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You may have followed some of our posts on the contortions overtaking the University of Colorado-Boulder as it tries to comply with the state’s supreme court ruling allowing students and others with concealed carry permits to pack on campus. As you’d expect at almost any institution of higher learning, the idea of people waking around, sitting in class or chilling in a dorm while armed gave a significant portion of the faculty a wikkid case of the heeby-jeebies. Picture John Hurt lying on the dinner table just before the alien pops through his sternum and you’ll have a pretty good idea of the typical reaction. But even while thinly veiling their distaste for the job, the CU-Boulder administration’s been pretty steadfast in slapping down some of the more strident anti-gun faculty reactions. What happened at the CU-Denver med campus on Friday, though, won’t help advance the cause of campus carry much . . .


Police are investigating the accidental discharge of a weapon after two people were injured at the University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus on Friday. The gun went off in the office of a staff member of the School of Dental Medicine, said CU spokesman Dan Meyers. Meyers said the gun belonged to a staff member who has a concealed- carry permit. The staffer and another person in the office were injured. Neither person was hospitalized.

Fortunately, the right to keep and bear is an individual one. That means no matter what some numbnuts does with his gun, it has zero bearing on anyone else’s right to armed self defense.

Still, when it comes to winning hearts and minds — let alone depriving the anti-2A crowd of anti-gun rhetorical ammo — this doesn’t help the cause much. So while the fumble-fingered Dental School staffer has remained nameless so far, we’ll be shipping him or her some appropriate hardware to commemorate the achievement…once he’s back from administrative leave. How’s that for a kick in the teeth?

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  1. Obama’s still president , the SCOTUS justices can keel over at any minute, Holder isn’t in cuffs, and now someone got shot at Colorado State due to an ND by a permit holder. Can we get some good news around here or what?

    • I went to the range today and managed to shoot both my 9mm and my .38 without hitting anything but the paper targets. Does that count as good news?

    • My wife decided to buy a P238 after 2 years of barely tolerating my shooting habits. While she found the recoil to be too stout for her first gun, she asked me for a P22 for Christmas so that she has something to help her get used to shooting. She’s gone crazy buying accessories and ammo, and my parents just got us a gun safe for Christmas. All of this within a month. She’s talking AR for Christmas for me. Its been the best month of my life, minus the whole Obama winning the election and America going to hell in a hand-basket.

      • How did you accomplish this? I am trying to get my wife more into shooting, but I think all she sees when we shoot are dollar signs floating away with the gun smoke. BTW, go with the Ruger SR22 instead of the P22- less finicky with ammo, generally a better price-point, and essentially the exact same gun.

        • Took her out with some mutual friends to go shooting (drug her kicking and screaming pretty much). We went to a non-threatening environment (read: open field with a good tree line and back stop) bc we already established that the range is too loud and chaotic for her to be comfortable. There was another girl there who was shooting her boyfriend’s p22 and encouraged her to try. I didn’t push anything on her, didn’t correct her stance or criticize her grip. I let the girl be the one to give her tips. She only ran one mag through it but was beaming after. She was hooked. I made sure she enjoyed the rest of the day and when We got home and she started asking me gun related questions and looking for good low caliber guns herself.

          Later that week when we had nothing to do I suggested we go to the gunshop “just to see if they had that one gun” she thought was pretty (aka p22 with SS slide). We looked around and low and behold they did. So she played with it a little while until I mentioned that .22lr is pretty low on the list of viable defensive rounds. She said I don’t want a one trick pony and started looking at the Sig p238s. The CC guns were on sale so she plopped down her card and away we went.

          A few days later she brought her friend and me to the range to shoot her new gun, and only got off 2 rounds before deciding the .380 was too snappy for her and she didn’t like it.

          We put the guns up and I led her back to the gun counter to look around. After a minute or two, I told her I’d buy her the p22 right now for an early Christmas present, or I could get her the camera lens she’s drooling over. After a little hemming and hawing, she kept saying that she doesn’t really need a new lens… So I took that opportunity to tell the salesman I want the two tone p22. She looked at me and just smiled bc it’s very out of character for me to just spur of the moment decide on anything.

          Now she loves the p22, and is looking forward to getting more comfortable with recoil (starting her off on Cheap federal bulk ammo, until she graduates to the snappier CCI Stingers) so that she can one day break out the Sig again. We’re taking a training course once she’s confident in her ability to pass the range qualification, and I’ll be using it as my CCW required training.

          2 new guns in the safe, a wife that looks forward to range time and firearms accessories, and I get to finally get my training for CCW without a fight. Talk about a win-win!!

          Good luck with your lady TR. Hope my story helps

  2. I shot paper last Friday, this Sunday, and today. No holes in my hands or feet, and zero dogs shot either (although I did scold Layla for stealing my sock and chewing a hole in it). Alas, being responsible seldom makes the front page.

  3. Certain people have a knack for staying out of hot water safe drivers pay less for auto insurance then the guy who talks on his cell phone, eats a hot dog, drinks a soda, and trys to drive all at the same time. Those of us who refuse to concentrate on our surroundings need to have less privilages and like insurance should have to pay the price.

  4. It’s ugly, but the truth is the faculty have always been afraid of each other armed, not the students. Imagine the loser of tenure fight…armed. Imagine two English professors who can’t reconcile their differences regarding post-deconstructionist ontology in the interpretation of E.E.Cummings’ unpublished limericks! A staff member. Imagine.

  5. I smell a rat, and I’m calling shenanigans on this. To me it’s pretty obvious; the faculty members who opposed guns on campus got tired of waiting for one of the ccw holders to do something wrong with their weapon, so one of them was appointed to “take one for the team” and have an ND, and it just so happened to be the one staff member who has access to pharmaceutical grade pain killers.

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