Paintball Prey?

What is a paintball sniper? A paintball sniper is totally different than your typical paintball gunman. A sniper lays low, hidden, usually in complete isolation from the other players, waiting to take out his unsuspecting prey. A sniper must demonstate [sic] total patience, laying completely still often for long periods of time. A sniper also uses a different type of paintball gun. Your typical gun, whether a pistol, rifle, or machine gun, has a small barel that projects the paintballs out in an arching motion. A sniper marker often has longer barells [sic], anywhere from 6″-22″ long. These barells are designed to create backspin on the paintball as it leaves the gun. What this backspin does is create a very straight path for the paintball to travel on. As you can imagine a sniper takes long shots from a greater distance than your average paintball marksman. Accuracy is a must as a sniper! These custom made barells produce a truer shot on a straighter line, thus providing the most accurate shot possible. Along with custom barells, sniper rifles will often have a scope to identify prey from great distances. Another must when looking into a sniper rifle is a bipod. A bipod allows to you balance your sniper rifle while you lay down flat on the ground to take your shots.


  1. avatar charlie says:

    WHERE would someone find a sniper paintball setup? what brands and quality are available?
    what specs and details should someone look for when getting any type of paintball gun?

    1. avatar O-Hebi says:

      You can start at places like and

  2. avatar BDub says:

    When it comes to sniping with a paintball marker, the quality and consistency of the paintballs and the correctly sized barrel for your paintball diameter, is 90% of your accuracy. Length of barrel has only a little effect, which will be obliterated by not paying attention to the previously mentioned elements.

  3. avatar josh g says:

    If you want to “be a sniper” you want to find a marker that is feed from a magazine that will shoot first strike rounds. A first strike round is basically a rifled slug in its design with half a paintball as the tip of this soft projectile.

  4. avatar Jacob says:

    As someone who has worked in the paintball industry, and played at the national level, there is not such thing as a paintball “sniper”. Sorry. It doesn’t exist. Why is this tired debate on TTAG anyways?

  5. paintball is great play 😀

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