ISSC MK22 Shipping on the 19th. Allegedly.

After my review of the ISSC MK22 .22-cal. FN SCAR-a-like, more than a few readers expressed their displeasure with the gunmaker’s timetable for its American dealer debut. The arrival date kept on slippin’, slippin’, into the future. Firearms marketing maven Laura Burgess just told TTAG that a large shipment of MK22s will leave the Eurozone on December 19th. It should arrive at distributors and dealers on the 21st, just in time for New Year’s. The most recent update to the ISSC website proclaims “HELLO WORLD!! MK22 ARRIVES ON DECEMBER 1st.” Still, Burgess is known for providing jobbing journos with the straight dope. And testing and evaluation guns, which, for some of us, is pretty much the same thing.


  1. avatar Zilberbak says:

    The Mk22 has landed in the UK. I was first one to buy and probably only one at the moment as I picked it up on Thursday of this week . Will be putting first rounds through on Monday evening (UK time) at my rifle club. Feels alot like a Sig 522 to hold.

    1. avatar Peter says:

      Than I am number two in the UK – awaiting delivery to my local RFD. Do you have any other comments/observations regarding build etc.?

      1. avatar Zilberback says:

        Does not feel as plastic as Sig 522. Not as solid as SR22. Will change supplied sights as a bit elementary, will probably change out to BSA red dot.

        Let me know what your opinion is when you pick yours up.

      2. avatar Zilberback says:

        Put 50 rounds thro’ last night with no problem, accuracy reasonable considering the open sights and my eye sight at 25yds. Have just ordered foregrip/bipod combo and BSA red dot to go with it. First impressions are that I am very pleased with look, feel, and operation.

    2. avatar H says:

      Hey, how goes it. Picked up my rifle here in the US in Feb. The thing i wanted to ask you was if your rifle looks just like the one in the picture above? With the sights on the gas block, the butt stock, magazine chamber, and smaller safety switch. Heres a URL of the same model gun i had received. Thanks in advance!

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