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All in good fun. Trying to avoid “spoilers” if you haven’t watched the video already, I’ll just say that I did a bit of safe, controlled (remote) testing before filming the video and made my own determination on what was and was not safe and on how to do this. Regardless, nobody should ever do this. Including me. I did it anyway. You’re welcome to excoriate me in the comments. Or just watch the video and smile and be happy it’s me in the video, not you, and be happy for me that it’s a borrowed gun haha. To Strike Industries, I’ll say…

…my apologies for the silliness. The Cookie Cutter Comp is actually really effective at reducing recoil and muzzle movement. It also creates a hell of a concussion and plenty of blast, which isn’t ideal for all scenarios but is pretty dang fun. More info on it and many other brakes and muzzle devices will be coming in a few weeks when I finish putting together the AR-15 muzzle device “shootout” that I’m working on now:


Cookie Cutter Comp courtesy Strike Industries


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  1. hahaha, First off: nice shirt! Secondly, you’re a nut man. lol. /jk

    Seriously though, looking forward to upcoming reviews. Wish there was a FerFrans CQB modular in the lineup.

  2. This site needs more of your controlled chaos Jeremy! A lot of the time this place is unflinchingly serious. I loved the setup.. I wasn’t familiar with the product, but was pretty sure it wasn’t for cutting cookies.. And yet you managed to stretch the gag out for a couple of minutes.

  3. Ummm, pretty sure if you want that to work you need an oven-length gas system on the AR, whereas that pistol is almost certainly running a range-top gas system

  4. Hand in front of the muzzle with a loaded gun blah blah blah. Not advisable, safety on or not.

    (NB: I’ve probably done worse)

  5. I lol’d. Although if my friend borrowed my gun in order to introduce an intentional barrel obstruction he’d never borrow it again.

    • Reminds of a friend of mine once said his neighbor came over and wanted to barrow a wrench. He asked him what size, and the neighbor said, it doesn’t matter, I’m going to use it for a hammer!

  6. My son just completed hunter safety class last Saturday

    Question #5 A safety is…..
    Answer #5 …a mechanical device that can fail

    But since it wasn’t his hand stroking the muzzle…. you’re GTG

  7. Stupid is not silly or funny and stupid on purpose and documenting it for the whole world to see just takes the level of being an irresponsible fool to a new level. Seriously, how did this ever seem like a good idea?

  8. Not smart! I can’t believe you let this guy write here. Also, I don’t care what position your selector is on, you never put your hand over the muzzle with a loaded weapon. IGOTD trophy will be at your door shortly.

  9. Um, I think you’re fine with muzzle discipline (finger off trigger and all that) but plugging your barrel? That’s BEGGING for your gun to blow up in your face.

  10. Jeremy, funny, yes,

    “But” at some point you have to ask if its worth it….just sayin’

    Dont you know that Murphys Law is kid is going to see this on YouBoobYoutube,
    with you putting your hand over the muzzle,
    with the gun loaded, and
    think this is cool, and do same …blowing a hole in their hand.

    even though you moved selector to safe, it looked like, and you were careful to hold not by pistol grip…
    Those would be subtle moves for most who dont know better.

      • LOL.

        rlc2 — thanks for that point. People watching and “learning” from it did not really occur to me. My YT channel gets like 5 views so the possibility of some kid or whomever learning by example did not cross my mind. This is a valid point.

        The rest of the safety comments are also valid, of course, but it’s my choice and my comfort level. NOT recommended. Still, we have to come to terms with the fact that safety rules are broken as a matter of course all of the time and usually when one rule is broken but the others are followed then everything is okay. For instance, maybe most folks don’t have experience carrying around a chambered rifle on their person all day for months or years, walking, crawling, patrolling, getting in and out of vehicles, etc etc all with a chambered firearm that will ‘muzzle’ feet and legs and other things. Tons of people carry chambered firearms every single day in a holster that, by default, causes the pistol to muzzle themselves (e.g. appendix carry) or other people (e.g. shoulder rig). Many of those pistols don’t even have manual safeties. Tons of pistols require pulling the trigger to disassemble, which violates a safety rule unless you’re on the range pointing at a target while you do it. You should never, ever put your hand or any other body part in front of the muzzle of a firearm, loaded or not (they’re always loaded, right?). But we do. We do it when we carry and we do it when we clean and break down guns, and we do it when we pack cookie dough on them, etc etc…

        …so am I comfortable doing what I did with the safety on (note: in the video I did not put the safety on, I double-checked it and confirmed that it was, indeed, already on) and my hand far away from the trigger? Yes. Should I have shown that on video just in case somebody watching is less comfortable with firearms and doesn’t automatically know to do these things? No. That’s a definite mistake. For the purposes of being on camera and setting a good example, I should have cleared the firearm first, done what I needed to do, then reloaded it.

        • Most fools are pretty comfortable with their stupid decisions, otherwise they wouldn’t do the action in question. There is a big difference with carrying a firearm for self defense or hunting or service and the necessity of controlled risks taken for those purposes and respecting the deadly nature of firearms vs. saying, hey, I just got this really cool idea or I wonder what would happen if I do this… Ever hear the phrase, the way of a fool is right in his own eyes: but he that hearkeneth unto counsel is wise. Was true 3000 years ago and is still true today.

        • I didn’t say it was right. I said it’s bad behavior. I titled the article. I did it anyway. My choice. We all take certain risks and decide what we’re comfortable with. I’ve also gone skydiving, used to track race cars (road course), SCUBA dive, do various dangerous sports, eat weird foods, commuted via motorcycle for a couple years, smoke cigars sometimes… all sorts of things that plenty of smart people would argue to the ends of the earth are so dangerous that only a fool would do them. It’s all relative. You don’t have to do the same. You shouldn’t.

          I’d still do this 100x over before I’d appendix carry a chambered GLOCK. Again, your mileage may vary and I don’t have any issue with anybody else appendix carrying. Cover the trigger guard and it’s safe. But it still violates a clear safety rule and you’re muzzling your junk and femoral all day. Not in my comfort level.

  11. Yep that was pretty moronic. I see that people still havent gotten through their heads that guns are not toys.

  12. to all the safety sallies, big deal. you should always wear a helmet when riding a motorcycle. you should always wear hearing and eye protectors when working with yard equipment. you should never go above the speed limit.

    Yeah Jeremy, I want to hear people’s comments about appendix carry. I do it but I hear people tell me all the time that it breaks muzzle discipline safety rule. I always reply, I know. Is appendix carry pretty stupid too?

    Thanks for the video. I’m sure people still learned something from it. Now they know cookie dough won’t make your rifle blow up their face.

    • Yeah I actually mentioned that above, along with a handful of other examples where safety rules are broken on purpose. Such as field stripping any of the striker-fired guns that require you to pull the trigger. Obviously you should never break any safety rules, but the point of multiple rules is that you can break one of them and if the others are being followed then no injury will result. I completely agree that I set a bad example and should never do that on video, just in case somebody impressionable is watching. I’m still considering taking down the video for that reason. However, just like appendix carry or taking apart a GLOCK in your living room, there are times when we purposefully choose to break a safety rule and we do so after considering the risk and trying to mitigate it as much as possible. In this case, the safety was on, of course, but I specifically double checked that before moving hands and everything else far away from the trigger area, and only then briefly fooling around in front of the muzzle. I’m also risking a finger or two, not my life…

      …having said that, what it also shows is that everyone’s tolerance for risk and danger is different. I mentioned SCUBA diving, sky diving, racing cars, and other things I do or have done that many people consider too dangerous or even crazy. I understand that. But they’re choices I made. I still have 10 fingers and 10 toes. I admit my knees are a bit F’d from wakeboarding at a semi-pro level for a while back in the day, but I wouldn’t change it if I could go back. I’ve been shooting since I was a kid and the worst firearm injuries I’ve ever had is slide bite and a cut from a sharp rear sight.

      As for appendix carry… again… personal tolerance for risk. I posted this above:

      “I’d still do this [the hand by the muzzle cookie dough squishing thing] 100x over before I’d appendix carry a chambered GLOCK. Again, your mileage may vary and I don’t have any issue with anybody else appendix carrying. Cover the trigger guard and it’s safe. But it still violates a clear safety rule and you’re muzzling your junk and femoral all day. Not in my comfort level.”


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