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Anyone care to play “name the weapon” system?

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  1. I just finished watching the TV series Jericho that came out a few years ago. I recommend it for anyone who believes in liberty from government oppression, the value of self-reliance, and supports his God given right to self-defense. If active duty USN SEALs are performing in Act of Valor then it is a propaganda film the federal government supports. No thanks.

    • Any film/literature/play or similar could be construed as propaganda, it is our ability to make decisions that allows us to determine what influences each of us. This movie looks sweet, hopefully they didn’t put all the good parts in the trailer.

    • there are not US Seals performing. The trailer indicates that the film portrays Seals. It is hype, but not propaganda. Moreover, when the movie NavySeals came out, the USN did provided some filming opportunities. I am sure they did the same thing here – gotta get their recruiting numbers up.

      • There are SEALs performing as the characters in the film. I can confirm that as I watched it with one of them and I have served with 3 of the guys in the movie.

  2. It stars real SEALs? That’s good. Gunplay? Very nice. Roselyn Sanchez? Roselyn Sanchez! Sign me up!

  3. I watched this film at the Bandido Brother’s studio in February with one of the “stars”. I can understand the reaction that this is propaganda, but they went to great lengths to show the cost of service to the men and to their families. I found it refreshing to watch a war film where the characters aren’t conflicted about what they are doing and who they are doing it to. That is the part of the movie that is the most realistic IMHO. SEALs enjoy their work and are truly glad to have the opportunity to operate. There are only a couple of scenes where liberties were taken with TTPs (catching the guy in the river being exhibit A), but by and large business is conducted in the way the movie portrays it. Of course we don’t have a cool soundtrack to go with it and some of the tech is overdone (Raven video output), but nothing has come close to this level of reality on film. Tons of live fire evolutions really sets it apart as well. Don’t miss it.

  4. I just saw a early preview of this movie and it’s great. A lot less “Hollywood” and lot more proper gun handling/shooting. The SWCC scene was simply bad@ss….is it wrong that the GAU-17 gives me a stiffy? I need one for my fishing boat…just in case…

  5. I want to make sure I understand the question correctly: “Is Act of Valor the COD Generation’s Top Gun?” Where COD = Culture of Death? OK, interesting question, and valid. I’m Catholic, read much on John Paul 2’s writings, as well as was a Sr. in HS when Top Gun was all the rage. I watched Act of Valor and have seen Top Gun many times. NO, Act of Valor isn’t a glorification of violence which marks COD. Though I didn’t experience the movie in the same manner as Froggy, Froggy and I know similar people as one of my heros was USN Security Group in the mid to late 60’s. He still has fantastic reflexes and is quite treacherous – I wouldn’t want to meet him in a dark alley. Even today he’s still very humble and quite about his work, it’s clear he also enjoyed the work he did and was proud to do it, but doesn’t glorify it. The line in the movie that sticks out to me was right in the beginning and I’ll surely mis-quote it “he was concerned about getting old, he didn’t want people to think he wasn’t dangerous anymore”. Though I’ve never asked my friend, I believe if I did, he’d answer it the same way (but I know he’s still dangerous).

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