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Last year we talked a little about LWRC’s 45 ACP caliber submachine gun, dubbed the SMG-45. The gun was still in the prototype phase and LWRC didn’t even know if it was going to be produced at all, let alone for the civilian market. One year later and the production version was sitting on the shelf at SHOT Show, and LWRC has confirmed that they will indeed be producing a semi-auto civilian version . . .


…eventually. According to the reps, the law enforcement orders that have come in will take precedent as they ramp up production. But a semi-auto version is on the drawing board, and civilian sales will eventually take place. So start saving your pennies!

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    • Probably going to be priced out of my range in any case, but I would go with .45ACP since it’s already subsonic. Put a can on the semi-auto version and it would be a pretty sweet home defense carbine.

        • They ARE cheap and easy. Build your own thru SD Tactical. $200 for the tax stamp and $150-200 for a suppressor that rivals AAC’s best. Check out the youtube videos.

    • Meh. Got no barrel length compared to a Tavor in .300BLK. Pretty sure it’s longer overall, so what’s the benefit? That you can fold the stock and make a wildly inaccurate pistol from the already short range rifle?

      I guess it’s all about looks.

      • .45 acp doesn’t benefit from a long barrel.
        It’s not a bullpup, so it will be longer by nature.
        Short range rifle? The very definition of a pistol caliber carbine.

    • For that investment you can pretty much get two Scorpion Evo’s, and still be able to afford SBR kits for both.

      Or you could get a Sig MPX and SBR it. Either way, both would serve your purpose in 9mm. I’d like one of these in its native 45 though.

  1. Sweet, I think. I might be excited, maybe, probably. Get back to me on this when it’s ready. Lol

  2. >According to the reps, the law enforcement orders that have come in will take precedent

    And…. pass. Get a B&T APC45 instead.

  3. If they can keep it around 2K I will buy one in a heartbeat. If they have caliber conversions for 10mm and .357 sig I will have those as well.

  4. It kinda makes me wonder – why would you use a pistol caliber SMG when you can have a .300 BLK carbine in the same dimensions and weight (or even less – most of those SMGs are straight blowback, and so have a rather heavy bolt), with a much more powerful round?

    • If it’s suppressed, .300 BLK isn’t any more powerful than .45.

      But for unsuppressed, yes it’s far more powerful.

      • The benefit of 45ACP over 300AAC subsonic is the bullet and corresponding wound channel. Most all 300AAC subsonic projectiles are heavy for caliber match grade and therefore not designed to expand. 45 on the other hand, would have existing projectiles that are proven to deliver excellent expansion, aided by the slight velocity boost of a longer barrel.

        Now, we look at 110 or 150grn supersonics in 300AAC, and there’s absolutely no comparison, like trying to outrun a race car.

    • Here, here. I’m going to pimp the Tavor in .300BLK once more. Likely about the same price-point and the Tavor is far more versatile – it actually can be fired at targets 300M+ away and hit them. Or 500M….

      I just don’t understand why anyone would want to have a foot of useless furniture in a battle weapon with multiple purposes. As much as I love my AKs (and I do) the bullpup has been the future for the last 20+ years. Embrace the future…

      • Except that tavor you keep mentioning is still yet vapor ware.

        The other benefits of 45 is compatibility with a sidearm and ammo price and availability.

        300AAC is hard to find for me locally. No one carries it. I either buy online or hand load. By contrast, 45 is everywhere, and at almost half the cost.

        • This is vaporware. At least the tavor is actually being produced and much more likely to see 300 BLK WAY before this ever comes out for civilian use.

  5. Still waiting for a pistol carbine that costs between a hi point and a keltec sub2000 that has double stack magazines. mechtech makes a decent product but I want a stand alone product. come on folks.

  6. 300 bo needs cheap ammo. 60 cents a round is the best I’ve done. But I can get subsonic 9mm for 18 to 20 cents….steel case sub and supersonic 300 at 25 cents a round will put a big damper on pistol caliber carbines and sbrs, imo…..

    • Please do tell where you’re getting subsonic 9mm for $10/box. I rarely see 115grn for that price. The best I’ve done on subs is $18/box of 50.

      As for 300aac, I agree the cost needs to come down. That said, even reloading I have difficulty staying below .50 per round when buying converted brass. I can’t imagine the cost with factory new brass. Bullets alone usually make up .30/rd for me. Sometime .40/rd for subs.

  7. LOL and it will be legal to hunt deer with in Ohio! HAHA They selected the allowable rifle calibers in part so that ARs and the like would not be in the field, scaring the FUDDs but .45acp slipped through and is a legal hunting caliber. I will relish the tears of the fudds as I stalk the woods with this gun.

  8. So there’s something like 1 million police officers in the US and there’s what at least 100 million gun owners here? Why should the police get these type of weapons first?

    • No shit a market at least 100 times as large. Why are law enforcement always what they think of first?

  9. You could take a look at JR Carbines in 9mm/.40/45ACP for less than $1000. Love mine in .45ACP, takedown for cleaning isn’t too difficult. If your patient. Best part is it uses Glock 21/Kriss Vector mags.

  10. I’m looking at the TNW Aero series: available in pistol or carbine configurations in 9mm / .40 / .45 with 10 mm and possibly .357 SIG on the way. They use Glock mags and the upper is the serialized component, allowing you to swap both QD barrels and the 2 different sized mag well lowers.

  11. Absolutely love this. Locked breech pistol caliber! Wish they made the stock a bit smaller. With the rumors of MSRP @ $2499, this will be a hard purchase to justify. As cool as it is, for that price you can build an AR45 pdw with BAD PDW setup, or custom folding buffer tube, top end parts, and form 1 sbr.

    The only reason I would still lean into this option at that price is because I live in WA with its ridiculous SBR laws, so the only SBR’s I can own are non form 1 factory ordered. It is beautiful… just not a total of 2500 + $200 tax stamp.

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