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I hate key locks. Keys you can lose, as a recent trip to the bike store proves. Three digit combos, not so much. Still, you want to keep your modern home defense sporting assault rifle safe and secure from children and stoners, and there are times when an AR cries out to be a coffee table conversation piece. Kidding. A bit. Anyway, rest assured that “once the AR MagVault is locked into place a round cannot be inserted or chambered and the high-visible orange color offers immediate safety recognition. The AR MagVault features an easy-to-operate key lock system and fits virtually all .223/5.56 AR carbine rifles. It is also constructed from extremely durable glass-reinforced nylon for maximum durability.” Durable durability’s OK with me. Key locks not so much. Did I already say that? What’s my gun case combo again . . . ?

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  1. Some people prefer keys, they fear they will be unable to remember the combination in an emergency.

    Keys can also be usefull for a multi level security system which can be desirable at times. I've stored firearms under both key and locks when I felt it was desireable.

    The firearms being stored where not the HD firearms of the house where they were being stored.




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