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SCCY CPX-1 Concealed Carry 9mm EDC CCW

There’s no reason you have to spend a lot of money on a concealed carry gun. Pennsylvanian @variable2two packs a very affordable SCCY CPX-1 (see Foghorn’s review of the similar CPX-2 here). Long story short, a pretty good gun for not much cash. And who doesn’t like saving cash?

everyday carry EDC cow


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    • RF and his Cabots and Wilson Combats and fancy foreign sports cars.
      Then a little lower, you have all those guys shilling for $2000 skeletonized Glocks and telling people to add RMRs, threaded barrels, compensators, and even suppressors as an EDC.

      My philosophy for a defensive weapon is to spend as little as possible while getting the most necessary functions, and never get too attached. A defensive gun runs the risk of ending up in a police evidence locker and then “lost” (you might be able to sue back for the value), or possibly stolen if you leave it in your car or in a janky little handgun safe that can be pried off with little effort.

  1. If a cheaper gun is reliable then by all means, carry it. Remember, you’re going to lose a gun you use for self defense in the system.

  2. Senators complain about how hard it is to get by on $175,000/year! Well that’s what the job pays, idiot. Why did you take it?

      • That and insider trading (like they raped Martha Stewart with) is both legal and everyday business for them, how do you think Senators always retire rich? Plus a heaping helping of plain old fashioned corruption.

  3. It’s becoming hard for me to look down my nose at those SCCY pistols… at a little less than $250, they’re very popular in my shop… to say nothing of the wide palette of colors I get if that sort of thing is important to that customer.
    No, I wouldn’t have one myself… grip feels too chunky in my hand. To each their own.

    • I find the SCCY a great gun for an EDC. I carry the CPX-2 every day, 10 +1 – DAO. It’s one of the rare non-striker fired semi-auto’s out there, and I’m a big fan of a hammer. (Not a fan of 1911’s) Trigger is endlessly predictable as a DAO and I feel perfectly safe carrying with a chambered round. And that chunky grip, well, what works for me and all that stuff. And as a skinny feller, it’s incredibly easy to conceal AIWB. I’m a T-shirt and jeans guy, but I wok in an office and out on a shop floor, so predictable, concealable and plenty of rounds are my 3 big concerns (21 rounds with 1 in the pipe and an extra mag.). The SCCY CPX models fit the need in a very nicely priced package.

  4. I bet when that cat goes disco dancin with that water bottle stuck in his pocket all the girls go” ooh, oh, oh my my, won’t you be my Studebaker.”

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