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What is a paintball sniper? A paintball sniper is totally different than your typical paintball gunman. A sniper lays low, hidden, usually in complete isolation from the other players, waiting to take out his unsuspecting prey. A sniper must demonstate [sic] total patience, laying completely still often for long periods of time. A sniper also uses a different type of paintball gun. Your typical gun, whether a pistol, rifle, or machine gun, has a small barel that projects the paintballs out in an arching motion. A sniper marker often has longer barells [sic], anywhere from 6″-22″ long. These barells are designed to create backspin on the paintball as it leaves the gun. What this backspin does is create a very straight path for the paintball to travel on. As you can imagine a sniper takes long shots from a greater distance than your average paintball marksman. Accuracy is a must as a sniper! These custom made barells produce a truer shot on a straighter line, thus providing the most accurate shot possible. Along with custom barells, sniper rifles will often have a scope to identify prey from great distances. Another must when looking into a sniper rifle is a bipod. A bipod allows to you balance your sniper rifle while you lay down flat on the ground to take your shots.

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  1. WHERE would someone find a sniper paintball setup? what brands and quality are available?
    what specs and details should someone look for when getting any type of paintball gun?

  2. When it comes to sniping with a paintball marker, the quality and consistency of the paintballs and the correctly sized barrel for your paintball diameter, is 90% of your accuracy. Length of barrel has only a little effect, which will be obliterated by not paying attention to the previously mentioned elements.

  3. If you want to “be a sniper” you want to find a marker that is feed from a magazine that will shoot first strike rounds. A first strike round is basically a rifled slug in its design with half a paintball as the tip of this soft projectile.

  4. As someone who has worked in the paintball industry, and played at the national level, there is not such thing as a paintball “sniper”. Sorry. It doesn’t exist. Why is this tired debate on TTAG anyways?


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