A Beginner’s Guide to Paintball pt 2:

My last post offered an introduction to paintball for those interested in the mainstream paintball community. Several members of TTAG’s Armed Intelligentsia pointed out that paintball practice is not the same as firearms training. True. So let’s pick-up with that. Here are some ways in which paintballs differs from bullets . . .

A Beginners’ Guide to Paintball

I love shooting at a gun range. It makes me happy—in a meditative, controlled way. Barring any unwelcome accidents on the line, I expect any given trip to the range to be cathartic and satisfying. But not exciting. Nor particularly useful in terms of self-defense strategy and/or tactics. If you shoot to learn how to protect […]

The Importance of Earnest Practice.

Most anti-gun types automatically assume that a non-law enforcement or military gun owner has limited skills. It’s the “civilians shouldn’t be trusted with a gun” argument. In a way, they are (kind of) not too far off the beam. The worst kind of self defense comes when you have a gun and don’t know how […]