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There’s all sorts of things wrong with this video. First, imagine the scene with the girl in the shower and the guy firing a paintball gun at her naked body. How long would that remain on the net? Second, paintball guns are dangerous. In fact, there’s a website dedicated to the misery the weapon can inflict on the unwary: Just to give you an idea, the home page tabs read “Death, Loss of Sight, Ear Injury, Throat Trauma.” Granted the death part of the program is mainly the result of improperly detached CO2 cylinders rocketing into craniums, but the wider point remains: a gun is a gun is a gun. Always observe the basic safety rules. Like the man says, it’s NERF or nothing.

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  1. "First, imagine the scene with the girl in the shower and the guy firing a paintball gun at her naked body."

    I did that without any prompting from you.

  2. I paintball on weekends and the fact is even with some serious gear on to protect yourself it can still be very painful. She (the stereo tipical blond) must never be allowed to hold any kind of gun not even a cap gun. guns of any kind need to be respected period.

  3. I worked as a ref at a paintball park. Oh man the stories I have.
    But I will keep this brief.
    If the "marker" is properly calibrated (280 fps.) even on bare skin you will end up with a welt and a bruise. (even neck shots)
    The problem with the type of marker she is holding, (tippman A5) is that most of the time people don't invest the money into a good air system relying on Co2. this makes the first shot VERY high powered (have seen some first shots hit 340 fps on a marker that was calibrated at 280 the day before.) and every subsequent shot a little less. Combine the high speed first shot with the fact that is was completely unexpected and I can see why the guy was screaming in fear.
    Kudos to him for not turning his head toward her and possibly opening both eyes to damage.
    Stupid BIMBO deserves to have the same done to her.

  4. Looking over the Video again She got Damn close to his face. One shot across the shoulder about 24 sec in.
    Dump the chick asap and lock the bathroom door.

  5. Those two have a channel on youtube where they just do stupid stuff to each other. They are both idiots. He is the typical stupid guido you would see on that Jersey Shore show.


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