ISRA Exec Director: Gun Control Prevents Mass Shootings in Illinois

isra richard pearson food gun control prevents mass shootings


On the one hand, you have our John Boch on Fox this morning arguing against arbitrary bans on cosmetically incorrect rifles, like the one the city of Deerfield, Illinois has enacted. John and Guns Save Life are tireless supporters of Second Amendment rights, fighting a never-ending battle against the Chicago-dominated Illinois legislature’s efforts to roll back the right to keep and bear arms at every opportunity.

And then you have this . . .

That’s Illinois State Rifle Association executive director Richard Pearson un-doing much of the good that Guns Save Life, the national NRA and other gun rights supporters haver accomplished in the state.

In a post titled ‘Head of Illinois NRA affiliate accidentally admits gun restrictions stop mass shootings,’ lefty gleefully quotes Pearson . . .

If people want to do a mass shooting, they are going to do a mass shooting,” he argued, ignoring the fact that mass shootings without guns are impossible.

Illinois is a little bit different than every other state because every gun owner in the state that has a (FOID) card goes through a background check every night of the year,” he continued. “So if you have looked at the history of Illinois, we don’t have any of those or very few of those in our history. And so, we are much more tightly regulated than the other states anyway.”

We wonder how Mr. Pearson reconciles the state’s wonderfully effective gun control laws with the daily slaughter on the streets of Chicago. Or that downstate counties are so “appreciative” of Illinois’ restrictions on the right to keep and bear arms that they’ve pledged not to enforce them in the future.

So thanks for that clip, Mr. Pearson. It will no doubt be played by the Moms, the Bradys, the Giffords and the Hoggs for the next decade. With friend like these . . .


  1. avatar rc says:

    That was fudd-tastic.

    1. avatar Timothy says:

      A quick google search shows me that Illinois has the 7th highest murder rate in the US, the 4th highest murder rate total, and the highest murders in a single city in the U.S. Thank god for those tight gun control laws!

      I hope Moms Demand Action picks up Illinois as the leading example of gun control reducing crime.

    2. avatar 33Charlemagne says:

      And what are these fudds going to say when more mass shooters start using lever action rifles and pump shotguns?

      1. avatar MLee says:

        They’ll think up something super duper clever, something like: you don’t need full automatic lever guns for hunting!

  2. avatar Xcom says:

    He was saying that as a way of arguing that an AWB isn’t needed because IL basically has daily background checks. However, it still sounds terrible, I agree.

    1. avatar Sian says:

      That makes sense, but he shouldn’t have stumbled into a statement that can be so easily taken out of context.

      When you’re talking to the media you are in enemy territory.

      1. avatar Carlos Perdue says:

        No, it doesn’t make sense and it wasn’t taken out of context. These are the kind of collaborators who run the NRA. Who think it makes sense to have a government conducted background check (registration) done every day on every gun owner

  3. avatar David Deplorable says:

    What the eff just happened? So we should register anx background check every gun owner in America each night and we can then all have the crime-free utopia that is Chicago?

    This old man looks tired. Maybe he has lost the fire to represent us in Illinois. I am an ISRA member. Probably a good thing my membership isn’t due for renewal because I am pretty angry at the moment.

    Pearson should retire. Like YESTERDAY.

    The contrast between the younger-looking Boch from Guns Save Life and this tired old FUDD is pretty night and day.

    With friends like Pearson, who needs Bloomberg?

  4. avatar little horn says:

    forget out-of-touch, damn, this dude lives on an entirely different PLANET!

  5. avatar Andrew Lias says:

    Man, I was giving serious consideration to joining the ISRA so that I could use their range. It’s more expensive than Buffalo but it’s closer to my house and the last couple times I’ve been to Buffalo the RSOs sucked. I may just have to ride out to Aurora Sportsman Club.

    1. avatar pwrserge says:

      It’s a great place. Regular (read: monthly) practical rifle events complete with a wide variety of other activities. Even have a 600 yard range open for artillery. There’s even talk of adding a shoot house and 360 degree range.

      1. avatar MOS 11C 20 says:

        pwrserge at 14:26. Where do you see a 600 yrd range at the Bonfield ISRA range, or are you thinking into the future?

        1. avatar pwrserge says:

          I’m talking about ASC.

      2. avatar Andrew Lias says:

        A 360 range would be absolutely insane. I’d be curious to see how the use regulations were on that. The 600 yd seems to be a good idea honestly.

    2. avatar Curtis in IL says:

      Don’t crucify a fine organization (with some darn fine facilities) just because their current talking head had a brain fart on National TV.

      1. avatar Carlos Perdue says:

        Don’t blow collaborators just because they have nice facilities.

    3. avatar Scoutino says:

      I believe ASC accepts new members only once a year. I just joined last April. Will be there Sunday for some shotgun games course.

  6. avatar Andrew Lias says:

    Also what about the baseball game shooter?

  7. avatar The Rookie says:

    With “allies” like these…

  8. avatar Jonathan-Houston says:

    So we’re just forgetting the May 20, 1988, Laurie Dann school shooting?

    No mention of the 1999 three day, two day, Benjamin Nathaniel Smith shooting spree that left 11 victims?

    2008’s Northern Illinois University spree shooting, killing five students and injuring 17 more people, doesn’t even register, huh?

    Well, surely we can’t forget Chicago’s infamous four car carjacking shooting spree. It happened just this past April 19th, 2018, for crying out loud! I can come up with more if I google, but I’ve made my point.

    I know, he adds in wiggle room by saying “not as many” as other states. That’s just butt covering license to lie. The proof? Any other day they blame other states’ allegedly lax firearms laws for Illinois crime, despite their own tough laws. Yet, with spree shootings, all of a sudden Illinois law can shut down shootings, despite easy access to “assaut weapons” in neighboring states?

    Curious, that. Tell you what, Illinois, why don’t you just pick a lie and stick with it? This bouncing around between lies makes me dizzy.

    1. avatar The Rookie says:

      Oh wow, Laurie Dann. I’d completely forgotten about that whack job. She was one scary chick.

      1. avatar FedUp says:

        Never heard of Wasserman-Dann before.
        Any relation to Wasserman-Schultz?

  9. avatar Ralph says:

    There are no mass shootings in IL because most of the gangs prefer not to shoot more than 50 people over the course of a weekend.

    After all, bullets cost money.

  10. avatar George says:

    PLEASE share your feedback on this idiots comments at the below. The gun grabbers are already holding this up as proof they are right.

    (815) 635-3198
    [email protected]

    1. avatar Carlos Perdue says:

      Best feedback is stop backing collaborators, dump NRA and NRA affiliates. Join GOA or some other no-surrender group.

      “We support the gun free school zones law.” -Wayne LaPierre, right after John Lott testified against it. If it weren’t for Lucky Pierre we could’ve banned “gun free zones” in pro-gun states like VA, TX and Florida decades ago. Many innocents would still be alive, we wouldn’t be fighting gun bans right now, but Lucky Pierre’s budget wouldn’t be $700 million a year

  11. avatar Ironhead says:

    My statement to illinois.
    Well….. bye

  12. avatar TStew says:

    Good, let the antis tout Illinois as an example of effective gun control. It will backfire.

  13. avatar FedUp says:

    I think it’s just a case of hoof in mouth disease.
    Some people shouldn’t do interviews with the media. I, at least, know my limitations (I’m one too).

    His points:
    1. A citywide black rifle ban isn’t going to prevent a single ‘mass shooting’.
    2. Illinois is already one of the top gun control states, you need a license to even possess a firearm there, and your license will be revoked the instant something happens that might possibly fail you on a NICS check.
    3. (open mouth, insert foot) Illinois is safer than other states because we have FOID cards.

    Hmm, when I put it that way, there’s no way I could ever get tongue-tied enough to say #3 out loud. (and I’m a world class verbal klutz)

    1. avatar Binder says:

      FOID card are great, gang banger can find out if they are going to pass NICS even before showing up at the gun shop. I kid you not. The gangs will submit applications for “clean” members to see who can buy the guns for everyone else

  14. avatar former water walker says:

    Geez I WAS going to join the ILLINOIS STATE RIFLE ASSOCIATION…sorry Pearson. You’re an IDIOT. Methinks he never really wanted CCL so he could collect fuddbucks. With “allies” like him we ‘re f##ked…

  15. avatar GS650G says:

    Head smack on that one.

    1. avatar Southern Cross says:

      With bonus double face-palm.

  16. avatar Curtis in IL says:

    Mr. Pearson has been around a long time. Maybe he needs a vacation. Or maybe he needs a retirement. He’ll need to answer to his dues-paying members (like me) on this one. We’ll see what happens.

  17. avatar NRA and GSL for me says:

    Been an ISRA member for many years but when the dues run out that’s it! Not because of this blunder but instead the fact that ISRA apparently supports the gun dealer licensing act.

  18. avatar frank speak says:

    count my lucky stars I don’t live in that state!

  19. avatar Carlos Perdue says:

    That’s your NRA!

    “We support the gun free school zones act.” -Wayne LaPierre, 1999 testimony, right after John Lott testified against “gun free” zones.

    Send Lucky Pierre another donation now!

    1. avatar Greg says:

      Sad isn’t it, these assholes set the stage and the democrats play the other side of the script.. It must be true that the script writers for the wwe run the country…

      This tit for tat crap show is too convenient..

  20. avatar Greg says:

    Well, its safe to say every damn Illinois politician belongs in gitmo as a traitor.. Lets just face the facts.. Illinois government is not lawful. Illinois government is not constitutional and every politician who is anti 2a in illinois deserves to be slapped with a class action law suit by we the American people and we should also label these scum as enemies of America..

    I mean when you have names like blago, Ryan, Obama and Daley, you have to think to yourself “hmm maybe I should post the home addresses of these scum to the us army’s website so they can be arrested. Because lets be real, these shitbags are worse than any Isis idiot cutting off heads. These guys are circumventing constitutional laws and they are trying to make us felons.. Nuff said!!! now lets get these traitors locked up in gitmo already so they can join their caliphate cuties already there!!!! Problem solved… We win…
    The end 😉

  21. avatar Legion says:

    This anecdote, I think, sums up Pearson:

    In Illinois, we have an annual event in Springfield, IGOLD (IL Gun Owners Lobby Day), in which the ISRA invites the people of the gun to rally, march on the Capitol, and contact our legislators. It’s a great event and it serves to remind our congresscritters that we vote and we aren’t going away. At the conclusion of our time in the Capitol, we rally at the rotunda, where (usually) Valinda Rowe from Illinois Carry leads a chant of GUN FREE ZONES ARE KILLING ZONES, which goes on for about 30 seconds–any longer and the police would shut it down. We can be heard in the chambers and committee rooms, so by the end of the event it should be absolutely clear who we are and what we want.

    This year, for whatever reason, Valinda couldn’t make it. So it fell to Pearson to lead the rally at the rotunda. This may be a good time to mention again that IGOLD is the ISRA’s signature annual event, and Pearson is the president of the ISRA. He got up in front, made some brief remarks about how “they” said he had to get us to make some noise, and basically led the attendees in some senseless “YEAH”s like we were a bunch of innebriated sportsball fans. That was how we ended the event this year. It was humiliating. But I would think more so for the ISRA itself, given that it just found out in a very public way that it’s president doesn’t know the traditions of his own organization’s event that has been going on for something like a decade.

    1. avatar Scoutino says:

      I had to leave early this year, before the “rotunda shout”. Now I’m kind of glad I did.
      I remember thinking that Mr. Pearson seemed to be a bit confused during his short speech in the convention center.

      We ISRA members need someone sharp to represent our wiews in medias. We can’t afford blunders like this. That doesn’t mean we should abandon ship.
      If we start leaving our local pro gun organizations or NRA, gun grabbers will see it as sign of weakness and as a victory of their disarmist ideas.

  22. avatar Cymond says:

    He was trying to say “we don’t need an AWB because we already have lots of gun control and very few mass shootings”.

    He really F’d it up.

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