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The Crimson Pirate writes (again). . .

I’m off today (some would say I’m “off” everyday ;)), so it’s time for OWB goodness. Since the Star Model BM got some love in the comments on a mere mention last time, and apparently I am a glutton for punishment, I thought I would take it for a spin.

Unfortunately Alien Gear only makes the Shapeshift 1911 shell in 5 inch, so I’m carrying it in the Shado Leather thumb break belt slide holster. I’ll probably try the 5-inch Alien Gear shell with it eventually.

Everything else is basically the same as it was last time. I didn’t break it all out in detail for the haters this time. I typically carry Remington 115 JHP in all of my 9mm pistols as it works in all of them. I have too many to track what each one likes and doesn’t like.

The red and black Vietnam Tiger Stripe Cerakote was done by 717 Armory in Harrisburg, PA.


This post is part of our series, What I’m Carrying Now. If you’d like to submit a photo and description of the gun, holster and gear you’re carrying in the new world in which we live, send it to us at [email protected] with WICN in the subject field.]

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  1. If you took off in support of BLM a la the music biz, that was yesterday. Oh, nice rig!

    • In looking at the pic, you can see there’s quite a bit hung from the belt. That said though, I knew Crimson had to be wearing cargo pants in order to hold the rest of it.

  2. This seems to be with the times.

    All the other posts look dated, like pre-coronavirus + Antifa

      • Protest scheduled less than 1/2 mile from my home this weekend. My loadout hasn’t changed but may need to quickly. For op sec I will not be posting that.
        I hope those that protest are heard and exercise their 1st amendment right to peaceful assembly. I wish things remain peaceful, but I will be as ready as I can be if the less than peaceful people show up.

    • I sent this in several months ago. I do rotate through a number of carry guns depending on the particulars of my day and what I feel like.

  3. A Star BM with 5 mags? Dang, you could have bought two Glocks for the cost of those magazines. (/sarc kind of)

    • I have Glocks. And Springfield’s. And Kahrs. And S&W’s. And Rugers. I carry them all. Oh, and Tauruses…….Taurusi…….whatever the plural of that is??

  4. The BM,all steel goodness all be it a bit heavy, mine has never choked,,one could certainly do much worse.

  5. I’m saying no to that paint job on the gun. It’s like one of those ugly skins they put in fps games lol

    • At least it’s a red camo to match his name. I believe he plays FPS games too.

      • Mchwarrior Online. Big stompy robots. I have played Battletech/Mechwarrior since the table top game back in the 80’s, and threough all of the computer versions. Back then is when I had the idea for that camo. No other FPS’s.

  6. I like it. Of course my daily (off shift) concealed carry is usually a Makarov,five mags and either a large folding knife or a kerambit

    • Nice. I used to have a Hungarian PA-63 back in Texas. Loaned it to a friend and it got stolen. I do have a Polish P-64 which I have not carried in years. I always wanted a Russian or Bulgarian Mak, I just haven’t gotten around to it yet. Mosin Crate had some for sale earlier this week, but I had to pass due to other priorities. He had some Black Sea Fleet, one that was a engraved for some aparatchik or other, and some that were factory threaded. If you like C&R his web site is worth checking out, though his stock is intermittent.

        • Roger that on the CZ82. One fine handgun. So is the CZ83 which is identical except it’s chambered for .380 instead of 9 Mak. The same magazines work for either one.

  7. Made some Mexican Becote grips for my BM. Darker striped goes well with the blued. Good little shooter, removed the mag safety. Got a Star BS also 9mm full size. But everyday carry I like the S&W Shield 2 mags and a 38spl Derringer backup, or my Charter Arms Mag Pug, 5 shot 357 snubbie.

    • “Made some Mexican Becote grips for my BM. Darker striped goes well with the blued.”

      That should be some kind of beautiful, nice taste.

    • Mine’s from the early ’70s, my dad the original owner before passing it to me. Less than 500 rds pushed through it since new. Dark blueing with faux wood grips. Classic.

  8. You really should lighten up that edc, being a pirate and all. If you go overboard while plundering on the high seas you run the risk of sinking to the bottom of davy jones’s locker.

  9. Carried the same gun for many years, and I practiced with it regularly. It was my constant companion in my lineman bag when hooking poles in New Orleans East. Loved it.
    One day, at the range, the barrel link broke. After that, I retired it and went to a Glock 19. I had no confidence in the Star after that. Great shooter, but I couldn’t trust it in the slums of Old Gentilly Road.

    • I’ve owned two BM-9s. The barrel link on one I got as a retired Spanish Police weapon broke years ago. Had a machine shop make a replacement, and it’s been great ever since. My brother bought it from me and loves it.

      • The link on this one broke during my 500 round break in. The shop I bought it from replaced it, but I had to tell them where to order the part from. Parts for them are fairly common on Ebay and gunbroker, Numerich has some, as does SARCO, and their is a small shop making links and a few other things.

        After the link replacement I restarted the 500 round break in and it has been fine. I probably have over a thousand rounds through it now.

  10. Love the BM but what you did to that poor girl is an atrocity. As an act of contrition buy a B that hasn’t been rechambered and 5000 rounds of Largo.

    Inhaler with an expansion chamber. Ugh, reminds me of being a little kid. Thank Christ I grew out of that before I hit 10. Blech.

    • I have a B, but it’s in the family safe back in Texas with a Jo Lo Ar. I could only ever scare up a few hundred rounds of Largo at a time.

      Had an S at one time too. I would like to get another one.

      Pawn shops back in San Antonio were great for finding old surplus.

      • The 5000 rounds in the punishment.

        The B was meant to take a bit of the sting out of it. Lol.

  11. I never understand guys that have 50 keys on a keychain. I get if you are Hagred from Hogworts you might have that many keys but dang that is a lot. I have 3 keys on my keychain. 1) house, 2) work building, 3)work office. I have other keys but not that I carry every day.

    • I think some people get the idea that the more keys they carry with them, the more important they are.

    • Back in the early-mid ’90’s I had to carry a massive collection of keys. Pissed me off. I worked out the basic set for the building doors, put all the damned padlock keys in the glove box of the work truck.

      When I found out I could go to any retailer on the approved list and charge up to $1000, I found the one that could give me bunches of pad locks with matching keys. Must have eliminated three dozen of those damned keys that way.

      Boss was pissed off tho.

      I didn’t care, he was a fuckwit anyway.

  12. Good god, not this tool again. What a(nother) ridiculous carry. This shit screams trailer trash from Arkansas. I can get behind a second gun carry sometimes. Hell, I can even get behind someone who wants to carry 2 knives or backups of something… but this? Inexperienced and ludicrous.

    We all know why TTAG shares this shit… because they are laughing so hard they just want to see the witty replies from such a ridiculous carry.

    • I second this BS. I don’t carry this much stuff on a duty belt and mine is still as heavy as sin at times after 12 hours.

  13. STAR BM – Spanish Military/NATO approved pistol. Purchased commercial model in early 80’s. as quality beat the COLT 9mms built at that time. (Military/Police surplus is a different issue.) Like the balance of weight versus recoil. If Ruger were to come out with a BM clone today, most folks would think it was great.

  14. The star bm I have has wooden grips. I’ve had and used this gunm for many years, it was one of my favorite 9 mm’s. Comparing the performance of a nine over forty five acp is why I do not carry 9″s anymore

    • Well, and it seems like a 9″ gun would be hard to conceal if you’re a possum… barrel’s as long as your tail.

  15. I was thinking tonight that since TTAG is doing this themselves these days another interesting submission would be bedside/HD setups.

    Just a wild thought. But that might get interesting.

    • That would be interesting to see how many suppressed setups there are out there.

      Was that the Ospry you mentioned as “One can to rule them all”? There’s a 45 and a 45K, what’s the difference?

  16. I drive by 717 Armory all the time but don’t shoot there because I have access to the ranges at my sportsman’s club. I didn’t know they did cerakote. May have to check that out.

  17. Is that Star Model BM because of the movie Ms. 45? She carries one, that’s why I always wanted it. I tried to win one at auction a few years ago, lost out because somebody decided to pay too much for it.

  18. I don’t do a lot of commenting, I don’t care to engage with haters, bashers, and know-it-all’s who don’t know anything . But, I DO enjoy TTAG’s posts, especially the “What I’m Carrying Now” section!!! So let it be known, your articles are being read! I DO plan on eventually posting my own WICN pic and description, as soon as I figure out what it is that I TRULY carry every day! The variables are plentiful, depending upon wardrobe, weather, destinations, length of time out and about, etc. Right now, the only thing for sure is a “New York Reload”, at one extra mag, a blade and a flash light. So hang on, shouldnt be too much longer!

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