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Bob Itajones brings us his “March ’19” lineup from Everyday Carry.

And he boldly(?) leads off with a Beretta 950BS Jetfire .25 Auto. Yes, a .25 Auto carry gun. No matter if you use a FMJ or an XTP hollow-point, you still get about 63 foot-pounds of energy.  More than big enough to slay a bunny rabbit or maybe perform a coup de gras on an injured beaver. Or, as the old joke goes, enough to save oneself from a bear in the woods if hiking with a “friend”.

But it beats a .45 Auto left back home! And the old Beretta does have a classic look about it.

Also in the mix: A well-worn little AAA-cell Ultra Tac K18 flashlight that has a 370 lumen output. Nice. It won’t cost you an arm or a leg, either!  Bob’s also got a Spyderco Stretch V-Toku2 blade.

Carrying a six-pack of AAA batteries everyday seems a little…odd though.

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  1. I’m wondering if he carries Condition 3? It looks like it in the pic. I can’t imagine pocket carrying a Jetfire “cocked and locked.”

    • I’ve got it’s cousin the Bobcat. A better pocket carry gun as it’s DA/SA. The .25 ACP is great for teaching the youngsters.

    • With the tip up barrel, the best way is pop one in the chamber, uncocked. You can cock it with your thumb if you need to use it (assuming you remember to do that).

      I have one. I would not, in any case, trust it to defend my life. 25 ACP, even in FMJ, lacks sufficient penetration and never reaches sufficient velocity in FMJ or HP to expand.

  2. I worked a shooting once, one of my first. The victim was zipped up. First round caught him just above the belt buckle. The last just under the eye. You won’t believe it, but it took the fight right out of him. .25 ACP. Always carried the opposite. .45 ACP.

  3. You don’t see that particular SpyCo as often as you should. Nice to see that thing make an appearance.

    I’m assuming, because I can’t see it for sure, that the six pack of AAA batteries is because inside that pouch he’s using something like a Stor-A-Cell that comes in a standard size. 6 AAA, 4 123A, 4 AA etc. It’s going to take up the same space no matter what given the extra oz or two you might as well carry it fully loaded.

    That’s my assumption since 1) it makes some small amount of sense to me and 2) Energizer generally sells AAA Li-ion batteries in a four pack or in a larger “value”pack.

    • The .25 ACP…

      For the “I’d rather that loser live so he can be locked up for a few years to experience being punctured daily by something much larger than .25 caliber” kind of guy.

      Or… The .25 ACP…

      For the “Because it’s centerfire-not-rimfire, and it comes in a Critical Defense version which can leave the micro rubber eraser lost in the cavity to fester and become gangrenous” kind of guy.

      Or… The .25 ACP…

      For the “Because 25 is a bigger number than 22, and ACP just sounds so much cooler” kind of guy.

      Or… The .25 ACP…

      For the “A .22 Long Rifle bouncing around inside someone’s skull might be a myth, but a .25 bouncing OFF someone’s skull is absolutely real and I can prove it” kind of guy.

      🤔 There are just so many of these– For the “Because reasons” kind of guy– that I could think about it all day, and still never really understand why…. Why….

      Real Mort in AZ

  4. Wow. Cool dump.

    The Jetfire was always a shirt pocket gun for me. LCP negates its carry for me.

    I have not seen a squeeze coin purse in about 40 years…..are they coming back?

    Realistic carry even if not to my taste.

    • The owner of this realistic pocket dump, at the age of 52, probably has his edc refined to the stuff he actually uses daily, even coins to make purchases. Side question: what is up with some older guys that like jingling loose change in their front pocket when you are talking to them?

  5. Wow a jetfire, the first handgun I ever bought. It was used and I picked it up for $50, the barrel latch on it was screwed up. Never made it through a mag without popping open, was still a fun gun though.

  6. I like it. Light weight is nice, I’d ditch the pocket watch complete with straps for attaching to your wrist though .

  7. Backup flashlight. Backup knife. Backup batteries? No Chapstick, paracord or field notes?

    Seriously though. A single stack 8(+1?) capacity .25 ACP primary gun with no backup magazine?

    I get it from the minimalist guys that carry those NAA 22LR revolvers. But this is the same size (almost) as a real gun in a real caliber. I like minimalist loadouts, but I recommend to take a tiny step up to a serious carry.

  8. Some “outside the box” observations:

    The Beretta Jetfire 25acp represents the quintesential “leave me alone” ultra-small concealment pistol of the 20th century. A replacement, if you will, for the diminutive Colt side-swing .41 rimfire derringer or perhaps the larger, but ballistically identical, .31 Colt cap and ball revolver of the 19th century.

    Easy loading: With tip up barrel. Pistol can be safely decocked by opening the tip up barrel, lowering the hammer and then closing the barrel with a loaded round in place.

    Penetration: 25acp 50 gr. FMJ will usually meet the minimum FBI penetration standard of 12″ after penetrating 3 layers of denim cloth.

    Jetfire capacity: 9 rounds. A close range a “mag dump” to the vitals would result in 450 grains impacting with 9 wound tracks.

    Remember the mission: “leave me alone” / Break contact with an assailant.


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