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If you’ve worked in a restaurant, you know it can do funny things to your body clock. You finish work at ten, eleven or even later and you’re wired from all that hash-slinging. There’s no way to go to sleep, even if you want to. It’s not clear whether or not Troy Sease (above, probably), who’s a cook, worked last night’s shift or not but he was awake and evidently looking for ways to occupy the wee hours. His solution: working on his fancy-schmantsy cowboy style gun-handling skills. Yippee ki-yay!

As relates the tale, Sease called his sister when the Roy Rogers routine when horribly wrong:

When police arrived, they found Sease lying on the floor, on his left side, near the front door. A Des Moines police officer applied pressure to the wound on the right side of the victim’s groin until emergency medical assistance arrived.

[His sister, Teresa] Wilson told police that Sease may have been misusing the firearm when it went off by spinning the gun with his finger on the trigger. The gun was a black Hi-Point .45 caliber semi-automatic handgun.

He’d grabbed a few Buds before strapping on his chaps which can impair hand-eye coordination. Not to mention judgement. Given that he was twirling a loaded gun, Sease should probably count himself lucky he was only shot in the groin and not his head.

Sease isn’t out of the woods yet, undergoing surgery as soon as he got to the hospital. Here’s hoping he makes a complete recovery and is able to fully appreciate his IGOTD award one day soon.

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  1. And doesn’t he look just fabulous in orange! I wonder if he’s a graduate of the University of Florida or the Iowa penal system?

  2. Hasn’t anyone thought of this?? Teach children as young as 7-8ish to NEVER fool around with a loaded gun!! ESPECIALLY wen tipsy or drunk!!!

  3. I’m assuming that hospital gowns aren’t orange, which leaves me wondering why this gentleman *already* had a booking photo? Despite his good head of hair it’s not very flattering, and he seems to be drunk and/or stoned.

    In any case, he should be glad this photo is the only ‘head shot’ we’re talking about here.

  4. I’ve never spun a gun by the trigger guard, loaded or otherwise. Seems stupider to do this with an automatic, Roy Rodgers never spun an automatic. I would actually favor IQ testing for gun ownership, the logically challenged should be considered impaired enough not to be armed.

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