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It’s often said that a liberal is a conservative who hasn’t been mugged yet. As a former liberal who was mugged at knife point, copy that. Which brings us to Susan J. Dlott, Chief Judge of the United States District Court for the Southern District of Ohio. President Bill Clinton appointed Dlott after her husband Stan “the father of class action law suits” Chesley raised millions for the Democratic Party. Fast forward 21 years [via]: “Judge Susan Dlott fled [her $8 million mansion] barefoot in her nightgown and through the woods, banging on doors for help.” The story continues . . .

One neighbor let the judge in.

Her husband, a prominent 79-year-old attorney, was being held at gunpoint at their house.

Dlott told the 911 operator: “My husband and the dogs are still there, there’s three black men with guns and masks in our house. Call the United States Marshals. I’m a federal judge, call the marshals.”

Wait. Are we still allowed to identify home invaders by race? Can we pull rank in a 911 call? (I’m America’s most-read gun blogger! Send a well-armed militia!) Why wasn’t Judge Dlott’s mansion alarmed and equipped with a panic button? And why didn’t Dlott trust the local police/SWAT team to perform the necessary rescue mission?

That’s a mission that may not have been necessary if the Judge and/or her husband had been armed. Home carry people, home carry! Especially if you’re a federal judge living in a big house with a seriously wealthy significant other known to rip people a new you-know-what in court to prise big bucks from legally challenged defendants.

When cops got there, they found the judge’s husband had been thrown down a flight of stairs.

The three gunmen had already fled and three suspects were later arrested.

Let’s see what happens if and when Judge Dlott gets a gun rights case before her court. Probably nothing different, but you never know….

[h/t SS]

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  1. No one deserves to be a victim of a home evasion.
    But for some maybe more then others who think they might be above it.
    Nothing like a ride down a flight of stairs to wake up most folks.
    These 2??? Probably not.

    • “No one deserves to be a victim of a home evasion.”

      A home evasion?

      I hope to evade a home invasion… 🙂

    • Except maybe people who actively worked for years to make everyday folks more vulnerable to home invasions. Maybe those people deserve to be home invaded.

    • “No one deserves to be a victim of a home evasion.”
      [correction: Invasion]

      Ugh, yes, sometimes they do.

      Karma says so.

      Especially, if you are a judge who rules in cases that violate the God-given right of self-defense,
      then you deserve all the muggings, rapes,robberies, and home invasions you get.

      If you fight to take away my right to self-defense, I am going to fight to take away your
      right to free speech.

    • Home evasion: the action taken when coming home from work and spotting your mother-in-law’s car in the driveway.

  2. Oh cry me a river…SOL left-wing clinton lovers. No sympathy from me .I saw this on the news and wondered about these old people. How many lives have they ruined/destroyed?

    • I know right?? That was exactly the question I had. It’s like “Local Gestapo chief assaulted by mob.” Had I been the neighbor, I might have not opened my door, to be perfectly honest.

  3. Maybe im wrong but i thought it was the marshals responsibility, among other, to provide protection services for federsl judges. Its been awhile since my history courses but that was started to protect federal judges from corrupt local police and officials from simply ingoring requests for aid from federal judges who were responsible for “cleaning up” thier various areas

  4. I’m a federal judge, call the US Marshall’s?!? Yep, typical liberal control freak … she’s going to tell the dispatcher how to do their job….

  5. The only thing I want to know is if the dogs are OK.
    The more I learn about people, the more I like dogs.

  6. From now on Ms. Judge will have to recuse herself from all cases involving “black men with guns”…looks like she’s out of a job.

  7. Y’all keep spelling that word wrong. It isn’t “Dlott,” it’s “Dolt.”

    Sorry, was that an ad hominem attack? I guess I’ll know when it’s deleted.

  8. Interesting. Her husband retired rather than face disbarment for multiple ethics violations.

    After making his millions.

    • Uh, let’s be clear what happened.

      He was disbarred – in Kentucky. Ohio recognizes KY’s disbarments, so it was going to be a easy lay-up for OH to disbar him. He resigned rather than be disbarred.

      The SCOTUS also removed him from the list of attorneys who can practice before them.

      He’s a scum ambulance chaser, a cheat and a fraud.

  9. She will just blame the NRA, right wing gun owners. me. I’m to blame for the criminal, morales, fatherless, lowlife society. I’m white, male, earn more than my fair share, carry a firearm, pay a shitload of taxes, am an NRA member, and a tea partier. I’m the problem.

    • Thanks for owning up. Now if the rest of the small penised, pro 2A gun nuts on here would just follow suit

      • Here’s a suggestion. Normal guys dont spend a lot of time thinking and talking about other guys wieners.

        If you dont have any legitimate or germane argument – at least come up with a new canned insult that reflects negatively on the target of it, instead of just making you sound like a reallly snippy little homosexual.

        • Blind man;
          I guess I forgot to add the *Sarc* stamp, my bad. I’ll remember next time. In the meantime reign that sense of humor in eh

  10. So the fetid, puss-filled Democrat/Progressive uterus in addition to her ambulance-chasing husband have become victims of “violent crime” committed by “Son’s of Obama” in her own upscale home? Say it ain’t so (scoff). My only regret is that her neighbor let her in THEIR home, she should’ve been turned away just like the IRS’ Lois Lerner when she demanded sanctuary in a neighbors home while fleeing a reporter trying to question her about her targeting Conservative Christians & Jews

  11. Wow, they were really lucky, it the police had invaded the place they would have shot the dogs. Think about that class action lawsuit. The home invaders probably felt sympathy for the dogs.

  12. This case is proof positive that when seconds count, the federal Marshals are only minutes away. Well, they are if you’re among the elite.

    • If it was the middle of the night then the marshals were probably at home in bed or otherwise engaged in searching for fugitives. They don’t sit in the office waiting for calls from Justices in distress. Even if there were some available, they were probably in the nearest major metropolitan area, and would have to pass through numerous jurisdictions to get there, which just means that they should’ve called the real cops to begin with. Some people think that the world revolves around them and that the US Marshals are their personal QRF. Idiots.

  13. Nope. She’ll just go on a “ban all guns” tear from her “horroriffic” ordeal. Which we be retold 10,000 times on any media outlet that will show it (read all). Because if it wernt for guns it never would have happened. She will parade her husband around in a wheelchair and continue her bullshit forever.

    • Yep.

      Too bad her husband wasnt a real man that takes steps to be able to defend his family.

      They’re both lucky she didnt get gang raped in front of him, as that’s the normal end of these home invasion stories for helpless (aka: unarmed) occupants.

  14. Yeah. She will continue her anti-gun crusade for all of us. Then using her connections, tool up because she is one of the trusted ones. All animals are equal, but some are more equal than others.

  15. An anti-2nd amendment liberal neighbor would have likely called the police about the crazy, half-dressed lady banging on their door demanding that the police come protect them from her.

  16. Her response sounded like that of a genuinely afraid woman but someone who’s hypocrisy and ignorance of subjects that she is supposed to have an expert grasp of shone through in stark relief. I just don’t get why it would take something like this happening for some self-reflection to happen. I’m not even sure that in many cases it even informs them in any way after the fact, which make me despise and pity these pieces of garbage even more intensely.

  17. Outlaw home invasions. And outlaw stairs. Those poor home invaders were probably traumatized by the whole event. /sarc

  18. Home invasion robberies are going to get more frequent too. They have learned that once they secure all the residents in the home, they are free to take as long as they want to perpetrate their crimes. They got lucky because one was able to call for help.

    There really is no excuse to not have a video surveillance system up on your property these days. They are cheap and easy to configure, and you need to know who is on your property BEFORE they get to your front door.

    You can stop this kind of crime though. You merely need to execute the violent offender after the conviction of their third one. What, too harsh?

    • I, for one, do not want to be in a situation where I am going to have to set up the very police state that any TRUE patriot would want to avoid, so your argument about setting up cameras on your own property makes you just as much of a libtard as those that you criticize in your life, SuperG(erkoff). The only ways to prevent them are to put your trust in YAHASHUA HA’MASHIACH and subscribe to the best known forms of self-defense, which are prayer, weapons (of all sorts) and close quarters combat training/martial arts.

  19. Federal Judges are superior people, else they wouldn’t be personally appointed by a sitting president of the US. Being superior, they earned special attention and favors. Someone who sits in judgment of others must be honored and protected by elite government units, like Marshals. People charged with responding to crises (911 operators) have the responsibility to put superior people at the head of the line for response; only makes sense. If we allow common citizens to be protected/rescued ahead of elites, like judges, the entire social system will collapse. It’s only common sense.

    BTW, the judge in question will be one of the loud voices calling for more gun control so criminals will not have deadly weapons, because use of an illegal weapon will not be a charge they want on their records.

  20. Hey, if she wants to order local LE to stand down for a few hours while they wait for the Marshals to show up, fine with me. (or does she want her husband’s inheritance more than she wants her husband?)

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