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Milwaukee police late Monday were investigating whether a 20-year-old man who showed up at a hospital with a gunshot wound is the same man who tried to rob an Aldi store and was shot at by a customer.

A man with a shotgun entered the store at N. 76th St. and W. Villard Ave. about 7 p.m., according to a news release from Milwaukee police.

According to the release, as the man began to rob the store a customer fired shots at him, and the man fled empty-handed.

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    • Minnesota does not have “Concealed Carry.” they have “Permit to Carry.” How you do so, is completely up to the individual.

  1. How long has MN had CC? If its been more than a year which I think is a safe guess, no. Mobile not letting me publish…

    • I get the same error on my iPhone. It goes through the first time, just reload the page. WI got CC a month or 2 ago. Its the first time I’ve heard of a CC DGU in MN in TTAG. This site would be the place to see that kind of news. Sorry about the alphabet soup I left spilled there…

  2. They need to find a way to notify scum that CCW exists. Right after a few dozen more DGUs clean up Milwaukee a bit.

  3. I can’t leave a comment from my iPhone either. It seems to be a problem with the site rather than any individual’s iPhone…

  4. Sounds like a good shoot, bad guy 0 good guys 1
    Another thing to watch for, someone on another forum said most Aldi’s have no gun signs so in theory the shooter could be in trouble.

    PS: I have trouble posting from my Android phone every now and then so yall aint alone.

  5. the only issue i have with this story is the news stated that the good guy took a few shots at the bad guy…….i hope they all hit the same target if not the good guy better hit the range….one shot…one kill

    • So you are saying under extreme duress you would be able to engage a target and put all rounds on target?

        • Of course that is what we all aim for. I am always a little skeptical of anyone who says they can put all rounds on target in the midst of an adrenaline dump. Most law enforcement shootings will have plenty of missed shots.

          The only person I know who has done shot good groups under life threatening circumstances is the exception not the rule. He was able to put a controlled pair that was touching in the suspect’s chest while being charged with a knife in a confined hallway.

    • “Amazing how all the opinions come forth when you are NOT faced with a life or death situation. I didn’t assume that he wouldn’t kill based on how he was acting. Last year a friend of mine was killed in a robbery in a store after the robbers took the money. There is little to no sanity with criminal minded individuals.

      Here are 10 Facts that are still unknown in main stream media:

      1. Shooter has CCW Permit & NO criminal record.
      2. Robber had shotgun pointed at cashier’s head & was getting fidgety & waving the gun at customers.
      3. Aldi had 2 security guards on duty. Both security guards were unarmed (thanks SPI)
      4. Shooter feared for his life and the life of others.
      5. Shooter measured the situation, saw no others were in line of fire, acted to save life of himself, wife, and others.
      6. It isn’t fun & the robber was hit twice and was not fatally injured.
      7. Aldi does have a very small, badly placed no weapons sign on a side window that was noticed after the Police pointed it out. It was not noticeable by shooter or other customers.
      8. A number of Police officers (including detectives) thanked the shooter and appreciate that law abiding people can help themselves in life/death situations like this.
      9. It is still nerve wrecking and a sad situation where our society is heading and prayerfully we can slow our rush to judgment and maybe businesses would appreciate the law as it can help them.
      10. Cashiers were very grateful and were very shaken up because they feared losing their lives.
      11. Shooter is going to get more training at the range.

      Hope that helps……. It could have been worse with us waiting on paramedics and a coroner because some idiot decided to rob a store with old people, women, and children inside!”

    • Shooter should remember rule#1 after a DGU and STFU, hopefully no prosecutors in Milwaukee are running for re-election next year.

      If the facts above are the facts the shoot sounds like it was a good one, and the shooter probably saved some lives.

    • Huh? These events don’t seem to be nearly as rare as MikeB would lead us to believe. I feel lied to.

      • But antis don’t cherry pick data sets and make up stories. This must be some kind of hoax. Surely the “common sense” gun laws would have protected these subjects from harm.

        I’m also certain the suspect in this case was just a misunderstood soul, victimized by society. It should almost be right that he can go around robbing and killing tax payers.

  6. What I wonder is if this incident will cause some store owners to rethink their “no guns” signs, because it really should. If this gun owner had seen and respected that sign, customers and employees of that store could be the ones in the hospitol or even the morgue instead of the perp.

    • I guess the antis would argue that if the sign had been better placed, the BG wouldn’t have brought the shotgun into the store. Such is life in fantasy land.

      • They really are on a trip. Oh, yeah, the Crook cannot rob the store because it has a sign stating no guns allowed.

      • Yeah, I’ve always loved that one. The guy is going into the store to commit armed robbery, which he presumably knows is illegal, but he’d be unwilling to violate store policy by ignoring a posted sign. And they wonder why we don’t take them seriously.

  7. Well, the antis were right, the streets are running with blood!

    …criminal blood.

    Good for this guy.

  8. So the “mainstream media” reports. “Milwaukee police late Monday were investigating whether a 20-year-old man who showed up at a hospital with a gunshot wound is the same man who tried to rob an Aldi store and was shot at by a customer.” and we believe it is the same guy that tried to rob the store,

    someone writes in the comments section of said paper and we act as if it is the gospel truth?

    hard to figure out where to start: There are no known facts other than there was an attempted robbery and shots were fired at the store. A young man came to a hospital with gunshot wounds. I will wait to pontificate until I hear or read more information.

  9. He better shut his yap and go into that meeting with a lawyer. Shows his best move was to slink out of the store with his family and let the Aldi workers and the sheople customers take care of themselves. He is going to lose money and maybe his guns and his freedom. What a country.

    Put the same sheople/Aldi workers he saved in a jury box and they will vote him guilty. He wasted his effort.

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