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Long-time readers will know I had a hard-on for the infamous pink Hello Kitty AR. Hang on; that doesn’t sound right. Try it this way: I see nothing wrong with firearms in bright even day-glo colors. TTAG has a Liberty Gun (XD-M) adorned with Old Glory heading for portraiture duty at the SHOT show. At least one gunmaker—Charter Arms—owes its continued existence to the success of its pink revolver (e.g. the Chic Lady). Is it possible that gun owners are moving away from basic black? I doubt it. But here’s some more evidence that the increasing number of female concealed carry permit holders is having an impact on the color pallet of pocket pistols . . .

Women who want a unique holster when they are packing will be pleased with the Pink Lady from Cobra Gunskin Classics and Manly Shield. The Pink Lady comes with many of the quality features that has made Cobra Gunskin Classics famous over the last several decades.

It is made with hand-picked, full-grain natural steer hides and stitched by master craftsmen. The Pink Lady holsters are professionally sewn and hand-fit with each gun model.

Does that read Manly? Sorry, that should read “Mainly.” How’d that happen? Anyway, the holster company claims it isn’t giving pink pistol-loving customers a bum steer.

“The number of female gun owners is increasing and so is the number of gun models available in pink,” Al Lintjer from Mainely Shield said. “We believe the new Pink Lady holster will compliment any model of revolver or pistol and catch the eye of female gun owners everywhere who are looking for a high-quality holster that is made specifically for them.”

The question is whether or not the holster will capture the eye of wary non-gun owners, cops and security staff. No wait, that’s not it. The question is whether or not the Pink Lady Holster’s color will compliment or clash with the pistol stored therein. If so, expect there to be a hue and cry from Mainely Shield’s customers. Just sayin’ . . .

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