that you have heard the term ghetto lottery, i.e., the civil settlement gained by alleged improper police conduct. Qualified immunity simply transfers civil liability from the individual officer to the jurisdiction.

        • Qualified immunity has nothing to do with being able to legally shoot police conducting an illegal act or not.

        • “But I do think that qualified immunity should be repealed.”

          Only one little problem with that…

          What are you going to do when no one applies for cop jobs?

          We have a model that shows what happens, the Detroit PD…

        • tdiinva says: “If they break the law they get charged, you know like the Minneapolis gang of four.”

          Trust me on this: the ONLY reason they got charged was the amazingly bright spotlight that was shined on them. Did you notice how many days it took for charges to be laid?
          No, the police forces in major metropolitan areas are protected by powerful unions who make any meaningful punishments all but impossible. Anyone who is able to read knows this. The officer who killed Floyd had eighteen complaints against him.
          No, they do not get charged if they break the law unless someone is forced to do so.

        • Lol!!
          The complaints were investigated.
          Of course criminals are going to complain about the person that caught them. Doesn’t mean they are true.

        • Hydguy says: “Lol!!
          The complaints were investigated.
          Of course criminals are going to complain about the person that caught them. Doesn’t mean they are true.”

          You did not the number, right?
          That’s a lot.
          The vast majority of LEOs go their entire career with only one or two.

        • So?
          The average cop never even fires their weapon in the line of duty.
          Cops who arrest people will have more complaints than cops who direct traffic.

      • For over 180(?) years the US of A didn’t have police. You had one sheriff in each town. Maybe none at all in some communities. Everyone had guns. And the world was a safer place. You shot criminals dead on sight. Justice was very swift back then.

        • We didn’t have police forces before 1956? Who knew.

          The US Marshal Service us the first Law Enforcrment Organization. It dates from 1789 so you are off by 178 years.

        • To Tdiinva
          The Marshall service worked for the judicial branch. They were not an independent law enforcement group. They didn’t patrol the country side. The judge issued the warrant and the Marshall made the arrest. Traveling hundreds of miles if necessary to serve the warrant.
          We could go back to that system? It would mean far fewer police.

        • The first publicly funded, organized police force with officers on duty full-time was created in Boston in 1838.

        • The Marshals also were chief law enforcement officers in US Territories so they weren’t just officers of the court. Professional police forces are the product of urbanization and the specialization that comes with it. A town of a few thousand can live with a Sheriff and a couple of deputies. When a city gets into the tens of thousands you need a full time force.

    • Disarm the police? Are they suppose to stop by the armory before responding to higher calls? Even in the UK cops are armed now, what world are you living in Chris? Guns are tools and they are not the problem, the death of Mr Floyd had nothing to do with firearms.

  11. Wait til comrade DeBlasio cuts a billion or so out of the NYPD budget and gives it to BLM, Antifa or the American Communist Party, Garcetti has directed his people to find $250,000,000.00 from the budget including 50,000,000 from LAPD to use for programs for the approximately 550,000 black residents of L.A… If I was a Los Angeles resident/taxpayer I’d have to tell him to go fuck himself while I made arrangements to get my happy ass out of Ca. Hey I’ve got an idea, what if cops just took a nationwide sick day all weekend, let’s see what happens when there is a break in in Beverly Hills, or Georgetown and no cops show up, might be some serious rethinking of the “defund the police” bullshit… That was some crazy shit, right? It went from a protest slogan one day to City leaders actually implementing it the next.. Almost like it was preplanned…. Hell they took down a statue honoring the Texas Rangers at DFW because it might offend someone and even fucking LEGO is discontinuing play packs with the little cops in them… Boys and girls we have a REAL problem….

  12. WHY are NYC cop’s attacked? The attacker’s can’t breathe?!? Chit has hit the fan. Oh and no bail…lose-lose.

  13. Who needs cops???

    Some of the more enterprising Antifa troops decided to take a little field trip out to the suburbs of Yucaipa, California. They quickly learned that their liberal urban antics aren’t welcome there at all. Homeowners there don’t wait for the police to put down their donuts. “They just beat the ever-loving shit out of three or four guys.”

  14. we need cops. cops need guns. we DON’T need bad cops, lying corrupted cops, “thin blue line”, lack of accountability, on and on. the answer is not to take away their guns or funding, but to get rid of the bad cops! is that so impossible? I know lots and lots of PD’s are chock full of bad cops, liars, and “thin blue line” corruption but why does nobody ever consider that option? clean house FFS! problem solved!

    • The police are unionized.
      Unions are powerful because they are rich. They make donations to election committees. LARGE donations.
      Money plays a large part in who gets investigated and charged (remember it’s the police who do the investigations of crimes).
      This makes cleaning house very difficult. It’s why it isn’t done very often.
      Look at the NYPD’s “Stop and Frisk” policy; it was, on it’s very face, unconstitutional, yet it continued until a Federal Judge (Shira A. Scheindlin) ordered it stopped. The whole of the city’s government knew it was unconstitutional, yet it continued. Why? It was “effective.” It made a lot of citizens really pissed at the cops (and the government), but it was “effective.”
      It is this sort of mind-set that has caused the current protests. When the police carry on as though “effective” equals “right and permissible” regardless of the effect it has on the very people they are there to serve that must be changed.

  15. Never should have shut down the asylums.

    Id rather these people be mistreated, tortured and abused behind locked doors than be out on the street to mistreat, torture and abuse the rest of us.

    Never let the passengers drive the short bus. Even if they call you mean for keeping the keys.

    • there are some looney tunes that are dangerous to others, but it’s a minority. to themselves, yeah.

  16. Then it should be open season on the homo errrrr i mean the cuomo family and de blowsios, maybe if the crowds made it to their neighborhood in front of there chalets they would insist on police protection then they might get it.

  17. Way I see it, you two options. Either walk off and let the cockroaches take over, or fu*k Deblasio and start defending yourselves and your city. Y’all know this is a coordinated attack, right?

  18. Now the left is talking about dismantling the police forces and disarming the citizens and banning guns. OK so who is going to answer the call when someone is breaking into your house.? ANTIFA!

    • Who do they think is going to take all the guns when they ban the police? 🤣

      The scenario they seem to want would lead to the rise of a great deal of “right wing” militias… who will be more heavily armed and powerful then AlQuedaFA ever wished it could be.

      • I would estimate that the members of the various gun clubs in my county have between 20,000 and 25,000 firearms and probably over 25,000,000, rounds of ammunition.

    • Didn’t you get the the memo? BLM wants to set up ARMED “Peace Keepers” in the Hoods (which should play really well in Chicago)… guess the white neighborhoods are on their own, maybe Antifa WILL volunteer to protect everyone else…

      • Such groups already exist. They are usually called street gangs. In Chicago, a gang called the Latin Kings protected their turf from looters. The problem, of course, is that the cure is nearly as bad as the disease.

        • The grand daddy of all private militias designed to keep the peace is an organization known as the Knights of Ku Klux Klan. How did that work for ya?

          You mean that Latinos did nit loot in solidarity with other people of color. What happened to rainbow solidarity?

          Maybe we should agree to trade Mexicans and Central Americans for some of our natives. It won’t change the electoral dynamics.

  19. Disassemble the police departments. This is something the left has long been working towards. And who will provide law enforcement. Why the Federal Government, that’s who.

  20. This is why the U S needs open carry everywhere, every state,
    Sure , a few weeks of turds getting shot but after that every one will respect each other’s space & not be aggressive or face the consequences.
    & just think of all the jerks that would end up maggot food, & those of you worried about innocent’s being harmed,,,, well their is collateral damage in all of history. Life’s a gamble. & look no cops.

    • So, you want a kinda sorta “modified” PURGE, where only a few TURDS get flushed? What if someone thinks you or some close member of your family is a POS? Who gets to decide who the turds are? Does a turd need to commit some unsociable act or can you get a turd designation by simply bumping into someone accidentally? What if I think someone is a turd and I “flush” it, but then a bunch of his friends and associates decide I wrongfully designated that person a turd and they decide I’m a turd? Wow that shit could get complicated in a hurry…..

  21. NYPD is currently detaining over 100 peaceful protestors, for longer than 24-hours, in violation of State Law and their constitutional rights.

    Fuck the Gestapo.

    • You do understand how this shit works, right? You break the law (curfew violation, looting, assault, whatever) and you get arrested… You are “booked” into jail (IDd, photographed, fingerprinted) and placed in a holding cell to await arraignment.. You go before a judge to enter a plea (not guilty, of course) usually by video from the jail, at which time the judge sets a trial date and most of them are RORd… Now this takes time, say 20 minutes per person x 250 to 300 people= 5000 to 6000 minutes (up to 100 hours).. Meanwhile the normal everyday crime in the big city does not come to a screeching halt because a few SJWs with too much time on their hands wants to create a nuisance.. NYC averages over 250 major felony arrests daily (which can double the wait time), the system is 1st come 1st served.. you might get a “no bail” release but you still have to wait your turn, last in last out… So if the pissy, whiney little shits don’t like the inconvenience of a night in jail then go the fuck home when the cops call it a night and don’t destroy/steal other peoples shit…. Most states and Feds allow up to 72 hours detention WITHOUT charges.. The Constitution only guarantees a fair and speedy trial by a jury of your peers ad protection from unlawful detention

        • Those “peaceful” protestors became “unlawful peaceful” protestors at one minute past the curfew time set by those in charge of setting the rules, regulations and laws for the city.. The cops gave the unlawful protestors two options, go home or go to jail.. Those who chose to go to jail got in line for the process just like anyone else… Lesson? don’t break the legal and justified laws and regulations set forth by the assholes you elected and you won’t be inconvenienced by having to sit in jail overnight with REAL criminals.. The most basic fact of the law is that if you break it you alone are responsible for the consequences the law only differentiates by the severity of the crime and the degree of the punishment…

  22. It’s evident reading these posts how important it is to leave the echo chamber. If it wasn’t for the fear mongering news and social media I wouldn’t have any idea this is going on.

    Meanwhile I walk around my peaceful neighborhood and go to the store with all different races etc without any issue and only have seen polite people going about their business.

    What we’re seeing in the cities is not a “revolution.” This is not the Vietcong or some savvy rebel force going to overthrow the republic with crafty tactics.

    Stay away from stupid places and stupid people and you likely won’t have any problem.

    • Who gets to decide who is “stupid”, though? Those cities have literal curfews, where they wipe their ass with 1A and those in power decree all areas of the entire city to be too “stupid” for a peasant to be in.

  23. My point is that a large part of a New York cops job is to take a massive dump on second amendment. These people aren’t our friends. They enjoy a special privilege which happens to be a constitutional right that they deny to others.

  24. Cops have been waging war upon the American people for decades. They are reaping the whirlwind they have sown. Every day is open season on the American people where cops are concerned.

  25. “They’ve treated police officers with such disrespect in New York City that I am stunned,” Cuomo, a Democrat said”

    Hey, Cuomo, if you want to get even with the attackers, send them to nursing homes like you did with the 10,000 people you killed.

  26. New York City. If I were a black man, and if I lived in NYC, I’d be leading the insurrection against Stop and Frisk City.

    Yes, there is legitimate reason to resent the police in that town.

  27. Be careful what you wish for…

    Entire Buffalo Police Unit Resigns In Solidarity With Officers Suspended For Shoving Elderly Protester


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