R’s 11.5 inch hammer forged barrel upper by Bravo Company with KMR hand guard and a Specwar 5.56 suppressor on Spikes tactical lower with a Geissele SSA trigger. Also a GLOCK 21 .45 with an Osprey 45 suppressor and a TLR 3. Replaced the stock sights with Vickers tactical battle sights by Wilson Combat, green fiber optic front sight black rear sight.


    • Yeah, who wants to hear anything once they’e past the age of 50, right? Plus they’re just used by assasins to kill innocent people. I know this for a fact, I learned about it in this documentary I watched about this spy named John Band or something. While we’re at it, whats with this obsession with eye protection? Eyelids were good enough for our forefathers, should be good enough for us!!!

  1. I would love to show you my Noreen BN 36 all tricked out beside my two CRM 30s all tricked out , you’ll just have to imagine it because I don’t even own a cell phone . I have seen them though and they look pretty lethal .
    I got some old war stuff too , like my BAR 30.06 with hard sights and all my AR type stuff but really , in war , you will use what ever you have , right ?


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