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Here’s a tip for all you guys trying to get your wife or significant other more comfortable with and accepting of guns: learn the four frickin’ rules. From “Police officers were dispatched the home at 1964 Summernight Terrace (in Colorado Springs) at about 8:30 p.m. Friday. Jacob Cherry (not pictured above) had been cleaning his handguns. While showing his wife how to handle the weapon, a round fired, police said.” How you clean a loaded gun is one of those eternal unanswerable questions. Kinda like why people park on a driveway and drive on a parkway. In any case, Jacob now has a couple of new orifices in his left hand and leg. Of course, he’ll also have a new IGOTD trophy to share with Mrs. Cherry right after he shows her that he’s complied with her wishes and emptied his gun safe.

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  1. Was she impressed by his marksmanship? At least he didn’t go with the recurring theme of shooting himself in the johnson. Dumbass.

      • I will for you then, just because I care about you so much!!!
        If Cherry got popped by his wife then not only would turnabout be fair play but….he would be a she and she would be a he???!!! The thought of how that would work falls under the category of “Things that make you go……Uggghhhhhh”!!!!!!

  2. Had this happen on a pistol range while instructing a CCW/CPL Class. One of the club members was ‘cleaning’ his .45 XD while the class of 23 and 5 instructors began to set up for our range portion of the class. As we were securing firearms from our students for safety he touched a round off that impacted the concrete floor and hit my friend and fellow instructor in the back. Luckily it was only the jacket that hit my friend and the lead core went elsewhere.. but elsewhere could have been into myself (standing within 1 ft of my friend) or another instructor and friend (standing within 2 ft on the opposite side)

    The man/moron was so embarrassed he finished cleaning his gun right there at the range next to the 28 people he almost shot due to negligence then he got up, apologized quickly and left.. Turns out he was a former student.. who clearly needs some remediation.

    ‘Experienced’ Gun People are by far the most dangerous. They know just enough to hurt someone when they become complacent of safety since ‘they know what they’re doing’


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