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“Around 7:30 p.m. on Wedmesday, officers responded to Sutter Delta Medical Center in Antioch where a girl was being treated for an injury to her hand,” reports. “The teen told officers she had found the revolver in a school bathroom then placed it in her backpack, where she kept it all day. The report did not provide the name of the school. When she returned home, “she was going to show the firearm to her grandmother and accidently shot herself in the hand.” Yes, well, it’s kinda hard to take this story at face value. First off, Antioch, California has some serious gang issues. Gangs often get girls to hold guns for them. The younger the better, legally speaking. Second, the mangled miss “found” a gun in a school bathroom? Third, she was “going” to show grandma the gun? And fourth . . .

Officers recovered the gun from the her home and booked her at a junevile hall. The girl already had an arrest record as well as a pending juvenile case.

So there you go. Still there is a lesson to be learned here . . .

GUN SAFETY. You know: all guns are always loaded, never point a gun at something you’re not willing to destroy (a.k.a., always keep a gun pointed in a safe direction), keep your finger off the trigger until you’re ready to shoot. And know your target as well as what’s beyond it. Even if the young, now-permanently disabled and disfigured teen was doing gang bidness, someone should have told her how to safely handle a firearm.

All parents should teach their children basic gun safety. It takes ten minutes – and constant, but easy reinforcement. To not provide basic firearms education to your children is deeply irresponsible, given the prevalence of firearms in American society. In fact, given that prevalence, you could say that all Americans are now gun owners, in some sense of the word.

OK, it’s a stretch, designed to justify my decision to award the girl’s ‘rents TTAG’s IGOTD hardware. But I stand by my assertion that all parents should “own” the gun safety issue for their children. That said, what are the odds that a 13-year-old girl with a rap sheet in Antioch California has two parents raising her? There’s your trouble, too.

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  1. “she was going to show the
    firearm to her grandmother and
    accidently shot herself in the hand.”

    Thats a first, usually those evil guns just go off on their own.

    • It was a concealed weapon obviously, didn’t want to be shown so it retaliated against the evil child. Concealed weapon permits are the scourge of the devil!

  2. I am in agreement about teaching gun safety to children but I do not let children handle guns when they are alone. All guns were locked up in a safe when I had children at home. My own gun was either on me or had a trigger lock on it and the magazine was out of the gun.

  3. The justice system in California is a joke. This “girl” will be a hardcore criminal before she is 18, and a mother of two, if she isn’t already. She’ll maybe do time after her second felony, but since the prisons are over-crowded, she’ll probably be released years early. That is why the criminals do not fear punishment in California, as there isn’t any.

    As for the parent teaching her gun safety, they’d have to know it first, even if they are around, then care enough about their kids to want to protect them. Sadly, they are probably too busy getting high to care.

      • 42 is actually fairly old for a gramdmama in that culture.

        Parents? Yeah. She’s never met her father, and her mother is too interested in drugs to be bothered with such trivialities as raising her own child.

        The circle of life.

        • I worked with a guy who was a grandfather at 32.

          The day his daughter gave birth I pulled him aside and asked him (With a smile on my face):

          “So. How do you like sleeping with Grandma?”

          He froze for a second. Then burst out laughing.

          “Just fine! Just fine!”… And then gave me a little evil glare.

          That was my cue to laugh.

  4. I’ve often wondered if Gun owners should take a page from the immoral public education system’s book of advancing sex ed – they pass out free condoms.

    In our case it would be passing out free firearms safety training, even to the unscrupulous and suspect of characters. Gang violence needs addressed, but gun handling SAFETY (note: NOT tactics training or even effective use, just safe handling) training would drastically reduce accidental deaths and incidents like this one.

    We could set up clinics in heavily urban areas. Wouldn’t the Bloomburg’s mom’s just crap a truck full of bricks when they see that?

    • Such a program would serve two purposes: it would increase actual gun safety and reduce negligent discharges and “accidents”, and it would expose the gun control groups hiding behind the term “gun safety” for the liars they are.

    • I agree. We need to relax our scruples.
      If kids are going to have sex before marriage, then we teach sex education.
      If kids are going to handle guns before they are 18/21 and only before they have become prohibited-persons then shouldn’t we teach gun safety?

      It seems to me to be conceivable that we will reach some individuals who will begin to grasp the idea that if they keep their records clean until age 21 then they will be at liberty to carry and defend themselves and their families. Just that prospect might keep some few of then out-of-trouble for a few years – say from 16 through 21 – just 5 years. And, preserving their 2A right will be motivation enough to keep them out-of-trouble for a lifetime there after.

    • i believe it was called Eddie eagle, but so many schools banned the NRA from there campuses I do not know if its still around

      • Eddie Eagle teaches the young kids to Stop, Dont touch, Run away (not walk – RUN!) and Tell to an adult when they find a gun. Still, he is not welcome to many schools for his affiliation with evil NRA. Now who realy cares about children’s safety?

  5. Just as cities often distribute free needles to their junkies, perhaps we should start teaching gun safety to gangs and homies? We could take the cops who get in trouble with their union or supervisors and let them teach the gangbangers how not to shoot themselves! It could be sort of a community outreach, don’t you know. If we could save just one life . . . /sarc/

    • “Just as cities often distribute free needles to their junkies, perhaps we should start teaching gun safety to gangs and homies?”

      Like this? :

      “Remember. When you bust a cap in someone’s ass, make sure none of your Homies are behind him…”

  6. Given the girls background, at just 13, do you suppose anyone actually believed he story? Not. But hey, give her credit for thinking fast on her feet.
    So, some of you want to go into these gang banger schools and teach gun safety? And do you think anyone would actually show up? Unless you are planning on having real guns there. Then you are guaranteed to have some come. Maybe I’m wrong. Maybe it would be like those feel good movies where some coach or teacher goes into the toughest school in the city and makes a difference. The kids start to trust and believe someone cares about them. Don’t misunderstand. I’m not saying gun safety isn’t important. Yeah, if they’re gonna teach sex ed and hand out needles and condoms it would seem to follow, right? Except that sex ed isn’t preventing pregnancy or the spread of STDs. All it’s doing is promoting promiscuity amongst our youth. And giving out needles isn’t accomplishing anything. Except maybe letting the addicts overdose with clean needles. Again, maybe I’m wrong. Maybe some gun teaching would save a few lives by teaching good gun etiquette to our troubled youth. But since most of them are probably high or drunk (liquid courage) when they are shooting at each other, and just trying to look big and bad to their friends when they are waving a gun around, I don’t think they care about good etiquette. I know you guys are trying to look at something that could maybe be positive. But these kids are carrying guns for a reason – to shoot their rivals. They are not going to unload them, or put a trigger guard on, or anything else safe. Think about; these kids are bringing guns to school.

    • That’s actually a very good point. I suppose it could have been cocked and gone off SA, but if she was a typical 13 Year old with a record from that area, I’m sure she had all the layers of stupid anyone could need.


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