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A reader in New York writes:

This is a picture of an article from my local paper, the Eastwick Press (subscription needed for online content). Local ranges are losing their insurance coverage due to Governor Andrew Cuomo’s threats to financial institutions and underwriters. [see background here and here]

Still haven’t donated to the NRA and New York State Rife and Pistol Association yet? Now’s the time to send a little extra. What’s next? Banks? Credit Card processors? Gun retailers? Gun Manufacturers? Shippers who deliver guns? Ammo sales?

Yup…just wait…it’s coming.

He’s going to keep this up until the NRA et al. cries “uncle” and give in to whatever demands he wants….just watch.

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  1. Why can’t the US Justice Dept prosecute him for abuse of authority? Perhaps Sessions is the coward Trump has called him.

    • And a RINO of the first order,worse possible choice Trump could have made,Hell he may as well appointed Eric Holder.

        • So what’s your explanation for why he seems totally feckless at doing his job? He seems somewhat aggressive on border related stuff. The rest, he’s pretty much MIA.

    • Because he is immune from prosecution by federal authorities under the 11th Amendment, that’s why.
      “Abusing his authority” as governor is not a federal crime.

      • It ought to be, and maybe we need to start making it so. Politicians are supposed to be working for us, not screwing us every chance they get.

    • Sessions will never do any action which will weaken the governments power. He is as big government as they get and his #1 concern is making sure that black people remain in jail for non-violent drug crimes.

      Sessions being made AG was possibly the worst thing Trump has done so far (Outside of his trade war and huge deficits). In one fell swoop, we got a terrible big government anti-freedom AG while also losing a red state thanks to an accused child molester. The only good thing about all this is that these errors are temporary. Sessions will be gone soon enough and Alabama will become a red state once the Republican party runs a non-pedophile against Jones in 2020.

    • If handled correctly there could be a silver (30 pieces of) lining.
      1. Less revenue for conservation – Pittman Robertson Act – If it drops off sufficiently, New Yorkers are going to have come p with more $ or start losing state parks, etc.
      2. Less revenue from sales tax.
      3. Cuomo could finally get enough ill-will that the non-voting gun owners might actually get off their bottoms and VOTE HIM OUT — OF EVERYTHING!

  2. I’m not a lawyer (nor do I play one on TV) so I don’t know if this is possible, but I think it’s time to explore bringing a civil RICO suit against Cuomo and the insurance companies and banks that are dancing to his tune. This is extortion on a governmental level. Perhaps this also falls within the purview of the Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act?

    • The financial institutions can be sued for conspiracy to restrain interstate commerce under the Sherman Act. I don’t know if a government entity can be included as a co-conspritor. I am mystified why the NRA legal team did not claim that the State of New York is in violation of the interstate commerce clause by penalizing financial institutions for actions taken in other States. Cuomo is attempting to apply NY law and regulation to other States. What’s next prosecuting individuals from other States for violating the Safe Act if they visit or do business in NY?

      • Didn’t the Supreme Court fling the doors wide open for that in one of their most recent rulings by allowing states to enforce their sales tax laws on businesses outside of their borders?

    • Oh, for years NY State has been prosecuting (and persecuting) things they don’t like, at the federal level, using the apparatus of state “law enforcement.”

      Yep. Your tax money is there to fund their AG to go after things that you disagree with (and are none of their business.) Whatever it takes to make Coumo-the-Younger a viable presidential candidate. Just like they did for the current president … what? She lost? Nevermind.

  3. What Newshawk said !! Also support the 2nd amendment and the NRA !! If Coumomar has his way N.Y. is going to be more screwed than it already is for POTG

  4. States also need to pass preemption laws on the matter. Any bank, insurance co or other financial institution that discriminates against firearms organizations or activities compared to their activities or policies for nonfirearms organizations or activities will be bared from working in the state. So also the feds.

    That SOB Cuomo needs to be Club Fed. Not the one with the tennis courts.

    • yep the one with the very large swimming pools filled with great white sharks….. preferably hungry ones

          • I would think that if you stuck a frikkin’ laser beam on a sea bass’s head, he would remain ill-tempered for a long time! In either case, the swimming pool would have to be a salt water pool. Now if you used striped bass, on the other hand, I could get you some Oklahoma stripers that would work well in fresh water and are naturally ill-tempered enough that they may not even need the frikkin’ laser beams–though I’m sure they’d appreciate the hot food that would occur if they were equipped with them.

  5. I cant help but think how one group of gun owners (A) kept warning another group of gun owners (B) that these things affect all gun owners, and B team would not stand and fight because they think they wont be on the list. When A team showed how B team will be next all they could say was quit calling us names because our feelings were hurt! B team kept believing that throwing A team to the ogres would stop the ogres from eating B team. Now the ogres it looking at them. How are those feelings working for you now?

      • “B Fudd Team?”

        Uh, no. B-team = everyone who wants NRA destroyed, even by leftist dictators (governors). It is OK if every 2A support/lobby group is eliminated….except mine.

  6. What about getting insurance companies to refuse to give health insurance to gun owners, or car insurance? Give up your guns or else…right? cuomo may have just started a fight he can’t control, because the blow back may be a big Trump boomerang that hits him where it hurts.

        • “Guns! What guns? I lost all mine in a boating accident!”

          At the moment, gun owners are not required to obtain any isurance for replacement or liability. The intent of Cuomo’s action is to start the intentional disarming of the public by making possession and use virtually illegal. Any insurance claim related to owning a gun may eventually not only be denied, but civil action for fraud brought because a gun owner did not disclose. The SC may rule that you have an unalienable right to own a gun for self-defense in your home (Heller/McDonald), but not having insurance after a DGU is going to be disastrous for the gun owner.

          Coupled with companies refusing business with anyone connected with gun ownership, manufacture, sale will be even less fun. Watch your next credit card/bank statement statement of terms of condition to use the card/bank account. Pay close attention to the fine print. All Cuomo has to do is tell the big banks that if they allow any financial transaction related to guns, NY will suspend that institution’s privilege of doing business in NY.

        • Elliot Spitzer went after AIG because its Chairman, Jack Greenberg, refused to “donate” to his campaign. Greenberg was a Democrat. The fall of AIG was a major contributing cause to the 2008 financial crisis. NY Democrats don’t care what they wreck.

      • Unfortunately in NY All pistols are listed on your License.
        So denying that you own one means giving up your License and you are required to also turn in your pistol or the better option is leave the state.

    • Better yet demand all health reports from your Dr. Hmm Jim your blood pressure is a little high and your BMI is not where we like it. We are going to drop you and you can see if you find another life insurance company that wants to take a chance on you.

  7. I believe that a person such as Cuomo has nothing against guns in general. He is a person that is addicted to anger . If he could find another group to persecute he would do so if he thought it would get him votes.
    Nobody here believes that he is concerned about people’s lives or safety . This is his self serving agenda . Politicians hold office to serve themselves and no one else . They know when they are violating rights and will keep doing so as long as they can get away with it. Then watch in amusement when we go through the aggravation of fighting to get our rights back .

    They are all the same , successful sociopaths . They were always here and always will be here .

    • ‘I believe that a person such as Cuomo has nothing against guns in general.’

      No, just the civilian ownership of guns.

    • They start by curtailing guns and free speech, then suddenly the 4th and 5th are gone…and then…

      It’s all about power…And sweet drinks, tobacco, grocery bags, and drinkings straws.

  8. Sure go after Cuuuuumo(Jesse Jackson pronunciation). Sorry boys I’m not sending you $. Got my state(ILLinois) to worry about. Good luck!

  9. …and now you are seeing just what Democrats will do when they regain power!! Their need to be in control of every aspect of our lives shows the dictatorial aspect of their lust for power! You are seeing in New York and California what the Democrats intend to do when they take power back. They have every intention of shoving their plans right down our throats whether we like it or not. At least half of the country will be made immediate felons when they regain control which will leave us no choice but to literally fight back. We see in Oregon their desire to engage in a fight. In fact They want us to fight; believing we are a minority and will lose. If they can literally kill enough of us literally and or financially we will have no choice but to surrender in order to just survive!! Wake up or die!!

  10. Hopefully the NRA won’t have to worry about raising money after the dust settles from the lawsuits. They’ll be funded by the taxpayers of the state of New York.

    I almost feel sorry for them.

  11. Seem to remember a TTAG commenter declaring some weeks before Cuomo’s action that this attack via insurance and financial institutions was a powerful tool for gun control. It was an offshoot of “Operation Chokepoint”. That commenter was dismissed quite handily. Probably because the commenter wasn’t affiliated with a big name in the pro-2A support group. Probably because we view POTG here as just the choir, with no real ability to interpret the political arena on their own. Or maybe we just depend on star power to be the real thinkers and tea leaf readers. It certainly seems the stars look at it that way.

    • For the insurance market, the NY state commission is the ultimate chokepoint. They set the de facto standards for everyone. If you aren’t approved in the world’s single biggest financial market, you aren’t approved anywhere. The only surprise is that the Demofascist party didn’t latch onto that control lever much earlier.

      • “The only surprise is that the Demofascist party didn’t latch onto that control lever much earlier.”

        Agree. Especially when the federal chokepoint ended.

        • “Agree. Especially when the federal chokepoint ended.”

          A thought experiment –

          Suppose a case involving a magazine capacity or “Assault! Weapons!” is granted cert. in the near future, say the next 2 years.

          Could the Court in their decision expand to beyond the case brought before the Court?

          Example – Could the Court rule in their decision that not only are magazine capacity bans and semi-auto rifles with a detachable magazine bans unconstitutional, that excessive taxation on firearms and ammunition, zoning requirements beyond what any other business has to comply with, etc, is also unconstitutional?

          Could we get an omnibus firearm decision from the majority opinion written by a fed-up Justice Thomas, tired of the 2A not getting “the respect it deserves”, as he wrote in a recent dissent petition for cert.?

          • My observation over the years and years is that courts do not commonly reach beyond the case in being. Thus, a case that challenged the ability of governments to tax the tool(s) protected by the second amendment would be very unlikely result in a ruling that the second amendment is inviolate under any and all circumstances.

            Popularly, we like to think that the federal courts would always start at the constitution and work down, but reality is federal courts like to start at the lowest level of consideration and work down. A first amendment challenge to “hate speech” laws and regulations should result in a court decision that “Congress (and the states via the 14th amendment) shall make no law…, declaring any law that seeks speech in any manner is unconstitutional, QED.” That’s not the way courts work. Which is why malefactors have the advantage of terminating your rights at will, leaving you to bear the burden of court battles to overturn tyrannical laws (leaving the bad law in effect all the while). The despots can launch more constitutional infractions that the public can keep up with. The eternal vigilance in defense of freedom does not restrict the public to merely responding. But, “we the people” have a history of allowing tyrannical encroachment because the tyrants always give us something we value more at the moment, consenting to more restrictions of our liberties in favor of some more attractive benefit.

            Pogo (not POGO) was right.

        • “Pogo (not POGO) was right.”

          Yup, the enemy is us.

          I remember reading that as a kid when it was initially published in the paper, and it made an impression on me then. (Late 60s, early 70s, wasn’t it?)

          (As a trivia, “Pogo” is a rocket engineering term for a nasty process that destroys rockets in their boost phase…)

          • “Pogo” is a rocket engineering term for a nasty process that destroys rockets in their boost phase…”

            As in longitudinal vibrations resulting from first stage separation?

      • “If they can’t get it through democratic means, they’ll get it through undemocratic ones.”

        While the principled people watch in amazement.

    • Agreed. Where is the national reciprocity we were promised or the hearing protection act the NRA was supposedly pushing through now that Trump is president? The NRA lies to its members, then scares the hell out of them when new gun control measures are introduced so they can make more money. What have they actually stopped or had restored? Join GOA. A real gun rights group. Let the NRA choke on its lies and greed and just fade away.

      • Once again….this is not about the NRA, it is about guns, period. It is about making it almost illegal to use a gun, even though you have a right to own one. The NRA is the most attractive target for anti-gunners. It is the stalking horse. Cuomo knows that it is easy to destroy small business and small lobbying organizations. Neuter the NRA, and the entire house of cards tumbles; no one else has the influence of the NRA, nor its financing for fighting against anti-gunners at all. First, we destroy the methods Cuomo is using, then we take out our frustration on the NRA. Don’t think for a moment that using the chokepoint tactic, Cuomo cannot do irreparable harm to your RTKBA. Pretending that hiding your guns from government means you can do “business as usual”. Cuomo has declared literal war. The way you win battles is to take on the enemy piecemeal (that is, refuse the enemy the ability to take advantage of concentration of force), make the enemy destroy itself by fighting big battles with little forces. Once the walls are breached, the outcome is inevitable.

        You don’t have to join the KKK, but you must defend their right to free speech. If we are picking and choosing who’s first and second amendment rights are to be protected, we have taken on the garb of those opposed to the constitution.

        • NRA is still the 400 pound gorilla in the room, all the other organizations are small potatoes.
          Not that on merit the NRA is better than the smaller gun groups, it just has more impact and is a larger target.

          • Agree. All our 2A protection groups are important, no matter how inefficient. The longer we keep playing “so long as I can outrun you, I don’t have to worry about the bear”, the less the likelihood we will succeed in protecting our constitution.

      • Salty and crowbar you two must get your info from bloomberg’s every town org because you labor under the delusion that the NRA is some sort of all powerful fourth branch of government.

      • So if the NRA falls to the lefts’ attacks you think the next gun rights group (which will be noticeably smaller and weaker) won’t? You’re under the delusion that the enemy of your enemy is your friend. First, the NRA isn’t your enemy. Second, and more importantly Bloomberg and the lefties aren’t your friend.

  12. My sense of smell is better then my eyesight. Can you smelllllllllllll what the Cumhoe is cooking.

  13. The city of Springfield Oregon (right next to Eugene) has a mandatory holding period of one week. If you leave a gun for a consignment sale, the dealer cannot sell the gun for one week while waiting for the local fuzz to check you, and the gun out.

  14. Well it is time for Smith and Wesson, Glock, Colt and others to stop all gun and ammo sales to all New York governments……….state,city and county. Speer should grow a set and stop NYPD ammo sales also. No sales, no repairs and no increases in sales to out of state LE or dealers. Cuomo hasnt had an original thought in his head for years. This idea was give to him by a writer/tv asshat named Andrew Ross Sorkin. Writes for the NYTimes and has a show on CNBC. Boycott all CNBC advertisers. CNBC is circling the drain now so a little push might be all they need

  15. Sessions is Deep State, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know that. He’s only loyal to others in the Deep State. Cuomo on the other hand is a Communist. His only survival depends on the disarming of first the legal gun owners in NY. Followed shortly after shutting down the manufacturers of firearms, ammunition and accessories in NY. God forbid that oddball ever attains national power. And he’ll probably accomplish it in NY. No one seems to have the balls to stand up against him there. I wouldn’t go to NY to live for a million bucks. It’s so miserable there that the patriots that live there are.leaving in droves. NY is going the way of Illinois and Michigan. Soon to be a police state unable to return to what it once was. All three havent been able to.get their heads around the FACT that guns don’t kill, people do. The NRA should save money and just back away. It’s an unwinnable battle. NY will bankrupt the state to win their battle on gun control, and they can outspend the NRA 10 to 1. Fuck them, if the people aren’t willing to fight the fight, why should the rest of the country be obliged to have to do so? Makes no sense.

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