Screencap by Boch. Video via KTRK TV.
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The gun you carry beats any gun you left at home. Especially in and around convenience stores which may as well be modern-day watering holes for bad guys. So shopper discovered when he was attacked in Klein, Texas by a group of five youths. Five-on-one ranks as a serious disparity of force. In this case, the twenty-something man escaped without life-changing injuries.

Despite being victimized, the man and his girlfriend reportedly continue to receive death threats for coming forward about the attack.

It happened in the early evening on Sunday. After asking the group at the checkout line to stop crowding him, they followed him outside and jumped him in the parking lot. Five men took turns punching and kicking the victim, even after he was to the ground. The store’s clerk and video surveillance confirm the victim’s account.

Here’s the video. It’s not easy to watch.

Now police want to make some arrests. From KTRK TV:

Investigators are searching for a group of suspects caught on video hitting and kicking a man after he left a convenience store in Klein.

It happened on Sunday around 7 p.m. at the Food Mart store located at 7134 Oakwood Glen Blvd.

The victim told deputies with the Harris County Sheriff’s Office that he was waiting to buy some items when a group of up to six young men tried to cut in line…

The victim was carrying shopping bags, and said he just took it.

“I don’t know what else I could do,” he told ABC13. “The fifth one at the end came out of the store after purchasing goods, and came up to me and kicked me in the face and said, ‘Black lives matter, (expletive).'”

Here are a couple of ideas for Mr. “I don’t know what else I could do.” Drop your bags and fight back. Also, try to control your position and stack your attackers.

An even better idea is to be equipped to defend yourself. That means carrying a gun. While we all like to think this will never happen to us, reality is another matter.

This victim’s passivity and meek-and-mild body language may have communicated that he was an “easy mark” to the bullies who attacked him. But drawing a small-frame revolver probably would probably have caused the group to run with great enthusiasm…in the opposite direction.

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    • Makes you start to wonder what it would be like to live in a country with no blacks. A country you don’t have to worry about your children being in danger. A country where you don’t have to spend a huge portion of your check on the court and prison system.

      • Hopefully this comment isn’t too far out of taste that is lands in the dust bin.

        Mars would be old news and we would be planning missions to Titan. Minority races want all the amenities and technological advancement of white civilizations, but they don’t want the white people. You don’t get one without the other, so they need to get along or get out. Black men were handed a first world country with infrastructure, South Africa, and they can’t even keep the lights on. Hatti has been free of whites and slavery for over 200 hundred years and it’s still a dump; this is very strong evidence that it has everything to do with the people. The Dominican republic is right next door, suffered all kinds of occupations, and is doing great today with less time being free.

        I’m all for giving a “last time” reparations to black people and any other minority that wants the money, on the condition that those people who take it are biometrically registered, forfeit US citizenship, get on a plane to a country of their choosing, and never come back. If black people think whites are holding them back, and whites think black people are holding them back, it’s logical to separate them and let them seek life in their own lands, in their own way.

        It may be racist, but damn, I’m proud to be a White Christian American male, keeping a productive job, working hard, paying my taxes, building myself and my friends up, and doing as I please.

        • Haiti isn’t still a dump, it is now a dump. After the blacks murdered all the whites on the island, it went from one of the most prosperous places in the western hemisphere to the poorest.

        • I really appreciate that TTAG leaves these comments up. It’s fun to watch the retards lick the glass.

        • JWTaylor,
          We know you virtue signal with the best of them. Maybe the savages will eat you last since you are not a nasty raciss.

        • “I really appreciate that TTAG leaves these comments up. It’s fun to watch the retards lick the glass.”

          RF would just delete the vile ones. I kinda wish Dan would do the same…

        • You guys forgot about Rhodesia, er, um, I mean Zimbabwe. Once the breadbasket of Africa, now dependent on food aid since the evil whites were killed and driven away. Water is now not even reliable. I have read reports of black body guards in Zimbabwe and South Africa telling reporters “We wish we had the whites back.” and even “We were much better off under apartheid.”

        • The only institutionalized racism in the US is all the tax money subsidizing anti-white Sociology professors to teach “white privilege.” And yet schools teaching anti-white racism is never called out as the racism it is

        • Academia is the greatest wealth transfer in history. From those that are self sufficient, get up and work for a living to those Liberal/Socialist/Libtards that hate America. Why is it so expensive to educate our youth? All you should need are a few chairs and a chalkboard. Some lab facilities.

      • Don’t have to worry about our kids in an all white country? What race was ted bundy? mcveigh? klebolt and dylan?

        Fucking loser.

        • Another fucking loser. Or the same one. One hit wonders from the left trying to make us look like the klan.

        • “Don’t have to worry about our kids in an all white country? What race was ted bundy? mcveigh? klebolt and Dylan?”

          When you have to reach way back into the 1990s to find examples of white crime, then we don’t a problem with white crime.

          Meanwhile, America has 13% of the population committing almost half of the crimes, but meanwhile you worry about the relatively peaceful majority.

        • You lump McVeigh into that group? You’re an asshat! McVeigh as a patriot who responed with an approptiate action and not enough force. He was repsonding to the burning of children alive by the FBI and ATF at the behest of Janet Reno at Waco. Reno is the white person responsible for numerous dead children, not McVeigh. Reno makes Budny look like an amateur. She did in the open by proxy and NEVER suffered a single minute in prison. White marxists are the most dangerous group on the planet. This is some asinine BS up in here…

        • McVeigh was a lowlife coward that killed 168 people, including 19 children, injured more than 680 others, and destroyed more than one third of the building, which had to be demolished. The blast destroyed or damaged 324 other buildings within a 16-block radius, shattered glass in 258 nearby buildings, and destroyed or burned 86 cars, causing an estimated $652 million worth of damage. If that is your idea of a heroic patriot you are one fucked up individual….

        • McVaigh and his little dog Nichols were government agents committing a false flag attack to justify further government abridgment of rights. They were thrown out of several militias for advocating violent attacks. After not finding any right wing extremists to commit a terror attack they had to do it themselves.

        • McVaigh and his little dog Nichols were government agents committing a false flag attack

          (McVeigh) At least spell it right… I love a good conspiracy theory as much as the next guy, but even I am not going to believe that ANY man would conspire with ANY government (not saying the government is not capable of such an act) to maim and kill hundreds of innocent people including children and cause millions of dollars in damage, knowing that IF he got caught he would face the death penalty, which is exactly what happened some 20 minutes later… So, was McVeigh suffering from terminal cancer looking for a secure future for his family, had he already been caught on a capitol case? or was he just a dedicated, hard core patriot that would do anything his government asked of him… Really need some kind of evidence/smoking gun that connects the alleged co-conspirators (getting kicked out of a militia is not evidence that they were govt. agents)….

    • He made the decision to be a disarmed victim rather than an armed citizen.

      The police aren’t going to keep you safe. You are.

      • My friends that went to school with him said he always liked the other kids to hang out with him. He had expensive toys and offered to share them. He was also just a little wierd. This was in high school so no telling what he would turn out to be as an adult, I guess we know now.

  1. Would be much easier if we had constitutional carry in Texas instead of the required permission slip needed to exercise our rights.

      • While legally risky, your statement is true. We Southern Californians have to deal with this moral dilemma all the time. But at the end of the day, there are two maxims worth remembering:

        1) The primary rule of self defense is survival.

        2) Only the living get the opportunity to argue their case.

        • If you live in a no-issue county and are going to carry per your natural rights, get your UT, AZ non-resident permits and apply in LA (knowing you’ll get rejected) just to show that you tried to follow their unreasonable rules. Make it as difficult as possible for them to prosecute you if they try.

        • Kern and Ventura counties just a short drive to the North/West of me *do* issue. I’ve been told that Orange, San Bernardino, and Riverside (albeit a couple of hours to the South, so I don’t personally know) also issue.

          Los Angeles has had a string of anti-permit Sheriffs for a while, the most recent three being Baca (convicted of criminal charges), McDonnell, and now Villanueva.

        • 1 more thing to remember: If you are the legal owner of that firearm, then it’s only a misdemeanor, *IF* you get caught.

        • There’s another old saying – “Would you trust your life to 12 people who weren’t smart enough to get out of jury duty?”

    • Vote locally, and vote often. I have a list of people to vote for who most support my positions on various matters, from cannabis legalization to border security, and constitutional carry. I may looking at Idaho, but I’m not done trying to keep Texas red yet.

    • Would it?

      It’s not that onerous to go through the process. If someone isn’t willing to take even that effort, what makes you think he would have purchased and carried a gun?

      Maybe now he will. But from what we see here he was of the mindset that something like that could never happen to him. Different story if it’s someone in a state like NJ or something…

    • You can carry concealed in your car in Texas without an LTC. I know, that’s not enough, but if money and breaking the law are hurdles, then at least be aware of that free option.

      On a side note, in Tennessee you can get a open/concealed carry permit for life for $300.

      • In Alabama no license for open carry. County sheriffs determine the cost of CC for their respective counties. In my county it’s $15.00 (One five. zero zero) annually in yearly increments up to five years. I did the 5 year deal….$75.00. The State legislature has been discussing a lifetime license for, I think, around $250 but at my age I think I’ll continue with the 5 year deal. I’ve still got 4 years left on this go ‘round and I’m 70 so there’s that.

        • Montana = $50 initial 4-year CWP. $25 every 4 years thereafter when renewing.

          We’re not a Constitutional Carry State (yet)…but, we are a “Shall Issue”.

        • Michigan is $150 for your initial application- lasts 5 years and then $115 for every 5 year renewal. Highway robbery, but then again, we have one of the worst governors in the county try right now who was too busy keeping 75yr old barbers from cutting hair….

  2. Well guess what look at the color of their skin!! More thugs in action!! Too bad this guy did not have gun!!!

    • You missed the memo, can’t say thugs, in fact it’s that kind of systemic societal oppression that forces young black men to act out. That man/thing they “interacted” with behaved exactly as he should have, he took it, and took it, then took it some more…a fine moment and perfect example of how the privileged need to give back/bend over…and allow the wrongs to be righted.

    • By George…I looked at the color of their skin per your request and thought if I was a bigot fixated on skin color perhaps some sneaky lily white trash perp might come along and fool me to into letting my guard down.
      To cover all the bases I’ll pass on being a bigot and focus on the mannerisms that most punks and criminals share regardless of race.

      • When in doubt, switch the colors. Had five white yoots beaten and kicked a black guy, while mentioning their skin color, it would be investigated by the FBI as a hate crime and we would see nothing else on tv screens for weeks. Remember Jussie Smalett? Hell, some half black Nascar driver was given a full hate crime victim worship treatment, because he didn’t like the string on his garage door!

        But this pure racist hate crime doesn’t help to push the narrative, so no one cares. Even though statistically, black on white crime dwarfs white on black crime, never mind the minuscule numbers of white police officers shooting blacks that did not forced them to do it.

      • “ I’ll pass on being a bigot and focus on the mannerisms that most punks and criminals share regardless of race.”

        Thank you – we judge people by their behavior. If the same crime gets the same lawful punishment, when all names and demographics are unknown, that’s as close to justice as humans can give.

  3. What happens when heads are filled with nothing but demoCrap. Hopefully the perps will be arrested and prosecuted and their lives made miserable behind bars.

  4. Considering the world we are currently in, it probably would be a LOT worse for him now if he had used a gun to defend himself.

    • This is actually a great example of why carrying a knife is a good idea. If you don’t have a gun or can’t get one.

      Even if you get jumped by multiple people, if you pull out a blade and start seriously slashing people, they scatter. Something about being stabbed or the threat of being stabbed fucks with peoples heads.

      I learned this in prison. Not as a guest, but as an attendant.

  5. A real man NEVER just takes a beating like this from no doubt IMPORTED GHETTO CRIMINALS.

    This is why I am armed. I would have cleared those Welfare Roles.


      • The only people on this earth who are not racist are suicidal whites afraid of being called names by communists. Trotsky loved to use “racist” and “racism” to demonize those opposed to his ideology.

        But hey, keep virtue signally, maybe the savages will eat you last.

  6. Why can’t this kind of crap ever happened to me? !!!!! I would bullwhip these little bastards, that takes the fight right out of em

    • It does not happen to you because you probably carry yourself like a man and project a hard target presence.

      • I deliberately keep my ratty, hold riddled cloths, long beard and werewolf hair-do, in part because it gives the appearance that I have no money and am in no mood to be messed with. It’s a passive deterrence and the single thug will likely pass me and mine up, probably won’t work on 2+, they get bold in groups.

  7. Geez…it’s Texass. Buy a gat. Carry it. Shoot it. Quit calling criminal’s “youths”. A large % of Chiraq’s killer’s are YOUTH’S!

      • You’d also be surprised how many snub the government’s licensing scheme and carry without one, at that. Maybe it’s just the people I know, but I’m frankly surprised the hood rats even found an unarmed Texan man to attack.

    • From personal experience just the thought of a gun coming into play from a victim usually makes the preditors run, BUT this guy let these criminals get in way to close for a gun to have been effective.

      • Why you should carry a gun and a knife.

        Ask me how fast it takes 2 guys to get off you when you introduce a knife into the mix.

        • Fixed blades make the most appropriate BOGA weapon. Unfortunately MI has shitty knife laws and carrying a fixed blade for self defense has potential legal attachments. I have trained myself to open my Benchmade with a flick of the wrist, but the number one rule about a knife fight is everyone gets cut.

          Best case scenario for the bushy haired white guy would have been some situational awareness, and drawing when those thugs were rushing him.

        • Mike. Which time? Public transit and multiple assholes were involved more than once.

          Turns out nobody wants to get cut or stabbed. Who knew?

        • JWM I agree. As someone who’s spent several years working in a state prison I can attest to the effectiveness of getting stabby. Even when outnumbered.

      • A contact shot to someone’s chest can be mighty effective.

        Ideal? No. But nothing about this situation was ideal.

      • Of course he let them get too close. To do anything else would have made the communists and cowards call him a racist.

  8. Always. Carry.

    Sadly, this punk will still continue down the same path that led him to get his ass whipped. Did he really think these people were reasonable when he said “there is a line for a reason”? What an idiot. It’s hard to feel sympathetic for stupid people. Had he minded his own business he might have left the store without a beating, but since he spoke up, he better be prepared to defend himself, and he was not. I mean, I don’t want people that close to me either, but from what I saw, they were kind of in line… I know at the Town Pumps here in MT there is no existing imaginary line, it’s a cluster fuck. At least these idiots were behind the other idiot.

      • Fair. They’d still have to take it from him.
        Also why I look like an NFL ref watching a replay everytime I use one of those machines (pulling the cloth over the upper half of their body and becoming one with the replay monitor).
        Always Carry.

  9. BLM is a communist organization whether these young fools know it or not. I have been paid well in the past for killing communists. Looks like its going to become a home defense issue. No way an older guy is going to stand up to that kind of kicking. Therefore, after viewing this, it is now and forever more perceived as a lethal threat requiring a lethal response. Thanks.

    • One of my former friends was jumped in a manner very similar to this, by (if I recall correctly) four guys. So it was 4-to-1. Two of us were at a distance and weren’t involved, though were eye witnesses.

      After taking some initial hits, my friend, who was normally relaxed and polite, suddenly went into absolute Berserker mode and beat the snot out of all four attackers. The police were never involved, so left the scene and later asked him how the heck he was able to go Beast on those guys. He simply said, “They meant to hurt me, and just one punch in the right spot to my head could kill me, so it was me or them”.

      We paid him respect from that day on.

  10. Should have drawn a gun the minute they started approaching him outside. Problem would have ended right there. Instead he just stood like a deer in headlights.

  11. Thoughts on a Thursday Afternoon…

    Oh, where is the public or media outrage for a vicious, racially motivated 5 on 1 attack?

    Is this the “social justice” that we hear so much about all day long for weeks?

    An attack of this nature gives credence to the “carry more rounds” camp.

    There should have been five punks exsanguinating whilst queuing up to meet St. Peter….instead, the hapless victim is receiving threats of continued violence.

    Ladies and gents…you are on your own for primary protection…mobs, large and small, do not have a conscience.

    Should be interesting to see what Lame Miner (and associated trolls) take is on this incident.

    • Old Guy,

      You’re so silly. Sounds like you haven’t been properly brainwashed educated yet. Please go directly to the nearest television set and tune to CNN for your dose of Leftist-approved newspeak.

      • Oh, pshaw!

        Hold on a second, Haz…someone at the door. Meh, it was a couple of guys from the Ministry of Love to “educate” me on the three slogans: WAR IS PEACE, FREEDOM IS SLAVERY, and IGNORANCE IS STRENGTH. I remarked how cute they were in their all-black uniforms and stuff. If this keeps up, I may have to invest in a mini-excavator.

        On a more serious note: I was listening to a lady a few days ago at a “rally” telling us that Lincoln was a staunch slave-holder and that is why his statues have to go! Couldn’t decide if she was terminally stupid or a paid agitator…middle-aged white lady (apparently with a lot of unresolved guilt over the circumstances of her birth). The Progressive history re-write is in full-blown lunatic mode.

        On a less serious note: we have had a couple of days at 80± F, thankfully it is cooling off next week when the rain and clouds return.

        • They must have missed the memo (or they were phonies) A fourth tenet has been added “SILENCE IS VIOLENCE”…. Just tryin to help…

  12. Just based on the interview he gave, I doubt he would carry for self-defense.

    He’s all-in on the concept of “That’s just the way it is…”

        • Thx. What stands out to me while watching this is how the victim “allowed” a group of three aggressive individuals to quickly approach him in a semi-circle pattern, and turned his head toward one on the right side, removing the leftmost thug (the one who struck first) from his peripheral view and permitting the blindside attack.

          This once happened to me several years ago. A group of four young men didn’t like that I instructed them to leave my property, so they got out of their vehicle and formed a semi-circle around me. I maintained my focus on the centermost individual to keep the others in my periphery. Fortunately, Mr. Center was also apparently the Alpha of the group, so I firmly told him he needed to vacate immediately or there would be consequences, and visibly assumed a slow but deliberate “low ready” fighting stance (from years of martial arts). Then I audibly repeated their license plate out loud so they would know I was taking mental notes for a potential police report. After hurling some vulgarities at me to test my resolve, the weakest of them broke ranks and told the rest they should leave. That did it.

  13. Do you know what a hypocrite is? Because these two cases you are trying to equate the same issues to, are not the same at all.

    Also, english motherfucker, do you speak it?

  14. While I would agree with most of the posters here regarding the use of any self defense weapon in this particular case, I fear that the times have made things more difficult now for all of us. Those attackers are black. Let that sink in. If I were to draw and shoot one or all of these “people” I would be the next White Asian George Zimmerman. I have made the decision that whenever I carry a sidearm, I’m going to have to include the best quality bodycam I can obtain. Fortunately, since I’m licensed as a armed security guard, I have access to a lot of LEO equipment catalogs.

    • Good point. I had my knock-off go pro charged and mounted to my molle gear when the peaceful (stayed peaceful thankfully) protest was in my neighborhood recently.

    • As odd as it would seem to see some randomly wearing a camera… not a bad idea. Seriously. The only problem I have with any camera is the evidence can also be used to incriminate you. That said, as a gun owner, your mindstate needs to be that you felt there was no other option and your life was threatened. If the body cam proves that, then it worked. Too often though I think we see liars… I mean lawyers trying to find that tiny little opportunity for a gun not to be fired in that split second heat of the adrenaline rush and fearing for your life. I dunno… the legal battle of it perplexes and angers me. This coming from someone who says always carry and stop asking for permission, especially in a state like CA. If you have to carry illegally, do it. It’s your life on the line.

      • My health are facility has installed security cameras in key public areas. This was not universally liked by the old staff. Whenever I train new employees on how to work with their patients, I tell them that they should not consider the cameras as the administration’s attempts to catch them at wrongdoing so they can fire them, but as one more aid to document their interactions with the patient’s so they can not be falsely accused of wrongdoing. It’s in the same vein of tell thee staff to pretend that a family member or a state inspector is standing by the doorway watching. This is also why I tell them to verbalize what they’re doing to the patient.

        So, I would use the body cam in the same way. I would document my attempts to de-escalate the encounter verbally, my attempts to withdraw and disengage from my attacker physically, and finally, I would document my attacker’s actions which lead me to fear for my safety. All this in a matter for a few seconds. Cops have it worse.

        • avatar Montana Actual aka Suspicious Fisherman, Knowbody, UnKnown, Everyday Carrier, Threeper, 3prcntr, B.D.

          In a perfect world…

  15. Every single one of those animals should’ve been shot dead. Doesn’t matter what color they are. Five on one is attempted murder, and deserves a lethal force response. If we have to put up with that kind of crap over this BLM stuff, then black lives aren’t worth a shit. They keep pushing this garbage with stuff like this, when the shooting war starts, and its coming, retribution will be a stone cold bitch.

      • When young punks gang up and take turns kicking to the head they gave up their right to breathe. Hate crime.
        He definately should be rethinking the mouthing-off to a group of animals, regardless of color, jury wouldnt look well on retribution killings.
        Dont let anyone ever get that close, use the cop tactic of screaming at them to pattern-interrupt their ingress, draw and point, they’ll either scatter or take the room-temperature challenge. But don’t go looking to get a beating, Christ sakes!
        Play stupid games win stupid prizes.

        • It looks to me like he was maybe paying with a debit card and they were trying to get his pin. He was in the right, but wasn’t aware/”man” enough to back it up. This happens occasionally to me. I’ve actually had the clerk cancel the transaction and let the potential thief go ahead of me.

    • And where I differ from the self defense weenies is that they should still be shot. You do shit like this you forfit your rights forever. Bring back outlaw status.

  16. Looks to me like these young men were just attempting to extoll the virtues of the guys “white privilege”…. That or they are just another bunch of punk ass chicken shit thugs that can only function as a group since they obviously lack the balls to go one on one with someone…

    • Dude wouldn’t have gone one-on-one, either. He had zero fight in him. Wouldn’t help him to carry. Some people are just born victims, he oozed weakness, and the predators picked up on his prey status.

    • Frags are too indiscriminate. And hard to buy. He and his girl should have both been armed. She could have taken out a couple of the hood rats from inside the car.

  17. ‘Black lives matter, (expletive).’

    What would you do when you saw your oppressor? They’re only doing exactly what the media and democrat activists have been conditioning them to do.

  18. More righteous behavior from the 6%, much less when recidivism numbers are crunched more like 1-2%. So, now that stats narrow down the minority number responsible for the bulk of violent crimes explain why anyone wouldn’t/shouldn’t leery regarding this group.

  19. The way he just stands there holding his bags as they approach suggests he’s missing the sack that’s supposed to be attached to him.

    Honestly, I have a bit of trouble feeling sorry for him. He’s damn lucky he didn’t get stabbed or something. He’s got that “The world is a super friendly place and I’m just staring at the rainbows and sunshine” body language.

    Probably the first time he’s ever had any kind of physical altercation. Christ people, send your kids to some sort of martial arts or wrestling class.

    • strych9,

      Five people coming at you in that formation — you are in an extremely dire situation no matter how fit you are and how much martial arts training you have.

      I can picture immediately dropping one of them and putting a serious hurt on another before the remaining two or three would be on you. At that point, it is a roll of the dice whether they decide to really beat the living $hit out of you for laying out two of their buddies. He might literally have sustained the minimum possible injuries in that case precisely because he did not fight back.

      A handgun would have greatly improved the defender’s situation.

      • None of which has anything to do with my point.

        This dude was in “condition white” until he took a punch. They had to make physical contact before he had any idea the kind of risk he was at.

        I’m not suggesting he could Bruce Lee them with a quickness but he would have at least had an idea not to just stand there. And if he’d ever been taught how aggression works he might have avoided the whole thing entirely by avoiding having to tangle with these people.

        Remember that I’m the one who constantly says fights aren’t worth it because they’re so risky on the street and should be avoided unless they absolutely cannot be?

        • “….And if he’d ever been taught how aggression works he might have avoided the whole thing entirely by avoiding having to tangle with these people….”

          Agree. This guy did not understand how this works. Totally naive about the world around him.
          Has probably never been around the class of people who attacked him. (not a race thing) just low class thugs are gonna thug, they have nothing to lose.

          His actions and non-actions put himself and girlfriend in danger. Hopefully he wakes up and gets a clue.

      • I am with strytch, I am willing to take my chances defending myself. If they have enough cowardice to jump you 5 on 1, they definitely have enough to leave you half dead no matter how peaceful and unwilling you were. Dropping your grocery bags to at least try to run or block is a natural reaction, normal people don’t want to get hurt nor die, if you can’t fight your guts tell you to fly. I don’t know if it’s what they put in the drinks, that 5G and daily exposure to WiFi, new symptoms of COVID19 hoax….but standing there like that is hard to explain. Was he telling them he voted Obama, twice, and he had a “coexist” bumper sticker on his car, and black lives matter? Was that the plan? Well, it failed for sure.

    • Definitely first time he’s been punched. He was totally stunned. Even just sat there and let the last guy kick him in the face.

      • To be fair, I think that third punch he took probably had him out on his feet. Not like asleep but not really there. After that he’s essentially defenseless.

        Getting your bell rung like that can last for a while.

        • “Getting your bell rung like that can last for a while.”

          Preach it. After my helmeted head broke the windshield of the car that hit me, for about a week I wasn’t able to remember what I had just read (folks I know were kind and and brought magazines for me while I was in the trauma ward)…

        • True, been punched and saw tweety-birds for a few minutes in boxing class, and been t-boned and hit my head on the door frame, couldn’t think for a good ten minutes, just sat on the curb staring.

  20. While we all like to think this will never happen to us, reality is another matter.

    Very true.

    I live just outside of a very nice, very quiet, and very liberal town of about 100,000 people. Early evening this past Monday I exited an office supply store and had to walk about 45 yards to my car. I scanned the large parking lot which was pretty much empty. As I got close to my car, I discovered that a man appeared about 40 yards away. He was wearing a dark hooded sweatshirt with the hood up and both hands in his sweatshirt pockets. Of course he was also wearing a COVID-19 mask. He was meandering in my general direction. When I got to my car and started to put my key in the door, I looked again and now he was locked on to me and walking toward me in a straight line about 30 yards away. I pulled out my car key and faced him. He asked for something. I said, “No!” sternly. Now he is about 25 yards away and asked again for something. Again, I said, “No!” sternly. Now he is 20 yards away and still coming. I immediately moved three steps back so that I could use my car for cover, I turned partly sideways, and I moved my strong hand to my handgun on my hip. Now only 15 yards away he immediately recognizes what I am doing, starts veering off to the side, says something about being sorry for getting into my space — and then turns back and walks away. I watched him until he was about 80 yards away before I got in my car and left.

    I have had panhandlers approach me before. None of them ever acted this way. Maybe he was a panhandler. Or maybe he was an armed robber. You never know. More to the point, I would have never dreamed that a potential armed robbery would happen in that location. Nevertheless, I was prepared.

    • Hmmmm seems like I’ve read this before verbatim…. So you just let him walk, no call to the cops? He just walks to the other end of the lot and attacks/robs someone unfortunate enough NOT to be armed, but hey, not your problem right?

      • Yeah, I posted it yesterday or the day before right after it happened, buried fairly far down in the comments of one of the articles. It seems a lot more relevant here since I was in a very similar environment.

        I want people to realize that this sort of stuff can and does happen everywhere. Best to be prepared for it.

        • So, what about letting the asshole walk? That’s cool? He’s obviously going to do it again, maybe next time it’s someones elderly parent, maybe he’s more desperate next time and more inclined to commit violence….

        • He didn’t show a gun or announce a robbery. What do you tell a cop to do? Harass a black kid in a hoodie?

        • He didn’t show a gun or announce a robbery. What do you tell a cop to do? Harass a black kid in a hoodie

          If you are concerned enough to pull your gun and take up a tactical position putting yourself at risk of a “brandishing” charge then you have enough cause to report the incident of a strange person “conveying” a threat… Hell make shit up of you need to, cops contact the guy, a couple of questions, maybe he rethinks his position…

        • MadMaxx,

          As others stated, he did not commit a crime even though there was very real reason to believe that he intended to commit a crime.

          Equally important, I had to leave immediately to pick up my child from soccer practice. I honestly could not spare four minutes or else I would be late and did not want to leave my child unattended.

        • The hoodie did not commit any crime, nothing to report. Making shit up in discussion with a police officer is a crime.
          Being unarmed has nothing to do with luck. It’s a choice.

        • It’s okay to call 911 to report something/someone suspicious, then it’s up to the cops to figure it out. There is also loitering/prowling. As MADDMAX stated, if you were concerned enough to take that stance…

      • Ok, so he calls the cops. What crime does he report? There is no way the cops are gonna bust this potential perp, unless unless Mr. Thug has drugs on his person or is a felon in possession. Lots of places (downtown Atlanta) you would be on hold and then be told they aren’t gonna send someone for this.

        • He is not in Atlanta, or Detroit, or Memphis, or New Orleans…

          “I live just outside of a very nice, very quiet, and very liberal town of about 100,000 people.”

          You don’t need a crime to call the cops, a traffic crash is not a crime (unless hit and run), cops also handle death investigations even when there is nothing suspicious, a noise complaint is usually not a crime, and the list goes on. Calling the cops to report a suspicious person, vehicle, or activity can lead to other things, such as loitering/prowling (a crime here in FL), finding drugs, illegal possession of weapons, a warrant, identifying a suspect in an area hit by burglars…

  21. And this is why they have to go back. Honestly I don’t care where but it’s obvious they can’t stay here. If that place is 6 feet under that’s their choice.

  22. Situational awareness. If you just had a negative interaction with these guys, why walk out where they can jump you?

    Oh. Because calling the police on seeing them wait around would be considered ‘racist’ and you’d end up getting plastered on national media and lose your job.

  23. “I don’t know what else I could do.” Indeed.

    If only there was something that could help a person defend themselves when they’re attacked by a bigger person, or a group of people. Some sort of tool that doesn’t rely on great strength. Powerful enough to stop an attack quickly, but small enough to carry with you everywhere.

    Although I suppose if you did have such a device, you’d have to be willing to use it in the first place.

    “You’ve got to help us, doc. We’ve tried nothing and we’re all out of ideas.”

  24. Imagine if these poor bastards had the misfortune of rolling up on the inestimable James Campbell who is a Texan!

      • It would have played out the same.
        Except the incident would have been recorded.
        Both of my DD vehicles have front and rear wide angle cameras that activate and record with the key fob. From the time the doors are unlocked, until around 5 minutes after locking at destination, EVERYTHING is recorded.
        Also, there’s no chance of catching a “brandishing” charge in Texas. Greg Abbott and Dan Patrick have the backs of gun owners here in Texas.
        I sure didn’t move here for the pizza!

  25. Long Beach, California: Sometimes the hoods get what they deserved. Two home intrusion suspects died Tuesday -12:10 a.m.. The suspects, 18-year-old Jose Perez and 25-year-old Sergio Pacheco, were both from Long Beach CA. Police said Pacheco and Perez arrived at the residence unannounced, forced their way inside and assaulted the two residents. During the altercation, one resident fired at Pacheco and Perez, who were both struck. Perez was fatally wounded inside the home and Pacheco was found lying fatally wounded in the street. Shoot to kill if you shoot but some credit to whatever ammo was used.

    Folks in Illinois, and Chicago, are really tooling up. Permit applications for the Firearm Owners Identification (FOID) card that allows someone to buy a gun in Illinois have surged over 500 percent.

    Demand for gun permits and guns is so great Illinois’ 72-hour waiting period, which includes background check, is actually lasting about “94 business hours.”
    The Illinois State Police firearms bureau is simply overwhelmed.

    The 42,089 permit applications submitted June 1 to June 17 is just slightly less than the 48,194 applications submitted in the months of December, January and February combined.

    Nation wide – firearm background checks conducted in May 2020 – 3,091,455. April 2020 record-setting # of checks – more than in any April since background checks began in April 1999. March 2020 there were 3,740,688 background checks. After the election, a DJT victory, and order is restored many good lightly used guns probably become available.

    • “After the election, a DJT victory, and order is restored many good lightly used guns probably become available.”

      That would seem to make sense at first blush, but it doesn’t work out that way in real life. I have had an involvement with the pawn shop biz for about 30 years now. I have asked some shop owners I know if they have experienced a surge in people selling things after an emergency has past, and they all said the same thing – They saw maybe a little, but the vast majority of people that buy emergency things like generators and guns end up holding on to them.

      And it makes sense – Another emergency could arise again, and now they were prepared.

      Y2K was a prime example of that. Generator companies went balls-to-the-wall in the leadup, but folks didn’t sell them off when nothing happened in Jan. 2000…

      • This dude shows up for the race baiting. Just one of those “South will rise again” rednecks who most likely does not even own a gun, and judging from his previous comments about fighting someone with the ol 1,2… or using a baseball bat to cave someones head in, it’s probably for the best. Nothing to see here.

    • Nice copy and paste. Also, easy to tell you threw that last sentence in there because it makes no fucking sense. “When all order is restored”? Wow. And you call me the drug addict? That drug you are hooked on is the most dangerous one, worldwide. No surprise these are the only articles you comment on here at TTAG. Also no surprise you can’t think for yourself and have to derail the story with some other headline bullshit. Keep given em the ol 1, 2 there buddy!

  26. I live within walking distance of this convenience store. I get gas there quite frequently, but you can bet that my head is always on a swivel while I pump my gas. I only wish it was me there that day, even though I usually pay for my gas at the pump. You can be sure that since this event occurred, I am even more vigilant when I visit that location. Far too close to home for me, and one of the reasons I carry always.

    • You don’t wish it was you, believe that. A DGU is not a walk in the park. It’s a long drawn out expensive legal battle. I mean, I get where you are coming from, being angry and all, but if I were you I’d find another gas station for a while. Not saying to tuck tail run and hide or that violence can’t happen if you don’t see it, but just be safe and since you are vigilante, plan accordingly.

      • I’m definitely not looking to play vigilante, but it pisses me off to think I have to get gas elsewhere because of these dindus. I understand that a DGU would be expensive and time-consuming, but I don’t like to run and hide either.

        I sure need to look into one of those “insurance” plans that keeps a lawyer on retainer in case of a gun incident. Any suggestions on which one is better?

        And to think that where this convenience store is was formerly the location of a daycare center…

        • Firearm Legal Protection has about the best coverage for firearm owners and LTC holders in Texas.
          My policy is under $200 a year.

  27. How as a white man can I help to right the black community? I feel the black youths culture is not helping, for example rap praises hatred towards women further perpetuating single motherhood along with the welfare state, the music also glorifies drugs and violence and gangs. Living in Hampton Roads Va I was subjected to racism and was a target being the minority, I had 3 DGU (no shots fire praise G_D) in 3 years but no one talks about black people being racist! They parked in handicapped spots and blared there music with profanities at gas stations with little kids around. Everywhere I go there actions are rude My stepdaughter had to ask me why there pants are falling down, we even made a game where she would say out loud ” DADDY DADDY THAT MANS BUTT IS OUT ITS DISGUSTING ” extra points for creativity. I hate to have to stay in condition orange specifically just because a black man is in my A.O but I cant lie to myself because “feelings” I have a job to get me and loved ones home safe everyday. So again what is there to do to help?

  28. Considering the fact he did not even drop his grocery bags to at least try blocking some and defending himself, he did not either try to get the F out ASAP, rather stood there as if the turds wanted to engage in a philosophical argument. I seriously doubt he would have benefited from carrying a weapon. I am not saying I would have knocked all of them down, but I certainly know I would have tried to defend myself. If you start hitting hard (or hurting someone by any other means), other aggressors might think twice. If they decided to go 5 on 1 (and not a big, threatening target on top of that), they’re obviously cowards and probably not very confident in their own skills. The moment they get too close, hurt one and the others might just back up and reevaluate the situation, OODA loop works more often than not. Anyway, I hope he recovers, and I hope the turds get what they deserve, sooner rather than later.

  29. Should’ve been armed. If this wasn’t an incident for a textbook justifiable shooting of multiple targets I don’t know what is. Hopefully the savages are caught. Hopefully the victim learned his lesson and will arm himself in the future.

  30. Sadly, I’m not sure being armed would have helped in this particular guy’s case. A self-defense tool, be it a firearm or not, can only be effective if the bearer is willing to use it when it is needed.

    This guy lets five angry guys walk up on him and doesn’t have the sense to even drop his bags to try to shield himself with his arms or try to get away before he gets clobbered. I don’t know that he would have been able to bring himself to draw a firearm, much less use it.

    That said, I hope the guy wises up and learns something from this very hard lesson.

  31. Besides being indoctrinated into hating the USA, our sons have been pussified beyond belief by the corporate media and Infortainment infested with leftists intent on weakening the institutions which strengthen the US.

    This has resulted in creating males who are afraid to defend themselves or others and are unable to do so anyway. Radical Feminism has played a major part in this.

  32. OH, and for those of you who didn’t investigate and it wasn’t even mentioned by the writer, Klein is a city of 200k and has a Black Democrat Mayor and is a suburb of Houston.

    This tells you all you need to know about why this attack might have occurred rather than some other town.

  33. He was obviously letting his white privilege show. He obviously deserved that beat down by these fine citizens.

    Disclaimer: Yes, the above line is dripping in sarcasm if there is confusion.

    • I think he’s more likely an extreme version of the Snowflake, how could anyone want to hurt another over a comment, how rude! /s

  34. First of all… If Shaggy is gonna be such a helpless bitch he should probably find another place to get his Scooby snacks and smokes.

    Second… Imagine if there was a video where a group of white thugs beat a helpless black guy, kicked him in the face while he was down and screamed “white lives matter…..”

    Third… If the victim here was armed and shot his attackers he’d likely be sitting in jail with no bond on capitol murder charges.

    Finally… Let’s not forget the wheels of ghetto justice move fast and the perpetrators of this attack will likely be killed by other like-minded thugs over a game of dice or a rap beef….

    • “Imagine if there was a video…”

      There are countless examples where reversing the race would be national news. It just goes to show what hypocritical racists the media and democrats are. Want to end racism? Start by treating everyone equally regardless of skin color. That’ll never happen since they need for us to hate each other.

      • Exactly.
        I said something similar a few days ago and was called a Pollyanna by the race baiting (SF Cali based)TTAG trolls. Upper middle class San Fran based whites race baiting on TTAG.
        Nancy Poon-Loosey is proud of her “useful idiots”/minions.

  35. I live in a town of 17,000 people. There are maybe 10 or 15 black people who live here. The rest of us are white. The local police are busy 24/7 dealing with crime from the white people: drug trafficking, opiate addiction related crimes, home invasions, armed robbery, car theft, vandalism, you name it. I believe blacks as a whole have a significantly higher crime rate per capita, but it’s naive to believe that if they all left the country we’d be living in a crime-free paradise.

  36. Now that the feds are done investigating Bubba’s noose-gate in nascar, maybe they are free to investigate this attack as a federal hate crime. Oh, thats right its only a hate crime when its white on black violence. Silly rabbit you thought that hate crime legislation was for everyone.

    • Did you notice Bubba’s post-non-racism Hangman’s Noose event interview. He was S-O-O-O-O-O disappointed and let down that he wasn’t gonna get coddled some more. His 15 minutes of fame flamed out in a flash.

      I can’t count the times one of the guys at our 3800 acre big boys play ground has tied a hangman’s noose at the end of a length of rope. And, we ain’t hung one sorry a$$….of any color.
      Well, not yet, a couple of the guys are pushing their luck…..

      Wonder if the cattle rustlers in the old west felt those hangman’s nooses were racist???? And, any states still performing execution by hanging? That was a common state execution method for many years. How about the WWII War Crimes executions? Racist?? How about Saddam Hussein’s hanging execution? Racist?? Guess only blacks get to play that card. If any state still employs hanging, guess that will have to go….it’s racism. Need to charge all those state executioners for being racist hangers.

      Grow up, Bubba, if you want to play with the big boys. Your driver salary should be able to buy you some big boy panties. Quit being a Snowflake. Can’t drive a NASCAR from your safey place.

  37. What a pathetic cuck, I predict that his GF will be leaving his cuck ass and shacking up with one of the alpha yoofs who attacked him.

  38. And, yet, another BRAND REINFORCEMENT. Thanks for the peek at more skid-marked panties. Skin color is merely one descriptor….like what color Tee shirt did the perp wear. It is all about what is between one’s ears and in one’s heart. Don’t like the way others see you, characterize you, react toward you?? CHANGE YOUR DAMN BRAND!!!! You created it. Take some personal responsibility for your brand. Fat chance there…..NEVER any personal responsibility in that segment of society. Police deal with these scumb bags shift after shift after shift for maybe 20 years. And, you wonder why there is occasionally “police brutality”? It becomes a form of PTSD. They face potential death every shift. Far more time under stress threat than almost any of our military fighting men and women. Some handle it better than others.
    POLICE REFORM??? HOW about an equal amount of DEFECTIVE CITIZEN REFORM!!!! Let’s tally how many LEOs are killed each year, and by whom. Reparations??? Yeah, I’ll go for that. But, the tally sheet will include the cost to society for their Brand costs……welfare, penal system, societal damage, and on, and on, and on. Where shall we send that final bottom line invoice?? Yeah, like always, to the government…….which I end up paying for every time through taxes.
    First American Revolution over taxation without representation.
    Second American revolution over taxation by representation.
    It’s a whole cauldron of boiling issues. And, the cauldron is boiling over.

  39. So you got blm/antifa kicking a liberals ass who won’t even protect himself…..No pity here, just another life’s lesson!

    • Double tap to center of mass; one to head = 3 rounds…..times 6 perps…..= 18 rounds And, that folks, is why I NEED more than 10 round magazines. It’s the 2A math the Libtards can’t get their heads around.

      Honey, you know I am always glad to see you, but that is my spare 33 round Glock mag in my pocket… know I’m headed to the corner convenience store.

  40. Montana Actual says: June 26, 2020 at 01:45

    This dude shows up for the race baiting. Just one of those “South will rise again” rednecks who most likely does not even own a gun,
    __South has risen again – right fool? Post your list of guns and I’ll post mine, OK chump?
    and judging from his previous comments about fighting someone with the ol 1,2… or using a baseball bat to cave someones head in, it’s probably for the best. Nothing to see here.
    __No need to cave a head in… You made that cheit up.
    Nice copy and paste. Also, easy to tell you threw that last sentence in there because it makes no fucking sense. “When all order is restored”?
    __Never wrote “When all order is restored”. Post the full and accurate text, as written.
    Wow. And you call me the drug addict? That drug you are hooked on is the most dangerous one, worldwide.
    __You’re the guy with Fort Meth on your mind. I do not do drugs.
    No surprise these are the only articles you comment on here at TTAG. Also no surprise you can’t think for yourself and have to derail the story with some other headline bullshit.
    __That’s your ignorant opinion. Keep posting your stupid cheit a-hole.
    Keep given em the ol 1, 2 there buddy!
    __Keep posting your stupid cheit you nutty kok sukr. And stop trying to ‘butter everybody up’ clown.

    • I can always count on a laugh from you ron ol pal. Ya old slugger. Does the lord know you are disguising curse words? Also, I found this website because they shared my guns on it… from another website. Long before someone shared whatever confederate flag article that brought you here from facebook a couple months ago. And no, you did say you’d cave someones head in with a bat. You literally said “order is restored” referring to your fearless leader. Just as I said you did. It’s far more than an opinion. The only shit you post here is something in regards to the left, and pro racist shit. I don’t need to butter everyone up, I’ll eat this bread stale as fuck.

    • I’ll tell you what Ron, I’ll play your “list of guns” game and we’ll see how much you know.

      I’ll start with stuff that can be verified here on TTAG through the old pocket dump section, mostly handguns:
      S&W m2.0 3.6 (.40) – Truck
      G43 – Living room stash
      G22 – Bedside
      And I’ll give you pictures of any one or all of these, with the exact same backdrop as the ones verified in the pocket dump sections:
      G19 – Safe
      P365XL RZ (9) – Current daily carry
      Roma Mini Draco (7.62) – Truck
      PSAK-47 GF3 (7.62) – Safe
      PWS Mk111 Mod2-m (.223 wylde) – Larping & sexual intercourse with your mother
      Spare Uppers – BRN-180S (.223 wylde), MK116 PRO (.223 wylde), Aero Atlas Long Boi Canned (.300) – Safe
      Mossberg 500 Chainsaw – Truck
      Mossberg SPX 930 – Bedside

      Try me. No baseball bat needed.

  41. avatar I Haz A Question says:
    June 26, 2020 at 17:38

    Lol, is your avatar a Mona Lisa with Greta’s face superimposed??


    Question, your observation is correctoe! I five finger it from someone
    whom was very creative.

  42. Several takeaways here; check your ego, maintain situational awareness, be prepared to defend yourself or suffer the consequences. Trouble is everywhere you look if you are not prepared. Most folks are normal and just go about their business but then there are a few………who must be dealt with.

    As others have said, DGU is a nightmare even if you are not injured. Best case scenario is what exactly? You wound the attacker and he sues you relentlessly and you lose everything plus likely go to jail? Or you kill the attacker, God forbid; then your troubles get worse by orders of magnitude. It’s a lose, lose situation. And yet we must defend ourselves or be crushed by the animals. It’s an individual choice but not an easy one.


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