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Airport security screening should be particularly fun. For the rest of his life. Wonder if he knows this chick.

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  1. It’s going to go like this.

    Officer : Lift up your shirt
    Him: uh, OK
    Officer: Gun! drop it!
    Him: I can’t!
    Officer: Bang!

    These tattoos may be popular but we might not see many of them for long.

  2. A guy who now has no reason to adjust his belt near a police officer without legitimately expecting trouble. Forever. Strikes me as an amazingly bad idea.

  3. I my not be observant enough to keep Kosher, but being traditional about my epidermis makes me glad to be a Jew.

  4. A lot of “men” do stupidly “boyish” things when they have too much disposable cash in their hands. It doesn’t look like he is in a job/position requiring any air travel, punk ganger wannabe.

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