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A letter to the editor at this morning’s

Dear Editor:

I’m deeply concerned about the new Wisconsin law that went into effect Nov. 1 and allows loaded and concealed guns. I will make it very simple, as I plan to boycott every restaurant, store and public building like theaters and shopping malls that allow guns in their establishment. I hope others will do the same . . .

This new law will lead to senseless tragedies, and I feel less safe in my own community. Imagine State Street on a football weekend with some many people that have been overserved. It is truly a tragedy waiting to happen.

Even in Wausau, the hometown of the law’s leading author, the community voted to keep guns out of public buildings.

I definitely won’t feel safer with guns in banks, bars, grocery stores and other places, and I’m not alone. By nearly 3 to 1, likely voters in Wisconsin say they will feel less safe, not safer, with guns in public places.

David McKeith

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  1. I would feel safer in any establishment that ALLOWS concealed carry, and I would boycott any business that posts a sign banning concealed carry. I guess it’s up to every business owner to decide who they wish to piss off, the good old gun loving citizen or the whiney ass gun grabbers.

  2. I would respond in a similar way, but I would frequent those businesses that allow concealed carry. As far as potential impact on business, any boycott v. patronizing would likely balance out, or reflect the voting.

  3. I guess this guy is never going to leave his house again. Last time I checked, the establishment known as “outside” allows concealed carry across the entire state.

  4. Dear David McKeith,

    Which location do believe someone who is intent on causing harm to others is going to target, the gun-free, “safe haven” establishments that you will frequent or the guns allowed, “tragedy waiting to happen” places that I will frequent?

    A rationale, logical response that doesn’t mimic the 21st Amendment Prohibition logic of banning all guns is welcome.

    The Editor

  5. Won’t take long and everybody will settle down.
    Easier for gun toten folk to boycott establishment which don’t want their business. Try boycotting every business which do not prohibit firearms, I suspect that would make life a bit diffcult.

  6. I already boycott any establishment that doesn’t allow firearms.

    I regularly send letters to restaurants and other businesses that I honestly would have patronized had no discriminated against me.

  7. It will settle down.
    I live in an “island of blue in a sea of red” area, where the local DA distributed no gun signs. The signs that did go up initially have all been removed. The local Borders store was the last hold out, and they went bankrupt.

  8. I honor the wishes of property owners who do not want guns in their establishment. It is their right just as it is my right to shop elsewhere and this fellow’s right to only shop at gun control supporting stores.

    I understand that several Northern Virginia malls have no gun polices although I have never seen a sign posted to that effect. I go on the much maligned “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy. If they don’t post, I don’t tell. Nobody should know that you are carrying if you do it correctly.

    • So potentially(obviously) they will pick the Stores etc. that don’t allow any CC. So then the Human Being has no chance to fight back to defend their own selves from harm. In other words they keep their own self safe. BUT I’ve heard of instances where criminals have Saved the Lives of other citizens!! Because Every Life Matters!

  9. I’m glad to be in Florida where such signs are very rare… AND they don’t carry any legal weight. When I was visiting Texas recently, I will say it was a bit disconcerting having to be on the lookout for the “30.06” signs. I didn’t come across any, though.

  10. Remind me again: didn’t the same letters get written after Florida allowed CCW? Probably every other state had the same letters too, as the years went by. Yet, blood hasn’t run in the streets. Weird.

    Maybe Mr. McKeith doesn’t get out much, outside of WI, to realize to realize that this “catastrophe waiting to happen” is still waiting to happen.

    • I don’t know about Florida, but these letters certainly got written after MN passed our law. Citizens for a Safer Minnesota (a Joyce Foundation funded astroturf group) started the “No Sign? Not A Dime!” campaign, which soon morphed into the “Please Post” campaign as businesses realized that really, the sky wasn’t falling. I imagine the same thing will happen in WI.

  11. David McKeith obviously doesn’t understand the truth about CCW. He’s likely been brought up in a mambie-pambsie home where guns are evil and the government is good. Sadly there are lot more of them who need educating than I care to think about.

    • Well the boycott of GM and Chrysler was successful – but then the government stepped in and forcefully took our money and gave it to them anyways.

    • A few years back there was a flap about Best Buy; apparently a store out East misinterpreted the employee weapon policy as the customer weapon policy. News hit the internet and the feces struck the rotating air-mover.
      I personally returned $150 worth of memory chips I’d just bought online, and explained to the store manager (who I’d worked for when I first started at Best Buy) just exactly why I was doing it. I don’t know how familiar people are with the retail trade, but most big box stores closely track performance on departmental, store-wide and region-wide levels. Basically when I returned those chips he had to make $1,500 in accessory sales to offset it in his numbers.
      I don’t personally take credit, but a few days later Best Buy corporate issued a clarification on the issue, stating that they welcomed law-abiding permit holders.

  12. And they call us paranoid! she should make it easy for herself and move to mexico they dont allow the carry of conceal carry there, and its not like anyone breaks the law or anything.

  13. There is absolutely no evidence for the claims made. This person is simply parroting leftist propaganda.

  14. Wisconsin: Just one more opportunity to show anti-gunners how wrong they are. I hope the residents of Wisconsin embarrass the s__t out of them. Maybe then a change of mentality will migrate down into Illinois.

  15. In PA you can have a concealed gun in a bar. Yet, somehow, across the state every day millions choose to act responsibly; whether by not carrying to a bar when they intend to drink a lot or by simply leaving the gun in its holster. What don’t people understand about personal responsibility? There’s nothing about the law that makes it any more legal to shoot people as far as I know, so what exactly about the law makes things less safe?

  16. Really pisses them off. You can see how their crown jewel of liberalism is slipping away. I never thought I’d live to see WI allow CCW.

    They can move to IL where they can feel safe and secure in Chicagoland under they umbrella of restrictive gun laws. Only one short state away.

  17. Stumbled across this link to a 5 year old story.

    Telling, to say the least. First, let’s examine the source. is arguably the most left-leaning of all the left leaning publications in Madison, which is all of them. So, their bias towards anti-gun is a foregone conclusion and they will gladly promote anything anti-2A.

    The propaganda, uh…article, throws some statistic out about how likely Wisconsin are 3-1 in feeling less safe. Got it.

    Well, 5 years later and somewhere on the high side of 250,000 concealed carry permits later, guess what. NOTHING HAS HAPPENED. No mass gun violence, no open gun battles in the streets (unless you count the thugs in the ‘hood). NOTHING.

    Keep telling lies often enough and the mindless anti-gunners will believe it.

    I drive through the city (more affectionately known as ’44 square miles surrounded by reality’) every workday. I carry concealed.

    Ted Kennedy’s car has killed more people than all of my guns put together.

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